Strikes : Causes and it's solutions

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I have picke the topic STRIKE: SHOULD THEY BE ALLOWED. In view of the fact that is familiar all o'er the world. And it also makes an serious collision in the history of world. And due to this we have faced double-edged sword.


It is substantial according to me for the reason I want to propagate the injustice done to the workers and the feild of strikers...


It is the form of objection over the laws or the voice of affected people... In my perspective I think that the root cause of strike is the underpaid and the dangerous and poor working conditions. Many of us may not know why is Labour's day celebrated all over the world. It is celebrated to commemorate the strike held on 4th May 1886 which resulted in many dead's. Strike is important too. It is important because the workers or people can demonstrate their objection or opposition towards the management or to the government.


Most of the strikes takes place on the roads which was used by hundreds of people. So when they occupy the ways for strike the travel of normal people for work or for the emergency is affected. The department of workers when goes on strike the goods and services which comes from their work is decreased and the people who needs it is affected.

We have discussed about the workers and people who goes on strike and causes of those. Just imagine what happens if the sports person who is the National player of the country goes on protest. It does not affect the needs of people or Economy of the country. But it affects the pride of the country. The reason why I am raising this is because this kind of Strike takes place in India.


The government need to improve the working condition of workers. Because even now today (15/5/2023) three workers died after inhaling poisonous gas while cleaning septic tank in a house. And this is not the first time . So definitely this should be bought to the government and the cleaning machines to be introduced to do these things.The government must ensure that Doctors are protected and treated respectively. The salary of workers should increased year on year. Unemployment should be bought under control. The laws of government should be applicable to all people in the country.

Not all strikes are valuable, some are just for publicity and for the money from the company...

All people or workers have the right to opposition things. But the strikers should get the permission from the government for the Strike in public places. So that the government can plan and act according to it and the travel of the people for several things can't be affected. The government should ensure that the workers working condition is under safety measures... And the government should set some laws for the private company so that strikes of the workers of private companies also avoidable.....

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  • Strikes are sometimes used to put pressure on government to change polices and rules. Occasionally, strike weaken the rule of a particular political party or ruler. In such cases, strikes are often part of a broader social movement taking the form of a campaign of civil resistance. A notable example is the strike that happened by the indigenous railways workers in(1932) led by Pa Michael Imodu during the colonial era and the first general strike of (1945) in Nigeria.
    Strikes have been a major part of Nigeria's development in business. They are one of the most significant aspect of industrial conflict

  • It's very interesting to read your standpoint ambitious_wildcat. It's really important to solve these problems as soon as possible. Like for example, the recent incident where three workers lost their lives due to inhaling poisonous gas while cleaning a septic tank highlights the urgent need for improved working conditions and safety measures. And for me, it is interesting to note the significance of Labor Day, which commemorates the historical strike held on May 4th, 1886, where many lives were lost. This event reminds us of the sacrifices made by workers in their struggle for fair treatment and better working conditions. I think it's necessary to get permission from government to strike in public places, so that they can atleast minimize the disruptions caused to public transportation and services. The student's point about the need for the government to improve working conditions is particularly important. As it is necessary for us to ensure the safety of the workers. When they feel safe, comfortable and valued, they would perform at their best in their own workplace which in turn increases the productivity of companies. And if they are satisfied they are more likely to stay with their employers for longer periods, reducing turnover rates and increasing stability within industries.By investing in the welfare of workers, the government can create a healthier, more prosperous, and more equitable society.

  • The topic of strikes and whether they should be allowed is a complicated and multifaceted issue. While strikes can be an important tool for workers to voice their concerns and advocate for their rights, they can also have significant impacts on society, including disruptions to daily life and the economy.

    It is important to recognize that strikes often arise from underlying issues such as unfair wages, poor working conditions, and lack of worker rights. Addressing these concerns and ensuring fair treatment for workers is crucial in order to prevent the need for strikes.

    Improving working conditions, providing adequate safety measures, and implementing fair labor laws are essential steps that the government and employers can take to reduce the occurrence of strikes. It is also important for the government to ensure that workers' grievances are heard and addressed in a timely manner, to avoid situations where strikes become the only option for workers to make their voices heard.

    When it comes to the impact of strikes on the general public, strikes that disrupt essential services or cause significant inconvenience can understandably create frustration. Balancing the right of workers to strike with the needs and rights of the general public can be challenging. In some countries, there are legal frameworks in place that require workers to provide notice or seek permission for strikes in order to mitigate the potential negative impact on society.

    Finding a balance between the rights of workers to strike and the needs of the general public is crucial. It requires open dialogue, effective labor laws, and a commitment to addressing the underlying issues that lead to strikes in the first place. By improving working conditions, ensuring fair treatment, and creating avenues for constructive negotiations, strikes can be minimized, and the concerns of workers can be addressed in a more productive and collaborative manner.

  • I agree with you, as there should be no reason strikers should even be pushed to start a strike, and the government should spend more time and energy and helping workers. I also agree that strikes should be held in public places as it makes more people aware of the strikes that are happening and may fight alongside them.