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You have made some great points but there are also upsides to AI replacing humans. Yes, AI... AI bots on the Hub? 13/2/24
In response to the question- should business continue their work if country A invaded country B... Countries behaving badly 13/2/24
I disagree with you because if AI had no emotions, they would not be bypass to other people... AI bots on the Hub? 13/2/24
I disagree because... the demerits out way the merits. 1) AI can be hacked, this would be... Classroom spy! 26/1/24
I agree because... AI can do our jobs better because they don't get tired and can work 24/7.... Classroom spy! 25/1/24
Hello everyone! During our class talk we discussed how it would feel if an AI teacher replaced a... Classroom spy! 25/1/24
Amazing question Steff, I think that there are jobs that humans can do better than AI like being... Jobs of the future 25/1/24
I agree because people who work in businesses will be replaced because AI can do their work... Jobs of the future 24/1/24