Eco anxiety, global warming phenomenon

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  • Aco anxiety can cause global warming, and it can lead to allergies to some people, and it can lead to death, and something like the Khamseen wind in Egypt or the blowing winds in Sudan can also cause me to have accidents in cars as a result of the lack of clear watering of the streets. This is other people than me. She remains sensitive to a certain atmosphere. Trees must not be cut down, because this pulls oxygen oxide from the atmosphere, but also because it raises the temperature because the vegetation cover disappears again. The harms of global warming are the rise in the global temperature level, the melting of ice and the shrinkage of its area at the poles, the rise in sea and ocean water levels, the sinking of the coasts. In some parts of coastal cities, there is a change in the rest of the climate elements, such as pressure, wind, and rain. The international government is interested in reducing global warming by rationalizing energy consumption, searching for renewable and clean energy sources, stopping deforestation, controlling the fires that break out, encouraging its cultivation, and managing waste in scientific ways that reduce emissions. High temperatures and increasing taxes on those who use energy increase global warming. Forests are also considered one of the most important natural resources, as they are part of the ecosystem and contribute to its stability. However, it may be destroyed as a result of the outbreak of fires that cannot be controlled or contained, and it is one of the most dangerous environmental disasters because these fires may continue for a long time and these occur as a result of lightning, lightning, and the disposal of waste through burning and cooking operations without taking the necessary precautions to avoid The spread of fires and global warming occurs as a result of the emission of greenhouse gases and human activities, especially industry, the processes of extracting, transporting and consuming energy, cutting down forests and removing forest leaves. We have to stop all of this