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Did you complete the lesson about AI at school with your teacher? If so, we’d love to hear about any good discussions you had in the comments below. You could tell us…

… about any good debates between you and your classmates. For example, about how AI might change the future of work or education.

…how you changed your mind about something during the lesson. For example, did a new perspective make you think differently about what jobs will be done by machines in the future?

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…about how you developed your creativity. For example, which steps did you practise in the lesson? And why is creativity important for engaging with the news?

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  • Well, I must say that something that made me really confused is a question one classmate did at my class.
    We were discussing about my participation the student hub and he said : so how do I know that you won't use AI in order to answer correctly? I haven't thought about but actually I think that integrity is the key. In other words human characteristics can really differentiate us from machines!!

    1. Good comment!

    2. Well, I agree with @peaceful mode for various reasons. To begin with , it is easy to spot an AI generated article by its writing style. Some main characteristics of human writing that robots lack is its emotion, depth and creativity. Humans tend to tell their opinions and thoughts whereas robots are unable to think independently and are forced to use material from the internet which makes it unoriginal. Lastly robots don't make any grammatical nor spelling mistakes compared to us humans. In other words us humans are original and most importantly full of emotion and creativity whereas AI is a soulless machine. ;)

      1. Al play important roles in our daily life.i know about AI in my class lesson also think about it .AI is always present in our daily life and it make easy our daily life.

    3. I strongly agree with you because on one hand, yes I presume AI can formulate a reasonable argument but it is obvious when it is doing so ,since it lacks the personal touch, feeling and strong opinion that only a human can bring to the table. Human characteristics do indeed widely differentiate us from machines and that is why I think that the predicted control AI will have in the future is completely absurd.

      1. interesting perspective, kind_ocean -- but I don't think you can be sure that it will always be obvious when something is made by AI. If the AI software is taught using text and pictures and data that _were_ made by humans, they will in their way reflect human characteristics. Perhaps the only reason it is "obvious" now is that the AI programs are not yet as good as they might one day become...

    4. I agree with you, AI might always give you answers but it cannot give you personal opinions. It may give you different answers and possibilities but the perspective of a Human is completely different. AI also does not have the power of creative thinking like us humans and the emotions we can share cannot be expressed by an AI Bot.

  • I have done my class about AI
    In my class...
    I was really so excited about AI. I thought that AI is important for us.And I was right. AI will be one of the most important and most common thing in future. AI helps us in doing works.wWe can finish our daily and important tasks through AI.We also get many help from it.In my class I also learned about the merits and demerits about AI. This AI have more merits than its little demerits. If we can control AI it will be a blessing. I felt so happy from the class about AI.
    AI is very good and important for all of us.
    Thank you....

    1. I disagree because... the demerits out way the merits.
      1) AI can be hacked, this would be very bad for example let's say you're running a company with AI, and you have no human employees. This would mean that if the AI working for you were to be hacked your entire company would stop.
      2) AI is VERY difficult to code because when you miss one line of code the whole code is wrong meaning that the AI would not be able to work.
      3) If the AI had water or any liquid or food spilled on it would not work and shut down this is why AI is less important than humans.
      4) AI does not show empathy meaning if AI were to be a teacher you would not understand what the AI is teaching because of the fact it can't understand what you're thinking. It would also not be able to help you catch up with the class as in the AI would think everyone is on the same level.
      So, in conclusion yes AI is very useful and can be used in many situations there are a lot of downsides that people need to fix.

  • Hello everybody!
    In my class, we were discussing our jobs that we want to have, and if AI would take over those jobs. We had chart paper and walked around to write what the people in that job would do. Then we were talking about if AI could take over those jobs or not. The job that I chose was a teacher. AI could help with teaching but cannot take it over. With teaching, there has to be eye contact between the teachers and the students. An AI couldn't make that kind of contact between the students. The job that was between the two, was a grant writer. Half of the room was saying an AI, the other half was saying a human. Both sides made a lot of sense. Although, AI is very helpful, it doesn't express feelings like humans do. That is why I say that AI cannot teach. Does anyone have the same feelings?

