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We should be allowed drugs in sports, because some people need drugs like medicine to help their body function as it should, not over the bodily limit. In our game, chess boxing, and medicine drugs will be allowed. However normal drugs like cocaine, caffeine and other harmful drugs will not be allowed. Medicine will be allowed due to the reason that people may need it to stay alive. Mind drugs to boost your mind are also not allowed. This is my reason for it.

A range of perspectives is that people view the fact that people need them for medication issues. They may also need it for the fact that they may have an issue with their body that limits their physical abilities. On the other hand, it can be seen as unfair to the other players that don't need them, as they now have a disadvantage as the drugged athletes have more benefits. This means that they have a better chance of winning, therefore being unfair.

In conclusion I am neutral, so I believe that it doesn’t matter whether you use drugs or not, it depends on the reason you need it, whether you are using it to cheat or for a medical reason, is also a factor to consider.

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  • yes, I agree with this because it has a good point and explains in detail about drugs being allowed in sports however only certain ones e.g medicine

  • I agree ,drugs should be allowed to be used in different sports to improve athlete's skill although it can sometimes depends , for an example , if a person uses drugs but the competitor's opinion is not to use drugs in the game, it can not be fair because certainly the person who used the drugs obviously will win the game and that sometimes can lead people to confusion because you might not know who actually won.