Women in Media

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Women’s rights is something that doesn't get talked about enough; first of the gender pay gap is huge at the moment. For some jobs like football it makes sense as they don't generate enough money from tickets and other forms of income as women’s football is not very popular, but in other jobs like retail there is no difference in the work quality for men and woman but women still get paid less.

Another problem is stereotypes. Women these days are expected to look like supermodels due to social media and people like, kim kardashian, it affects women and men making some woman feel like they aren't good enough and gives men high expectations. Lastly, women get treated unfairly due to sexism and get harassed and sexualised, this makes them uncomfortable and feel unsafe.

My opinion on this is that it's not ok and something needs to be done to combat this. First we could start by trying to eliminate those stereotypes and treat women fairly, next we could try even out the pay gap to treat men and women equally as they are still human. It has been improving in the last couple of years but it's still not perfect. My hope is to have gender equality by the year 2030 so we can all live in harmony.

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  • From my perspective, the portrayal of women in media plays a powerful role in shaping societal perceptions and norms. It's essential to advocate for diverse and empowering representations of women to challenge stereotypes and promote gender equality.

  • Hello
    Firstly: my opinion is thatWomen have a great role and role in society and social media. Some people use it positively and others use it peacefully.

    secondly :For example, when someone goes through a situation, they seek out the experience so that everyone can benefit, but the negative thing is that young people are addicted to the Internet and followers.

    Fainaly: may forget to talk to each other. Their family wanted me to rob their public lives, and it is important that if everyone looked at the necessary things, it would be better for the whole world.

  • I agree with your observation, that the pay gap is a real and significant problem affecting women everyone. But I think that one aspect, which can sometimes be overlooked is the reason behind this injustice and unequal playing field for women. Just sticking by the example you have given for the gender pay gap, I think that while it is logical for the group that garers more attention to earn more of the money, because they make their venue or team more money. But what shall not be ignored is how this came to be; this unequal distribution of attention is a direct product of the patriarchy, where women are seen as less capable of performing well in sports, which then in turn leads to less funding for the women's team and less oportunities to excell. Funnily enough this unfair system itself was also set up and continues to be supported by men in power. This is why I think to be able to live in harmony we need to look at the root cause of the problem and start to unmantle the unconcious bias within us.