Democracy: Who has the Power?

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  • I really think that in a democratic system, the people or civilians have the absolute power because without voters, an election couldn't take place . But actually, the people don't fully have the power because there are possibility that the people might be influenced in multiple ways like social media, duress, bribery, etc. Democracy has been here for years and this system will cause serious problem when the people get influenced. So I think the people should use their power responsibly.

  • I totally agree with you wondrous_skill because picking up this point of yours that says '' Abraham Lincoln emphasizes that the people are the center, but the media must not be overlooked because they have a very significant role in elections'' is very true . Why i say this is because the media plays not only a significant role, but also an important basic and dignified role that reveals all the secrets of a particular party or candidate. So i think that the people have the power because they are the ones who reveal the secrets.
    So yes i think you have a magnificent point thank you.

  • I agree with you wonderous skill because the people have the right to go for the candidate of their choice and I agree with saying that 2024 is indeed a big year of election because over 50 countries are holding their election this year. However, since the people have absolute power to decide on whoever they want to rule them, they should be allow to choose on who ever the cap fits.

  • Hi!
    Democracy is the fairest type of government. People are the most important part of the election. The democratic election depend on people. When political parties dishonestly try to win the election by paying a lot of money it is known as rigging just like vote buying. There are many other problems the government faces in elections like hate speeches. The social media also can have a big effect on the election as well create fight between religions or casts. I have also created a standpoint about this-"Challenges of Conducting Elections in India"
    Thank You