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22 May 2023

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  • active_black_bear | Usra Academy | Nigeria 10 Apr 2023

    The news story that is affecting my area is the “cashless policy and the redesign of the naira ( Nigerian currency)”. The central bank of Nigeria (CBN) implemented the cashless policy and the naira redesign for the purpose of reducing the cash in circulation and to increase the use of digital payments platforms. The policy was in place since 2012 but wasn’t fully implemented, so by the time the old naira notes was banned on the 31st January 2023 the cashless policy was also implemented. After the implementation of the cashless policy the citizen couldn’t access their cash and when they try to transfer, the network was failing. This made seven state governors to sue the CBN and federal government to court. They won the suit, hence the old naira note have been brought back into circulation until December 31 2023.
    The cashless policy made life difficult for lots of people, petty traders like the man selling fruit in front of our school could not make sales and eventually stopped coming. So we hope when making policies the government should ensure the infrastructure on ground is sufficient to meet the needs of the population.

  • diplomatic_river | Shri Natesan Vidyasala Mhss B | India 12 Apr 2023

    The news story that is affecting my area is 'illiteracy'. This news story is important to me because this has adverse impact on the development of our country. It is one of main factor why India is economically backward. Illiteracy in India is because of economic barriers, poverty, ignorance, gender discrimination, technological barriers, child labour, child marriage, lace of affordable educational facilities and so on.....
    Most people experience challenges in reading and writing as we do not put much emphasis on the importance of education. In remote areas we don't have proper schools and transport facilities. Introvert people believe that the child will get manipulated and would go on the wrong path.
    What is the government doing to eradicate illiteracy??
    The government is striving hard to eradicate illiteracy by implementing many policies such as "Free education, Education for all, Right of education act ". This provides free and compulsory education for all in the age group of 6-14.
    What is my perspective??
    Due to poor quality education in government schools there is growing trend towards privatization of education. It makes education expensive. To reduce this more government schools should be built and reduce private schools.
    Breakaway from formal education and implement innovative montessori methods. Child can learn in his/her own pace.
    Create gender equality. Education for women helps attain social status and economic independence. Educated people uplift theri lifestyle, thus contributing towards the development of the country.

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  • The news story that is affecting my area is the 'cost of living crisis.' This news story is important to me because I see how it is having an affect on lots of people I know. My best friends family have cancelled their family holiday this year and they are staying at home. In my house, my dad has mentioned to be careful about waste and he is making lots of big dishes that we can eat over two nights. In some ways this is not so bad as less travel and less food waste is better for the environment. I really wanted to start piano lessons this year but because everything is a squeeze it's just not affordable at the moment, and we have also stopped buying so many new clothes. Again, I don't think this is a bad thing and we are trying to see the positive side of reusing and being more resourceful.

    1. hi there!
      I'm very happy that you can see the positive side of your crisis . this is really important to overcome the problem and feel satisfied with your circumastances.
      I personally have the same issue as we have limited income and big responsibilities...I wish for you and me better living level in future.

    2. The news story that is affecting my country is (Cash Less Policy).This is important to me because a huge amount of people are suffering more than they do before. Before people in my country can be going out for like an outing or shopping after a week because you have the money to do so, but now because of this issue of(Cash Less Policy )you can only be going for an outing or shopping after three weeks. You need to manage what you have.
      My parent had always mentioned that we should manage instead of waste .Even my best friend family cancelled the family menu plan they had made .Things are expensive while you do not have the money to buy. It is hard to see the naira notes. Most transaction are pending like :Transfer and Pos (Point Of Sale).What caused all this is the change of naira notes. I think this because it encourages people to stop the waste and learn to manage. Every thing seems to be hard and stressful because of this (Cash Less Policy)

      1. Personally I feel the cashless policy is a disadvantage quite alright but look at it from this perspective one of the reasons why Nigeria doesn't seem to be moving forward is because our leaders loot most of the funds (In cash) which is given to them to further, develop and improve their parts of the country, making everything to look as if everything is going back.
        The cashless policy makes it harder for them to loot such amounts.
        The change of currency makes the money the have looted (in cash) to be invalid. This then reduces the rate at which people suffer.

    3. Hey
      It is good that you referred to this news story.. We see that many communities suffer from this problem.
      I really think this is appropriate to keep it from getting worse.
      Therefore, as people with this problem, we must save and get rid of unnecessary buying habits.

    4. I am very happy To see the positive side of your crisis This is also important in order to overcome your problems and crises In life... I also suffer from the same problem that you suffer from So I hope you and I live in good conditions.

    5. The news story that affects my area is the “power outage crisis” for a long period of time. This story is important to me because I see the duration of its impact on my community, as the school students and I study at times when there is electricity due to the lack of light and devices that help us study, such as computers. My father said alternatives to electricity because of its high cost. There is a positive side to that, which is that we sit with our family more, sleep early, wake up early, and rest more.

    6. Yeah I understand about your crisis and i believe that it's important to us all and i hope everything is getting better.

    7. Your comment caught my attention because it is one of the disturbing things facing the world in general, and this is really a big problem that needs to be solved quickly. People have become without food or they cannot provide their daily needs.

      I agree with you

    8. It is good that some people realise and change. Your family is obviously really responsible, and you care a lot. You also saw the positive side and changed. At least this means that there is a few people that feel concerned and that can make a change in everyone daily life.
      Great job to you and your family!!!

  • The news story that is affecting my area is plastic waste. This news story is important to me because I hope that our community would get rid from the plastic waste properly and even recycle it again. Unfortunately, some people around burn the plastic waste to get rid from it. So many times I and my little siblings smelled the dangerous gazes. Also some people when they go with their families to the sea they left plastic containers beside the sea. I think we should tell them to stop doing this to save our nature and keep beautiful and clean.

  • The news that is happening around me in Nigeria is the 2023 presidential and gubernatorial elections which were held in February and March. The schools were shut down due to the elections since the teachers and nannies and the parents needed to cast their votes. They refused to let the schools resume early due to fear of violence. The winner of the presidential election was Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress APC with over 8 million votes. The election was mostly peaceful, there was no violence in my state due to the high security presence.
    For the gubernatorial election in Kaduna state, Senator Uba Sani of the APC won with a narrow margin of 11000 votes to defeat Isa Ashiru of the PDP. In conclusion the election was a keen competition but a lot of registered voters refused to cast their votes.

    1. A wonderful topic, and I congratulate you on the wonderful policy and the arranged system for your country

  • The story that affects my area is "home demolitions". This news story is important to me because it affects the lives of people whose homes have been demolished. My friend told me this story and I was very sad about it. She says: One day I was sitting with my family and we heard the warplanes destroying the houses next to us, then we tried to take some things that belonged to us, but we could not, so we left the house in a hurry. Then our house was demolished, and we were very sad because it was the house where we lived our memories and our childhood, and unfortunately the house was demolished, and we were in pain and sad about that.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is "The development of technology".This story is important to me, because I see its impact on children and young people. It has negatives and positives.
    One of its negatives on children is that they spend most of their time on smartphone and become introverts isolated from the outside world so parents must look after there children.
    The youth category is represented by a high rate of unemployment due to the use of robots instead of the laber force , so poverty and homelessness spread and they were unable to establish families with a decent life . I believe that with the advancement of technology the world won't need people in the future and will depend entirely on robots and technologies, but despite these negatives there are also positives for this development it has saved people time and efforts, reduced the distances between people, developed the means of learning, it facilitated access to information, developed health services and entertainment.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is the "Depression in the teenagers".This story is important to me because this story is international and I get Depression as the past.why when we feel comfortable with someone who leaves us in the simple way?why when I or someone remember the past,we get hurt and hurt ?not only do I feel it,but many people hurt from it.

  • It is really good to see people like you and your family because at this time everyone likes to brag about what they have and do not care about saving

  • The logical story that affects my region is “pollution.” This news story is important to me because I see how it affects my region. It is a violation of the nature that God created, so he excelled in its creation and a great danger that harms what is in it of water, air, and the creatures that inhabit it... Nature becomes a result Pollution is like a scary black forest, whoever enters it fears for himself and his health. Have you asked yourselves what are the sources of this pollution!? Its primary source is humans, such as industry, cars, and factories... But there are solutions to this matter, such as using fuel that causes the least harm to the environment, such as natural gas and other solutions. We must look for what is better, and the environment is our home. We must preserve it, so let us live in a clean environment free of diseases.

  • Hello
    Attacks are the news crisis affecting my area
    This is very important to me because I see my loved ones and the people around me suffering and living in fear because of the bandits. The bandit kill without reason and people just die.

  • The news story that affects my region is many cases of poverty. I am talking about this problem because I went through it. I feel sad when I see that there are people who suffer from this problem, but do not look at life negatively. Look at life in another way. The poor do not remain poor and the rich do not remain rich. Life is rotating

  • Hello everyone
    Of course, this financial crisis is spreading all over the world, and here I live in my city, which is suffering from a financial crisis, where not everyone enjoys their full rights in terms of food, drink and clothing.
    Acting more carefully with money is a good thing, but everyone has his dreams. Maybe your dream of learning to play the piano has not come true. Look here. We are in Palestine, especially Gaza. Most of its people do not have food and clothes because of the bad situation and financial crises, but we are satisfied with God’s discretion, and you are also satisfied with what God has divided for you. And do not forget that they are all destinies, and your destiny is this, so sayThank God..

  • The news story is affecting my area is the scarcity of naira notes. the scarcity is caused by the introduction of new naira notes. The old notes were mopped out of circulation by the central bank. With the introduction of cash less policy only few notes were put back in circulation which caused scarcity of naira notes. The news story is important to me because it is affecting small businesses that deal mainly with cash

  • The news story that is affecting my environment is the lack of recycling of plastic bags. This news story is important to me because on my way to school every day, everywhere around me always looks messy and dumpy and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I wish to make a project by implementing effective recycling practices through the awareness of the adverse effects of lack of recycling in the nearest future. This will not only create a job opportunity for me and the younger generation but also foster creativity and generate income for our economy.

  • The new story that affects my area is throwing a lot of clothes that can be recycled or used again. This news story is important to me because I see that this is consumption and pollution of the environment at the same time, as we throw away pieces of cloth that may be used again, and because there are many people who It is not possible for them to obtain new clothes on important occasions or even on ordinary days, so instead of throwing these clothes that become small on us, we can donate them to someone else, but there are also some people who know how to save money and effort and they make new clothes from old ones or recycle them Or they sell them in stores at half their original price, so they can save and earn money

    1. I agree because We must take care of the environment and its beautiful appearance, and encourage people to recycle their old clothes in exchange for a special discount when they want to buy new clothes.

    2. I like your opinion, and I agree with some points, but not everyone wants old clothes, and it is also better to donate good, new, and not used clothes, so that the needy can be happy with them

  • The news story that is affecting my country is 'air pollution ' this news story is important to me because nowadays air pollution has really bad effect to not only the environment but also people's health. There have been many discussions on how to solve this problem. There are many elements that cause air pollution first of all, emissions from industries and manufacturing activities are the main agent that engender the air pollution. Each and everyday, industries and factories emil a large amount of smoke, dust and high level of chemicals. This problem can be solved by integrating management of waste , use less electricity, drive your car less, keep your car in good repair.

    1. I agree because...
      If the environment is in a good condition without any air pollution, the citizens will be in a good and better heath
      Emission from factories really cause a drastic air pollution to the environment , high rate of using engines e.t.c

    2. I agree with you. I think air pollution is one of the problems that affect the whole world ,not just your region . Although we should do more than what you suggested, we have to substitute the fossil fuel and search for other clean energy renewable resources in order to provide Power to factories. To make this applicable and available to all countries ,we should put our hands together and support each other especially the rich countries to help other poor countries

  • The news story that affecting my area is "Earth day:Tougher climate laws is important to me because I see that it affecting people live positively and preventing them from making mistakes against the environment.
    In my country I notice that waste spreads verywhere in an unreasonable way and the increases carbon footprints.
    I thought of ways to get rid of these "nuclear" .
    We can live with this matter but we can't banish it,however, we can reduce it.
    There are some products such as "Washing Powders"that are placed in soluble bags, products to make the environment healthier.
    Or it is possible to get rid of the job of the cleaner because people depend on him to collect waste and provide other jobs.
    To reduce carbon footprints.
    We must reduce the use of modern means of transportation.
    That produce gas polluting the walking and riding a bicycle is the best option, as it is beneficial to human health and also to the environment.
    Reducing the ownership of personal cars and relying on public cars for transportation.
    Increasing cultivation because it serves as an "antidote" to pollution caused by factories and cars .

  • We in the Gaza Strip suffer from many problems in our country, such as the unemployment of graduates, which causes the migration of young people illegally by sea. Some of them die on their way to find a living in another country, and some of them were able to reach, but they did not bear the difficulty and bitterness of alienation, and some countries do not allow this. The Palestinians at work have this problem that affects us a lot, as many Palestinians emigrate to escape the difficult economic conditions in the Gaza Strip and the lack of hope for a job opportunity in light of the high unemployment rate. We in Palestine need job opportunities in order to remain in our land without any reason that makes us We migrate anywhere and I hope this problem ends soon.

  • The news story that is affecting people in my country is 'election'.This new story is important to me and not only me to the entire country because the integrity of the people elected into public offices is very important in good administration and hence the well being of the people. While some leaders can create wealth for the people some leaders will end up looting the public fund and causing more hardship for the common man.