    1. I really like your point about eye-contact between a teacher and a student. Which one of our Topical Talk skills do you think eye-contact shows?

        1. Can you tell me how this helps with creativity?

    2. I strongly agree with what cheerful journalist stated yesterday because we literally did the same thing in my class and the jobs that I pick that I think AI systems will not take over is includes; computer programmer, website developer, software developer, and also, the last one I choked was fixing of items.
      Why I said fixing of items is that it will be a great job for humans to start fixing some of the robots in case if they got spoilt. I think this particular job will help humans because AI systems can not be able to fix their selfs and it is a great job for humans to start fixing robots and machines and from there, we can develop our skills. Let me take for instance, if a robot got spoilt in my country Nigeria, I don't there is any organisation that is capable of fixing the machine and what it cost for it to be fixed might be almost equivalent to how much it is been purchased.
      Also, computer coding or programmering is one of the job that AI systems will not take over from humans in the sense that robot does not have human's emotions and ability to code robot because they work according to what is been coded to them to do.

      In conclusion, I will say that AI system will not take over human Intelligence because they are lots of work to do in future, it can only enhance the level of productivity or efficiency in terms of fastness and accurate. Thanks.

  • Good afternoon everyone!
    In my class we discussed about jobs in the future and they were lots of opinions. We agreeded on some jobs like computer programmer, and jobs like psychologist were more controversial. My creativity was engaged by empathysing with robots and think what they could do in a future.
    What do you think?


  • AI is a very interesting topic to talk about and wherever it is brought up discussions start to fly around. I remember when I had a class discussion on whether AI would take over content creators, authors and the likes. The class was heated up with various opinions, some saying AI would and some saying it wouldn't replace authors but just help them become better. From the discussion I got to understand that writing is a thing that comes from within, flows into our fingertips and leaves it stains on our books. Writing is something from the heart and seeing that AI doesn't have a heart yet still creates nice writings it gave new insights on AI in writing. I always thought that AI would destroy the creativity of students and make them reliant on things like chat gpt but I learned that it could be a form of a challenge to the creativity of students. Instead of students seeing it as a help it should be their friendly competitor and they should aspire to crate better contents than AI. This discussion increased my creativity level as I also started to see AI as my competitor and I greatly improved in my writing skills.

    1. I agree because... AI provides more tools for students to explore and experiment with. For example, AI can be used to create new things. AI also analyzes students' creativity by pointing out their mistakes and weaknesses.
      AI shouldn't be a replacement of human creativity. Though AI improves human creativity, it is up to us, students, to use it creatively.

    2. I agree as AI supplies lots of different tools for students to try and experiment. For example, AI can be used to make lots of different new things. AI also helps students to see their strengths and weaknesses. This saves time for teachers as instead of them finding your strengths and weaknesses AI does it for them allowing them to see exactly what you can get more harder work on and what you need some extra help on. This allows them to do more important things they need to do. AI shouldn't be replacing people in their jobs but rather helping them to develop more skills and the same for teachers. Students shouldn't have to be taught by robots but rather AI should be helping teachers teach their students even better than they did before . This is why I think AI shouldn't be replacing us but rather helping us.

      1. How do you think AI could help teachers?

        1. I think AI can help teachers to keep the records of the students like how are they doing in the class?, are they improving in their studies or not?, etc. Teachers can use AI to make question sheets for examination and test. Teachers an also learn many ways to make student understand about the syllabus.
          Thank you.

        2. I think that AI could be beneficial yet disturbing to teachers. I think this because AI can either take their career or make their career easier. For robots wouldn't necessarily need to be paid when employed , whilst on the other hand, if teachers are employed then the government would need to distribute money to them. But yet again they can make it easier by helping the staff which will lead to lessons and planning to be easier, less stressful and less chaotic.

