AI bots on the Hub?


All of the adults who reply to you on the Festival Student Hub are real. The Topical Talk team work out of The Economist's offices in London, the United Kingdom – and you can find out more about our other volunteers here.

Do you think it would be a good thing or a bad thing if the real adults on the Hub were replaced by AI bots?

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  • I think it would be a good and bad thing if real humans on the Hub were replaced by AI robots. First off, I think that this would be a bad thing because since AI doesn't have feelings or emotions then it wouldn't be able to give it's own opinions or feelings due to the meer fact that it doesn't have neither. To add on, in my opinion, they wouldn't be able to reply to others opinions correctly due to the fact that they don't even have an opinion. On the other hand however, I feel as if Ai replacing real humans would be a good thing due to the fact that they would be able to give facts and only facts on a certain topic. This means that instead of talking to someone because of their opinion they would be able to just give facts and evidence to explain a certain topic.

    1. Good point.

    2. Hey,chatty knowledge I am agree with you there is advantages and disadvantages of it l like the point where you say they doesn't have emotions then how they will able to give their option based on reality in my opinion it has disadvantage more than advantage it can't explain us specifically because they only know the facts more than real talking and it will be hard to understand the things it says.

      1. Yes, talented_apricot.
        I sympathize and concur with your opinion because AI works based on facts and actuality and not with emotions and common sense unlike humans. What a human expert might consider good and wonderful as a comment considering from the students' point of view, an AI will judge irrespective of opinions but based on factual information.
        So, I personally feel that the idea of AI on the hub is not a great idea from my perspective viewpoint.
        Thank You!!!

    3. I agree with you Chatting_Knowlegde, because everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. As you mentioned, adding an AI to the hub would be beneficial in some ways, As AI cannot understand or feel our expressions and it cannot understand how we felt about the topic when we were making our comments just as it can't understand our feelings, AI also doesn't have feeling or emotions so it won't have a bad, sad, angry or depressing day which would be a drawback on the hub. In the case of education and replying I think AI would do a better job because it would give facts and corrections which helps in the progress of how the students comment.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      1. I agree with you creative_personality. AI has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, AI can make people lazy and expose young children to fake websites. On the other hand, it can also create helpful platforms for children to learn and communicate with others, such as online platforms like Roblox and the economistic foundation.
        As you mentioned, AI doesn't have feelings or emotions, but it can help us correct our mistakes and improve our grandma until their almost no errors left. After that, the adult can take over.

    4. I agree because it is bad If adults are replaced with AI.AI has has advantage like helping people in their work and the disadvantage like to make people lazy and corrupt children with internet.

    5. I agree because... it is true that AI doesn't understand human emotions and has no feelings hence making it difficult to give its point of view on most topics which is why humans on the hub should not be replaced by robots. Discussions become less interesting because the robots can only give the facts and the evidence but not its opinion. However, having robots on the hub can also be beneficial as there is need to know the actual facts on topics whilst correcting the other students when they make their comments.

    6. Hi chatty_knowedge,
      I totally agree with your opinion that it would be good and as well as bad thing.
      But here's a question for you, do you think that AI are only programmed with a specific fact and evident to proof in a particular topic?

    7. I 100% agree with you chatty_knowledge because AI can't express their feelings and emotions, since they are robots. They also don't have opinions like us humans do and can only tell facts, and not opinions. For example, if you ask AI for their opinion on your writing, they will say something like " This is true but everything in this paragraph is not" they will only tell facts and not their own opinion, since they are a robot. AI also lacks creativity and cannot understand human experiences, according to research. But they can explain topics well & make people understand it better, which is good for the student's comments and better for the hub. AI can also provide great information for a topic which can make students interested in a certain topic and want to learn even more about it. But AI cannot replace all of the adults on the hub because we students still need to hear the adults opinions, feelings, and experiences. Students need to hear the adults because if students don't they wouldn't be able to hear the adults 'experiences, they wouldn't get to think about the situation and write about it. I think AI has a disadvantage and advantage to the hub.

  • Replacing real adults on online platforms with AI bots has both positive and negative aspects. On the positive side, AI bots can ensure a safer online environment for users, especially children, by filtering inappropriate content and preventing cyberbullying. Bots can work tirelessly to moderate conversations, enforcing community guidelines consistently. Moreover, AI can offer educational content and support, fostering a constructive online experience.

