Football: gender and adaptations

A study conducted by a neuro- and sports scientist in 2019 concluded that women's football is slightly different and considerably harder than the men's game.

The women's World Cup 2023 sparked fresh discussions about whether or not the rules and equipment are right for women.

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Use this one-hour lesson to help your students:

  • Understand why some experts call for adaptations for women's football
  • Critically evaluate different perspectives
  • Use data and examples in the news to decide whether adaptions should be made for women's football

This Headline develops the following skills and knowledge:

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Step 11: I listen critically to compare different perspectives
Step 12: I listen critically and think about where differences in perspectives come from



Step 3: I can explain some different opinions people have about a news story
Step 5: I can explain ways to check if information is trustworthy

The download includes a lesson PowerPoint and a printable PDF file of resources.

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