          1. I understand your point, but I respectfully disagree. One area where humans excel over robots is psychology. Robots are not able to understand human behavior as well as we do. For instance, if robots were to replace teachers, students would not be able to grasp the material fully without human interaction. Furthermore, robots lack empathy, and while they can be programmed to show it, their responses may come across as mean or sarcastic. Imagine a robot performing surgery on you at the hospital, even if you provide it with all the necessary information, it would not be able to display any genuine emotion. Therefore, AI should not be used in any profession that requires psychological understanding. However, AI can excel in jobs that involve engineering and calculations due to their high level of intelligence.

            1. I totally agree. AI can improve every day. And it can (actually is) a much better worker than people. But AI is not going to work with patients. Like you said. they don't understand how we feel. Even if we taught them. And it doesn't concern mentally ill people but also people that need surgery etc because human isn't going to put their own life to hands of the machine

            2. I agree with you, considerate_snail, I have the same opinion when it comes to the assigned topic. AI is good for us, but like you opined, it does not have the ability to understand the psychology or emotions of human beings and so should not be implemented at such job profiles. Along with that, bringing in AI for every job, increases unemployment. If every job is done by bots, most of mankind will be jobless and many will be poor. Unemployment gives birth to very slothful people and as the saying, "An idle mind is a devil's workshop" suggests, people will get bad ideas like robbery, murders, etc. This ends up increasing the crime rate of the world and making it even more unsafe than it already is. Us humans will once again end up making the environment worse for ourselves and other organisms that live with us.
              Thank You!!!

            3. I totally agree with you, AI is a robot, therefore not human, so it cannot understand us and help us with emotions, feelings and so. AI is very helpful but it can't read people as humans do.

          2. Hi,
            understanding_llama you are forget that Al can complete any work quickly. They have a great future. If Al
            robots help teachers for complete any work easily and quickly. Then, school's can take our exam easily. Al can also help us to continue our lessons. Teachers will be use Al only make their work easy . So, all this reason, I am not agree on your thoughts.

        3. I think AI can help teachers because the AI can plan the lessons and explain it better than the teacher can. I'm not saying AI should take over teachers. I'm saying AI can get things done faster.

        4. Ai can help teachers by giving understanding of certain topics to put more information into their knowledge

        5. I think AI will help teachers by learning them as well but actually you have to do it by yourself.It will be fair if you do it in your head.

        6. I think that, AI can help teachers by many ways like helping in creative teaching, giving examples for their topics, generating images and also explaining the lessons to the teachers also and helping them in correcting their students. AI can help teachers by many ways, but the use of AI by the teachers is very less and they don't use but go through the lecture method of teaching.

        7. In my opinion AI is both helpful and a trouble for the teachers.
          If we talk about AI helping the teachers , we have so many examples around us in day to day life like we can see how even teachers use AI tools and supplies for their better teaching. For example -while making ppt's , notes and other study supplies. just like how the topical talk fest is using the help of AI to identify if the students are copying from websites or links, the same is happening in every school.
          If we talk about the cons then i would say that the AI robots and machines are slowly replacing teachers , which is a job loss. For ex- A robot teacher was introduced in our country in past years.

        8. It will help them in making note like using ChatGPT in searching for more information to write for them and Creating and supplementing content through it they can curate a range of educational resources.

        9. How do you think AI could help teachers?
          Amazing question Tiff @ Topical Talk!!
          In my opinion AI can help teachers in so many ways but I am only going to list a few

          1) Help release a lot of stress from teachers: Teachers need to prepare notes for their students to copy some students are slow whilst others are fast the teacher must wait for the slow writers.
          Using the AI, it can summarize the note in the easiest form whilst the teacher can go ang do other work.

          2) Identify struggling students through behavioral cues and give them a nudge in the right direction.

          3) Foster greater inclusivity by enabling more students with diverse backgrounds to participate in a class or listen to a lecture through AI-based language translation.
          Thank you!!

      2. I completely agree funny_potato. I completely agree with your goal on the role of AI in education. Rather than replacing humans, AI should be a valuable tool to enhance teaching and learning experiences. It makes tasks easier, identifies areas for improvement, and ultimately empowers both students and teachers to reach their full potential.

