Jobs of the future

Throughout history jobs have changed and evolved because of new technologies. For example, research from 2021 suggests that 60% of jobs done today didn’t exist in 1940.

As AI develops, some jobs will be lost as people are replaced by machines. However, many experts believe that more jobs will be created than lost – and that many of these types of jobs don’t exist yet.

This got us thinking… AI will impact jobs in lots of different ways. What jobs might exist in the future that don’t exist now? For example, jobs that help with the development of AI? Or jobs that support the use of AI within different industries, such as professional sports, the emergency services or environmental agencies?

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  • AI- Artificial Intelligence is one of the best things that happened on planet earth and it was an invention created by humans.
    Onwards to the point, the basic importance or field of AI is ICT- Information, Communication and Technology. From there, AI was further improved to become partners for people in aspects of friendship, advisors and many more.
    But the case nowadays is that AI is used in companies, there are a lot of things AI do to humans generally by taking their jobs
    -The economy drops
    - Poverty or Lack

    As earlier stated in the second paragraph, AI was developed for friendship and advice, that's where the use of AI impacts more, not taking jobs like marketing, trading, etc.
    We can also use them in jobs relating to ICT as that was why they were first created e.g. Data Analysis, UI/UX designs, Graphics, Software development, etc.

    The most important thing to say is that the creation can not be more than the creator.

    1. I agree because due to the creation and invention of Artificial Intelligence, many companies have found it a lot easier to check and confirm the arithmetical accuracy of calculations. AI has also improved in the speed and management of organizations. Because AI has really had an impact on many industries and organizations worldwide, we should not let our creations take advantage of us because they were created to serve us, and not to gain control or get the better of us.

      1. I agree with you because AI is likely to play a significant role in fields such as healthcare, finance, and logistics. Jobs related to AI development, machine learning engineering, and AI ethics are expected to be in high demand. Additionally, AI specialists may be needed in industries like autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity, and customer service.

        1. I strongly agree with you that AI specialist may be needed in cyber security. Because, the Field of cyber security is dynamic as it
          continually involves to counter imagine threats in the ever changing technology and digital
          AI can also be developed in cyber security by continuously assessing user behavior for signs of authorized access.
          I think my so doing, it can strengthen cyber security measure and provide a more robust defense against a wide range of cyber threats.

        2. I strongly agree with you that AI might be needed in the field of cyber security in the future. Cyber security is a field where new threats and problems arise every new day. I think AI would make it easier to track hackers and scammers. Humans would comparatively take more time and the work would become tedious. However with AI involved the work would become easier, faster and better.

          1. I resolutely agree to the fact that AI is here to help. Because there are jobs that are really hectic and can stress humans. Here are examples of some tasks that AI can do to reduce our stress: Disaster management, solving complex problems, automation, global defense, the economy, managing repetitive tasks and etc.
            But we should not see AI as an opportunity to be lazy but just as a second hand.
            Thank you.

            1. I totally agree with you, Because AI can reduce stress such as Paro a robot who will make you do exercise and yoga to relief stress, they can save maximum lives by making people follow Rules, they can control cyber-crimes and cyber security. they can also help you in education such as root, they help in space exploration, shipwrecks research and banks accounts. but my opinion says the this is also true that AI gives an opportunity to be lazy and in future maybe the AI can take over all the jobs and people will be jobless, so they would not be able to have shelter, have food to eat.
              thank you.

          2. I totally agree with your opinion. AI can actually track hackers and scammers, making it much more easier for humans to just install an antivirus and focus more on their job, not stressing about the potential hackers or scammers. On the other hand, AI itself could become a hacker, as it has access to our personal information, financial details included. The risk is that it becomes uncontrollable.

            1. I agree and respect your opinion on how AI could be risky too as it has access to our personal information. However, AI isn't a human so it has no need for our personal information and hence will not benefit from it. AI is made by humans for better work. The input which is given to AI by its creator will be performed by it. So unless and until a HUMAN uses AI for hacking, AI won't do so on its own. And even if there are risks associated with AI, I believe humans are riskier because at the end of the day AI is just a machine and not a human being.

              1. I agree with your opinion because AI could be used for hacking and taking money from online bank accounts and our personal information. Even though AI does not need that type of thing to keep it working, some people could be using it to take money. So I do agree with your opinion because some people can do that type of stuff.

