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Strike which is also called labour strike can be defined as work stoppage by people who are employed to work due to their dissatisfaction in their working conditions, their pay e.t.c.

Strike has a lot of effect on people both negatively and positively. Strike affects the economy, it affects the cost of production and of course productivity (wages and salaries as well as other payment . It affects the student by making them idle and this can lead them to engage in some criminal activities such as: theft, robbery, kidnapping e.tc .it can also make them to look down on their education and they might start taking it as something that is irrelevant. It also affects the country when there is a long strike it has negative effect on employment, it reduces business confidence and increases the risk of economic failure. Strikes has a major setback on the growth of the economy and investment opportunies .

Strike also have some advantages because it helps workers get what the want and it is a way for workers expressing themselves. One of the advantages of strike is that the managers get enough time to think about ways to raise money to pay the salaries of their workers because of the fear of losing their workers, Employers pay their workers sometimes when the go on strikes.

In my opinion, strike has caused more harm than good around the world I would be talking about my country Nigeria -- the longest strike Nigeria has embarked was for 275 days and this took place in 2020 it affected everyone one way or the other especially the student it has delayed their promotion into the next level and also caused them to be idle and we all know that someone that is idle can cause a lot of harm to the everyone and the society at large.

I think the solution to strike is that the government should be more intentional about paying workers salary and workers should also be restricted to the amount of time they can strike.

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  • let's talk about the proposed solution you mentioned. Paying workers on time and restricting the amount of time they can strike may seem like a good idea, but it's more complicated than that. Here are some examples to help you understand.

    Example : Imagine you have a lemonade stand. You sell cups of lemonade for $2 each. But your friend helps you make the lemonade, and you promised to pay them $1 for every cup sold. However, at the end of the day, you only give your friend $10 instead of $20. Your friend might decide to go on strike until you pay them the full amount. In this case, it's important for you to keep your promise and pay your friend so that they don't have to go on strike.

    What I mean is while paying workers on time and limiting the length of strikes are important considerations, it's also essential to ensure that workers receive fair treatment and are able to negotiate with their employers. I hope this helps you understand more about strikes and solutions!

    1. I agree that there are more complication but some people for no particular reason go on strike the see strike as an excuse to leave their working place and go wherever the want and when the are asked why did not come to work the would say they are on strike and these is not going to fair to the government. This is the reason why are said there should be a limit to the way people strike.

  • Strike has it's demerits and also it's merits that means strike is neither good nor bad but in the aspect of good strike brings about positive change because government will give a listening ear to their workers.