    3. I agree with your topic about AI. AI can be both helpful and harmful.

    4. I disagree with this comment. According to me, with enough resources, AI has the power to do anything. An author, in this case, can also be destroyed by AI. An author can only write in the tone he is compatible with. AI can take tone variations from all the authors in the world. It could make a saga, a super blend of all the writings of authors throughout the world. Even many authors use AI to re-phrase some of their sentences to make them more appealing and beautiful. AI has the power to write the best of stories and poems within minutes and seconds.

  • Hello everyone!
    In my class, we had a really interesting discussion about our dream jobs, and whether Artificial Intelligence would take over them or not. We wrote each job on a piece of paper, and everyone went around writing what they thought were the roles of those jobs on the papers . Then we had a debate about which ones AI would take over.
    My job was that of a Civil rights activists, and we all agree that AI helps with it, but can't take over. It would be strange to see technology fighting for human rights, wouldn't it?
    The job that earned the most controversy, though, was Law. We spent quite a while debating on whether or not AI would take over. It really opened my eyes. I think that although AI is efficient, it doesn't experience emotions as we do, so can't passionately fight for someone in court. But I learned that the world is changing into a technology based place, and there is little that AI can't be programmed to do. It also enabled me to analyze a situation from both sides, not just mine.
    Did anyone else have a debate? And if so, about what?

    1. In a scene whereby AI is used in the court, someone might argue that because AI does not have emotions, it will not efficiently defend a client in court. But because AI has the ability to scroll through previous cases similar to the case at hand, the probability that AI will win a human lawyer is high. Even a human lawyer can make use of AI to scrutinize cases in the past that have a similar nature to the case that the lawyer might be handling and find out how to win that case.

      1. I agree with what you have said, chatty fact because AI cannot judge people. Although they make unbiased decisions, they only use your previous records to determine what will happen to you now. A person could have a criminal record in the past but the person may have turned a new leaf, whereas the AI will use that against the person. The AI cannot see from their own perspective, therefore making a bad decision. AI should not be judging, rather it should assist the lawyer to ease his or her work.

        1. I agree because artificial intelligence learns from data records created by humans, it can take from human biases and prejudices that may result in harmful decisions made by AI. An example was when Amazon abandoned an automated recruitment tool because it was biased against women due to relying on historically male-dominated resumes. The mistake we humans usually make is to undermine the abilities and capabilities of AI. From my research, "The way many AI systems are developed is they're only looking at pre-existing data. They're not looking at who we want to be ..." this statement was made by Mutale Nkonde. Because of this, AI can only judge a person based on the records of that person.

          1. Do you think there are ways that we humans could try and stop AI developing prejudice?

            1. Hi,
              I think that to stop AI from being biased the people creating it would have to have the character or attributes of a truthful and upright person, this is because AI do not create themselves humans do and if a person with a bad character like those that use AI for crimes, the AI powered device or machine or even robot will be baleful and there is nothing that can be done about it, but if the person that creates is truthful and of good character there is no way he/she will make the AI to be of harm to people rather the AI will have assurance of being benevolent. To be short and precise in my opinion the main cause of what character, judgement and works that AI will exhibit solely depends on the character and motive of the creator. Don't you think so to?
              Thank you!

              1. AI systems often learns for huge quantities of data- for example information over the internet. The person creating the system may not be in control of this. What kinds of challenges and opportunities are there here?

        2. Hey,
          What have you said is absolutely right. Though AI has given us the motion but taken away the emotion.
          And as you said, that AI should not be judging us. I agree with you with this.

        3. Your perspective on AI aligns with the notion that while artificial intelligence can make unbiased decisions based on historical data, it lacks the ability to discern personal growth or changes in an individual's circumstances. AI relies on past records to predict outcomes, potentially overlooking positive transformations in a person's life. The absence of a subjective viewpoint in AI can lead to rigid judgments, especially when it comes to individuals with a prior criminal record who may have rehabilitated themselves. It underscores the importance of using AI as a tool to assist rather than replace human judgment, particularly in legal contexts. Collaborative efforts between AI and legal professionals could harness the strengths of both, ensuring a fair and nuanced approach to decision-making while acknowledging the complexities of individual experiences.

