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I agree ! I think that AI should help enhance the quality of this job since some countries are... AI: and the future of war 10/3/24
I would like to share my idea in the challenge. I think that governments should incorporate... The media and elections 05/3/24
Hello, Personally, I think that AI can succeed working as an interior designer, I think my... Jobs of the future 01/3/24
Boycotting companies and brands has both positive and negative consequences. It's very negative... Are boycotts helpful? 01/3/24
Hello, I would like to demonstrate that these actions or activities are all personal desires ,... Unfair advantage? 29/2/24
Hello, talented chemistry! I totally agree with you that AI is very commonly used at the... Competition #6 winners 28/2/24
Hi, I scored 10/10 which makes me very proud that I am thankfully obtaining plenty of... Show what you know 26/2/24
Hello, I would like to share not the class discussion but the zoom meeting discussion with the... Classroom spy! 25/2/24
Hello, Firstly, I would like to share with you what climate change reminders I was diligently... Climate change: regular reminders 25/2/24
I think AI could help in a huge variety of different fields and contents. In my opinion, I think... Will AI transform the emerging world? 24/2/24
Personally, I'm very excited about the AI and how it is quickly evolving throughout the years... What's your reaction? 23/2/24
Hello, In my opinion, countries can potentially gain a lot of benefits from the process of... What are the benefits of immigration? 23/2/24
In my perspective, I believe that AI or artificial intelligence is more good than bad for the... AI and the planet 23/2/24
If I had an Ai companion I would efficiently make it enhance or improve education, I would let... AI companion 23/2/24
The piece of information that shocked me the most is that plenty of women in the past had no... Gender inequality: have your say! 21/2/24
Hello, I would like to celebrate malala Yousafzai since in my opinion she was fighting for the... Competition #5 winners 20/2/24
I pick option A since women are amazing and incredible and indeed deserve to be celebrated more... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 20/2/24
Hi 👋, I think that most suitable age limit for all of these actions is 18 years old, except for... Age restrictions 17/2/24
I agree with options since it is absolutely not just normal citizens responsibility to... Businesses v the environment 16/2/24
It's ever so significant to hear what other people think and suggest . Other people's viewpoints... Why so divisive? 16/2/24