Are Enhanced games fair,or should even be a thing ?

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The Enhanced games are like the Olympics,but without drug testing.Steroids and human growth hormones are banned,because they cause health hazards.The enhanced games are fair since everybody can use the enhancements. But,doping is very bad for the body,your body could react badly to the new substances.You could get an infection from unsterilized equipment,the limb you’re using it on could no longer function properly,and It could lead to you having a negative reaction to social effects,according to my research.

In my opinion,The Enhanced games shouldn’t even be a thing,because imagine someone training their whole life to be an athlete missing their childhood not making any friends,as a sacrifice for training to be an athlete and then,some faker who just in it for the money appears and starts using body enhancements.Not only is that bad for the real athlete,because they’ve missed key parts of their lives ,but they’ve gotten beaten by someone doping.But its bad for the person using the enhancements too,because of the bad effects it can cause on the body.

This is what I believe about Enhanced games being fair and even being something in general.

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  • @playful_bell, I agree with you. I agree with you because doping can cause mental and physical problems. It can cause effects like anxiety, insomnia, weight loss, dehydration, addiction, and addiction. Rarely death happens. It's also unfair. Imagine you're racing and winning, then a dude with steroids races past you and wins because he cheated. The enhanced games shouldn't be a thing because they are influencing drugs. In conclusion, I think that the enhanced games are bad and shouldn't be a thing.