          Moreover, the limitations in AI's ability to perceive personal growth and understand nuanced perspectives highlight the need for human involvement in legal decision-making. While AI systems excel at processing vast amounts of data quickly, they lack the empathetic understanding that humans bring to complex situations. It is crucial to recognize that AI should function as a supportive tool for legal professionals, aiding in the analysis of information and streamlining processes. By combining the efficiency of AI with the nuanced judgment of human experts, we can strive for a legal system that is both fair and considerate of individual circumstances, fostering a balance between technological advancements and human insights in the pursuit of justice.thank you

      2. I agree because there is now something called cyber law. This is a kind of law that involves using computers to settle cases. I am trying to say that AI can also be used when settling cases even though they do not have emotions. AI has greatly contributed to many jobs and professions today, and there is no doubt that law is one of them.

      3. i strongly agree with what you said, this is because while AI can assist with legal tasks such as research and analysis, it is unlikely to completely replace human lawyers in the near future. This is because the legal profession involves more than just logical decision-making; it requires emotional intelligence, empathy, and effective communication skills that AI currently lacks. Additionally, the legal system is complex and constantly evolving, making it challenging for AI to fully understand the context and implications of legal decisions. However, AI can still be a valuable asset to the legal profession by providing lawyers with insights and resources, such as legal research tools and contract review tools.

      4. I agree because AI can't be manipulated or bribed but can. This is why AI is amenable to take over. There is so much case law already online that a computer can process and find any number of paragraphs covering a specific subject, This would make it a lot easier for AI to take over. It can also review court judgements and easily make suggestions as to how a case any particular clause with the highest probability of that clause being enforced if required. For this reason, AI can do a much better job, much faster and more efficient. Lawyers will have a hard time convincing people, AI would not have a hard time in convincing people because they do not show emotions so they would judge fairly . When AI offers the trinity of good, quick and cheap judgement. AI wouldn't be biased or unfair.

        1. As you correctly point out, lawyers are already using AI tools to help them do research. But there have been incidents where AI made up case law which did not actually exist. What do you think we could do to make sure AI tools are more reliable?

      5. Hello chatty fact.
        I really agree with what you have stated but at the same time, I'd like to point out some few points/errors.
        Although they make unbiased decisions, which yes is an act of being fair and its actions being justifiable but then, they only use your previous records to determine what will happen to the victim. The AI cannot see from their own perspective, therefore making awful decisions at times. Also, on what you mentioned earlier, AI systems are only as unbiased as the data they're trained on. Also, I feel that ethical implications of AI in the legal industry can give rise to several questions.
        Furthermore, we don't realize that AIs are practically just written codes and instructions meaning they can be manipulated and hacked.
        And also, in my opinion, if I were a false victim coming into the court just to notice and see that an AI is defending me, I would seriously think my life is being manipulated with and being taken as a joke.

      6. Yes, I strongly agree with your comment because I personally believe that AI works based on facts and what it is been given which will help it to see examples of previous cases which had happened before and then apply it in the given situation which might help it win a case against a human lawyer.
        In conclusion, while AI can certainly be a valuable tool for lawyers, it is not a replacement for human judgment and expertise, so I believe.
        Thank you!!!

      7. I agree because in a scenario in class we did an in role debate about a human and AI bot and a learner in class reported to the teacher that another learner was making strange gestures towards the learner and the teacher used that as an example to test whether the Ai bot would understand the gestures and it does not so to wrap up the whole point AI would never be able to relate with learners and this will make life hectic.

    2. I agree because... We also had the same discussion in class and my job was that of a lawyer. That AI cannot replace lawyers because it needs human oversight to work. Even with retrieval augmented generation, a process that uses vetted sources to enhance accuracy, generative AI is not completely accurate. Despite AI's incursion into the legal world, the work of lawyers will remain vital. Technology won't replace the human element. It can't argue before a jury, nor can it provide compassionate counsel to clients. So in my own opinion I feel that AI cannot completely replace humans because humans play a vital role.