  • The news story that affects my region is this news story that is important to me because many children do not learn or understand anything because of the economic situation in Palestine. Children sell things in order to provide necessary and necessary needs in this life, such as food and drink. Studying is important, but they cannot buy the needs needed for school. Such as stationery and special clothes, as well as the lack of electricity, pocket money, or medicine for all patients. I hope that Palestinian children will be able to live in an environment that provides them with safety, protection, and opportunities for growth, prosperity, and achieving their full potential. I hope they can get justice and their right to return home

  • The news story that is affecting my country is "corruption". This news story is important to me because,
    first of all corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain and in my country that is the day to day routine carried our by leaders and right now there is a leader who is currently in jail for carrying out corruption and she did this act in way that the government gave her iron sheets to distribute to the people of the district that she represents and instead of doing so, she rather decided to give them to her fellow leaders. Corruption is affecting both the people and the government because the people will be suffering due to lack of certain things so they cry out to the government for help and when the government extends its help through giving the required needs to the people through their leaders, these very leaders decide to share the given needs among themselves and this leaves the people still suffering and also having hatred for the government thinking that it didn't help them out and when people hate the government they can never do as it says because they feel like the government does not need them and so do they. And the most painful part is that these leaders ask for our votes and we trust them with them but when they gain power they forget what they are actual supposed to do and rather opt for corruption.

  • The news story that's affecting my erea is 'widespread unemployment' this news story is important to me for it's important affect on our youth and lots of people i personally know.
    Some of my cousins have High level university degrees and work in coffeeshops or clothing shops. And some of them don't even work
    The unemployment caused a lot of other problems like immigration. Young people migrate in a miserable try to escape from the misery that they live here in Palestine. And most of the time they don't make it to the other side. Like one of my cousins he went missing 5 years ago, now we don't even know if he's alive. And his mother's mental statement is getting worse every day.
    As a student I'm afraid for my future, will this problem be fixed in the future? Will someone try to make any changes ? We don't really know, but we hope so.

  • Alot of young peaple in my home town are safaring from unemployment from both sixes though they are University graduates and that makes them travel to other contries and alot of them die in there way .
    I think to solve this problem we should to:
    Providing capital from businessmen to help them carry out small projects that help them create new job opportunities .

  • The news story that is affecting my area is ‘conflict’.The news story is important to me because it has some challenges to accomplish shared goals and objectives as a result. Additionally it fostered, hatred and discontent among the group of people. It result in insecurity, uncertainty, stress and unhappiness.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is 'currency swap.' This news story is important to me because it is really having an effect on me and my loved ones. Since the currency swap, it denied my family assess to money for the family up keep and hence making it difficult to care for the family.
    The banks become a difficult place to visit. Withdrawing cash from your own bank account becomes difficult as earning it in the first place. People spend several hours in the banks to withdraw their own money. Most times you are not able to get the cash requirement you intend to withdraw. The POS agents did not help matters as they charge heavily per thousand for cash withdrawn. It was indeed a difficult experience. However we were able to overcome the circumstance as normalcy as gradually returned

  • The news story that is affecting my area is illegal immigration which is called escape from death to life by death boats . This news story is important to me because everyday I listen to stories about people fleeing for their lives across dangerous borders and unfriendly seas to reach safety , but sadly these people usually don't reach safety. They either trapped by coastguards or stopped by international steam ships or sadly swallowed by the sea . Recently some websites confer the news of losing connection with aboat that carrying 65 illegal immigrants who had crossed Lebanese Regoinal Water to Italy and it had disappeared

  • The world celebrates International Earth Day by organizing various events, including exhibitions and vigils aimed at raising awareness of the need to protect the environment and address the effects of climate change.

  • Hi Everyone here 🌹.
    The news story that is affecting my area is "Illegal immigration" , This news story is important to me because everyday and every time I see its negative effects on many people I know , They do that for alot if reasons : maybe to find work , to escape from the bitter reality that they live in their refugee camps , or because of wars ...
    But they always end up getting involved in a dangerous and difficult situations , they have two options : to die in their countries or follow their dreams and may die in the European countries ..
    Two options the sweeter of them is better .
    But the question is : Will the situation go on for along period of time !
    We hope " No "

  • There are many important and influential news stories in the community, but the news story that has the most impact on my local community is "The High Population Density, Ehich Is Still Increasing" Health and government services, therefore, reduce the per capita share of treatment, education, even clean food and drink, and the increasing population density means an increase in pollution and an increase in global warming, as the area that is supposed to be inhabited by one person is inhabited by five people, so the waste is doubled, and this is also reflected in Schools, as the classrooms are filled with students so that the teacher cannot control the students, which makes them a suitable environment for the spread of epidemics and diseases, and I hope that this problem will go away soon

  • The news story that is affecting my area is Corona virus is a disease that has spread almost all over the world. All peoples have suffered from it because it used to lead to death at any moment, And I,as a child from Palestine, tell you about this disease, which has spread in our country as well, and we suffered a lot from it and lost many lives. We cared about this thing, and doctors used to treat patients and invent medicines, but they were unable to.
    Soon it began to disappear, the situation became reassuring in my town.
    The news story is important to me because of it's impact on peoples, killing and providing an opportunity for other epidemics to spread in the world.

    1. I agree because... its very dangerous specially for old people and young children .In addition it has affected employment in our area . I really felt afraid of losing one of my family members because of this virus .
      Thanks for the WHO which helped us to overcome the problem.

  • The news that affects my society is the high rate of unemployment, as this negatively affects the growth and development of the country, in addition to the absence of factories and machines that manufacture goods exchanged between countries. We import a lot and export a little. Some studies indicate that most of the oil fields are located in the areas of the West Bank. These fields were not an economic wealth for Palestine because there were no machines to extract them. So we need manual and mechanized factories to provide jobs and be able to create an automated and economical young society.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is ''climate change'' .This story is important for me because it has affected many people including me . Raining in the summer season,we are being affected by fever, cold, cough,etc,. and atleast 80% people are suffering by cold or cough .We can't even attend the classes regularly.As a student we are suffering a lot.

  • Ok , the news story that affecting my area is the immigration ، it's a long story , but , briefly we can say it's the most dangerous news story on my society.
    first , there a lot of reasons for immigration ، and we can say that the occupation of Palestine is the main reason for it , did you know that (29.2%) who lives in Palestine considered as a poor people, that's because of occupation , Did you know that the occupation closes the crossings to the goods coming to Gaza?،which leads to immigration , there is a lot of things to talk about , but this is tha most important things .
    This is a very difficult matter. The emigration of brilliant minds abroad, leaving the homeland under political and economic crises, we must find a solution to it.

  • The news story affecting my area is The Uncertain Future. We suffer a lot from this problem. Allow me to introduce myself as a voice representative for our region. I now have many aspirations, and they are being implemented after academic life. Now there are people who have finished their academic life and turned to pursue their dream, only to find themselves unable to overcome this problem. For example, someone wants to become a teacher, so he goes for a job exam, and it will be one of the most difficult exams in his life. Only he cannot achieve his dream, and this exam is difficult for many. When people see themselves as unsuccessful in their field, they resort to working in something else, and this destroys their dream. Now me and everyone who is my age and older than me are afraid to reach this stage so as not to see their dreams shattered, and thus their plans for the future fail, but hope is still attached to us

  • Hello, the news story that affects my region is the lack of water, and this story is important to me, because water is the mainstay of life and it is impossible to live without it, and that we are in remote areas where water barely reaches, and sometimes we suffer from water cuts for days. For days we don't have water to wash dishes and have showers. We also suffer from the deterioration of the economic situation, so we cannot pay money Adequate for water bills, so I wish me and everyone a better economic standard of living than that.

  • The news story that affects my area is "the dark side of the Internet and smart devices", which means the disadvantages of the Internet and the danger of smart devices to us, especially in our time when there is a phone in the house for every person Without mentioning the rest of the various other devices; Where family relationships have been disintegrated due to parents being preoccupied with their work and children Busy with phones and social media , this news story is important to me because I can clearly see it in my community and its impact on my friends And my family sometimes, and for me the best solution is to hold meetings to warn of these dangers and direct people to the optimal use of both phones and the Internet, and also do not forget to develop security applications for phones.

  • The news story that affects my area is “Adolescence of adolescents on the Internet and social networking sites.” This story is important to me because I see its impact on them through distraction, lack of sleep, exposure to bullying, and causes them addiction, and what makes matters worse is that parents ignore this fact. It also works to weaken self-confidence, and sitting on it for long hours causes them fatigue and exhaustion, and leads them to loneliness and social isolation when exposed to bullying through publications, and distancing from relatives and friends, and causes health problems such as back and neck pain when sitting in front of phones and computers for a long time, so they must know how Using it at specific times and under the supervision of the parents, and if it is used positively, it may reduce its risks / and its solutions 1- Monitoring accounts for children 2- Encouraging direct and natural contact with others 3- Building trust and frankness between parents and children

  • The climate crisis is a widespread crisis in recent times, and this is all because of the gases emitted from factories, cars, etc., and we must find ways to reduce this crisis, and there are some solutions that must be followed, including carbon pricing, ending fossil fuel subsidies, planting trees, and other solutions.

    Will people stick to these solutions?

  • The news story that affects me and my neighborhood people is "power off". This story is important to me because it creates a pressure for the students and the employee who does his/her office works at home. As many students are preparing for their examinations this cut off distrubs their studyings. And the infants near our house can't resist the swelling and they starts to cry. And for the mother's it's really difficult to cook in the hot Kitchen. It's risky to eat food in the dark. Because of the bite of mosquitoes we can't able to sit outside for cooly wind.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is the “cashless policy and the redesign of the naira ( Nigerian currency)”. The central bank of Nigeria (CBN) implemented the cashless policy and the naira redesign for the purpose of reducing the cash in circulation and to increase the use of digital payments platforms. The policy was in place since 2012 but wasn’t fully implemented, so by the time the old naira notes was banned on the 31st January 2023 the cashless policy was also implemented. After the implementation of the cashless policy the citizen couldn’t access their cash and when they try to transfer, the network was failing. This made seven state governors to sue the CBN and federal government to court. They won the suit, hence the old naira note have been brought back into circulation until December 31 2023.
    The cashless policy made life difficult for lots of people, petty traders like the man selling fruit in front of our school could not make sales and eventually stopped coming. So we hope when making policies the government should ensure the infrastructure on ground is sufficient to meet the needs of the population.

  • The news story that affects my region is “teenagers following fashion.” This phenomenon is widespread in recent times. In the end, the spread of this phenomenon means that adolescents are obsessed with adolescents’ interest in external appearance, as the center of their lives has become a disturbing obsession, and the strange thing is that some adolescents do not know that appearance The external, no matter how attractive it becomes, is not equal to the real and internal beauty, which is the beauty of the soul. It is necessary to take care of our inside and what it contains of thought and culture, in addition to the fact that people’s view of what they wear is superficial, nothing more. Excessive purchase of fashion clothes can be overcome by prioritizing their purchase and not acquiring any item before making advance calculations. And to maintain your own style, there is no need to run after the fashion trends that change from season to season. It can be disposed of by donating to charities, so we must think carefully before you get carried away to buy anything just because it is cheap and remember that as long as you will not benefit from it, it is a loss. Is following fashion an evolution or recklessness, or a blind imitation of the West and a loss of identity?

  • One of the most important problems facing the residents of my area is the frequent presence of plastic bags on the sides of the road,and generally everywhere such as rivers,valleys,plains,and seas it is a harmful problem because plastic bags do not decompose easily,and Ithink that this general problem is facing the world's population,not just my region
    One of it's negative effects is permanent and endless contamination due to the excessive use plastic bags

  • Hello.
    Plastic is one of the materials that
    cause the most damage to the environment, and we in our country suffer from the problem of pollution. For example, our region suffers from the problem of many mistakes made by the population, such as throwing plastic into the seas and burning it. This story in my village is very important to me because of its effects Negative, which is suffocation of people in particular and pollution of the environment in general. I can communicate with the municipality and suggest to them my next solutions, which are first, recycling plastic materials, second, buying plastic materials of many uses, and finally limiting the purchase of plastic water bottles

  • The news story that is affecting my area is pollution. Pollution is introduction of harmful materials into the environment , for example air pollution which is produced from factories and cars smoke. Noise pollution also causes psychology and nervous damages such as the sound of cars horns. Water pollution as it's no longer safe to drink due to sewage water and the presence of a high levels of chlorine in it and finally soil pollution where plastic waste is thrown . Unfortunately plastic materials don't decompose and harm for environment. Here in Palestine we suffer from many kinds of pollution.

    This is so important for me and for my community because the fish stocks die so we'll do not have food.
    It leads to many deadly diseases sush as cancer and lung diseases and give a bad appearance to streets , parks and public place. We always strive for a healthy and beautiful life !

