AI and its Challenges

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  • I agree with you highspirted_concept because AI has a lot of challenges and as time goes on does challenges will gradually go away because has time goes on they will be newer technology and times will be developed.
    But in are world AI is mostly for the rich and educated which is a big shame. In my opinion I think everyone is supposed to use AI because if it benefits one person it will benefit another person. Take for instance a person working in a hospital facilities uses AI to keep records of medicines and when they will expire. If they take it to another hospital and use it for the same cause it will do the same thing since it was programmed to do so. The only reason it will not work is that they did not treat it well or it is faulty and misbehaving.
    What I'm trying to say is that if it benefits one person it will benefit another person if they are using it for the same course. So it is for the rich, educated, poor, uneducated.

    1. I do agree (AI) isn't able to do everything because everyone has their limitation and so those the artificial intelligence in the world of today there are many things that work mainly operated or work together with the (AI) but the (AI) still make mistakes. when someone fails or make mistakes they fall forward as they fall forward there is a likely hood that person wont make that mistake so as long as the (AI) make mistakes it is just learning the needs of humans the Artificial Intelligence runs on human ingenuity so the (AI) is not creative it runs on human inputs the (AI) at some point will get challenged so the Artificial Intelligence cant do everything.