      1. Hello helpful_personality, I agree with your comment strongly , AI cannot replace the job of lawyers because lawyers are humans that can feel the emotions of the victims and sympathize with them. AI has no emotions they can not sympathize but only deal with information and I think that what makes lawyers exceptionally important.

        1. Hi zestful_artic_fox
          As you have said AI do not show emotions while humans do. In a court
          case I think AI would be able to replace humans Humans are subject to
          bias and emotion which can all impact their decision-making abilities.
          AI has been designed to be consistent and unbiased, making them ideal
          for tasks that require a high degree of accuracy and consistency. Humans
          are prone to errors, both cognitive and emotional, that can impact
          their decision-making abilities. AI can make decisions based solely on
          data, leading to fair and unbiased outcomes.

      2. In addition to what you have said the AI cannot replace the work of a lawyer because most importantly, it needs human perception to work. Another issue at hand is that unlike humans the AI can be tampered with, and the opposing defendants can manipulate the information to favour them.
        The AI can't be creative and understanding and that can be a huge problem. This is because human lawyers need to understand the situations and bring up creative ways to solve it but unfortunately, the AI can not do this task. So i highly doubt that the AI will be able to replace the job of a lawyers.

      3. These are all very good arguments, helpful_personality. What other jobs did your class decide would be better done by humans?

        1. We came to the conclusion that human beings are more suitable for the role of civil right activists than robots. We think that robots lack the emotional connection and the lived experience that are essential for fighting for justice and equality. We feel that it would be strange and insensitive to have a robot speak on our behalf when they do not share our suffering and struggles.

      4. I strongly agree with you helpful_personality ,the reason being that is because you said AI cannot replace the job of the lawyer,in my opinion I think it's true, because Artificial Intelligence cannot sympathize with the victims,can not argue before a jury and lastly cannot provide compassionate counseling to their clients, In conclusion, I think it’s unlikely that Artificial Intelligence will replace the jobs of the human lawyers.This because the AI doesn't have the ability to solve complex challenges, to think critically and thoroughly, and lastly even show the emotions and empathy that’s so critical to clients relationships,so I believe Artificial Intelligence cannot entirely take over our jobs and society because humans play a very important role.

    3. This is a nice point you know! It just struck something in me because, during our class interactions here at my school, my group chose the career of an Author. I know we need artificial intelligence to help proofread and do research but for the original content and all, I would prefer to say that humans will perform better in the area of writing. Being one who is passionate about writing and content creation, I know the passion that is carried
      along in writing. It allows me to travel with my thoughts and imagination, but if I restrict everything to AI, it will not give me a heartfelt result.
      I feel that a very good collaboration between these two forms of intelligence (human and artificial)will bring out wonderful results!

      1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on authors and AI.

        You wrote about a collaboration between human and artificial intelligence and mentioned AI being useful for research/proofreading. Are there other ways authors can make use of AI that might be possible now or in the future?

        1. There are lots and lots of ways that authors could incorporate AI into their work other than just proofreading. I see a lot of opportunities that could be created in terms of writing books. I happened to pick up some comical books of the past and when I compared it to what is obtainable today, I nodded in satisfaction with the pace of technology and the real effects it gives. Before now, animated books were just basic and obvious that it was fake but now you see them looking all real! This increases the reader's urge to flip through more pages because the ambience of the illustrations looks breathtaking and super real. It cannot be overemphasized that these authors can now present their ideas not only in writing but also by allowing others to visualize what they have by using pictorials. So instead of an author paying an illustrator to do the job, he could simply input the idea on an AI application, and boom 💥 the outcome becomes massive.
          In most cases, authors use some AI apps to correct grammatical errors which would have been done by an individual who often corrects phrases to suit only their understanding. Even in terms of carrying out research in the course of writing, the author doesn't need to have visited a site to give accurate details about it, when he could simply just use a search engine online and definitely get answers that suit the search.