    However, the downside is the potential loss of genuine human interaction. Real adults provide empathy, emotional understanding, and nuanced responses that AI may struggle to replicate. Human moderators can adapt to evolving social dynamics and cultural nuances, offering a more authentic and relatable experience. Striking a balance, where AI assists but doesn't replace human presence entirely, may be crucial to maintaining a healthy online community.

    1. I agree with you. The impact of replacing real adults on Hubs with AI bots can have both positive and negative consequences. First of all there are positive consequences like, AI bots can provide a consistent experience, as they can be programmed to adhere to specific guidelines and rules consistently. AI bots can be available 24/7, without the limitations of human availability, providing support and assistance whenever needed. Bots can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, reducing response times and allowing for faster resolution of issues.
      AI bots can be designed to filter and moderate content, helping to prevent the spread of inappropriate material. On the other hand, there are some negative consequences like, AI bots may lack the ability to understand and empathize with users' emotions and experiences, potentially leading to a less satisfying interaction. Bots may struggle with understanding complex or nuanced issues, which human adults might be better equipped to handle.The use of AI bots raises ethical questions about privacy, data security, and the potential for algorithmic biases.

      1. Well done for replying to another comment.

    2. Yes, the AI bots would have both negative and positive aspect but then, how about this. The AI bots grab unto the hub, I understand the fact that they don't have emotions but then imagine someone drops a bad comment about them like maybe reasons why the AI is dangerous and should be kept away or how AI can be very useless in our daily live? Since the AI has the power to do whatever they reject the comment or block the users account. I wonder why I spoke of this previously and no one cared to reply? Yes someone might say that they don't have the emotions to do that but isn't the world changing everyday? or wont more people become software engineers who would have a wider knowledge and could probably make a break through. Thank you all and lets try to give this comment some reasoning Topical Talkers.

  • I personally believe that the human mind cannot be replaced by AI, as a human can easily interpret a comment and think of it from all perspectives, while a robot can only rate and process what you wrote, and not the impact it has on the reader. The response of a bot to a comment will lack any kind of personality and will probably follow a pattern most of the times. Although the AI can be advantageous in terms of the speed required to check comments, but not much more than that. After all this, we must remember that Topical Talk is more a discussion than a long text written by one person, and the AI is much more inclined to writing long texts than actually taking part in a discussion.

  • I think the hub should be ran by humans not robots. The reason is that robots don't have feelings and they can't feel the comment of the child as much as the human. Also the people who work on topical talk will loose their jobs and they won't have much money. Imagine you were a happy topical talk employe and one day your boss comes up to you and says, " Sorry darling but we are replaicing you with an AI robot."You would feel awful wouldn't you? I would. Overall, the reasons that AI doesn't have feelings and that the workers will lose their jobs stand out the most to me.

    1. Indeed robots don't have feelings and emotions that make it hard for us to feel engaged with them or when we ask questions to AI and I pretty much agree with that. However, I think AI can be used to help the employees instead of taking their jobs. I concur with your point that some managers for example might think that AI can do the jobs more efficiently and better than humans. This is not the case because AI can make mistakes and it needs someone else to correct it in order to find where it was wrong. So, instead of doing all of this and replacing people who depend on the job to be able to live their lives and gain

    2. I agree with you on the idea that machines do not have emotions and cannot feel like humans do. Therefore, I can understand my parents' anger when they talk about something they want from a company that uses AI bots.
      But I don't see replacing the human workforce with robots as eliminating the presence of humans in the workforce. Humans are the ones who design those AI systems, and therefore any updates must be overseen by a human to ensure their necessity. The presence of a human monitoring the work of robots is essential. The existence of robots is only for quick accomplishment and saving time to some extent.

  • In my opinion, I think that it would be a bad thing if real adults on the Hub were replacedby AI bots. I feel this way, because first off this would be weird to even acknowledge the fact that there are AI bots replying to humans. Also, AI would not have feelings which means that if someone commmented something very wholesome, there is a big possibility that AI would chastise others opinions. To add on, the robots might malfunction and respond to the comments inappropriately and with bad grammar.

    1. I agree with you because,
      As you said the AI's do not have feelings, which means they are not likely to take over the adults on the hub, I would be sad and feel very fake if I got to know that the star I may have gotten been awarded on the hub was awarded by a robot that does not even think about hoe that comment is likely to positively affect the topical talkers on the hub. Sometimes the replies and questions that the adults on the hub ask are to help us to understand our own point even more, I am almost 100% sure that the AI's might not be able to perform that task with as much emotion or deep think as the hub adults would.


