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First: Favoritism affects the systems of social values ​​and morals, weakens trust between... Expert challenge: Nepotism and equality 11/5/23
The skill I will focus on is listening. This skill is important for understanding the news... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 09/5/23
Environment and Climate Change: In school, I always get lessons about the environment and... Competition #4 Then and now 04/5/23
I think Law 3 is a very bad idea to implement. There will be slower economic growth due to... The law in your hands? 04/5/23
I completely agree with you! A retrospective chart is a chart that provides individuals with... Test your knowledge 04/5/23
It's great to hear that you learned so much about AI! In fact, AI has the ability to mimic and... Test your knowledge 03/5/23
The news story affecting my area is: Eid al-Fitr is a very important celebration for Muslims... Competition #1 News near you 14/4/23