Women In Media

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Women add a new perspective to issues of today, like any diversity, it's great to have both men and women look into an issue. In media, women were first. From the very start, from the time we were colonised under British rule, women worked in media. The media are potentially powerful channels of information in a society. The messages they transmit can change or reinforce social mores and behaviours, and mobilize citizens to take progressive actions. While, ideally, the media should strive for accuracy and impartiality, in reality there are often imbalances in coverage, including in terms of women and their perspectives. Women politicians, for example, may be under-represented in news before and after elections. There can be a strong preoccupation with women as mainly victims or celebrities.Now media can be both entertainment and news. Women have their presence in both and are doing well. An example was Sucheta Dalal who exposed Harshad Mehta's scam, she was a business journalist trained as a lawyer. She exposed a huge scam in India in 1992. Many women journalists who focus on ground work and real time reporting are seen as fearless and bold. Inspiring so many people to pursue ethical journalism.Also, Me too movement was encouraged by so many women reportes are supported by male reporters. Its the work we do together that takes us one step towards justice and freedome for all.

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  • This what the first words after 2 comma's Telling that it's great to have both men and women look into an issue it's what I agree on Because that means we can speak up if we have problems and share opinions, That's the big Agreement.