      1. exactly, i dont think ai in the student hub would be a good idea cause ths competition is based on creativity not logic so i think having robots would make it kind of boring and more like a formal presentation of ideas and i doubt i would make any comment because if robot were to be here i doubt i woud make any comment because it has to be peach perfect . these robot are mere programmed machine it would not be fun if you get a star from a machine ratther than an expericenced adult who is an expert in whatsoever we might be talking about.
        I REST MY CASE

        1. I totally agree! This competition is made to analyse creativity and Problem Solving Skills. Hence, everyone on the hub comes up with something unique. As per today's technology, Bots are not as efficient in identifying Human Ideologies and emotions. Hence, they won't be able to adapt to a new opinion and reject or chastise the comment because in current circumstances, it might not be feasible. AIs never consider what CAN BE. Only what IS. Thus, having an AI bot would be very risky due to their limitation in identifying human perspectives. I also think that AIs are much more likely to malfunction.
          Recently, mine comment was rejected by an AI Bot, under the accusation of plagiarism, despite it being an original content. I believe that had a human checked it, the problem would not have occurred.
          AIs have intellectual limitation. Hence, they can never be hoped to replaces humans.
          How can we rely on that which is created out of the 1% of the Human Consciousness, when the capacity of our brain is limitless?

      2. I strongly agree with your comment, because if artificial intelligence replaces adults on the hub, stars will not be given to students fairly, and AI cannot express emotions, meaning that for every comment we send, AI will not be able to understand the emotions behind these comments. I believe having adults on the hub will help students emotionally and physically. Adults can express emotions, making it easy for students to receive stars fairly and be able to feel the emotions behind these comments. Apart from stars, students can receive feedback about their comments and receive brain-cracking questions.
        Thank you!

        1. I disagree with you because if AI had no emotions, they would not be bypass to other people making it fair for everyone and the Hub Adults job is not understanding emotions behind comments.
          Also, the Hub is designed in a way to kind of test your knowledge and should not be too easy the Hub Adults can adjust the difficulty to get stars.
          So, in conclusion I think that replacing the Hub Adults would be a good idea but there are downsides.

        2. I strongly agree with you because if adults are replaced with AI bot’s hub, as you mentioned stars will not be given fairly. Plus, we can’t fully rely on the AI bots because the bots can get a bug and the adults might not realize the bug on time and the bot having a bug can give stars any how and some participants may get more stars than they need to get.

      3. I completely agree with you tenacious_robin, the reason being is that I will feel very sad to know that the star I have been awarded with was given by a robot. This is because AI has been programmed to give me a star, and it will not be because of how beneficial my comment will be to the hub.
        Moreover, as you said the replies we receive from the adults on the hub makes us reflects our comments and delve deeper into it, and the questions received by them cracks our brains harder broadening our knowledge.
        Thus if we have the adults on the hub replaced with AI, who will give replies to my comments after having a deep understanding of it? and who will give me brain-cracking questions?

      4. Hi,
        I agree with you, our conversations on the hub are meant to be meaningful and to be a context of positive change to our perspectives and also the way we see things, and even the adults on the hub are not exempted, I am sure that everyday as they read the comments of students on the hub they learn new things and they begin to look at things differently because we learn that a there is a lot to a thing than we ever thought we knew.
        Some of the disadvantages of AI taking over the adults are that :
        They lack human contextual understanding: This technology lacks the subtle understanding of human emotions, and the thought we put into our comments when we make them, they can be programmed to examine comments based on facts from the internet, long comments, big words and other complicated stuff, but the thing is that a comment can be as short as two lines but still hold a lot of depth and meaning, that is why the adults are best for this job because they judge based on emotions, understanding, personal experiences and the real meaning of a comment.
        Another thing is that AI is inflexible, they follow predefined rules and patterns, and they may find it hard to adapt and to understand the different perspectives and backgrounds that students on the hub come from, they may at times not appreciate creativity and originality rather they can even reject a comment or penalize a student just because the student deviated from the established norms, and I am sure that with the adults that won't happen at all, if your comment is ever rejected it doesn't mean that you didn't put enough effort but rather there must be a tangible reason.
        Another thing is that AI can't provide the necessary emotional impact that students need. Honestly, we as children need emotional support and encouragement which to me only humans can construct and provide, and AI lacks empathy and cannot offer personalized encouragement or consolation.
        These are just some of the many reasons that AI taking over the adults can do to the festival and to the students and I hope that I convinced someone to.
        Thank you!

