Businesses in the age of media revolution

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Hello topical talkers, my standpoint is going to be about how media can seriously influence business in the age of globalization .

Media is an important feature of living in the 21st century. Media is like an open universe where nothing is impossible.

It is nowadays well-known for it being used for fun yet it is also used for keeping up with local and global news. However, media can be a great environment for doing businesses and investments, which is not commonly what media is known for .

Media can become more efficient in our lives if we use it more in our daily lifestyle as a regular and common way of working basis. This idea can also optimize young investors in investing and developing their small businesses to be well-known, which can also have a very successful and profitable impact on their profit and rankings. Not only that, but financial support and development are provided if businesses incorporate with media. is also helping in the branching out of businesses worldwide.

I think that the media would link perfectly with businesses like what I demonstrated in my past speech, but on top of that, employees that work in businesses can also make reviews on the internet to promote both social media and its popularity and businesses and their profit and earnings. If media can promote brand's and businesses then they will receive a great advantage of spreading and branching out.

Still we can see the negative effect of media on business when business-owners do not take it into consideration. It can show a stereotypical image of what's occurring according to the political part, like the Israeli- Hamas war going on, like boycotting products that support Israel even though it is not the brand's fault to have a bad reputation.

We need to study media to better understand the world around us and to be able to check whether media is used for good intentions with deeper hidden intentions.

To sum up, the media is an open world beyond our universe that can provide endless ways of increasing the ease of life.