  • A news story that was raised on the Gaza strip is aphosphorous bombs which is an international forbidden weapon. According to the 1980 jennif convention it was used on gaza in 2008 .Since then, our environment and soil have been exposed to many negative effects by these bombs.
    why is effect me?
    It's important for me because it destroyed environmental sytstem for the gaza strip and we all dream of living in a beautiful environment

  • Hi
    In Palestine, and Gaza Strip and all over the world, countless children in Palestine and around the world are exposed to risks that impede their growth and constitute an obstacle to the development of their skills and abilities. One of the most dangerous risks that children are exposed to is child labor, which threatens the health and safety of the child because of poverty, racism and wars, which resulted from that. The child's failure to exercise his rights sufficiently, which prevents him from education

  • The story that affects my region is the migration crisis, which has become very common among young people and then their families, and the main reason for that is unemployment, as it greatly affected members of society and the youth group in particular, as there are unemployed graduates, which affected their psychology, health and loss Skills and self-confidence, especially as society has become very poor and crimes have increased, hence the idea of ​​emigrating outside the country, hoping to provide better livelihoods, job opportunities and a decent life for their families.
    They have resorted to illegal immigration, despite the serious dangers that may face them, and the victims of which are a large group of young people drowning in the seas and oceans, dispersing their families, and they have also been subjected to financial extortion by smugglers

  • The news story that affects my reasoning is "pollution". This news story is very important for all the residents of my area. We suffer greatly and we urgently need to spread awareness among individuals not to throw garbage on the ground, but to organize special baskets for everything such as plastic and aluminum, and by this we also help reduce pollution. Recycle everything and benefit greatly from it, and thus we must reduce it and strive to reduce its percentage by spreading awareness among individuals and spreading the positive side of reducing it

  • The spread of plastic is a phenomenon that is very present in society,and that is a terrible phenomenon.The presence of plastic lying in the streets and parks leads to pollution and the environment plastic is a material that needs 450 years to decompose ,and this is bad for the environment.
    This story is important for me because it negatively affects the environment, harms trees and plants,and pollutes the air we breathe , which leads to respiratory diseases such as asthma

  • Many people use plastic products, and when disposing of them in several ways, such as: some of them burn them or some of them throw them into the sea water, and this is a big problem because it pollutes the environment, and to solve this problem, I think that a plastic wastebasket should be put

  • Last week when I was visiting a sick relative in the hospital. While I was in the waiting room, one of the sick children caught my attention. He seemed to have cancer. Despite his illness, he could not frown. A smile was on his face. He had hope that he would fight the disease and recover from it. This story is important to me because it teaches me not to despair and to have hope. Whatever the circumstances .

  • This story is important for me because on March 30th, I went to buy olive seedlings to plant with people for the festivities. I saw a child crying heartily. When I asked him why, he told me: he wanted to participate, but he only had a little money. I asked his mother for permission and we took a bag of candy and olive seedlings. l asked him to distribute the candy to the participants. When he finished, we started farming together.
    We collected plastic water bottles in order to recycle it and we put some LED lights inside. We made wonderful decorations to welcome Ramadan with love.
    It was a really fun day, and as for the child , he was very happy.
    The story is important to me because I really want us to be a generation that helps and builds a brilliant future. There is no future without a healthy environment and land, and also because child's smile made me really happy. ✨

  • question 1 : Let me present to you my story. Our neighbor's family did not like to celebrate Earth Day which is a special day in my country. They did not participate with us in the village in celebrating this beautiful day, but our neighbor always used to celebrate this day with us. When everyone was making preparations for this beautiful day in the village, our neighbor went to bring olives, and suddenly we got call from the hospital, saying that our neighbor died in a traffic accident while he was crossing road. The olive trees were the last memory of him, and the village was filled with sorrows.. That is why always enjoy the beautiful moments with your family, because they may not return one day. Thank you
    question 2 : And this story is important to me because it taught me to take advantage of every moment with my loved ones, because one day I will not find them ..

  • The news story that is affecting my area is 'cashless policy.' This news story is important to me because I see how it is having affect on a lot of people I know. My neighbor wanted to go out to celebrate easter with his family but could not go because there was no cash and people are not also collecting transfer and in some ways it is .
    Not, so bad because the less we travel it will reduce air pollution and it is also not very good because people can't celebrate special occasions without cash
    I hope we find solutions to this cashless policy.

  • We, as citizens, have the right to enjoy a healthy environment that is free of pollution. But we in Gaza, where I live, the weapons of the occupation targeted us during several wars and left behind residues that caused pollution in the soil. This causes the suffering of lack of food as it destroys plants.
    Also, in times of war, gases are thrown that cause air pollution for us, and also cause diseases in the respiratory system which leads to death. And no matter how hard we try to clean up these remnants, another war comes that destroys and leaves. Therefore, I call for our rights to live peacefully in an environment free of pollution and free of wars.

  • hello everyone I am here to talk about a story that happened in my school and my city .well lets start at my school
    for me the bridge construction incident had a negative impact on me and all students as we stopped studying for ten days this has negatively affected the soil as well as they put constrution waste under the soil thus soil becomes polluted and unfit for cultivation of anything also we in palestine suffer greatly from our farms and our enviroment the occupation destroyed many of our farms. farmers do not harvest good and completely edibl fruits and also building factoris near the nature as this affects them negatively and as well as we know that the enviroment and nature free from defects and risks is the reason for our living
    i think that we should plant plants all over our country and our school to compensate for the damages that occurred so our people should cooperate with each other as well.
    this story is important for me becouse it also affects my life negatively and delays my studies.
    Finally this is my story that i wanted to tell .

  • From my point of view, there are many revolting issues in our region, such as the bad economic situation, and today I will talk about the issue that is widespread in our world, which is the bad economic situation. There are many poor families that voluntary institutions provide them with money, food, clothes and housing, such as those who do not have a home and do not have clothes to wear or food to eat, such as some students who do not have a book, notebook and pen and who do not have clothes to wear, but there are some students who help their friends and some of our teachers help the needy students. This is the problem that is spreading in our city. I wonder what issues are spreading in your city

  • Planet Earth is one of the most important planets in the sun
    Earth is the planet of life , as it is the only planet on ; Which humans can live , due to the presence of oxygen that is indispensable in human breathing and the existence of earthly gravity , without which all creatures would have flown into space, and the planet Earth consists of what and land, where the area of water is 71%, and the land area is only 29% .
    Planet Earth is the planet from which humans, animals and plants feed, and on it man establishes his home, and birds build their nests, so many environmental problems appeared on it that caused ruin and destruction of this beautiful planet, so most countries of the world agreed to set a day for the Earth, to pay attention environment and find a solution to these problems

  • "The news story that affects my area (at school) is (applied education), this news story is very important to me because I always think that information when we get it only through (writing on the board and writing an exercise on the notebook) will save the information 'temporarily', And if we get an applied education, we will see what we learn before our eyes, and thus 'scientifically' the information will be entrenched in the student's memory, because he has obtained the information through its application or vision on the ground..."

  • The news story that is affecting my area is about a woman who created something new in my family and a new idea for young men who are exposed these days to the consequences of bad unemployment and the economic conditions that prevented most of the young men and women of my country from using their experiences in projects or working because the search for work is difficult. Amani Shaath, this woman is the owner of an idea The burger kiosk, where she started working in it after many circumstances she went through, as she was unable to finish her studies because of her husband, and then she began to search for job opportunities in my country, but she did not find them because of the difficult conditions. She finds job opportunities abroad, and being abroad was difficult for her, so she returned to the homeland and continued searching, but it did not work for her because of the large number of unemployment, which reduces the rates ofWork, so she came up with a wonderful idea, which is the burger kiosk, where she went to the owner of the kiosk in order to rent it from him, but he suggested that she work in it and have a percentage of the work. I traveled to him, and there is also something cute about this kiosk, as she called it the name (Crab Burger) in relation to the name of the restaurant in the cartoon SpongeBob Also, I see that the name of this restaurant attracts customers because it is a name from a famous cartoon. What do you think? , where she was inspired. In my country, but with time people began to encourage and support her, and she continued her work and became popular in the kiosk.This news story is important to me becaus story had a great impact in my country, but even if you are a woman, this does not mean that you do not pursue your goal and continue to struggle.Women can work and do anything, and we have learned that if we want to start a project, we have to think well before we start in order for it to be good and profitable, and we have learned that even if obstacles stand in your way such as not completing education, having a degree, poverty, deteriorating economic conditions, or lack of job opportunities With the abundance of unemployment, there is still hope, and we just have to be patient and continue until we get what we want And I want to ask you in the end, will you lose hope if similar events happened to you, or will you continue? And think about this story well so that it may be an example for us

  • A news story happened in my country and till now I can't forget what I saw. Palestinian people were praying in Al-Aqsa Mosque, but the Israeli soldiers attacked them and took them to the prison. They were deprived from praying freely in their holy mosque

    This news story is important for me because I felt sorry towards our people who faced torture and I myself hope that I could pray in Al-Aqsa mosque one day, but we are not allowed to leave Gaza towards West Bank or Jerusalem. Still I have hope in living peacefully with our neighbors.

  • This phenomenon included the exacerbation of poverty rates and damage to economic growth, as it differs from one region to another, which is the phenomenon of climate change. This phenomenon has led to a rise in temperatures that negatively affect plants. It also affects water bodies, causing drought. Floods that lead to the drowning of homes and also lead to the loss of many human lives. One of the ways to reduce it is to spread awareness, use renewable energy resources and plant trees

  • Hello, today I will talk about the negative effects on the earth because the negative effects are the most common, and we must avoid them in different ways or means. For example, global warming is one of the most harmful factors to the environment, in addition to climate change that causes diseases to some people, and climate change causes many problems, such as environmental and air pollution, according to the United States of America declaration. Celebrating Earth Day on April 22 to show support for the protection of the Earth, so we must consult and cooperate so that we can reach a non-polluted environment. Before I finish, I have a question. In your opinion, does a person have a relationship with what happens to the environment? And if they are related, how do they negatively affect the environment?

  • The news story that affects my area is a modern technology, and it is important to me because it led to social isolation in our relationships and our true feelings, as much as it brought individuals and groups closer to each other, but it distanced human relations between peoples and individuals, in the belief that the cell phone replaces those relationships Also, the use of social media can negatively affect adolescents by distracting them, disrupting their sleep, exposing them to social bullying and racial discrimination, spreading rumors and unrealistic views about the lives of others and having negative aspects at the level of study and education, which leads to distraction of students. Awareness campaigns must be set up for them through teachers and parents, and we must allocate a little time for entertainment on the phone

  • The news story that affects my area is (environmental problems) due to the large amount of solid waste in my area and this has a negative impact on humans, animals and the environment through pollution resulting from burning huge amounts of waste, in addition to pollution resulting from factory smoke that harms the environment, soil and atmosphere . Polluted and harmful to human health, so all those responsible for it must supply the factories away from the population, and the population must also reduce waste, and they can recycle some items instead of throwing them, which reduced pollution and the waste burning place should be away from the population and factories also likes to It is far away because of the smoke it produces in abundance, because this is a major problem that affects human, animal and plant health

  • We are now in the month of Ramadan, in which good deeds abound. We carried out a campaign to clean the neighborhood and the streets to welcome this holy month by removing garbage, glass, plastic and other things. Then, we recycle and benefit from them in order to prevent pollution and live in a clean and beautiful environment free from diseases, with cleanliness. Our lives are more beautiful and happier now.

    This news story is important for me because I felt happy and joyful for having clean streets in the neighbourhood.

  • The story that is happening now in my country is about the people's cause, the cause of my country, Palestine.
    And now the events taking place in the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque are serious events, as the occupation storms Al-Aqsa Mosque, expels the worshipers, and practices all kinds of violence and abuse against
    It is important for me to mention this story because it affected all of us when we saw the civilians being arrested and not having their simple rights in practicing their worship freely. I myself feel sad that me and the other people of my city are forbidden to travel to this holy place. What I wish now, is to live a peaceful life.

  • A human overpopulation is (the rapid increase in q
    Let's talk about its reasons. Initially a high rate of natural increase. And the low mortality contributed to population growth, and secondly, the improved level of health care and the expansion of the production of medicines, vaccines and antibiotics, which also led to the low mortality, certainly all of this efforts because of scientists. We should thank them
    Third, social customs and traditions, especially in underdeveloped countries, such as early marriage, so there are organizations that help to stop this
    But what are the consequences? .. Of course, it has negative effects on society, including the widespread phenomenon of poverty and hunger, so there are more than 800 million people... And higher dependency rates. The employment of children under 18 for the purpose of got Money .... And definitely Big traffic congestion, population crisis, urban sprawl, high levels of air, water and soil pollution, all of which are seriously damaging the environmentIt and we should work to stop it also it caused for the country become a consumer, not a producer
    The solutions to the phenomenon of population explosion are birth control. Scientific and health advances and trying to benefit everything. And to fight and store crops using modern methods

  • The news story that affects my region negatively is traffic congestion, which is a population problem facing countries that suffer from population density, and among its causes are narrow streets, migration from villages to cities, which leads to an increase in population and overcrowding. Among the effects of congestion on us: pollution that affects human health through air pollution, the large number of accidents that must be eliminated through legal punishment for those who drive without a license, and it negatively affects people’s appointments, but we can overcome it by widening roads, planting trees and traffic regulation

  • The issue that I will talk about is the abuse of the environment. First, I will explain this phenomenon, which carries many negative aspects, Such as the depletion of natural resources, which leads to a reduction in agricultural production, a decrease in the standard of living, poverty, dependency, and famines. It also affects the health condition, so many epidemics and harmful diseases spread that lead to death Lots of innocent people and affectsIn addition to pollution of the seas and oceansIn my view, the solution to this problem is to stop smoking, clean up the smoke emanating from means of transportation, and take care of crops

  • Electioneering Uncertainties
    Each time election is to be held in my community, it comes with a lot of uncertainties. As such, everyone is agitated. This news story is very important to me because I have witnessed some effects of politicking in my community. For Instance, children's freedom is seriously restricted for fear of being caught in such uncertainties as clash between supporters of different political parties. The most serious of the many challenges faced by young persons is the closure of schools simply for fear of uncertainties during and after elections. Consequently, learning process is disrupted.The election exercise in my community most times is characterized by snatching of ballot boxes, intimidation of voters etc. In such instance, no parent would want to risk the possibility of their children being hit by a stray bullet in case there's need to restore normalcy forcefully. We all know that if free and fair election is conducted each time, such uncertainties wouldn't rear its ugly head in our communities. My wish is to have a community where I can live without fear at any time, a community where all of us will work together for our common good, and a community where we will all sleep with our two eyes closed and wake up in a happy mood. Also, I will love to see all the politicians coming together as one and do the right thing for us. We also want politicians that are willing to give us all the necessary amenities we require such as good roads, electricity, portable water and the right education for us to be become good and active citizens in the near future. Thank you.