      2. I'm not sure about this because... I know that an (AI/ROBOT) doesn't put in the emotion needed to create story, there needs to be in which every body is mentally, emotional and socially stable to create story.
        but on the other hand humans create story's from personal experience or from a certain thing or someone who inspired them, if you say humans are better in that aspect what part can they do better than robots in
        content creation?

    4. I agree because... during class discussion we most of us found it weird when one of us acted as an AI teacher teaching the students because when someone acted uncomfortable the response or reaction to that certain scene was very odd ,especially considering that fact that they are programmed .And we realised that Artificial intelligence can compare to a human teacher because as a teacher you need o relate with the students, and AI can't do that since they are not human ,making it difficult for them to read or notice human emotions .

      And yes AI is helpful but for most student it decreases their ability to think, hence AI provides answers to most of of our question .e.g. . Chat gpt, bing AI
      Moreover if for example a student feels a slight discomfort or is a bit uneasy with his /her surrounding or mates, AI can't relate and even if they can like the new AI 'sofia' it is not going be because they actually care but because they are programmed.
      But I would like to here some thoughts or opinions about the topic.

      1. I agree because... even though Ai will be able to teach more perfection that a regular human teacher regardless ,it couldn't fill the emotion part of being a teacher, for example, telling jokes, talking about personal issues . Just imagine talking to an AI about your difficulties you have with being bullied

    5. I acknowledge this idea because.... we also had a similar discussion in my class, and it was concerning therapeutical jobs e.g. psychology. It remains a fact that the AI lacks emotional intelligence and wouldn't be able to sympathize with humans like other humans could. Workers like sociologists, psychiatrists, therapists and etc. cannot be replaced because this jobs deal with social interactions and of AI's lack of emotional leadership cannot socially disseminate human feelings. AI can assist, but it cannot care. AI can be used to provide various services and support to humans, such as chatbots, personal assistants, health care providers, etc. However, AI cannot establish a genuine rapport or trust with humans, as it lacks the emotional awareness and responsiveness that humans expect and appreciate. AI may fail to address the emotional needs or concerns of humans, resulting in dissatisfaction or frustration.

    6. We also had the same discussion and the discussion made me to have a second thought about my future career and to know whether it would actually exists in the next five years. Well I realized that AI would actually be able to take over my job in the next five years, I actually wanted to become an accountant but with the discussion we had I was able to realize that accountants would no longer be useful in the next five years.With the matter of time AI would be able to replace most jobs that are done by humans.

      1. The AI technology has a low tendency to take the job of an accountant. Remember the job of an accountant is not just about crunching numbers and following rules, it also involves applying professional judgement and ethical standards to particular situations, communicating and collaborating with clients, colleagues and stakeholders. In my own view, the job of an accountant can just be aided by the AI system but not replaced as it cannot replace the human skills and qualities that accountants use to succeed in their profession. AI is able to assist and humans e.g. in calculation and not eradicate their jobs. I believe the benefits only get better.

    7. I disagree..AI can do law since AI cannot lie, manipulate or even do any of the negative human emotions that only humans could do since they don't have emotions that are real. AI can also see if the person that is suing their client is lying the courtroom is lying or not by their state of emotions like if they look nervous, stressed, avoiding eye contact or look frustrated which are signs of lying (AI can also check your heartbeat so if your heart beat is really fast that is also a sign of lying!). Which means that they can give an honest statement while defending their client and also win a case.

      1. That's an interesting viewpoint, aware_violin. But might there be other reasons for somebody in court to be nervous or have a fast heartbeat? Do you think AI is capable of interpreting human emotions correctly?

        1. Thank you for mentioning that Marie! I hadn't thought about that. The plaintiff might have tachycardia (when you have a heart rate that is 100 beats per minute.) which could affect your health but most of all in the courtroom it could affect your speech and head because of shortness of breath and fainting from lightheadedness. If I'm being honest I wouldn't say that an AI can 100% detect a human emotion since they are just robots that don't feel actual human emotions but If I had to agree I would say that they detect human emotions if their emotions are noticeable for an AI.