      5. Thank you for that wonderful comment, but I strongly believe that it is going to be a good thing if AI represents adults on this hub, this is because the adults will get to rest and stop stressing themselves replying comments and other things and most importantly I think if AI replaces adults on this hub, didn’t you know that even if you comment by 12 in the mid night, you will get your comments approved immediately, it will also indicate when you copied and other things.

      6. I completely agree with you. AI may be good in terms of time management and a complete run-through of grammatical errors, but they are not good in terms of understanding the psychology of the comment. If AI bots are introduced in the hub, then instead of giving stars in terms of the tone and impact of the comment, but instead it will keep a check on the formality and grammar of the comment.

      7. I agree wth your comment because, AI is an algorithm created by humans meaning AI can not express emotions. AI bots can not be on hub because they can not have heart to heart conversations with topical talkers. They will not be able to understand rhetorical question, figurative languages and even jokes. AI bots will not be able bring interesting topics on the hubs thus reducing students analytical things skills and communication skills. AI bots will not be able to bring humour to each to hub thus making topical talkers bored and uninterested to comment. Humans should be on the Hub because some comments are straight from the heart and humans have emotions thus making it easy for them understand and comment. Humans should be on the hub be they will be able to give stars fairly and respond to our comment be giving us interesting questions. In my opinion humans should be on Hub because they can related to comments and they give us feedback by letting us know whether our comment is to sensitve and is approved by topical talker , but if AI bots are on the Hub they will not be albe to understand and relate to our emotions.

      8. I strongly agree because... AI would not be engaging because the real adults entertain us with tricky questions, help us change our perspectives etc. The real adults have emotions thus if a student comments on something that could have a negative impact on other students' beliefs they would reject it like maybe religion, tribalism or racism. One more point is AI is programmed for a specific task so if you are to comment or ask a question that is a little bit out of the section It would indicate an error. Take this scenario: On a particular discussion you are supposed to ask questions on climate change, and someone takes it to water pollution. Even though they have a link the AI will not understand and won't be able to answer since it has been programmed to answer questions on only climate change. Students won't gain lots of knowledge if it runs like that.

      9. I strongly agree because AI, like robots, can't feel emotions or empathy. This means they might not understand how their actions affect people on the hub. As you mentioned in your comment, when you get a star or recognition from an adult, it feels genuine. But if it comes from a robot, it doesn't feel as meaningful because robots don't understand emotions like humans do. Adults on the hub ask insightful questions based on your comment and give thoughtful responses because they understand emotions and context in a way that AI can't. In my opinion, when comments and responses come from real people, it helps build a sense of community and support.

    2. GoodDay Everyone,
      I agree because... it is true that AI's do not have emotions and can also not think outside already existing patterns, therefore if the human adults on the hub were replaced by AI they will not be able to give the appropriate replies to students comments, grade and award stars based on the creativity of the student, have deep understanding about what the students are saying on the hub and so on. For example if the AI is programmed to say "Wow wonderful post" when you have a good comment, will you like it if you always see that or maybe a rephrased version of that? For me I won't and I doubt if others will. Also peoples comments in other sections of AI also shows that AI should not be allowed to replace the jobs of humans because they were not created to replace humans but assist or serve as help to us therefore I think AI should not be allowed to replace the human adults on the hub.

      Thank You.

    3. I agree with you because I will really feel bad too! My reason being that, this whole period of interacting with those who reply to some of my comments have actually made feel like am on track and to an extent made me feel quite important. We are having real interactions but if it's just a programmed robot, I don't think we will vibe so well.
      I also know that with real people, they can always be emphatic and make meanings from our write-up,but robots will just work directly with what it has been programmed,so even if you make an attempt to answer, if it is correct but not in line with all the programmed answers then you won't get stars for such comments.
      I really want to keep interacting with real people please ! THANK YOU!!

      1. It's great to hear you've been enjoying communicating with real people! Your challenge now is to ask an interesting conversation in a different discussion to see how many Topical Talkers you can get to reply to you.