            2. I agree because AI can be used to hack people or it can be used to stop hackers from hacking.

              1. Hackers can use AI to automate attacks, create convincing phishing messages, develop undetectable malware, crack passwords, and analyze data for targeted attacks.

                1. I agree because you can hack an AI bot and make it create convincing phishing messages, develop undetectable malware, crack passwords, and analyze data for targeted attacks,like what bustling _tree said.But for a human you cannot hack it.Because

                2. That is true but what if people found out a way to use it against hackers so they won't be able to hack anyone else's accounts?

            3. Good point I didn’t think about as people use AI to improve cybersecurity there will be people that use AI to scam people and use AI in a negative way.

            4. I completely agree with you, how AI can help prevent hackers and can help people to be safe with their personal information. It could also help people who are going on to a websites that they haven't been on before. Also people can feel safe when they are going onto to websites and not stress about any hackers but on the other hand AI might have a issue and put your personal information public were everyone can see. But i think AI is a wonderful thing.

          3. Yes, it is quite easier to stop cyber crimes. But your statement is not absolutely correct. AI is also a machine that can take some decisions by itself. But human brain is so expert that it can find bugs in AI and can negatively use AI. If hackers can hack NASA that is full of security, then they can probably hack AI as well. AI might be faster and convenient but it is not as reliable as humans. So, AI is a option for cyber security but it is not better option than human brain.

          4. I agree because AI powered answers can filter through amounts of data to locate uncommon behaviour and detect malicious activity.

          5. I agree with you because will you like living in a world of AI and it not being safe? That is why AI will find out hackers and scammers. But what if the bots who do that job are hacked or scammed? What will happen then, AI world would be quite unsafe so we have to programme AI to be impossible to hack? Will we be able to do that?

      2. I agree because AI makes people are more efficient,effective and accurate with their business. AI also saves time and it gives humans better ideas on the way things can be done to improve their business. AI is available in some industries 24/7

        1. I strongly disagree with you because you said that AI is always available so what if you are asleep and all your costly AI based machines malfunction? In this case, an irreversible change has happened and you cannot do anything about it. Again, just imagine that overnight, someone manages to hack into all AI devices in your country? How would you feel? All your AI devices can have viruses and it will not work as expected. These machines too are costly so what do you do about this then?

          1. I have to agree with you because though AI is effecient it is useless without humans. If any human makes any mistake while proggramming the AI, it is ought to make that mistake and cannot fix it by itself without the help of humans, Human is responsible for both the bad sides and good sides of AI.

            1. Can you give two more examples?

              1. Recently we are seeing robots vs humans in chess. During a tournament in Moscow, a robot broke a 7 year old child's finger when the child attempted a quick move without giving the device enough time to finish its task. This happend because the robot was not proggramed properly to handle quick moves. This is one example showing AI is not capable of anything other than what human has proggrammed it to. Also, AI is often used to gather people's private information which AI is not capable of doing by itself rather does because it was proggrammed to do so. I hope I was able to provide a proper answer.

                1. A good use of an example to illustrate your point. Well done!

              2. Recently we are seeing robots vs humans in chess. During a tournament in Moscow, a robot broke a 7 year old child's finger when the child attempted a quick move without giving the device enough time to finish its task. This happend because the robot was not proggramed properly to handle quick moves. This is one example showing AI is not capable of anything other than what human has proggrammed it to. Also, AI is often used to gather people's private information which AI is not capable of doing by itself rather does because it was proggrammed to do so. I hope I was able to provide a proper answer.

                1. A good use of an example to illustrate your point. Well done!

        2. I partially agree with you clever_redcurrant, the reason being is that it is true that AI saves humans a lot of time, however, AI doesn't make people more efficient in businesses. This is because some people in the business might become lazy and rely solely on AI. Moreover, if businesses use AI, it might be effective on the rate AI can do repeated tasks, but in a business you are supposed to be creative and ponder over solutions and ideas.

      3. I agree because AI has made things a lot easier for people it has also helps in the following ways:
        Risk management
        It saves time
        It is accurate
        It ensures good quality of work
        It also plays other significant roles in a lot of industries.