  • The news story that has a negative impact on my region is the high rate of unemployment. Many people suffer from this crisis because of the weak participation of women. I believe that the development of many machines and machines reduces the labor force and job opportunities, and this affects life, which makes it worse, and the people who suffer from this crisis She travels to countries where job opportunities are available, such as the Arab Gulf, which makes the population in it increase and the population decreases in countries that suffer from the unemployment crisis. I hope that we will find a solution to this crisis because it affects our lives negatively

  • Hi
    The problem affecting my area is "sustainablity of doctor". This is important because in our area there are 500 to 600 people and some of them are old-age people nd we have only 2 doctors around us so without doctors many of the oldaged people are dying by falling ill and without medical help. So this problem is very important to me.

  • The best of what has been said about preserving the environment is “we love living in a green environment, so we preserve the trees of the place in it.” Especially man loves to live in a green, fertile, and beautiful environment, but there are many obstacles all over the world, such as drought, which threatens 1.2 billion people worldwide. Leaving their homes and the death of nearly 250,000 people due to the climatic changes that occur, we, as citizens, must educate people and give them some tips that benefit them by generalizing the danger of neglecting the environment and reducing the use of electrical tools that waste a lot of fuel polluting the environment on social networking sites and also adding a study material for students Schools and educate them from childhood so that they grow up while preserving their environment and exploiting the fertile arable areas to grow plants and trees beneficial to humans and the environment and recycling waste to be used to make decorative and beautifying tools for the environment. In conclusion, I hope you like it

  • The news story that is most affecting my country at the moment is the "Lack of Green Spaces",
    We in Palestine are distinguished by the abundance of green spaces in our country, and for us the land is the basis of everything. It is the basis of agriculture, trade, the improvement of the economy, and the improvement of the entire country to be the best, but we are unable to exploit it in the required manner, and this is what stands in the way of many developments, for example my uncle owns An empty piece of land in which nothing is cultivated and his financial situation is limited and he cannot earn enough to provide for his needs. What if he thought of exploiting his land?
    He will be able to earn a living from this land by selling its crops, and eating from its bounties, thus there will be no poverty left in the state and it will strive for development

  • The main factor affecting our area is land filling cause in our area they are collecting biodegradable and non biodegradable wastes in a vehicle and dumping them in the lands . I see this as a problem cause if we are dumping vegetable wastes ,fruits peel etc it is decomposable in the soil while dumping plastic wastes ,automobiles batteries etc it is not decomposable and a plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose .This affects the soil fertility without fertile soil how can we get pure oxygen and our daily food products ? and it also pollutes the soil underground water by releasing toxins ,while burning these wastes it releases dangerous chemicals which affects the atmosphere and cause holes in the ozone layer .This poses serious health threats to people breathing the fumes .

  • The news story that is affecting my area is "use of plastic ". This news story is important to me because it not only affects our Earth's environment but also causes a lot of problems to our area.The growing rate of plastic production raises problems in many areas of our society. It's contributing to waste and pollution issues, it's impacting our health, and it's threatening our oceans and wildlife.Once they land in oceans and forests, plastic bags are eaten by animals, causing various health issues, which often result in death. We could able to see that cow is eating those plastic covers which are thrown by the people naer the garbage bin. Even though necessary steps had been taken by our government to minimize the use of plastic many people are not following it in a effective way.We can use alternatives like cloth bags and paper bags instead of plastic bag and by taking a bag while moving to the stores so these small changes can cause a big impact to our environment .
    Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle Plastic Bags.
    Our Future Needs Less Waste.Everyone wish to see the World as a beautiful place, Start Reducing Our Plastic Waste.I think this story is important.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is about education.
    Our government doesn't respect teachers and didn't give them their rights or even their full salaries, teachers suffer , so they are protesting and stoped go to schools for months, to raise their voice and claim their rights , but students from high schools also suffer because they need to go to school, Their final exams are almost two months !! How will they pass the exams with out study at school !?They are very down and depressed because they feel their future is lost, They really need to get good grades to be able to complete their education at the university. this story is very important to me because if this problem continue a lot of students will fail and thay are going to lost all their dreams,I really hope that our government finds a solution make everyone happy.

  • The news story I will talk about is about the indifference of children and teenagers of my age to the cleanliness of where they live. You can say, dear reader, that you do not throw garbage on the ground and throw it in the specified place and that the people who throw it should clean it, but not everyone cares about his country like you, dear reader, and always remember and repeat this sentence if you see any garbage lying on the streets and roads of your town or children throwing it "It is not my garbage Reading this comment and you can be sure that you will be happy then and you will feel that you are the happiest person in the world because cleanliness is the best thing a person can offer society.

  • The news story that is affecting my area in Ghana is that "roads are not user-friendly". This news story is important to me because a lot of people die because of poor roads. A lot of trips have been cancelled at the eleventh hour. I think this is very bad because, when you've pack a lot of things for a trip and it very tiring.

    1. I agree because many roads in the country are underdeveloped making it very hard to drive on and costing drivers of small cars to either pay a lot for repairs or buy bigger cars and this is a problem for those who do not make enough.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is pollution. Pollution is caused by trash, and bushes being burn and I'm concerned cause not only that it's affecting my area but it could also cause climate change. Last week my Aunt was sleeping but her neighbour was burning down grass and trash and choked but luckily she had some water and she called for the fire to be put out. If anti-pollution laws are not enforced it could affect our day to day life and could also affect our crops cause it can cause climate change which will make our session change quickly so it would be very hard to get crops. In the future I would love if we could make things more recyclable cause it could really help our society, area, county and planet and I would really love that. Thank you

  • The news story affecting my area is early marriage. Marriage in general must meet the condition of acceptance, but in early marriage it is sometimes overlooked. Marriage at a young age means a lack of awareness and logical thinking on both sides or one of them. Although early marriage is prohibited in some countries, it is widely spread, especially among girls, for several reasons, the most important of which is poverty, where poor families force their girls to marry a man who has money.

  • The elections that took place on February 25th and March 18th this year are the news that is affecting my area. There were numerous commotions and reports about youths destroying property and buildings during the election. We also heard of the destruction of voting equipment; in some areas of my country, if a specific person for whom the people voted did not win, they would become enraged and begin terrorizing people and disturbing the place, causing a large riot; and some people practised nepotism, voting for the person in their tribe rather than choosing who they wanted; and others were bribed into voting, which is also known as bribery and corruption. This is one of the issues that have plagued my country this year.

    This story is important to me because, as a young child, I want to see a free and fair election, and as future leaders, we want the current leaders to show us the way to go. I wrote about this because it is one of the problems I am aware of that can be resolved without conflict. After all, conflict can affect civilization and the way we live, which can also affect us in other ways and aspects of life because I believe that our voting can be decided in ways other than conflict.
    I chose to discuss this topic because it has been a problem in my country for some time now, and during this time, people are more aggressive and violent, and if the person they are voting for does not win, they pass their aggression out and destroy things, causing property damage, and then our country must be rebuilt, which can cost a lot of money, and in some parts of the country, the effect can cause more crime, which can lead to more destruction.

  • I believe that global warming is a problem in my area because people are burning trash when they can reuse, reduce, and recycle. This burning pollutes the environment. They are also felling trees, which reduces oxygen circulation in the air. Instead, we can plant new trees, recycle our trash, grow crops, and stop burning trash, which is critical to our community, city, homes, and countries. We still have time to change our ways because we are destroying our beloved planet.
    When people simply burn their trash, it is not good for us; plants and animals begin to die one by one, all of our water runs out, everything turns into a desert, and some people die. We should stop burning trash, start recycling, plant new trees, build greenhouses, and stop cutting down trees. We must save the Earth and our country, Nigeria because our future depends on it.

  • The News story, that is affecting my country Nigeria is insecurity, it's important to write about insecurity in Nigeria because it's one of the major problems that has caused a lot of damage in the lives of the people. Before we discuss insecurity, let us define what insecurity is. According to the Oxford Dictionary, insecurity is the state of being open to danger or threat of, lack of protection. This news story is important to me because there are many challenges we face in my country that are so important to take note of. These challenges include a lack of development in our country which has also brought poverty. Insecurity is really affecting our country and the government needs to have serious majors to stop or reduce the rate of insecurity in the country. One of the causes of insecurity is killing, kidnapping of loved ones, and fear of travelling to visit friends and family. Let us not forget about the farmers, the farmers are afraid to go to the farm for fear of being killed by herdsmen or criminals, leaving the country with a lot of displaced persons, homeless, and orphans. Another effect of insecurity is that people are afraid to go out and carry out their businesses. As a result, insecurity in Nigeria has caused more damage than good. Some of the damages that insecurity has caused are a high cost of living, malnutrition in children, fear of moving around freely and travelling to visit friends and family has greatly reduced.

  • The news story that affected my area is the increase in (child labor). Many of the children of our country live in a state of poverty, which leads them to work to provide for the food of the family.This may be due to family problems or that of the mother in a young age, unable to raise a good generation, or that both or one of the parents suffers from ignorance and does not appreciate the value of science and knowledge, and also because of the economic situation in Gaza and the high unemployment rate.. they work a full day for a sum that is not sufficient except to bring loaves of bread sufficient for dinner with something else simple ..instead of living the childhood stage, they live as adults who are able to take responsibility while they are still at a young age..inside her, she wants to play and discover life, but life is too hard for her, and her parents contributed to this her suffering. This story is important because I see its effect on our world in the present and in the future. It affects our children and their psyche and destroys our society.. Because children will be the builders of society - our children today are the youth of the future-.
    I suggest many solutions to this problem, including that there are institutions that took care of these children and support them in various aspects. In my opinion, parents should be made aware of the value of school, education, and children's rights, and to follow up on that through schools, by holding meetings with parents, and through institutions that care about children's rights and contribute to supporting poor families.. Here I would like to ask you a question, do you have other solutions or tips to reduce this phenomenon? ?

  • The news story that affected my region is the frequent use of mobile phones and sitting on it for a long time. This story is important for me because I see the extent of its impacton society, and this is a big problem that we face it in our country because most people are can not control them selves, and this is a problem that may diseases such as:Sultan's disease .Also,using the mobile phones for long hours harms the environment and in creases the percentage of carbon,sowe must be one hand to stop these a bad habits and,you should not use mobile phones for a long hours and allocated hours for studying as well.

  • The news story that is affecting my nation is inflation. Inflation is the increase in prices of goods and services. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, many Americans have struggles to provide basic needs to their families because of the increase of prices. This has personally affected me because during the pandemic, my parents could not work. My family struggled a lot to buy things like groceries and keep up with the bills. The increase of prices to buy basic things caused us to have to cut down on our groceries and other things. Gas was another issue. Paying for gas cost almost double then it did 10 years ago. We were not the only ones affected by inflation. Thousands of American families experienced the same struggle. Hopefully, one day, we will be able to move forward and put an end to inflation all across the nation.

  • The news story that is affecting me and the people around me is "Breathing is going to get tougher." The article is about how in the near future the air quality is going to get worse. It explains that even plants can contribute to poor air quality because of the chemicals they release. This affects me because a great part of my family smoke. If the air quality worsens their already damaged lungs would have a harder time providing them with enough oxygen to keep them alive. My grandmother, who doesn't even smoke, has cancer. If the air quality keeps getting worse her body isn't going to have an easy time fighting it off. Thankfully it is a very early stage of cancer and she can get pills to treat herself, but if we bring it to the worst case scenario she could die because the air quality stunted her body's ability to fight off the cancer. If we look at the bright side of the situation though, we can see that there are preventative measures being taken. There are many programs that can be donated to which plant trees in your name. This shouldn't have to be done, but it is a step forward. The benefits of these types of programs is the sense of community brought in by these programs. If you would like to learn more about it please research them. A good one is the Arbor Day Foundation. They do great work to help save the planet.

  • The news story that has been worrying all people on all levels including the environment in my country is the news story that talks about the “Cashless Policy”.
    Firstly, what is the cashless policy? Well, the cash-less policy is a policy that was established in 2012 by the CBN (Central Bank Of Nigeria) which is the main body of financial assessment, the policy was made to curb excesses in the handling of cash in the Nigerian federation. It prescribed cash handling charges on daily withdrawals above five hundred thousand Nigerian Naira (N500,000.00) for individuals and three million Naira for corporate bodies (N3, 000,000.00). The policy was enforced not to eliminate the use of cash, but to reduce the volume of cash in circulation. A pilot run of the policy started on 1 January 2012 in Lagos. The service charges were withheld until the 30th of March of the same year to allow for seamless migration from manual to electronic devices. The second stage of the pilot run started in Rivers, Anambra, Abia, Kano State, Ogun and the Federal Capital Territory on the 1st of July 2013, while the program nationwide started a year later on 31 July 2014
    Now the thing is the “Cashless Policy” has not only problems but benefits as well. Sadly a lot of people don’t get the benefits of such a policy, but it is important to me as it increases the literacy rate in the country as many people now need to have basic education to open a bank account or receive transaction messages, even though the cashless policy is not a newly introduced thing but its intensity has just increased with the circulation of new notes and the withdrawal of old notes and the fact that we are living in a country where our internet stability is constantly in the range of bytes to 4 megabytes, and power outage is something that is seen daily.
    The only problem is not with the policy but with the fact that for it to be possible, a stable internet network and electricity are needed.