    4. I agree because... It would be a bad idea to replace Adult with AI bots in the hub. First of all if AI replace Adult in this hub the way they will reply our comment will be different because some of us are commenting on ways how to stop AI and if AI could read that they will be rejecting our comment every single day and that could make us angry to even stop commenting on the topical talk. Second of all AI doesn't have feelings and that be a problem because if they don't have feelings how can they understand what we wrote. Last of all something might happen to the AI bots and make them respond to our comment badly.
      Thank you

    5. I agree with you, as you said A.I do not have any feelings they cannot understand feelings behind our comments . In fact it is suggested by the economists that 37% of the jobs will be taken by A.I till 2030 which is not a good thing by this we can face problems like there will be harms such job displacement , lack of creativity and much more . If adults will be replaced by a robots they will understand logic not our creativity. Adult who has faced so much in there life can understand me and my emotions because he or she is a real person not a A.I robot or chatbot.
      thank you!

    6. I agree with you because I also feel it would be bad if AI bots replaced real adults on the Hub. I disconcert the reason being that, the adults on the Hub each have their sense of individuality, they are trained professionals with tons of experience which some of the adults have been doing for years now, it is rather beautiful how every mind of a child comes to share their voice here. These children all share their thoughts and opinions in every way they can to the reader who can understand every single bit of it without even knowing the person. It is truly amazing how AI is changing the world in every way it can but I feel that it would be a shame to give that job to a mindless bot that has no intellectual being and gives auto-generated answers.

    7. I agree because AI will be too weird and also AI doesn't have feelings they are exact in everything but adults and experts understand us accurately and they can discuss with us every information until we understand


    8. I confidently agree because...
      in my own thinking, they should not replace an AI bot with the adult in the hub, because AI does not have feelings and emotions, and they can understand what is going on but human beings have feelings and emotions so AI is not a good idea to be replaced with the adult. and there are some things that human beings can do and AI can't do, for example.
      1. Adults can understand what the world is facing.
      2. AI don't have manners of speech.
      I am looking forward to corrections.
      thank you.

    9. I agree because... in my own opinion if the hub is replaced with AI bots, the comment that we are doing will be felt useless, let take this topic in an opposite way for example, when we are talking about humans taking over the hub where AI are the ones replying, do you think that AI would not be giving our comment stars if we are supporting talking about human taking over the hub and that would make me sad and not to comment again. Also let not forget that humans has feelings and emotions which AI does not have and I also like the way adult are replying in the hub to help us understand and correct our self.

    10. I strongly agree with your comment,Because like you said it would be so weird having literal EMOTIONLESS robots reply to humans.Like you said with that bad grammar it wouldn't even be a problem if people didn't rely on AI in the first place.

    11. I am agree with i also think there will be disadvantage i like your point where you said the robots might malfunction and respond to the comments inappropriately and with bad grammar but in my opinion there are both sides of Ai being on hub . Ai don't have emotion they can't give the answer based on true story they only know research don't know creativity and they work based on facts not reality but it reduce the human load it can give the time support but not the creative idea that adults give us in this hub which is based in reality .

    12. I personally agree with you,
      As you stated in your paragraph, AI's do not have feelings and there is no real way to say that the responses will only be logically correct and will hold no actual feeling into it especially when it comes to a sensitive topic and the point of this is to show creativity and AI's show none of that so it would defiantly be against the whole point of Topical talk. Also there is no 100% guarantee what the AI's says is gonna be on topic as they can malfunction and talk about something completely different from what the original topic was, so to be safer its better for actual human adults to run the hub instead of mindless AI's mostly for our safety and to better help our understanding of a certain topic, human adults can also word it to fit a more kid style so it really helps for all kids to understand.

    13. You have made some great points but there are also upsides to AI replacing humans. Yes,
      AI does not have felling's and may malfunction, but AI would be able to know if we used AI to comment.
      Also, AI would be able to accept or decline our comment because AI would be able to see if we made any mistakes so we can do better the next time or not repeat the mistake, but the Hub Adults just say your comment does not make sense or your comment was similar to some else comment.
      So, in conclusion AI may have some downsides if it were to replace the Hub Adults but there are some upsides to consider when making that decision.

    14. I agree with you in all the aspects the thing I noticed was "robots might malfunction" but like AI is made to increase accuracy than compared to an human. And like bad grammar how can like an computer do grammer mistakes

    15. I agree because, AI doesn't have feelings to confirm the understanding of how a person feels when they have commented, and they can make errors which can be a big problem, since every decision made should be thought through before sent to the student's preset on the hub. But if there are humans are on the hub it will be much better for them to give us stars and understand what we commented, and they will be less erros since there are adults on the hub checking our comments.