        1. I strongly disagree with you because you did not mention the disadvantages that AI brings to us. Why do you think most people are afraid of Ai? This is because they know the consequences of AI. If we don't treat it well and if it falls in bad hands, the whole word will be in danger. You cannot also fully rely on robots because you know they can malfunction and it will be the time you really need them.

        2. I strongly agree with you that AI helps in "Risk management, saves time, be accuracy, ensure quality work". A good example of a job where AI helps in the above ways is in Human Resource Management. The human resource officials can make use of AI to track employee performance, analyze information about employees, and monitor key HR metrics like turnover rates. The use of AI helps to save the time of the employer used in analyzing information about the employees, helps the employer to be accurate in keeping records and also helps the employer to ensure the quality of the work by keeping track of the employees performance.

      4. I Strongly agree because AI should not take over us but to help us in our time of need, it was invented to help us, but with the way things are going AI is going to take over sooner or later, this are some of the reasons why I say so as they use AI in more areas of the enterprise -- from personalizing services to aiding in risk management to supporting innovation -- organizations will see improved productivity, reduced costs, as well as higher efficiency.
        Retailers can use AI to better target their marketing efforts, develop a more efficient supply chain and better calculate pricing for optimal returns. AI has also help predict customer requirements and appropriate staffing levels.The financial industry can use AI to strengthen its fraud detection efforts. It's important to remember that, as companies find ways to use AI for competitive advantage, they're also grappling with challenges.

      5. I strongly agree due to a personal experience that unfolded in class. Learners use Ai tools to assist in assignments, external exams and many more. I am with the notion full-heartedly that AI presence persuade learners to this extent. Which is BAD!! A learner is learner, he/she is to create ideas and even make new discover new ideas that improve other not be blinded by it. AI does have its advantages but also possess very effective disadvantages. I

        1. I agree with you AI is not only hurting our workforce but our younger generation learning. Artificial Intelligence is becoming too common in the classroom with many students ussing it to do their work for them. This leads to them not fully grasping topics and making it harder for them to pass tests. This negative use of AI will be hindering our future workforce as well as the workers of today.

      6. I strongly agree with you because... before the invention of AI companies found it hard to do calculations even with the invention of the calculator it still seemed like it wasn't enough. AI has done lots of good for we human but it's slowly taking it away back from us without us even noticing it. Now Tech companies uses AI for most of their projects like even using AI to create and develop new AI and machines being used in the companies and these is making the rate of unemployment go higher and higher each day as it passes. If most of the works are being done by AI, the owners of the company might probably profit alot from it but what about the poor masses who need these jobs to be able to cater for their families. Now if a man doesn't get a job he won't be able to do things that would make the world better. Even if AI begins to plant and harvest the food we eat it won't be the same as a man who tilled the soil, planted and harvested because most of what would be used to plant would be made of chemical and these could cause another havoc in the world but the man who uses his hands or probably machines such as tractors and the like would be able to plant with less chemicals, make the food we eat safe for consumption.
        In addition to this, let's not allow what is supposed to help us cause destruction for us.

      7. Absolutely, I completely share your perspective. It's undeniable that Artificial Intelligence has brought significant advantages, especially in terms of checking the accuracy of calculations and enhancing the efficiency and management of organizations. The speed and precision that AI brings to various industries are undeniable game-changers.

        However, it's crucial to maintain a balance and ensure that these creations, which were designed to serve us, do not end up taking control or gaining an upper hand. As we benefit from the advantages of AI, it's important to establish ethical guidelines and boundaries to prevent any misuse or unintended consequences.

        AI should be a tool that works for us, making our lives and work easier, rather than something that takes advantage of us.
        Absolutely, I completely share your perspective. It's undeniable that Artificial Intelligence has brought significant advantages, especially in terms of checking the accuracy of calculations and enhancing the efficiency and management of organizations. The speed and precision that AI brings to various industries are undeniable game-changers.

        However, it's crucial to maintain a balance and ensure that these creations, which were designed to serve us, do not end up taking control or gaining an upper hand. As we benefit from the advantages of AI, it's important to establish ethical guidelines and boundaries to prevent any misuse or unintended consequences.

