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earnest_bird I agree with opinion A. Because we only have one earth and we must take care of it. Also we must... Profits or the planet? 22/3/24
stellar_instrument I agree with your statement, men and women shouldn't be placed into a "box" by what people... Stereotypes 21/3/24
busy_chemistry @playful_bell, I agree with you. I agree with you because doping can cause mental and physical... Are Enhanced games fair,or should even be a thing ? 21/3/24
stellar_instrument A.I as we know it can already do so much. How do you think we can protect ourselves from A.I in... AI: Education and the Future of Work 07/3/24
earnest_bird I think it could be a good thing and a bad thing if AI bots replaced humans, because it would be... AI bots on the Hub? 07/3/24
astounding_ostrich I agree, blaming people is wasting their time and taking them away from what's really important.... AI accident: who is responsible? 07/3/24
stellar_instrument They might believe that their opinion is not needed or cared about. Why so divisive? 22/2/24
stellar_instrument If I had an A.I companion I would make it paint. If I needed small details to a painting I would... AI companion 15/2/24
busy_chemistry Yes, to add onto @enthusiastic_buffalo we can't just look at the good side of things, if we do... Will AI transform the emerging world? 15/2/24
earnest_bird I think that AI will do more good than bad because AI can help with many things such as helping... AI and the planet 15/2/24
stellar_instrument I believe that it is important because many people may feel left out of the conversation. Even... Why so divisive? 15/2/24