The Media and its Fairness to Women

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  • I agree because... According to what you said women should not be ashamed working with men, this means that, A woman should be comfortable with men but for that to be accomplished there should be more women in work places to make the place comfortable and men should treat these women like their close friends.
    Finally there should be policies that cover these commands.

    1. I agree because...
      You have a great point that says they should not be ashamed just because they are working with men they should be embraced and comfortable.

  • i do agree the media is very unfair to women it is another aspect of life that discourages women in what ever they do causing violence in the community disrupting peace between both genders causing the women not too feel wanted or important but women are very important in the society without women men cant do any thing before it was said the work of men is to be the breadwinner in the family some homes still practice this women are very important, when people discourage women it lives a sense self worth but women should be confident in whatever they do.

    1. Dear knowledgeable_message,
      It is frightening how women are so often discerned, right? When looking in the media sector, specifically celebrities, it becomes quite obvious, that men get asked interesting questions in interviews, while women are mostly asked inappropriate ones, about their lingerie, their current partners etc. They are expected to fit into this tiny image, that men create for women and not be themselves. When looking at the career of popstar Taylor Swift, the active disrespect towards women becomes clear, as her path is exemplary for the way women are treated in our society. Kanye West claiming that he created her career, stealing her moment and robbing her of the attention she was deserving of, all because she was a threat to him. Today still she faces immense hatred for no particular reason, simply because she has a lot of success and some feel offended by it. I believe this happens to a lot of women, not only celebrities, which is why they back down more often. On top women are always supposed to either be pretty and dumb, or smart and “unattractive”. Once they exude confidence and prove, that they are more than these stereotypes, they have to deal with jealousy and hatred. However, we have each other and I think we should support one another and set our jealousy or competitive spirit aside and support each other unconditionally, then we will rise to the top!

  • I strongly agree with gracious starfruite because women need to be cared for, if not for them we won't have been in this world to see our family or siblings. most people don't like it when a woman is Working or handling a business,women need to be cared for and to have freedom to work and open health centres. THANK YOU TTF ♻️

  • I agree with gracious_starfruit because some women just focus on what people say especially the audience and is true in 2023 70%of women are better than men. But he 30% have lost confidence on themselves due to some societal ills