  • The news story that affects my region is the lack of medical devices, and this news story is very important to me, because medical devices are very important in diagnosing and treating disease as well, as there are many hospitals that do not have sufficient devices to help them in their work, and there are many diseases that doctors could not know what is or even what are its causes or how to treat it

  • The news story that is affecting my area is “Theft and the increase in cost of purchasing petrol” there leakage and theft of code oil in some parts of my country, this theft has increased the cost of petrol in filling stations and it is making it difficult for people to purchase , the has increased and there is less amount of petrol available .

    This news is important to me because my country’s main exchange and revenue is crude oil , and we ourselves are finding it difficult to purchase it . I am worried that this might affect the economy of my country.

  • The news that appears in my country is apartheid. The practice of discrimination harms the violation of women's rights, children's rights, the rights of persons with disabilities, and marginalized areas, in addition to that discrimination leads to a violation of freedom of opinion and expression, and the right to participate in public life and administration. Public affairs and the right to education and work. Moreover, the negative effects lead to: Intolerance and hatred in society instead of harmony, and it leads to the weakness and disintegration of society, and the spread of fear and selfishness among individuals and others. We must respect others and the word that comes out of your mouth, whatever it may be, make it good for others.

  • The news story that is affecting my area at the moment is the tussle for who would become the Senate President. The elections have passed, cases of malpractices have been raised and election tribunals are set to get busy. However, the idea of zoning against the personal interest of certain politicians is really getting the attention of many. This amidst cases kidnapping in some parts of the country

    This news story is important to me because I want peace and stability in my country. Who becomes the Senate President, the number 3 man of the country tells to a large extent whether or not there is respect for the rule of law. Already there is agitation about where the senate president should come from - north, south, east or west. This is affecting the peace as we know it and to be honest, all we want is for our leaders to do the right thing and for our country to be a peaceful nation.

  • The news story affecting my area is "Unemployment".
    Unemployment: It is the failure to obtain a job opportunity despite the availability of the ability to do so and the constant search for it. It is an economic phenomenon that results from an imbalance in the labor market, which witnesses an excess of demand compared to existing job opportunities. Graduates and the lack of companies and work areas. Some people think that this problem has no solution, but the truth is quite the opposite. There are many solutions to this problem, the most important of which are:
    Building multidisciplinary companies to employ graduates.
    Building factories to employ a large number of unemployed.
    Provide income for the individual and society and promote national industries.
    This problem must be addressed, because if it is not resolved, it will cause poverty and spread famine, which will lead to the collapse of society.

  • The news story that is affecting my country is illiteracy. Illiteracy in Nigeria is a big problem due to the dwindling number of teachers. Although many people study teaching as a profession in university, many are forced to quit due to low salary or no available jobs. In my country, government schools are the ideal schools for people who cant afford to send their children to private schools. Sudents arrive at these schools expecting to learn only to find an empty classroom. This is ghost teaching. Teachers don't even show up to school but still go on to collect their salaries. This may also happen because teachers aren't even benig paid. Another cause of illiteracy is children being unable to go to school due to their parents needing them to work. People may not be making enough money on their own so they employ ther children to work with them so as to get extra money. Children in this situation will get little to no education which causes them to become illiterate. I think that the solution to illiteracy is higher salaries for teachers and to make sure that every person that is struggling for money should be able to write a letter to the government stating their case so that they can be given a 5% lower taxes for a specified amount of time.

  • The news affecting my area is coruption .Nothing is done fairly in the market prices there is inflation, in election there is rigging,buying of votes, in school students involve in examination malpractice,in universities students bribe their teachers to give them good marks and lecturers ask young gilrs to have sexual intercourse with them otherwise they will be failed in that course,these are the situations of corruption going on in our country.This news is important to me because I want to help my country to grow ,so through news stories like this I can think of ways to curb this acts of corruption.

  • Hello everyone.
    The news story that is affecting my country is the "religious crisis" before the elections, religion was never a problem in fact the people of Nigeria embraced each other's religion, Christmas was celebrated by Muslims, Eid was celebrated by Christain's. Although there was some ethnic discrimination, conflict among ethnic groups and many were biased, religion was never a problem, until the elections. Since 1999 till date, we have had four heads of states (including the new president elect) two have been Muslims and two have been Christians. People then started to become more aware of the fact that one religion was becoming more dominant than the other. Some ignorant citizens started to feed the minds of others to only vote for the candidate of their own religion. During this time tension emerged and people started to become enraged leading to conflict, this affected the lives of many due to the fact that many friendships were severed because of the difference in religion. When INEC announced the election results many were disappointed and angry, saying it was rigged because the result didn't come out in their favour, and it created even more tension. Right now, a case is happening to solve this issue and clear the doubt in the citizens minds. Therefore, bringing me to a conclusion, I believe that the solution to the religious crisis is being educated. Learning to tolerate people of different religious backgrounds is very important to creating a conflict free, united nation.

    1. You talk about a very complex and sensitive topic with fantastic knowledge and balance. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • I think this is the common problem we are facing from all over the world,''Pollution" this is the problem that affecting my area and also the world.We all think that factories are the only reason for the hole of ozone layer but the another main reason is the smoke getting out from our vechicles.Nowadays the usage of vechicles has increased.we all use our vechicles for a short distance for comfort.We all think that using vechicle is an efficient way but we are failing to understand that how our future will be,We cant even breath properly if this continues.So please reduce the usage of vechicles and walk to short distances or using cycle is an alternative way.I think it wil help our future genarations.

  • I will talk about the high prices, the incident that appeared recently and worsened the economic situation, especially after the war between Russia and Ukraine.
    The phenomenon of high prices has become one of the problems that threatens the residents of the Gaza Strip. It has multiplied greatly during the blockade until most of the population is now unable to meet their necessary needs. Day after day, we struggle due to this rise in prices. In fact, individuals were barely able to buy necessities before the rise, but now they are completely unable to keep up with the high prices.
    This phenomenon must be fought through the role of the media in creating a consumer culture and the government protecting goods from rising.

  • The news story that affected my region is"people's dreams",and I also think that this story occupies the whole world,such as famous player Cristiano Ronaldo.We know how his life was before fame,and his dream was to become famous soccer player,and he actually fulfilled his dream,as well Elon Musk and the famous scientist Newton,this news story it's important to me because a lot of people can make a big difference in this world

  • The new story that affecting my area is shortage of doctor's. 'Poor medical infrastructure and lack of preparedness are severely compromising the fight against covid in rural and small-towns india'. In my area there are 2000 peoples and there is 2 or 3 doctors in my area. Some of the old age people's are dying because of no medical care around them.whenever I meet doctor there will be a long que(around30) and one of the kid was bleeding.This is the cause around my area.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is advent of the blessed month of Ramadan and not only for a region but for an antire Arab and Islamic societ.
    The month of Ramadan is a month that comes in the years once acts of worship multiply ,sins are erased good deeds increase ,and is has the greatest nights of the year,I saw in the month the month of love and giving ,so every Muslim on every day of this month abstain from food and drink ,as well as obscene words and sins ,in order to obtain the reward for fasting, and this is the name that Islam gave to our abstention from food and drink. This news story is important tome because it is part of my religion

  • Earth Day reminds me of a lesson I took in school talking about renewable and non-renewable energies and the disadvantages of non-renewable energy. The lesson was aimed at using renewable energies because they are environmentally friendly (non-polluting) unlike non-renewable energies because they were polluting and corrupting the environment

  • The news story affecting my area is Early Marriage.
    This news story is important to me because I have noticed how widespread this phenomenon is in developing societies.
    Early marriage: This means that girls or boys are married off at a very early age
    that is, before mental and physical development is complete, which leads to many negative effects.
    Reasons for the spread of the phenomenon of early marriage.
    1. Customs and traditions: In the past, it was preferred to marry girls at an early age to protect them and prevent them from participating in society and preventing them from mixing with males.
    2. Poverty: Poverty certainly spreads in developing societies, and becomes a burden on the family in providing services and expenses for their children, so they work to get them married.
    3. Insecurity: Many families marry off their daughters at an early age to ensure their safety.
    As for the consequences of early marriage and its impact:
    1. Divorce: Marrying a girl at an early age before completing mental and emotional development leaves no room for affection and compassion between spouses, which leads to a lack of intimacy and love. and increase the likelihood of divorce.
    2. Deprivation of completing education: as a girl gets married at an early age and devotes herself to family matters and burdens, which leads to not completing her educational career.
    3. The psychological impact: Girls who marry at an early age often feel anxiety, fear, depression and lack of confidence.
    4. The health impact: Early marriage has health problems, as complications appear during pregnancy and early birth, such as having children of small size and weight.
    Among the ways to reduce early marriage are:
    1. Providing safe means of living: Education and vocational training for girls can qualify them to work in order to achieve a suitable income for them, which leads to reducing their dependence on the family.
    2 . Education support: Studies indicate that educated girls are less likely to consent to marriage at an early age.
    Based on what I see in most developing societies, these are the most prominent causes of early marriage, its most prominent consequences, and the most prominent ways to reduce this phenomenon.

  • The news story that affects my region is poverty. Many people do not have enough money to buy what they want to meet their needs, such as healthy food, warm clothes for the winter, or even supplies for their children for school. I believe that this issue is important and must be resolved quickly because there are many People are dying and sick because of poverty and it must be eliminated through institutions that collect money and this institution must be reliable to make sure that the money will reach the people who really need it and not to any human being who is a fraud who steals the money .

    1. Thanks for this thoughtful response stellar_cat. Can you talk more about how you evaluate whether these institutions are reliable and reputable?

  • Question 1: The news affecting my area is the Violence in The North-East of my country. Bandits and armed groups in Nigeria's northwest region have caused widespread killings, looting, and kidnappings, which have caused massive displacement in that area of the country.

    Former President, Mohammadu Buhari ordered airstrikes on suspected bandits, but they were evaded while some governors have attempted amnesty (pardon) deals, but most, unsurprisingly, have failed. In September 2022, authorities imposed a telecommunications shutdown in the north-east region to disrupt communication among the bandits but that has widespread effects on the people living in that area as they are unable to access the right to communicate freely because of the unapologetic sins of others.

    According to the HRW, there have been over 500 people have been kidnapped and more than 20 people have been killed while in the act of being kidnapped, which shows that the security sector is not doing enough to stop these acts.

    Question 2: This is very important to me because the insecurity rates in Nigeria is very high and it is a topic of trepidation as it affects every state in my country, not just the ones already affected.

    Thank You

  • The news story that spreads in my country
    The high price of everything:.
    (With higher salary prices for employees)
    This indicates the thing that this thing refers to, so this food indicates its energy. This rise in prices causes problems for poor people who cannot absorb energy from hunger ✨

    , The price of clothes has gone up, like this thing, that's good.
    This news story is important for me because there are people who cannot afford the needs of the house and the expenses of the house.

  • The news story that affects my area is (the electricity crisis). This story is important to me because since I was born, I have been upset about the power outages on a daily basis, and I have not been able to study well. I have not enjoyed living and practicing my hobby as the rest of the world's children do, and this affects us and Our future I see the most appropriate solution is the use of alternative energy, but it is expensive and the economy of my country does not help. We hope in the near future that this problem will be solved by supporting creative youth, as we have seen inventions. from. The heart of the crisis needs support. We hope that an interested party will adopt it

  • The news story that is affecting my area is the 'lack of cash '.This news story is important to me because it directly affects me. The scarcity of cash in my country has led to the loss of countless lives due to hunger and lack of basic necessities. Although measures are being put in place to minimize the effects, already retrieved old notes are not given back and the demand for the new notes are on a rise. I personally feel that the idea of using new notes is not helping the issue of corruption rather it is increasing the mortality rate in Nigeria.

  • The news story affecting my local area is "Water Shortage" both in the world and in my local area itself.
    This news story is important to me because water is a large and important part of life, and it is the basis of life and its continuity. Water makes up about 70 percent of the human body weight. Is this percentage low? We use water for eating, drinking, washing dishes, bathing, and more. Is there anyone among you who dispense with something from them? Also, the loss of water means the occurrence of drought and difficult disasters that a person may regret afterwards.
    The loss of water is an important issue for the world and it is the responsibility of young men and women and all people. Losing it means losing life. Because life is once and not repeated, why not take the initiative quickly to preserve it and not waste it. Why not provide water conservation services? Why don't we build our capacity to withstand difficult and urgent confrontations?

  • Let me present to you one of the most prominent negative points in society, which is divorce. Divorce has many negative aspects that do not apply to spouses only, but also to children and society, where society takes a bad impression of women and children, where children are dispersed and become in a difficult psychological state, and sometimes they are deprived of the tenderness of fathers and mothers together. This leads to their exploitation in bad ways, such as theft and delinquency, because they are not followed by the mother and father. Among the most prominent reasons for divorce is the lack of harmony between the spouses, the large number of problems, personal differences, lack of understanding, and the interference of families between the spouses. One of the ways to overcome divorce is awareness among people, understanding between spouses, and obeying each other.

  • Why is recruitment done through favoritism??
    Why are employees not selected according to their competence and experience??

