Turning Eco-anxiety into tangible actions.

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What’s the first thing that came to mind when you heard the term "eco-anxiety"? Eco-anxiety means being extremely worried and tense about the environment and climate. Nowadays, people from all regions of the world face eco-anxiety, but in a different way. Now the question arises: is eco-anxiety a good or a bad thing? Well, I think it is both a good and a bad thing that can affect human life in various ways.

Let’s first talk about the bad effects of eco-anxiety. Any kind of anxiety is bad for mental health because it creates stress and disturbance. Eco-anxiety can give rise to many diseases, like panic attacks, stress, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, and many more. In a word, it disturbs the normal lifestyle of the people. People used to overthink a lot about it, which is bad for their mental and physical health. Despite having so many bad effects, the number of people suffering from eco-anxiety is increasing day by day. It shows that people are thinking about the climate, are worried about it, and are willing to take any measures to protect it.

Now the question that came to all of our minds is whether there are any good effects of eco-anxiety. Well, in a broad sense, we can’t find any good effects. But if we can take some initiative, then we can easily convert this eco-anxiety into something good for our environment and climate. How can we transform our eco-anxiety into tangible actions?

When we continuously overthink about the climate, who can tell that in our way of overthinking, we might come up with some innovative but realistic solutions that will help us protect our environment? We can form an online group where all the people who are suffering from eco-anxiety will be members, and they will share their thoughts and emotions in the group. It will make them realize that they are not alone; many people are also suffering from eco-anxiety. We can also form different organizations with those people to protect our environment and climate. We will work together and inspire others to take steps and switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. When we can work for the betterment of the climate, then we will feel good, and it will also protect the climate. In this way, we can transform our eco-anxiety into tangible actions.

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  • Hello joyous_piano .
    I truly understand your viewpoint that Eco - anxiety is a major problem in the present generation and it is affecting all of us in various ways. You know, I once read an article published by the BBC which stated that teenagers in the current context have the same level of anxiety as mental patients in the 19th century. Which is really disturbing. 19.86 % of people in the present generation face mental health issues due to environmental destruction. But I think it's necessary because it opens our eyes to the more important factors that are really important to us, and the fact that we're discussing these issues now is still good for us because we There is still time to process and develop ourselves because for generations we have been treating nature like a credit card with no limits and it is time we leave that behind and move towards a more sustainable environment, There we don’t have to introduce terms like eco-anxiety or environmental concerns. I accept eco-uneasiness is hitting the present youth hard, troubling them with stress over our planet's future. With models like Greta Thunberg, who straightforwardly fights eco-uneasiness, it's unmistakable this issue influences psychological well-being. To ease it, we want precise instruction, feasible activities, strategy change backing, and strong networks. By acting together, we can reduce eco-uneasiness and fabricate a better world for people in the future.