        AI should be a tool that works for us, making our lives and work easier, rather than something that takes advantage of us. Striking the right balance between harnessing the potential benefits of AI and maintaining human control is key to ensuring a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with this technology. We must remain vigilant and proactive in shaping the role of AI in our lives and industries.

        the right balance between harnessing the potential benefits of AI and maintaining human control is key to ensuring a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with this technology. We must remain vigilant and proactive in shaping the role of AI in our lives and industries. than you

      8. I strongly agree with you as AI may have several advantages and is a new and rising market , opening the doors of opportunity for the youth it has proven to beneficiary in the smooth functionality and management of organizations . With advantages come disadvantages while AI is giving the jobs its taking our jobs too. It is great but slowly without our mere realization the AI is overpowering us and many intellectuals and tech geniuses like Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking have predicted our end at the hands of AI and have said that in future AI might rule the world and we have to take reduce our dependency on these applications as well.

    2. I fully agree. But one thing they can also be used in cybersecurity to do things like automation, file checking, firewall checking etc. This can lead to better security in companies.

      1. I agree with you but sometimes few things have advantages and disadvantages as well it would become hackers to hack easily and I think this can lead to increase rate of crime as per my opinion!!

    3. I strongly disagree with you, spirited_concept. Even though AI is seen as a companion in some cases, it is expected of us as humans to want the best and therefore we will replace humans with AI because they are more efficient and they also save time.
      I agree with the fact that AI is one of the best things that has happened on planet earth, but we have misused AI that is why companies use AI instead of humans. AI was created to assist and make our work easier not to take over our work completely. Nikolaev once said "AI won’t replace people, but people who use AI will replace people who don’t".

      1. We cannot stop companies that prefer to use AI to humans, we can only limit our use of it and ensure we don't become overly dependent on it. AI is one of man's greatest accomplishments but it needs room for improvement and there is a high chance of it going rogue and ultimately taking over humans since it can easily access our personal information. Even high government officials who make use of AI are at risk of it if it ever decides to go rogue and leak sensitive data to the public eye or competitors. Although, there is a high chance of this happening but AI cannot take over every job or every aspect of human affairs because it cannot register in Psychology and except to flourish (for example).
        You are right, AI cannot replace humans, at least not in all occupations but it is unavoidable and uncertain their capacity.

      2. Hey gusty blackcurrant, I totally disagree with you. AI is a broad study with uses, causes, effects, advantages, disadvantages, importance and features.
        To want the best doesn't mean to replace the creation with the creator.
        I would say you can't substitute AI for humans, instead let them work together.
        Your last statement said 'people who don't use AI will be replaced by people who uses AI'.

        1. I agree with you spirited concept.In my opinion,if humans work together with AI robots this will reduce the rate of job loss and unemployment in industries. And also if humans and AI work together,they might get a better outcome. For example,in the field of pharmacology if AI robots and humans work together they might be able to create better and more effective drugs that will work faster and more efficiently.

          1. Thats where we come to what is known as collaborative intelligence; where humans and AI are found working together to help double check for errors and also help augment each others capabilities. That will be seen as a huge merit.
            By humans and AI working together, human talents and AI-driven functions, companies can reap the benefits of AI and when we look closely, the future of collaborative intelligence holds various endless and infinity possibilities for improving workflows.

        2. I agree because... Yes i believe that humans should not be replaced with AI. Even though humans will make mistakes while carrying out certain jobs, all they need is help in those areas and this help can come from AI. In the accounting sector, an AI can take care of all the transactions and calculations while a human can take care of the communication and giving financial advise. In the photography business, a human can make the concepts and take the photos while an AI can be used to put everything together. What we really need is just to work together. AI shouldn't be left to completely overshadow humans.

          1. I agree because... Even if AI is smarter than humans they can't completely capable of replacing humans even if humans make mistakes there are still some jobs that AI can't perform as well as humans

            1. Yes educated fox you have a wonderful point. I agree with you that AI cannot take over humans and I also agree with you that there are jobs that AI can't perform as well as humans but I disagree with you when you that AI is smarter than humans. In my own perspective and if I might ask who programmed AI to perform specific jobs, of course humans. Without humans programming AI, it would just be as good as being useless. So I don't believe that AI is smarter than humans.
              Thanks 👍

          2. I strongly agree intelligent orchard, that advancements in technology may significantly impact how humans operate and the types of jobs they have. As technology continues to progress, it often replaces manual tasks and automates processes that were previously done by humans. This can result in a decrease in certain job opportunities, while creating new ones that require different skills and knowledge. For example, the rise of artificial intelligence and automation may lead to fewer jobs in manufacturing, but it may also create more opportunities in fields such as data analysis and programming. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to adapt and acquire new skills to remain relevant in the ever-changing job market.