  • question 1:
    Traveling abroad from Palestine is a very important thing in the lives of Palestinians for four reasons.
    The first reason is education. In the life of the Palestinians, it is a very important thing, as the Palestinians are the most people in the world with a low illiteracy rate. It is almost between (5-10 %). They are learning inside and outside Palestine. They may sell everything in order to pay fees of education's sons.
    The second reason is treatment. The Palestinians do not have enough hospitals and high medical qualifications. Therefore, they always need to travel for cure. To receive treatment in Egyptian hospitals or other countries surrounding and neighboring Palestine. The percentage of Palestinian patients who need treatment abroad annually increases for 15 years. Because four frequent wars on Gazans specially and West Bank also. Moreover, the siege imposed on the Palestinian territories.
    As for the third reason, they need to visit their relatives. Wherever, you will not find a single Palestinian family with displaced relatives around the world. According to the catastrophe of 1948, the Palestinians became as refugees around the world. They between 5-6 million people.
    Trading is the fourth reason of this problem, importing goods like food, school cards, petroleum materials, and many raw materials that they need to run their lives. They need to export their products to anther countries such as Europe, USA and Arab Gulf countries.
    Finally, we find that the Palestinian needs to travel freely, but travel to and from Palestine is subject to several very difficult matters, whether through the surrounding crossings. Not to mention the arbitrary measures of the enemies. What made travel as a huge problem in the lives of the Palestinians.

    question 2: And this story is important to me because to see the ancient monuments of other civilizations and learn their customs and traditios and for me at this age it is also important from the side of entertainment

  • The story that is affecting my is"The increase in childbearing or high number of family members " this is important for me because it affects on the community,as the number of family members increases and the high prices,parents become unable to provide the needs for their children,and there has been an increase in the number of people in the community and thise negatively affects the country, from Anthony side children will not take attention and care from their parents. And the cause of all this is early marriage which has spread around the world,which prevents women from completing their studies and that mean they will can't work or be independent,create women.
    We must principle of family planning that works to organize the numbers of family members and pregnancy regulation
    And help women in standing and encouraging to work.

  • Social media is a double edged sword...
    When you hear the word social media, the first thing you will think of is technological and civilizational development and the positive side. but when I saw a situation, I changed my mind.When i was a member of parliament in school always listened to girls’ stories. One day a girl came and told me her story, It was so difficult that I could not Solving it on my own, she was texting a young man after that separated, and he started threatening her with her photos via social media. I did not believe it !. Over time I realized that social media has a very dangerous side and must beware of it ، so it's considered as a global invasion today.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is the United States debt ceiling. This news story is important to me because every day the United States debt increases in 2012 the debt ceiling was raised then once again in 2013 and the most recent one was in 2022. The debt ceiling could be a serious issue because if congress does not pass the debt ceiling the United States would keep borrowing money and money without a debt wall and the whole country could fall into a Great Depression 2.0. The power of the currency would collapse and the prices of things would skyrocket people might lose their homes and people may lose their money in banks that aren't FDIC assured. Today, the national debt of the country is a shocking 31.46 trillion dollars and the last time the U.S didn't have any debt was in 1835. If the United States continues to consume debt then inflation will increase causing everything to be more expensive than it was before it increased. Increasing the debt will also make the United States possibly go through another recession making everything even worse.

  • The news story that is affecting my country is climate change this news story is important to me because as a citizen of Nigeria it causes a lot of death in my country and it affects the ozone layer

  • Although the Palestinian people in Gaza suffer from the economic and social siege, children play happily with their friends; Students work hard to acquire knowledge. Mothers keep teaching their kids good manners .workers do their jobs well to gain their food. Though of all of the difficulties my people face every day to survive, unique spirit of determination and hope spread widely in our community. And life goes on revealing original spirit of this people.
    I believe this must be the news story of my country

  • The news story that is affecting my area is school shootings. On Tuesday, May, 24, 2022, a mass shooting occurred at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, United States, an 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, a former student at the school shot nineteen students and two teachers, while seventeen others were injured but survived. Many other school shootings have occurred but this one was an extremely harsh one. U.S schools should add more security due to all of the dangerous actions many have done. Students should feel safe and secure in their everyday environment, there's no need of being scared to go to school every single day thinking something hazardous may occur. Many do not talk about this problem and it has to be heard. End school shootings.

  • A news story that concerned me was The New York Times article based on school shootings. It has come to my attention that a 6 year old student shot and killed their teacher. This frightened me because if there is violence like this around the world, how will we ever be able to stop it. It is known this 6 year old was not intentionally trying to do so, but what frightened me was that a 6 year old was able to get hold of a weapon like that, let alone walk into the school building with it. Most schools around the world use clear backpacks, and have a metal detector at the front doors for when students walk in. Other places do not have such because they claim clear backpacks do not keep weapons out of the schools, but to disagree, they are helping by reducing school shootings.

  • Palestine suffers from the problem of power outages that have been going on for years, as it negatively affects education, the health aspect, and all aspects of life, and increases our suffering.
    This issue is important to me as a student because of what it affects me.
    This crisis is still ongoing and renewed.
    This situation is not sufficient to achieve safety and security for us as students, as it threatens to keep up with our education process and affects our psychological and health.
    It also affects the health aspect and disrupts the work of hospitals of all kinds.
    The lights in the operating rooms were turned off, and the electronic devices and dialysis machines were suddenly cut off.
    I believe that the international community must take action to solve it, and they must bridge the financial deficit, provide the necessary capabilities, and prevent the crisis from worsening.
    Most of the countries of the world suffer from power outages because this contradicts human values, and electricity is their source of energies that is indispensable in our lives.

  • Although we we face hard circumstances here in Gaza ,we in our school in Ramadan collected money in order to help poor students and our head teacher added another amount of money..... Finally we could buy new clothes for those students for Feter Eid ,they felt happy.It's good to give to people who have very little.
    Really that 's very nice

  • I'm a 14 year old Palestinian girl ,as a voluntary work I made a little reading group to help girls read english fluently and be able to combine sentence correctly.
    Reading increases the amount of vocabulary they have and it even makes them use bigger and harder words .
    I usually make them read stories that have good morals that they can use in life .
    Maybe problems with thier solutions ,so if it ever happens with them they know how to react.
    Another type of stories i make them read is about cultures , it increases thier information about what happens around them and thier surroundings.
    I think we need more voluntary work in Palestine because it increases the strength and the close relations between us especially the communities.

  • The new story important to me is the effect of the meta-verse on individuals in my society

    From my own point of view meta-verse is a 3-D-utilized world that makes use of virtual reality to enable individuals to experience different real life scenarios without any boundaries to the places an individual can explore.

    This boundless world allows individuals to be whatever they want. Yes, this comes with its risks and disadvantages but the advantages, I believe is greater than the disadvantages.

    A major advantage of the meta-verse is that it serves as a means of education to students, this is because they get to experience what the teacher is trying to enlighten them about. The human brain absorbs knowledge quicker and is able to retain the information longer when the individual sees and experiences the situation.

    The bad side to this is that the curiousity of humans could lead them to explore parts of the world they shouldn't but that shouldn't mean that the blame is on the meta-verse but on the self control of the individual.

    Therefore, adding limits to where you can explore in the meta-verse indirectly adds limits to the knowledge an individual can gain from the meta-verse.

  • The new story athat offecing my area is water polution .
    In lots of cities peple throw alot of rubbish plastic and alot of think its not goog for the envirement this make us loss the water which make as be alive
    The good way to finish the pollution is
    Make strict laws that make the community abied them and pay fine when violting them

  • The story that is affecting my area is the cashless policy. The primary objective of the program was to introduce a cashless policy and reduce the circulation of physical cash in the economy, thus promoting cashless buying and selling. To achieve this goal, the Central Bank planned to swap over 2 trillion old Naira notes with 400 billion new Naira notes.

    However, the program encountered several problems that made it difficult to achieve its objectives. One of the critical challenges was the fact that 80% of the Nigerian economy is informal, and most petty traders do not have bank accounts. This made it challenging for them to exchange their old Naira notes for new ones, as the program was designed to be carried out through banks.

    Another issue was limited banking infrastructure, which resulted in multiple failed transactions. Many Nigerians reported that they were unable to carry out transactions using the banking app, and the malfunctioning of ATMs added to the problem.

    Furthermore, the program was plagued by corrupt practices, as some individuals resorted to selling new Naira notes to the highest bidder. This made it difficult for ordinary Nigerians to access the new Naira notes, further exacerbating the situation.

    The program also had a severe impact on the informal sector of the economy, which disrupted business for petty traders. The inability of people to buy and sell normally created crises and riots in some parts of the country, such as Ibadan, Ogun, and other places.

    The program was not well planned and caused untold hardship on over 90% of Nigerians. Many people were stressed and tense due to the difficulties they encountered in accessing the new Naira notes. The principal actors involved in the program believed they were prepared to manage it, but the results showed that the Central Bank and other actors were not adequately prepared.

    The hardship caused by the program led to moves to take the federal government of Nigeria to court and the Central Bank, which eventually led to a court judgment to extend the deadline for the Naira swap to December 2023.

    In conclusion, the Nigerian Naira cash swap program was introduced with good intentions, but it encountered several challenges that made it difficult to achieve its objectives. When implementing programs like the cash swap, the government and its Central Bank must consider critical components that will ensure success without bringing undue hardship to the people.

  • In my area, the cashless policy is causing a lot of problems. Originally, it was declared that new Anita notes would come into circulation. We were made to believe it would be a quick and seamless ordeal, even though no one knew the exact reason why this change was necessary. Through speculation, many Nigerians came to believe that this change was implemented to draw out criminal money launderers and hoarders. If everyone had to go to the bank to change their currency, surely the police would take note of suspicious cash amounts.
    While there is a possibility that this worked, it also left many Nigerians in a crisis. People have been left stranded at various locations because they don’t have the money to pay for taxis. ATM lines are now comparable to the length of a marathon and banks are the very definition of a punishment. It seems that the government vastly underestimated how much money was in circulation. By doing that, a huge shortage in the new currency appeared.
    Although my family does have stable and reliable access to cash, too many people do not. This particular story has affected everyone in the most basic ways. People have offered to pay for other’s groceries with their cards in exchange for cash. This is the reality of Nigeria. It’s so sad that a nation wide crisis has to happen before the government can recognize the importance of proper planning.

  • The Nashville School Shooting was heard nationwide by civilians and has struck many thoughts into people's heads. "Is our school system safe?" , "How do we combat this?" , and "What could happen next?" School shootings can provide very traumatic experiences for children and scarring them for life. This not only impacts students but also teachers and faculty, if a teacher has to come to work with the thought of not being safe, it could affect the way they pass on information to the students. This news story is important to me because knowing that those students who passed away, did not deserve such things. Now parents are also melancholy because they lost the children they were raising. Not only does this mean better security measures need to be implemented , but it also means that this is a common issue in school districts and needs to stop.

  • Is it right For people to spend so Much money on metaverse?

    Yes, I believe it is a great thing to spend money on metaverse. This is because metaverse is a digital tool that we can use to socialize, play, learn and do so many other exciting things. If we stop spending money on it, we will have limited access to it. We will also experience a decrease in the production of metaverse.

    Metaverse is contribuiting so much in our society, especially academically. It is helping in building our mental health - several of my classmates engage in video games. The games have helped with our spelling, our collaboration even how we strategically position ourselves to solve problems given to us by our teachers.

    I also know that Metaverse is serving as a machinery that is used in the hospital by creating 3D clinical application to check vitals in patients - many lives have been saved.

    It also will serve as a source of income to other people; with gaming apps and hospital machineries!

    It will be good if we can spend more on Metaverse, so it can be of continued help to our society.

    1. Well done for using examples from the Topical Talk classroom lesson, quirky_reflection!

  • In our school we do avoluntary work in Ramadan .we bring a bigger bank and students donate with the amount they can even one shekel . Then we buy for the poor students the clothes for Eid al Fitr .We draw the smile 😃 on the faces of our friends .They fly from happiness .Hand by hand we help our friends and put the smile on their hearts 💕

  • One of main topics that occupy my thinking these days the weather forecast for this week in my country. When I read the weather news at the beginning of this week, a question rose in my mind: Why does the weather change so far just in one week? On Saturday, it was hot with warm winds. On Sunday, it was dusty. On Monday, the temperature goes down. Today, on Wednesday it's cold and rainy. Besides, the weather news tells us it will be colder and rains will be heavier tomorrow. The temperature at the beginning of this week was 31 and today it is 13. Also, weather experts here say that it is the first time to have this cold weather in this time of the year since decades. This leads me to the discussion that held by our teacher about the earth day and I induce that this weather is one of the effects of the climate change which affect the whole world. I think we should stop and think for a while how can we help to save the earth.

  • A news story that is happening in my community is our local sheriff elections. This news story is important to me as a citizen because police are the people who keep us safe in our communities and are our protectors. The former sheriff was taken out of office due to a situation happening in jails. This situation made many people lose trust in our former sheriff and made voters more cautious about who they want to vote for. Each candidate seems to be very friendly with the news while others don't seem to say why they should be sheriff at all. Personally I hope my community will find a good sheriff that will do his job correctly and be trustworthy.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is the 'Nashville Shooting'. There was a recent school shooting where someone is armed with a gun and starts firing bullets on the school campus. Many people get severely injured and killed. And it is affecting people in my area because students are now afraid to go to school because they fear that their school will be the next one. This news story is important to me because I feel like school should be one of the safe places where children should go and feel happy and secured. About every month, students and teachers practice drills on what to do if there is a school shooter active on school grounds. Some schools in Alabama have been creating 'Rapid Access Safe Room' where the room blends in with the wall and students and teachers hide there in case of a shooting. The room is bulletproof and you can lock the door from inside the room only. Now in almost every local supermarket around America, there are bulletproof backpacks that students can use to shield themselves.