  • In my opinion I think that the idea of replacing real adults with AI bots on the Hub would have both positive and negative aspects. On the positive side, AI bots can provide round-the-clock support, instant responses, and consistent assistance. They can also handle repetitive tasks efficiently, freeing up human workers to focus on more complex and creative work. However, there are also potential downsides. AI bots may lack the empathy and emotional intelligence that real adults possess, which could be important in certain situations. Additionally, human interaction is often valued for its depth and authenticity. Hitting the right balance between human and AI involvement is key to ensuring a positive and effective user experience on the Hub.

    1. I agree because compared to AI humans understand comments better. Although AI is superior in many areas, this job requires human comprehension and AI might malfunction. The hub volunteers can handle this job fairly while AI will go haywire.
      On the other hand, AI outperforms humans in speedy evaluations. If AI quickly grade and award stars, those with rejected comments can repost on the same day. Humans however can delay feedback until the next day causing individuals to miss their chance to repost.
      In conclusion, for understanding comments humans triumph while for rapid assessment AI takes the lead.

      1. Well done for replying to another comment.

    2. I agree because artificial intelligent robots do not have the needs and complications of human beings allowing them to efficiently and accurately assist and respond, but lack human emotions empathy without sounding completely artificial and repetitive.

    3. I agree with you because,
      On the issue of providing all day long replies, sometimes stress could come in and then the adult on the hub while AI's can continue approving even while everyone is asleep, this could lead to the adults not giving topical talkers the award they deserve, there are some comments that when one makes, he or she is confident that it is getting a star on this, but because of stress or being over worked the hub adults may not do that efficiently.
      I am one of the topical talkers that when I drop a strong comment and then don't come and see reward for it, I get very discouraged. But then with the help of artificial intelligence, the Hub adult can just give instruction on the kinds of comments to reward, the types to reject and the types to reply to and then they can go and rest while the tireless Ai's do the work. This would go a long t ensure that topical talkers on the hub still continue to put critical thinking and efforts into the conversation, knowing fully well that the success of the comment depends on the magnitude of message it conveys, and not on the mood of the hub adults.

      THANK YOU.

  • I do not think it is a good idea for adults on the hub to be replaced by AI as they lack human touch and empathy that humans can provide and may not be able to understand the contexts of human communication. Also, I believe the bots can pose some risks and challenges, such as bias, trust. An example was when the AI bot assumed my friend copied most of her information on a website which she claimed she did not. This example, challenges the accountabilty of the AI. Moreso, AI may not be able to handle complex, creative, or ethical issues that require values and common reasoning.

    1. I disagree because... sure they lack empathy, but I don't think the real adults grade the comments by empathizing with us. I think they would mark the comment based on how reasonable it is. Example: If someone has no stars, they wouldn't give stars to them because they feel sorry for them having no stars rather, they will check how sensible and suitable your comment is. Secondly, you recently mentioned AI not having feelings then you went on to talk about trust. I don't know how trust is related to this, but I can assure you that trust is not a factor of AI.

  • In my own opinion,I strongly believe that it wouldn't be good if AI replace real adults on the Hub. Why I said is because AI can only judge or make decisions according to the coding they are been given, remember that they are without emotions. Now if AI that has been coded in the aspect of eco-anxiety is now placed to judge those commenting on Artificial intelligence, that do you think it will happen? Of course it is not going to work or probably when you comment it gets your comment declined because that is not the area of its specialisation.
    And also as we all know that it will get to a certain point when AI will definately get to malfunction just as we humans often fall sick some times, so just imagine that it starts to malfunction just as you comments, I'm 100 percent sure that, that your comment is not going to count and maybe probably it will approve wrong comments.
    In conclusion, it is not going to be funny if AI is to replace adults on the Hub, like it will definately be boring for almost everyone.
    THANK YOU......

    1. I'm glad you think we're doing a worthwhile job!

    2. I disagree because... since you said that AI only judge as they were coded to do so what if we send in a comment that only a human will understand. Let me use you as an example, what if you type in a comment that is worthy of a star and then the AI's programing did not understand a comment it may not give you a star but I also appreciate the fact you said it won't be funny if the AI bot malfunctions and it will be boring for everyone

  • I personally think it would be a good thing. I say this because it takes the people who work on the hub some time to approve or deny comments. I feel that the time in approving and denying response would be way less if Ai robots were doing it. This is just a theory though so it could be false.

