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Hi Everyone! The Festival expert I learned something important from was Aron D'Souza who is the... Competition #10 winners 27/3/24
Hi! Democracy is the fairest type of government. People are the most important part of the... Democracy: Who has the Power? 22/3/24
Hi Everybody! Democracy is a method of voting that ensures the result of the vote is always... What is a democratic election system? 22/3/24
Hi Everyone! News is the information we get about the world around us. News comes in different... Competition #9 winners 21/3/24
Sure, AI can be harmful in many ways- Sometimes when AI is misused it can cause accidents like... AI- The Advantages and Disadvantages 20/3/24
It is a blessing but we should not underestimate it as it can be harmful for us AI- The Advantages and Disadvantages 19/3/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion about Rigging. Rigging is when political parties... Suggest a discussion 05/3/24
In my opinion, international games are important because of the following reasons- 1. The... Which sports “matter”? 03/3/24
Hi! We had a wonderful lesson in our class about women equality and discriminations, their... Did you do the classroom lesson? 23/2/24
I totally agree because I think- Women- They are better suited in reporting an occurrence that... Selam Gebrekidan: this topic’s poll! 21/2/24
Hi Friends! In my opinion, Germany and America would be wrong in their policies and Poland... Fair or unfair? 16/2/24
Hi Topical Talkers! People have a lot of different opinions on things which causes a lot of... Why so divisive? 16/2/24
Hey Friends! I understand that immigration and immigrants are 2 important things that a country... What are the benefits of immigration? 15/2/24
Actually I think if AI will take over the planet, then humans won't have any jobs. The tables... Test your knowledge 14/2/24
Hi Topical Talkers! I think to help the world and people around us it should be no better than... Competition #4 winners 14/2/24
I agree with you that AI also has a lot of disadvantages Its shocking o see how the world... Test your knowledge 14/2/24
In my opinion, I would choose option B which is the brand should have some control over the... The “face” of a business 09/2/24
In my opinion, I would withdraw my business from country A and go somewhere else because I think... Countries behaving badly 09/2/24
Hello Everybody The answer is option A. I am confident that it is correct and after reading... AI accident: who is responsible? 08/2/24
If I had an AI robot then well, it would be very exciting to have the robot. The robot would do... AI companion 05/2/24