Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in competitions?

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1.Should drugs be allowed in the olympics? A question many have asked. Many athletes such as Mary Okar Basley, Ashwini Akkunji and Mikko Ala-Leppilampi have been caught using these, making them perform much better and perhaps even win a few medals. I think as long as it is legal in the country it can be used BUT there must be a separate competition between drugs and no drugs so it is fair to both. With these 2 competitions a science experiment can be done by getting the 2 fastest and they race seeing how this drug affects the human body for educational purposes.

2.There are many different perspectives of using drugs in the olympic games. This can be good and bad in a way it will prove what the human body can do but on the other hand it might ruin or hurt someone. That would be bad for the people and its reputation. This can be good and bad but overall my opinion

3.In my opinion drugs should not be used in competitive games because you will have an unfair advantage which would make the sport for other players boring and they will probably stop playing because they would not be able to play well against them. A way to get good without drugs is by working out regularly and getting better at life.

Overall, I think that drugs should NOT be allowed in professional Olympic games because it will give all of the users an unfair advantage over all of the other people just trying to win for their country. On the other hand, taking drugs can hurt the human body quite badly if they are used incorrectly or too often. This could also be useful for scientists if they are trying to see how different drugs can affect people in things such as races, jumping or throwing. But overall, we all think that this would be a bad idea for professional athletes.

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  • I would say no because performance enhancing drugs might have really bad side affects and they might kick in during the game. Performance enhancing drugs can make things really unfair too, if we took a regular athlete and an athlete that uses performance enhancing drugs most people, and kids that understand these things, would agree that the person using the drugs would win. Using performance enhancing drugs makes it really hard for others that have practiced all their life for races and swim races, but once people use drugs its like all that practice was all for nothing. in conclusion I really think that using performance enhancing drugs should be banned from all international races and games.

    1. You make some very good points! I agree with everything you said. Performance enhancing drugs can be very dangerous. They have many side effects and can be very unfair. Without a doubt, just about everyone using performance enhancing drugs would beat a regular athlete, no matter how "good" the athlete is.

  • I choose NO because if performance enhancing drugs are allowed in competitions, the competition will not be fun, and to other competitors who didn't use the performance drugs to perform well in the game. For instance: if a runner uses the performing enhancement drugs in a game that person will be cheating and if the found out that runner uses enhancement drugs to win the race they will suspend that runner. I think the excitement of winning will be lost if one uses enhanced drug.

  • I would say NO because it is unfair and dangerous to have drugs in your body while the rest of the runners do not. To know that the athlete is in the competition but using drugs instead of real athletic skills, seems very unequal. If the athlete cannot use their true abilities, it is not fair for them to be there. Other athletes use true strength, true agility, etc. A true athlete needs to put in real work and real athletic skills. Not only that, the health problems it may issue and impose can have a significant and huge impact on their body. While it may appear to cause small effects at first, it can get worse. This is important to consider because it affects the human body and it also affects how close the athlete can approach death.

  • In my own opinion, I will say no to enhanced drugs. Enhanced drugs can have really bad and deadly effects on humans which can damage their systems. Performance enhanced drugs are not fair because when people take this drugs, it improves their abilities. When they win because of those drugs, they make others fell downhearted. This drugs has a lot of negative aspects and the worst of it all is it can lead to death. People should band enhanced drugs for the safety and well being of humans.
    I still won't even advocate for separate game for drug users because of the long time effect on the user.