          3. I agree because in specific fields humans could never be replaced by AI . For example teaching, teaching is job that's not just to speard information and awarness among students but also it is a job which requires personal care .

            1. Could you elaborate on this and advise what aspect of personal care? Is there a better example of a profession which AI could not replace?

        3. I agree because people who work in businesses will be replaced because AI can do their work better than them.

          1. Why do you think the AI can so jobs in business better than humans can? Are there any jobs that you think humans can do better than AI?

            1. Thank you Steff for this amazing question.
              AI has been created to solve problems and make our work more efficient, but it is not all jobs that AI can do better than humans. In the case of a therapist, AI cannot do the work of a therapist because AI does not have emotional capacity like a human therefore, it cannot show empathy to its client. AI cannot perform the role of providing mental health support, active listening and understand human emotion. This is a Job that the AI cannot do better than humans.

            2. Humans can do a lot than AI.
              AI can't do some jobs humans do e.g jobs that require emotional intelligence, creative arts, critical thinking and problem solving skills, counselling, strategic planning and certain aspects of customer service.

              1. I disagree because... AI are able to do more jobs than human this has been proven countless of times because of the speed and accuracy that AI has is able to produce. The only aspects of jobs that humans are more capable in than in AI are jobs like healthcare, social work, teaching, counseling. These are the jobs I think that I emotionally based.

                1. i both disagree and agree to your disagreement because, while it is true that AI has shown remarkable speed and accuracy in performing certain tasks, it is not entirely accurate to say that AI can do more jobs than humans. As mentioned in the previous response, there are certain aspects of jobs that require emotional intelligence, empathy, and effective communication skills, which AI currently lacks. In short, while AI can certainly augment the work of humans in many areas, it is not entirely accurate to say that AI can do more jobs than humans. The unique skills and experiences required for certain jobs cannot be fully replicated by AI at this time.

                2. I'm not sure about this because... While AI is more accurate than humans, humans can still do a lot more than AI. Like you said, AI can't perform some jobs but humans can perform every job even if it won't be perfect all the time. Looking at these facts, Humans will be more versatile while AI will be limited due to their lack of feelings and emotional intelligence. Jobs that require emotional intelligence are technically more complicated than jobs that don't. This is because they require interaction and efficient communication which a robot may not be able to do.

              2. I'm not sure about this because... Yes its true that there are some jobs that AI can not replace , jobs such as teaching can not be replaced by AI because teachers are not just people who come to teach ,they give emotional support and discipline us when things go wrong . Jobs such as therapy can not be replaced by AI because people with mental health issues and problems come to them for help and comfort, but there some jobs that AI can do than humans, jobs such as agriculture, AI can help farmers know the condition of the soil and what plants can survive in that kind of soil. AI can help in construction work by lifting heavy bricks and metals. AI can be useful in hospital by helping surgeons with surgeries and helping researchers to discover new treatments and cures for new ilnesses.

              3. I agree because... AI can not give you an advice that you will take home as an example, humans will advice you with what is happening around your surrounding and it will motivate you and you will be challenged to do something for example you are been challenged to pass your exams an AI will not advice you based on experience but humans will advice you based on experience and what he or she has fone through in life but AI is been created by humans and has no experience of life or what life is all about so, I will suggest that AI should not be used mentoring, advicing machine.

            3. Amazing question Steff, I think that there are jobs that humans can do better than AI like being a therapist. I think this because AI cannot feel what humans feel. AI cannot show empathy for example if I get hurt and go to ChatGPT for help ChatGPT will not show emotions or comfort me ChatGPT will rather lead me to a doctor. So, in conclusion I think there are some jobs that AI cannot do better than humans, but AI is still very helpful.

