Women in media

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Firstly, women in the media. I am doing this because I want to show how people take this. It's going to be negative or positive and also that women get bullied and harassed. I want to show how to solve the problem. Also there are so many challenges for women to get jobs or any other thing. One more thing is that men and women are equal, no difference between them.If women come to media they can also do something in the media

In positive I think it’s good because every man is coming to the media no women coming to the media. If women came to the media it’s actually good. After that women also can do something. Remember women are portrayed in diverse and respectful ways and also serve as a planform for women to overcome societal norms and family responsibilities that may limit their ability to showcase their innate skills and talents.

The negatives I think are that women have been represented as being over simplified through their stereotypical portrayal as housewives and mothers in the media,these forms of portrayals have had negative effects on women.

In my opinion I believe that some people think that most people think that men are better than women to do jobs and earn money, yet women are taking care of the family and being a housewife which is not true.

If you go to a country where they will treat you very badly and differently than men,some people think that only men can do jobs or start a business and the women are looking after the children, cleaning the house and also cooking for people in the house. Men also used to take care of children and prepare meals for the family when women aren’t home.

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  • I agree because women are harassed by men and men think that they are better and that they should own business and that women should just stay at home and take care of the family and the house too. I also agree that people think that men are more important.