Equality In Prison

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Prison can influence how you act, and can change a persons behaviour and how their daily routine may go. Humans can change quite often, (usually in a positive way) and this could be because, they may have finally understood what they have done wrong and knew what the repercussions when they were committing the crime. But this doesn't mean we shouldn't give them a chance. Everyone deserves another go, no matter what crime they commited, big or small. So this is life for the ex-prisoners, and how they are treated outside the prison bars.

POSITIVES: There could be some positives linked to this topic. Firstly prison could definitely be helpful because they expect their prisoners to do a uncompromising routine everyday so they can learn some discipline e.g, waking up early in the morning or it could be some strict exercise. Secondly prison can be obliging because it can prevent crime by trying to put people off from either repeating or copying an deed, and people can learn their past mistakes and can be given a second chance of being the best they can be when they leave the prison cells.

NEGATIVES: These are the negatives that can affect people and how they live. It can be very peer pressuring when inmates talk about being in a gang together committing more crimes which can lead to more danger. This might affect some prisoners feeling like they have to join or something and could happen out of prison. There could also be racism spreading around the prison cells causing mayhem that can lead to arguments a physical fights that can ruin someone

In conclusion, I'm concerned about how unfair it is for normal people like you and me to be treated like a piece of rubbish being thrown away, this can make the ex prisoners feel guilty and awful of them selves which can lower their self confidence making them feel useless. We need to give everyone a chance at everything, job opportunities and even working on your dreams and future no matter who they are and what their backstory was like. I hope you understand more about Prison and how it can affect people in good ways and bad ways. Remember to always respect people and their past actions.

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  • I think that prisoners fare better than other people who have not committed criminal acts. For example, pupils, students, people who are unable to have a job and the homeless have to provide meals and food for themselves, while prisoners get everything for free and do not pay anything from their own money.

  • Yes, while a prison is supposed to be a correctional center where wrongdoers are corrected but some prisons forget about correcting them and treat them like they are not humans. Just because they commit a crime, it does not make them less of a human. It is very unfair to treat someone like that in my opinion. It might even make them see the world as forever evil and it will make them only want to commit more crimes. That is not the type of influence a prison is meant to give. It will only break the society further if prisoners are treated less than others. When we talk about equality, i think prisoners should also have a say

  • I think they should be treated differently based on how they act. So if they do something really bad they would half to be in the pushup position for a few days. ( For the exception of sleep.)