            4. Humans are better than A.I.
              There are many aspects where humans are far better than A.I. A.I was created by humans for assistance to their knowledge and keeping up for a better society of Humans. But A.I lacked on the social aspects, it cannot confront to others the way Humans can do. The emotional, creativity, criticizing, strategy planning and the problem-solving aspects are quite beyond its performance. All the social services done by Humans is way better than A.I's performance. I am not telling that A.I has not got any creativity, strategy planning and critical thinking aspects but it is only a tool for humans for creativity and strategy planning.
              A.I wasn't made to replace the jobs but to help humans work more accurately and productively. A.I cannot replace itself to teaching but can help teachers to teach students productively. As a therapist or a counselor or a comforter, Humans have used A.I to learn more than what they can for more productive solutions to others. The source of knowledge of A.I. is the collected and preserved information done by human themselves. Humans are the creators of A.I and in future there might by another invention from humans that might replace A.I.

            5. Well, Humans can do a lot than AI.
              Artificial Intelligence can't do some jobs that we humans can do example: jobs that need emotional intelligence like that of the psychiatrist,critical thinking , using common sense,counselling, they also can't establish trust and building meaningful relationships through empathy as well as making human interactions.

            6. Yes, there are jobs humans can do better than AI. Humans can pass judgement better than AI. The following are jobs that humans can do better than AI in the future:
              - leadership and management roles
              - analysis
              - pronouncing of judgement ( judges and lawyers)
              - researches and so much more. I believe AI can do some jobs but not all.

            7. Off course, there are many jobs that humans can do better than AI. Take example of psychiatrist. The job of a psychiatrist is to understand a person's emotions. Would you feel more comfortable with a human psychiatrist or an AI application, obviously human, right.
              The same goes for lawyers, judges and many more professions.

            8. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the capability to carry out certain business tasks better than humans because of its ability to process large amounts of data and identify patterns wenwe that humans may not be able to detect.
              However, there are still many areas where humans excel over AI. For instance, humans are better at tasks that require creativity, empathy, and critical thinking. In summary, AI and humans have their own unique strengths and limitations, and it is important to leverage the strengths of both to achieve optimal results in various fields.
              From research i have seen that "AI can help businesses analyze customer data to identify trends and preferences, which can help them make better decisions about product development, marketing, and sales"

            9. In my opinion,More than Artificial Intelligence, humans are capable of doing
              many human tasks, such as those involving emotions, creativity, critical thinking, solving issues, emotional support, strategic planning, and particular client care aspects, cannot be performed by AI,For example the job of a psychiatrist,AI cannot be a psychiatrist because it hasn't been programmed to feel emotions and
              Interact with humans, because of this it's not going to know the clients mental well-being and empathize with them.

          2. I disagree because... teaching could qualify as a business and we all know that there is no way AI could replace a teacher because they basically don't have emotions and can't help with the mental health of children.

          3. I get your point, but say i wanted to be a plumber. For a plumber a robot would probably know their way around the pipes because they would be programmed to but human plumbers would probably know their way around it because they have been working for a long -time! Say water got to them and they dysfunction it would cause a serious delay and could be even more dangerous for the project or the people involved.

        4. I agree , if robots start to work with us we should work with them. And companies do replace workes with AI but the companies always runs under a human who works day and night working on the AI's programming ect. So in my opinion no humans can be replaced with AI only their jobs can be .

        5. I agree with you and I think you have asked a great question instead of replacement of humans being we can work together to archive more and more for the future and I think that we should keep AI in some limits so that we won't get dependent upon them.

        6. Exactly, we built them so why cant we work hand in hand. AI no matter what happens cannot take the place of humans in our daily lives. So if we built them lets try our possible best to work hand in hand with them.

        7. If I'm not wrong, I think your point here is that it's completely illogical to replace AI literate people with the AI illiterates. That won't better the economy in any way. A more logical solution would be to teach the AI illiterate how to use AI, to enable them get familiar with it so that they can employ its capabilities in different fields, in a way this solution will provide more job opportunities like AI schools and AI development academies where people are taught how to use and develop AI at a specific cost, that way the economy will be boosted and no one will be left behind. However, the AI restriction suggestions my colleagues proffered will also be used to prevent extravagant use of AI.

      3. I strongly disagree with gutsy_blackcurrant because, most humans can actually have emotions and could really put their heart and soul into documents like books or articles while robot can just type away with no emotion without any structure to their writing pieces.