  • A news story that is affecting me is gun control. There have been many stories of people going into schools, and sadly shooting children. As guns become more and more violent, some lawmakers are still allowing guns to be bought and even concealed without a license. Just last week in Tennessee, a shooter came into a school and shot 6 people (3 children and 3 adults.) This was shocking because Tennessee is right next to Georgia, and it is sad that me and many others have to be scared to come to school in fear of a shooter infiltrating. I think that lawmakers should think about the effects of their laws on people like me, so I can come to school and have a fun learning environment.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is 'inflation', many people complain about the extreme gas prices and it is having an effect on my mom because she doesn't even want to purchase gas. I see videos of people from all around the world talking about how these gas prices change the way they live, my family sometimes cannot afford the things we desire because we has to take consider the gas prices. Prices of simple house items have skyrocketed, some have nearly doubled. My family still struggles with balancing the price of gas and groceries and now I can rarely get new clothes.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is the lack of grasslands in Gaza. I read that the shepards of sheep gathered in the farming association to discuss their problem of the disappearance of the green areas in Gaza because of buildings and the increasing populations. I thought of this serious problem that after few years we can't see greenary anymore because of bad planning . Our government should stop this and put good plans to save our city from stones monstor which attack our beautiful city . We should stop this by building up expansion, so we can keep our nature and resources.

  • Hi everyone .
    Although we are facing a diffecult financial sitution in our country , we are trying to help even with a little .
    For example , In our class my colleages and I did a voluntery work which is do a piggy bank and collect money from us and buying Eid clothes for a needy student in our class .
    Also our school staff help and share with us , and we are really pleased when we see our colleage happy.
    However the diffecult situation but we should be positive and do humanitarian work which it makes peaple happy .

  • The news story that is affecting my area here in Palestine is we don't have an airport. This news story is important to me and to anyone, because traveling is too important and no one can live in his country when there is no airport ,We need an airport to travel fast and to transfer sick people quickly to save their lives.
    Also it save time for the pilgrims when they want to go to Makka.
    People all over the world can come and visit our country easily .
    Airport is very essential for normal and healthy life to any country.

  • The News story that is affecting my area is an issue which I hear often-
    "WILD ANIMALS INVADING HUMAN AREA".Many wild animals like Deers,Tigers,Snakes,Elephants etc..enter the cultivated and residencial areas near hills and forests but why should the animals enter human areas, leaving their wonderful habitat 'the forest' and enter into human areas destroying properties and getting itself in danger of getting shot or entering into electrical fences. This is because the global forest area declined by 3% than the past this damage was done by us we were the ones who invaded first.What will we do when anyone enters our home kicking us out we try to enter back this is what the animals are doing .For the so called" Developement" we are destroying their home.
    One request from my side to everyone is when any animal enters your area, instead of getting frightened and hurting it just give it a single chance to escape.This news story is important to me because they have all the same rights that we have on mother earth.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is 'illiteracy'. This news story is important to me because this has adverse impact on the development of our country. It is one of main factor why India is economically backward. Illiteracy in India is because of economic barriers, poverty, ignorance, gender discrimination, technological barriers, child labour, child marriage, lace of affordable educational facilities and so on.....
    Most people experience challenges in reading and writing as we do not put much emphasis on the importance of education. In remote areas we don't have proper schools and transport facilities. Introvert people believe that the child will get manipulated and would go on the wrong path.
    What is the government doing to eradicate illiteracy??
    The government is striving hard to eradicate illiteracy by implementing many policies such as "Free education, Education for all, Right of education act ". This provides free and compulsory education for all in the age group of 6-14.
    What is my perspective??
    Due to poor quality education in government schools there is growing trend towards privatization of education. It makes education expensive. To reduce this more government schools should be built and reduce private schools.
    Breakaway from formal education and implement innovative montessori methods. Child can learn in his/her own pace.
    Create gender equality. Education for women helps attain social status and economic independence. Educated people uplift theri lifestyle, thus contributing towards the development of the country.

  • Between 2000 - 2005, Nigeria had the highest rate of forest loss at 55.7% according to FAO. Every year, Nigeria loses at least 3.7% of its forest trees. Also, Nigeria lost about about 97% of wildlife and forest resources to poaching.
    This is a crisis I feel has to be addressed and attended to with immediate action.
    As we all know, we need trees to provide oxygen to breathe and need crops and animals for proper nutrition.
    If this issue isn't addressed, the level of soil erosion will leave Nigeria's land barren. We won't have purified air, clean water or fresh food to eat. We would face tons of nutritional diseases and immune deficiencies back-to-back.

    What do you feel about this topic? Let me know by clicking "reply to this comment" down below!

  • The thing that is causing a big stir in my country is the social networking sites, as it has brought the distances between people closer and made the world a small village, and people have become aware of each other’s news even when they are in their homes, and this is wonderful, but at the same time the distances have moved away, as my family spends less time with me and more on their phones And this is widespread in all regions. I do not think that it is bad to spend their time on the phone, but I hope that they devote some of their time to talking to me, as there are things that only the family can understand. This matter is important to me, because the time that goes away does not come back, and the time that you spend with the family does not find happiness in any phone

  • I think that cancelling holiday is very sad. Also it is a very good idea to make a big dish so then you don't have to clean the dishes and it wastes less water. I also try to stop buying new clothes except when they are broken! Here there are strikes so the garbage collectors don't come. I really agree that we should see the positive side of reusing and being resourceful.

  • One of the important issue nowdays is climate change . it affected on our life a lot . My country also has experienced this most largest crisis . Therefore, solar panels were used to produce renewable solar energy in order to achieve climate justice in Palestine.
    * Reducing Carbon footprint has important role in our life . for that , there should be many steps first increase people culture about this Proplem . Also , the country has to put stict Laws .
    Second using wing solar powered cars . Using large means of transportation such as buses . Beside that recycling is important . In additron It's advisable to use the excesses nutrients as aplant fertilizer
    Also , manufacture of paper bags instead of nylon bags . Finally , using garbage containers in front of the houses , one for orgaic material and the other for plastic materials .

  • Hello 👋👋
    Child marriage refers to any formal marriage or informal union between a child under the age of 18 and an adult or another child.
    more marriage age, as well as the socio-economic risk of pregnancy outside of marriage, also uphold the practice.
    I wrote about early marriage because of its abundance, and to show people that it is harmful and useless.

  • One of the causes of climate change is the increasing of carbon.

    To save ourselves and our future we should work hard to reduce carbon footprints.

    For example, instead of fuel which affect on invironment we can use renewable energy.

    Reducing the use of cars,use trains more ,bikes more
    We should stop consuming more

    products from animals.
    In addition preventing burning is important as it release carbon

    **So the solution in our hand**

  • The news story that affects my region (volunteer work) Through my studies in school on this topic, I was able to conclude that volunteer work :works to develop scientific skills, social communication skills, experiences and cultures, as there were several volunteers in the lesson that was studied in the class, but I liked two volunteers: the first volunteer is, Rosa, works in a local library, where she does a lot of work, such as giving room to take books for people with disabilities, the people who can't go to the library, and she reads stories to young children who can't read because of their young age. This volunteer work.. worked to increase her experience by reading stories And give her the skill of communicating with the disabled and help increase the experiences of the people who read the storiesAnd the second volunteer, Hassan, who belongs to an international organization that helps people when disasters occur. Natural disasters exist everywhere in the world. This organization works to send helps to people who are in danger, as it sends them food and treatment..... They also send toys to children in Africa, and this is something Beautiful... Through these works that I studied and learned in class, these works encouraged me to help people in my area, where my colleagues and I agreed to do voluntary work because we are at the end of the month of Ramadan, after which comes Eid Al-Fitr, where we wear new clothes for this Eid and there are in our class disabled students About bringing these clothes, we provided clothes for the students with the help of specialized authorities, and we motivated the students to collect alms to buy clothes, and they were very happy.Because of a simple thing that we was given to them, we must help people and make them happy, even with the simplest things

  • The news story that is affecting my area is "the rate of unemployment in Nigeria".This news story is important to me because I see many of my fellow Nigerian youths who graduated with good grades jobless and without a credible source of living they turn to various vices like kidnapping and armed robbery which not only poses a threat to me but also to my loved ones and the whole nation. Also it affected me as one of my uncle's friends who graduated some years back could not get a job and became. According to google unemployment rates in Nigeria are about 9%. I feel the government should come up with some programmes such as government jobs and excetra.

  • The news story affecting my school is: Classroom Overflow and it's important to me because the large number of students in the classes increases it affects them so that the teacher cannot give the same attention  for all students in the class, which will lead to his inability to identify abilities and talents which lies in the students and will not be able to find weaknesses and develop them among the students this is a negative thing, as discovering our capabilities and talents will help us build our dreams and our future .
    We can overcome this problem by building additional rows work on distributing students in reasonable and appropriate proportions.

  • The news story that affects my country is that economic crises are a general state of total economic instability in our country, which leads to an acceleration in the state of economic deterioration, which is manifested in a decline in production, bankruptcy of companies and individuals, high unemployment rates, damage to existing production relations, and a collapse in the stock market , and a currency exchange crisis, and thus a decrease in the living standards of the population, and a decrease in the gross national product of the state, and the economic crisis may be limited to the banking sector only, and it may include other economic sectors to affect the economy of an entire country or region, and in some cases it is a global crisis.

    On the 25th of February 2023, Nigeria's future deciding election was held and its result took a toll on the country. The three main candidates each had their respective votes but this outcome sparked peaceful protests around the country. These protests were sparked by Obi-dient movement named after the third place presidential candidate Peter Obi. There have been rumors and controversies about whether the president elect had been corrupt during the elections as he is disliked all over the country. It is believed that officials and the executive officer of the body governing elections were bribed and refused to use the Biometric Verification and Accreditation Systems (BVAS) to conduct the elections. This makes results vulnerable to manipulation of bribed officials.
    When elections are manipulated, this proves that the candidate responsible for the manipulation is not fit to rule over others as he can buy his/her way out of any problem. This can leave a country bankrupt. These types of leaders take advantage of citizens especially people in the lower class. These election results left some people crying because Nigerians believe that the president-elect is corrupt and not good for the country. In addition, his party, All Progressive Congress (APC) is highly disliked especially in the southern region.
    The Obedient movement is significant because its aim is important and is supported by young people (18-40yrs) and is taking its toll on the allegedly corrupt officials.
    Three (3) years ago, protest began on ending the police brutality from the division of police known as SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad). This division were meant to stop or reduce robbery in the country.
    But they had gone out of their area of jurisdiction and began to abuse their power by extortion of funds, illegal torture of people and unwarranted arrests. This sparked a battle in protest between the End-SARS and the Pro-Sars who desired the continuation of SARS.
    My point is that the End-SARS and Obi-dient movement are related because of:
    Age Groups

    They are related through the Age Groups because the End SARS and Obi-dient protesters range between the ages of 18-40 years of age.

    Leaders are a channel of relation because the leaders of both protest are influential people. Examples are misgiving and prominent politicians.

    Aims relate the two protest because both aim to stop oppression and violation of Rights of Citizens.

    In conclusion, these problems are important to me because my generation might be part of the next of such protest and I want to know that even if the present generation will not be able to solve this problem, they have started my generation might be capable of finishing it.

  • There is a story that I really, really want to find a solution to, which is poverty and famine. Many people may suffer from this problem, about “1.2 billion” around the world, and this is a very large number, so I want to suggest some solutions to reduce poverty and famine, first: "The state must provide housing and clothing for the poor", second: "provide job opportunities to increase per capita income", third: we and everyone who is able to help the poor must extend a helping hand to them and help them, as this will contribute significantly to reducing poverty and famine, finally we are working as much as possible to reduce From famines, but it is very difficult to completely eradicate famines, but I hope so.

  • How might it affect people if they can't join but other can?

    Meta-verse is of the purpose of bringing virtual, realistic views to individual especially students which is preferrable to charts. With this being achieved, there would be limitation to who and who not to use it making it a liability for people in the lower class to afford.

    Individuals born with silver spoon will have much access than those living hand to mouth which would affect them both socially, academically and mentally because they won't be able to access and also enjoy the benefit of this invention

    My opinion on this is that budget should be cut short on the production of meta-verse as this would be of benefit to not only the rich kids and parents but also to the society at large as they would be able to assimilate and digest knowledge faster through the vitual experience

  • The story that affects my area is(lack of job opportunities)and this is a problem that means the majority, as some people don't find a suitable job opportunity, so they are forced to sit at home without work and this is very difficult as they can't fully pay the expenses of the house ,and also increases the unemployment rate and decreases the economic situation because others don't contribute to the work there must be job opportunities and the establishment of operational projects in order for the country's economy to flourish and develop and for them to be able to meet their needs as well.

  • "The news story that affects my area is the decision to prevent barbaric dogs from roaming in the province and to collect them in a special place for them... This news story is important to me because it would have caused harm to me. One day I was almost attacked and I entered several houses and I think This news will instill a sense of security among the citizens.

  • The news story affecting my area is "inflation". This news story is important to me because people in my country are suffering because the general price level of goods and services has increased and rising price can drastically change our standard of living and it can also reduce the value of money over time.
    Inflation in my country has caused loss of purchasing power,higher interest rate,higher price for everything and slow economic growth.

  • The news story affecting my city is "urban sprawl."

    This story is important to me and to every individual in society because of its negative and devastating consequences for the health of the individual, which refers to building at the expense of agricultural lands, which reduces the area of ​​green lands and this phenomenon

    The world suffers from it too.

    People neglected agriculture, whether vertical or horizontal, which works to moderate the atmosphere, which led to environmental pollution and the spread of diseases and epidemics due to housing crises and traffic congestion.

    This problem is a major cause of the population explosion that we are experiencing now

    We, the peoples, governments, municipalities and cultural institutions, must take initiatives to raise awareness of the seriousness of this phenomenon and find solutions to it, such as the vertical expansion of construction.

