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I agree with you! Businesses will tend to make these "big" decisions based on money. If most of... Business and Politics: countries at war 19/3/24
I agree with all your points! I think that making sure prisoners are ready to get back into... What is the purpose of prisons and how can we improve them 19/3/24
I agree with you. AI cars already exist today! From Teslas to different models from different... AI Cars Cruising into the Future 17/3/24
You make some very good points! I agree with everything you said. Performance enhancing drugs... Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in competitions? 15/3/24
I agree with you! I think that prisons should be a place where these "criminals" go to be... What is the purpose of prisons and how can we improve them 15/3/24
I definitely agree with you! I think that letting immigrants into a country is important for the... Benefits of Immigrants to a Country 14/3/24
Although I agree with many of the things you said, there are some potential risks for using the... The media and elections 14/3/24
I strongly agree with everything you said. I feel that it is important for people to represent... You make the rules! 13/3/24
I think that businesses should be allowed to speak openly about politics, but doing this could... Businesses and elections 13/3/24
I agree with opinion A. Since India is the most populated country on earth, the leader of this... How would you respond? 12/3/24
Hello there! I scored an 8/10 on the quiz. I learnt many new and different things during this... The elections quiz 11/3/24
I think people have very different opinions on the subject of immigration for many different... Why so divisive? 10/3/24
I think stereotypes are a huge problem in the world. Stereotypes can make people feel insecure... Stereotypes 10/3/24
Although the media may be a good tool for elections, there are also plenty of downsides to using... The media and elections 09/3/24
You can make sure that your news comes from a reliable source by checking for credibility by... The media and elections 09/3/24
I think the media can be both a good and a bad tool for elections. It can be good for... The media and elections 08/3/24
I personally, would not want to be the leader of my country one day. I would not want the... Your country in your hands! 08/3/24
I think all but"Latest equipment" and "Physical advantages" are fair. If a player is competing... Unfair advantage? 28/2/24
I agree with opinion C. The risks of the enhancement games are far more dangerous than people... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 28/2/24
As a child to immigrants, I morally feel that Joe Biden's rules are a little harsh. I have lots... Fair or unfair? 21/2/24