    4. I agree and in addition we should not give AI so much power because if that happens, AI will take over most of our jobs and the people whose jobs AI has taken over will not be have an interest in other jobs. That will make them unhappy and jobless. Especially when they are stuck doing something they dont like.
      AI can be useful too, they can help with jobs that are too hard for us like in iCT and medicine and make us more efficient.
      In conclusion AI is useful but it should not replace people

      1. I agree with your statement as there are other jobs that a robot just might not be able to do, but I do not agree that AI could help us with medicine, as in the place of medicine a doctor needs a good emotional structure to relate heart to heart with patients and give them hope of survival or to make quick desicions in the case of emergency, for example an earthquake where there are many people who need attention a robot will not be able to make that kind of desicion in the sense that they dont have enough comprehension power to choose who to help first.

        1. Hey twin! 😂
          spirited_concept and highspirited_concept.

          Onwards to the point, my suggestion is that AI should not replace any of we human jobs.
          There a lot of reasons why AI should not be allowed to work because of the following reasons:
          - It lacks emotional intelligence
          - Bias and fairness issues
          - It struggles in unpredictable situations
          - Job displacement and economic impact
          - It has poor decision making skills
          - It lacks social skills
          - Continuous learning and Adaptability
          - It lacks human touch in customer service
          - It lacks creativity and innovations
          - It lacks collaboration and teamwork
          - It lacks humor
          - It lacks genuine consciousness and self awareness
          - AI can't match the depth of human thought

          Many more!!!
          AI is wonderful but shouldn't replace
          It was invented to assist and we should leave it that way.
          It's main purposes are assistance and friendship. That's all!

          1. In my opinion Emotion is something that AI programs have made significant strides about. AI can recognize and respond to human emotions in ways that mimic empathy. Example , AI can detect emotions such as happy or sad from text and respond in a manner that appears understanding. As of , the developing techonolgy in my oppion AI could be used in specific industries not all of them just a few .

            1. Can you provide a few examples to illustrate your point? What industries do you think AI would assist in and any where it wouldn't?

    5. I can't entirely agree with you because now many people have started becoming extremely dependent on AI using it to replace humans in various sectors even though AI has created many job opportunities, It can also replace some humans in certain jobs eg. Teaching, Construction, Cleaning, etc. because it does the job more efficiently than humans and does not need to be paid so that AI can lead to the loss of jobs for various people, and some people may not have learnt ICT (Information Communication and Technology) so they may not be able to fit into the job sectors that AI provides

      I would like to add that the student can become the master.

      1. I do see your point of view, reliable lobster, but I would like to point out that although AI isn't directly paid, the companies that develop them are. And in my opinion, developing an AI is not cheap. There's paying the developers and purchasing of materials like metals, semiconductors and so on.
        AI may lead to the loss of jobs for other people, but only those who are not familiar with the way it works. A time is fast approaching when AI will be an integral part of or work process. It will not be a bad thing. We just need to learn how it works so that when that time comes, we will be ready. Then perhaps we will see AI as a blessing that has enabled us to achieve what we previously couldn't in the work sector.The thing is, we all have to learn to adjust to our situations, to go with the flow, in a sense.

        1. I agree because it's essential to recognize the development and maintenance of AI. As invigorated anteater mentioned, AI's are not paid to work, but who do you think is paid to develop the AI? Obviously the creators of the AI. So let's not ignore those who spend time and money developing AI.

      2. Hey reliable lobster
        Yes, I do understand the aspect in which you come from but to correct something you stated above, AI can't efficiently replace some humans in specific occupations example the aspect of teaching.
        Also before I go deeply into that, due to the fact that humans have started getting too dependent if not already too dependent on AI, it makes it a lot easier for disadvantages to come into the picture.
        Most individuals always come up with the mindset that AI HAS COME TO STAY and yes I also know that but yet individuals neglect the effects of AI like for example, loss of jobs. People say that AI also creates jobs but to be honest, I doubt it really creates that much job opportunities.
        The saying of " A creation can never be its creator" this indicates, in my opinion, that instead of AI taking over humanity, it can simply just work together with humans as one.

        1. I agree because... I think you have explained it very well and we all should believe that instead of taking care about can robots will replace us and all we should work together so that we can archive our desires !!