Coronavirus teaching resources

Coronavirus stories are shared at the click of a button and debates continue about the world's response. Download free, fact-checked teaching resources today to help your students get to grips with the big questions.

Since March 2020, we have been busy creating free coronavirus news resources to help young people make sense of the unfolding pandemic. They are designed to be suitable for learners studying from home and for delivery in the classroom.

Our resources encourage learners to:

  • Assess the truth of what they read about the coronavirus
  • Evaluate the arguments on either side of the debates
  • Produce informed and reasoned opinions based on evidence

Help your learners develop their communication and critical-thinking skills, whilst boosting their knowledge of the issue that still dominates the news cycle.

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Each week, we publish news resources on breaking stories. Designed by teachers, these activities help students see beyond the headlines and discover the details which are needed to form accurate opinions. These can be used both in school and at home.

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