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I do agree before freedom we need to consider or safety being safe and secure is a very... Freedom v safety? 21/3/24
“In future, I think the way people will get their news will be both physical and technology... Competition #9 winners 21/3/24
I do agree (AI) isn't able to do everything because everyone has their limitation and so those... AI and its Challenges 20/3/24
i do agree the media is very unfair to women it is another aspect of life that discourages women... The Media and its Fairness to Women 20/3/24
i do agree to some part of this discussion i am torn apart for the both genders the fact that... Gender and journalism: poll results! 18/3/24
I do agree just like the saying prevention is better than cure preventing the crime before it... Prevent or protect? Poll results! 17/3/24
I do say (YES) I would love to be the leader of my country after seeing how people support... Future leaders: poll results! 17/3/24
I think I have much curiosity towards how the world might play out with the use of (AI). In the... The future of AI: poll results! 17/3/24
yes i do agree we don't need superheroes especially fake superheroes using drugs. superheroes... Enchanced games? Do we really need superheroes? 15/3/24
I think that people would be able to make do without the internet, before the net people got... The media and elections 15/3/24
i do agree these stereotypes are tradition and believes that has been past down from generations... Stereotypes 14/3/24
I do agree the end product of using (AI) is very good technology that makes work easier and... AI and the planet 14/3/24
I do agree the democratic system is the system of the people for the people and with the people... Who has the power? 13/3/24
I do agree learning and discussing about it is very fascinating but it is time consuming and... How did the lesson go? 13/3/24
I do agree i think it is important for people to learn about (AI). Because the world of today is... Competition #8 winners 13/3/24
I totally agree with you (AI) has its advantages and disadvantages. AI has developed the world... Artificial Intelligence Standpoint. 12/3/24
I do agree technology is now part of our everyday life and as the world evolves so does... The Importance of Learning Coding at a Young Age 12/3/24
Eco-anxiety is a reality that we have to live with so while listening to Caroline, she did... Caroline Hickman 08/3/24
i also got 8 out of 10 and i am most surprised by how the winners of there elections are decided... The elections quiz 08/3/24
I totally agree with you, how the prime minister is chosen in India is not ideal for me because... How would you respond? 07/3/24