Standpoints by students of St Peter's Catholic Primary School | United Kingdom

Comments by students of St Peter's Catholic Primary School | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
sensible_badger I think that the pollution in this world is getting out off hand which is a bad thing and I... Pollution 26/3/24
reflective_clarinet It is not fair because if you dope you are cheating and a lot of people are doping are getting... The Enhanced Games: is doping fair? 22/3/24
empathetic_reindeer We need AI because we can move our mouse and you can and do everything you want and also robot... AI and Robots!! 22/3/24
busy_cymbals Women should be able to play sport freely and sexism should stop. Because younger girls might... Women's sport 22/3/24
resilient_signature I believe that everybody is different and it’s good but not all think that. Sadly we live in a... Too old, too young, not enough, too much 22/3/24
flourished_reflection Different people can help by encouraging others to change and help people with eco -anxiety by... Eco-Anxiety: How can different people help? 22/3/24
caring_explanation Hello, I think AI shouldn’t be involved in too many jobs because people are losing their jobs... AI can not outdo the human teacher 22/3/24
willing_dolphin In my opinion the enhanced games is dangerous because it a make a really bad impact on our... Unfair Games 22/3/24
inspired_blueberry It's not fair because scientists will be able to give athletes drugs without these athletes... Are these games fair for athletes? 21/3/24
digital_music To be honest peoples might want to show their true self and talents but taking drugs might not... The Enhanced Games: Are They Fair? 20/3/24
digital_music I think doping is not fair for athletes because it can either lead to cheating, not doing what... The Enhanced Games: Are They Fair? 20/3/24
lovely_temperature I also think it is not fair . It is not fair on the athletes that have trained hard and on... Are the enhanced games fair? 20/3/24
balanced_whale I agree with you when you said many companies are taking on A.I because many companies are... A.I. The Future 19/3/24
sensible_badger I think eco anxiety will affect the future if we don't do anything about it and it is even worse... Eco-anxiety, will it affect are future? 19/3/24
sensible_badger I think that using drugs is not fair because you have to show your true abilities and your... Unfair Games 19/3/24
vivacious_snake If I could create a sporting competition ,the rules will be: •To not allow drugs in games but ... You make the rules! 18/3/24
comfortable_buffalo Doping is not fair because it can cause serious damage to your health . It can cause both... The Enhanced Games : Is Doping Fair? 18/3/24
vivacious_snake I agree ,drugs should be allowed to be used in different sports to improve athlete's skill... My Opinion 18/3/24
sensible_badger I think that using drugs is unfair because if someone is using drugs and the other person is not... Unfair Games 18/3/24
sensible_badger I think the games are not fair because if some one has drugs while the other one doesn't have ... Unfair Games 18/3/24