  • The news story that is affecting my country is 'corruption'. This news story is important to me because I always feel irritated and annoyed when I see that a lot of politicians, ministers, and people working with the government have their way of using an illegal process. Corruption has been the biggest problem in my country for a few years now. Due to this reason, a lot of people working with the government find ways to extract money from the citizens in the country for selfish reasons.
    The government finds ways of extracting money from the citizens in the country by using E-Levy. Whenever someone sends money to another person digitally using the platform Mobile Money. Some money is extracted from the money meant to be given to the receiver, due to the E-Levy. The government claims to use the money taken from the receiver to help develop the country, however, that is further away from the truth. They use the money for their own selfish needs instead of helping the country develop. Moreover, because of the corruption happening around my country and climate change, items have become expensive (especially foodstuffs). Due to this reason, a lot of people in the country have become greedy and selfish for money causing them to sometimes scam people to get some money. Some of the citizens scam people for their selfish gains. For example, people who work in companies that supply electricity for a specific country might turn off the supply of electricity in a household and lie to them that they are owing money whiles they are not. Police also take a lot of bribes from criminals and other people to prevent them from going to jail. Police who normally work at the barriers of towns and regions might collect money from drivers instead of checking their driver's licenses and inspecting their vehicles.
    My wish is to have a country where the presidents, ministers, politicians, etc. will not think about their selfish needs, but they will think about the children who are homeless, and have no proper equipment at school and think about ways to develop a happy non-violence country.

  • How might the metavarse have a positive or negative impact on the real world?
    Do you think the impact will be more negative or more poso?
    I think that metavarse will make a positive impact on the real world.
    To start with,
    Metavarse will make a positive impact on the world because everyone from all over could participate and also people from one country could learn about another's person's country and cultures with the problems surrounding it.
    Metavarse also helps users to share those experiences with friends, family or anyone they want.
    Metavarse also helps people to have vast ability to imagine and ,it also makes it easier to learn and understand with the adequate materials.
    To conclude I think metavarse can help people to think critically and fast,it helps people to interact with one another and also learn from one another.
    I hope I have stated the reasons why I think metavarse will have a positive impact in the world.

  • The news story that is affecting my country the most is the ' louisville mass shooting'. A lot of lives were taken, and a lot of family were hurt. In the united states this is becoming normal over 143 mass shooting have happened in 2022-2023 alone. This makes me feel very unsafe, and frustrated. Because most of these shootings could be prevented, if people would treat each other equally, and stop bullying. When someone is bullied they can feel like they do not belong, or they are not good enough. After this the person becomes depressed, if this happens they are more than likely to either commit suicide, or take the lives of innocent people. Not only are lives loss in both of these situations, but families are heartbroken.

  • The news story that affects my area is "cholera" This news story is important to me because I saw many, many corona and the mutated Omicron, and I got scared a lot and also I have a great awareness of what is happening and now this new disease has spread' Cholera is a type of bacteria, I really Interested in this topic and how to raise awareness about it.

  • Hello 👋
    The news story that affects people in my area is “Noise and Air Pollution.” This news story is important to me because it is a source of environmental and psychological disturbance, as it affects the person’s psyche. Examples of noise disturbance and air pollution are factories that originate in residential areas that cause noise disturbance that affects people. School students, which makes them lose their concentration in the study, and air pollution, which harms human health, as it affects the elderly, children and newborns on the health of their lungs.
    Among the solutions to eliminate this phenomenon:
    Building factories away from residential areas
    Planting trees to purify and renew the air
    Use of clean energy sources
    Therefore, I hope that factories will be established far from residential areas, in order to avoid pollution and noise

  • The news story that affects the whole world is global warming, so let's look at what the impact of global warming has on our world. The gases rise in degree, which leads to a rise in my temperature, and my causes are as follows: human causes, some people contribute to my occurrence and the removal and cutting of forests, and the result is an increase in gas emissions that help in my occurrence, and finally Raising animals, so raising animals helps in my occurrence, as all of this affects our world through my access to the ozone layer, which shrinks from time to time because of me, which leads to the spread of many diseases, the most important of which are skin diseases and cancer. As a result, the whole world is affected by the spread of diseases and epidemics.

  • “The news story that is affecting my area is effects of climate change This news story is important to me because it effect our it make
    High temperatures

    With the properties of leaving greenhouse gases, global warming. And the last decade, 2011-2020, was the warmest on record. The 1980s, however, was a much warmer decade than the previous decade. All land areas that contain more hot days and heat waves are experiencing. Elevated undergraduate temperature. Wildfires start more easily and spread more quickly when it's hotter. And temperatures in the Arctic have risen twice as fast as the global average.
    Stronger storms

    Destructive storms are becoming more intense and more frequent to reappear in areas. Higher temperatures, more moisture evaporates, resulting in more precipitation. It is also affected by the rise of the oceans, as hurricanes, whirlwinds, and warm hurricanes intensify, and such storms destroy homes and fields, and cause severe economic losses and overlaps.

  • The news story that affects my region is poverty that drives children to beg or even work under the scorching sun for a small price, or even poverty in not securing a healthy home, so some people live under an iron roof, which causes Cancer later, and these are all causes of death, so that in some areas, children are forced to collect cola cans after they are finished from garbage and pollution places, only to find someone to recycle them for less than a dollar for a large amount of them.

  • The news story that is affecting my school is that ,this winter I noticed that some of my colleagues didn't have warm clothes. I knew this is due to the poverty and bad conditions. So,I took on my behaf to share in solving this problem. I talked to my rich friends and relatives to give me money to buy things for needy students. Really, they were helpful and gave me a lot of money. After that, I gave the sum to the school counsellor to buy things to those in need in my class and other classes. The school appreciated and praised this work and urged other classes to do the same. Really, I was very happy and satisfied.I felt I'm a good citizen.

  • Climate
    DFn: Climate is the average weather condition of a place recorded for along period of time.
    Ways of conserving climate of our planet.
    1. Avoid deforestation.
    2. Enforcing strict laws against deforestation.
    3. Encouraging afforestation.
    4. Sensitizing the public about the importance of conserving climate.
    Dfn: A law is a set of rules that are created and enforceable by social or a governmental institutions to regulate behaviour.
    Examples of laws governing the climate.
    a. Deforestation should be banned.
    b. Driving vehicles which produce a lot of smoke.
    c. Wild life conservation.
    Dfn: is the cutting down of trees on a large scale without replacement.
    Ways of over-coming deforestation.
    - using other alternative sources like steam for cooking, bio-gas or hydro-electricity.
    - Sensitizing the public about the dangers of deforestation.
    - Enforcing laws against deforestation.
    Do we need tougher climate laws?
    Yes, without tougher climate laws, climate can't be conserved according to my country Uganda.

  • The news story affecting our society is poverty. The problems of poverty in the world today are very important. Most of us are so preoccupied with eating more than once a day that we don't know what hunger is. We have good food and it is unlikely that we will feel the bitterness of hunger, but there are people who may drink polluted water, and eat spoiled food to alleviate their hunger, although there are some countries that do not suffer from poverty, perhaps this is due to the fair balance of wealth and this is a disaster that must be resolved

  • Tougher climate laws have to be passed in-order to improve on the climate of our planet;
    1. If you are to cut down one tree, you should plant first ten tree.
    2. Swamp drainage leads to environmental degradation and so many others.
    If we follow these laws, we shall be able to protect our planet.

    The government should enforce strict laws in order to protect the planet.
    The people should also be united in campaigns to conserve the climate of our planet.
    How can we conserve the planet?
    We can conserve the planet in many ways like;
    - Using other alternative sources of energy for example electricity, bio-gas and many others instead of wood fuels.
    - Planting trees and following strictly the laws that help us to conserve the environment for example cut down one and plant five. BY 2025, all activities carried out on wetlands shall be banned in order to conserve the wetlands.
    - Industries manufacturing non-bio-degradable products should be banned, because these products do not rot hence affecting the productivity of our soil.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is the 'lack of water'. This new story is very important to me because without water, we will not be able to run activities in the home as it is expected. We do buy the water which is meant to be provided by the government. Moreover, Water is life.

  • The news story that affecting me and alot of people in my area is that our region suffers from extreme poverty and many of the students do not even get the daily allowance. It was difficult for us to see our classmates and their gazes of sadness and deprivation overwhelmed them. Each class in the school made a piggy bank in cooperation with the teachers and the school administration to collect donations to cover the needs of the students in need of daily allowance, clothes, stationery . Our joy was great by drawing the smile on the faces of our colleagues and wiping away the tears of despair from their eyeballs. These results motivate us to continue, strengthen and improve this humanitarian work to include outside the scope of the school.

  • The news story that affects my region is the problem of unemployment. For example, in my country there are many graduates who do not work, so unemployment and poverty increase

  • The new story that is affecting my area is "health care access challenge". Making it difficult for people, especially the elderly and those with disabilities, to access healthcare when they need it.Access to healthcare is an essential aspect of maintaining good health, and it can be challenging when there are limited resources available.Having to travel at least 5 kilometers to reach a hospital can be inconvenient and may make it difficult for so many people to access healthcare services in a timely manner. It is important to me because having access to hospitals in close proximity is especially important in emergency situations, where every second counts. In these situations, quick access to a hospital can make the difference between life and death.This could lead to increased morbidity and mortality rates, decreased quality of life, and economic burdens on families and communities. So I think atleast having a clinic in every village can greatly improve healthcare access and outcomes for individuals .

  • The news story that affects my area is bullying. Many people suffer in childhood, adolescence, or other ages, and this is very disturbing. This news story is very important to me because there are many sensitive people. We are all human. It does not matter what the external appearance or the problem of poverty is. Some people or skin color face it, and we must remain strong and not care about people's negative words

    1. Yes, we need to tackle this topic of bullying. Many people have become shadows of themselves just because they were bullied and made to feel less than a human being. I believe we here are all change agents, therefore we should start by standing up for those who are not able to defend themselves.
      Thank you for bringing up this topic.

  • I come from a city Chennai, in the southern part of India. The news story that is affecting our area is the scorching summer. This news is affecting me because, Chennai is one city which is surrounded so many lakes and rivers. It was once upon a time a city full of greenery. However, today's conditions are different. Many lakes and rivers are not maintained well. Many greeneries, we have lost it in the name of urbanization. Due to loss of green space, there is not much of outdoor for the children to go and play, during this season, where the schools are closed for summer vacation. What should have been fun time for us has become the most difficult times, where we are forced to stay indoors, engage ourselves in front of Television and with gadgets. Only respite being the late evenings, where it is breezy a little. But the good news is, many young people are coming together for the tree planting drive in many neighborhoods. Such initiatives by small communities in every part of the city, would perhaps gift us back the beautiful childhood days, sooner or later, where we play outdoors, have fun, enjoy the nature and the summer.

  • The news story that affects my region is migration to developed countries in search of work. This news story is important to me because one of its causes is the unemployment that my region has been suffering from for about 75 years. My society has become unable to secure a living, and this is a very difficult thing.

  • We are now on the verge of Eid Al-Fitr, which spreads love and mercy among people. Therefore, in my school, we launched a campaign called “Seeds of Goodness” on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, by spreading joy on the faces of students who suffer from hardships in living by buying them Eid clothes. This news story is important to me because it publishes happiness among people

  • The news story that affects my region is the preparations for Eid al-Fitr. We celebrate on this occasion that everyone wishes for, and on this occasion we get Eidiya and eat cake. This news story is important to me because it makes us happy, as it travels long distances, we visit each other Some of which increases love and strengthens relationships. There are only 8 days left for this day. I am waiting impatiently.
    Do you celebrate it?

  • The news story that is affecting my area is making special hospital for dogs and cats. This news story is important to me because animals need care like human beings ”

  • The news story that affects my region is recycling. This news story is important to me and the whole world because it saves us from many things. It reduces global warming. You will say how it affects. I will tell you: In our town and in some countries they were burning waste. It poses a danger to our planet, so here we are, we have hit two birds in one stone, as we have reused the tools and reduced the phenomenon of global warming.

    Tougher Climate Laws
    Dfn: These are rules that are set to preserve and protect the climate of our planet.
    Examples of laws that the government should set in order to preserve and protect our climate;
    Deforestation should be banned in order to conserve plants and trees which help to absorb carbon-dioxide hence reducing reducing global warming.
    Swamps should be conserved because they help in rain formation hence friendly to the climate.
    The rate of industrialization should be reduced and the industries should be operate for a few hours per day to reduce a lot of pollution.
    The use of old vehicles and those in bad mechanical conditions should be banned to reduce the release of smoke (carbon-dioxide) into the atmosphere.

  • The news story that is affecting my area is that a lot of employees(including bin collectors and metro drivers)are on a strike because of the new pension reform.This news story is important to me because many metro lines are closed or even the ones that are open take a very long time to arrive which is making my school go online frequently since many students live far.
    Also,something that is affecting me even more is that the bin collectors are not working;so all the trash is on the pavement and its taking up a lot of space and it smells extremely unpleasant.This smell is also making some people sick.Another event that has been happening,and that i have seen frequently on the news,is something i find quite violent.The people who are on the strike are setting the bin bags ,that form mountains on the pavement ,on fire!Even the authorities have intervened!
    I find that this is very dangerous.
    Luckily, the mayor has hired a private insurance for our neighbourhood.
    In my opinion ,the people doing the strike are not thinking about how this is affecting other citizens,just because the pension has been reformed to 64 years (which is not a lot compared to other countries,my grandparents live in asia and they are still working at 70)that they get to cause dangerous havoc around the city.I still respect their choices but i believe that even if we have a problem it should be sorted out calmly and peacefully,and definately safely.