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In my perspective I believe the government can stop strike means as the government as a higher... Strikes 16/5/23
How can you make a difference if you disagree about something? By ensuring you judgement is ... Expert challenge: Earth Day 14/5/23
The citizens of Japan will gain more support form people than that of the UK because they acted... Which situation is best? 14/5/23
What are some ways you can create awareness about climate change in your community ? By... EARTH DAY: CREATING AWARENESS 13/5/23
Do you think it is a good thing or bad thing that AI can produce art ? I think it is a bad... Thinking questions 10/5/23
Statistically speaking the population of the world is over seven billion and we all want a... Is one day enough? 29/4/23
I am nev and I am going on a strike.I work in the emergency services I strongly believe nev... Pick ONE person 29/4/23