Abhinandan Sekhri

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Abhinandan is the co-founder and CEO of Newslaundry, a reader-supported media critique, news and current affairs website. He regularly delivers lectures and hosts panel discussions on journalism and the importance of the independence of the media.

Abhinandan is a Festival topic expert for the Indian election.

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  • Hi,there.

    If I had a chance to meet Abhinandan Sekhri, an festival topic expert on indian election, I would have asked him how important elections are in every democratic country in the world. How fair is the electoral system called "Fast Past the Post" in a democratic country like India? I would also like to ask how much benefit this electoral system will bring to India and whether this electoral system supports democracy.
    Thanks a lot.

  • If I could meet Abhinandan Sekhri. I would ask hime some questions :
    1. How can we ensure the independence of media organizations when they are often influenced by political interests?
    2. Nowadays many news channel gives misinformation, how can citizens distinguish between reliable news sources?
    3. Now many journalists are facing threats and violence for their reporting, what you can do for press freedom?

  • If I could meet Abhinandan, I would consider asking him about his insights into the state of journalism in India, particularly concerning the challenges and opportunities faced by independent media outlets like Newslaundry. You could also inquire about his perspectives on the role of media in shaping public opinion and holding power accountable during the Indian election process. Additionally, you might be interested in discussing his experiences as a festival topic expert for the Indian election and how he approaches educating and engaging audiences on this important topic.

  • Based on your experience as the CEO and co-founder of Newslaundry, how would you characterise elections in your own opinion? Why do you think the Indian election needed to be discussed? Should they talk about the elections and issues in other countries? What bigger ideas do you think would make the Nigerian election peaceful?

  • I am trying to comprehend this, is there a need for independence of the media. I want to know why their is need for independence in media. Do you mean someone to have courage in going to the outside world to speak. Or do mean if someone has a point to make he/ she should speak confidently. Or, you mean teaching people in general to be self reliant.