    1. Yes the time taken of response would be less, I think so too but they would only be able to give more data, but when people like us post on this platform , we expect that the reply we will get will motivate us to do better or point out where we can fix our faulty areas and what else could've been done. This is what provides us learning, but bots would neither be able to encourage us or help us understand how to present our thoughts.

      the Adults on the hub are very important and I think they are here as our mentors and friends which guide us ,its something that AI bots cannot replace.

    2. You are right. I haven't thought about it.
      The people who work on the Hub spend a lot of time rejecting or approving and maybe there is an overload of work.
      So for example if they copy or use inappropriate language, AI bots could automatically disapprove it.
      On the other hand, I feel safer to know and most respected if a person reads and evaluates my comments.

      1. Well done for replying to another comment.

    3. I personally disagree with you because...
      Even if AI robots are fast they can be sometimes unreliable. It takes people on the hub time to accept or reject comments because they try to read meaning and reality out of the comments. And also humans comment based on reality and originality while AI robots comments based on facts which is because they do not understand human feelings and emotions. Therefore I would like to ask this question "would you prefer interacting with an AI bot or a human?". Thanks

    4. I see what you are saying, but I respectfully disagree. AI can only give answers, but the real adults can have creative ideas and thoughts. This allows for the person who wrote the text to think more critically. I trust that an adult checks through my text then a robot! You don't really have to feel bad,because the adults have jobs so they get paid. My last point is that a human is more encouraging than a robot.

  • Oh no!
    I would not suggest that all, we humans are the best and should be replaced in anything. You guys are really doing a great job which deserves good rewards and we topical talkers appreciate you guys a lot.
    What you guys do here is fantastic and there a lot of reasons why AI should not replace any body in the Economist Foundation.
    They include:
    - As I stated in one of my earlier posts, AI have no empathy, sympathy or emotions. We students post comments here to gain stars and promote our schools. Most of us here write here with emotional based points and it's requires people who have exact feelings to judge the piece. Certainly not AI!
    -I am pretty sure AI will reject a lot comments due to reason that students are posting every minute.

    There a lot but nevertheless I would say that the Economist Foundation is doing wonderful the way it is. What I would rather suggest that you guys can apply AI to your daily work to make it easier and faster. But I know that you are already using AI😏😏.

  • I think that if the human adults on the Topical Talk Hub were replaced by AI it would have a negative impact because actual humans have the ability to determine whether or not a response is good and should be approved and whether or not they are high quality enough to earn stars. An AI may not be able to recognize these qualifications in different writing styles and formats unlike a human being who can identify these different things. Even if the AI is programmed well enough to have the knowledge of how to recognize these qualifications and flag responses as inappropriate for the student hub and competitions, the AI can malfunction which will allow inappropriate behavior on the Topical Talk website.

  • In my opinion,I think it would be a good thing if AI replaces the real adults on the hub, because it takes the people who work on the hub some hours to approve and reject comments of the students. I think, the time used in approving and rejecting comments would be much easier if Ai bots were carrying out the task. It's just from my point of view,so one importance of AI bots replacing the real adults on the hub because it is going to save time , instant response etc..

  • I do not think it is would be a good idea , because we may not understand what they are trying to say . They do not have feelings which means they might not be able to give us proper answers.

  • I think it would be a bad thing if adults would be replaced by real bots on a Hub because if an adult has a warning message than it wouldn't be able to send it on the internet because it would have been replaced by an robot.
    Additionally, a robot wouldn't be sending interesting information to the citizens of the world, and as a result a robot doesn't have feelings so it wouldn't be sending nothing about our senses. People can message what is going to happen in the country if there's going to be WW4( just like they did about WW2 and1) or if there's something from space is heading for earth or if we are in great danger!

    In some ways a bot could be good at replacing an adult because it could calculate a time table that no one could calculate and tell us the incredible answer and it wouldn't have to drink and eat, wouldn't have to sleep, wouldn't need to pay a robot a salary, it would send messages over night and it would always be there to send you messages.

    1. Why do you think that robots would give better answers to questions aside from maths questions?

      1. This question requires some reflection on the nature and limitations of artificial intelligence. Robots are machines that can process large amounts of data and perform complex calculations very quickly and accurately. However, they are not able to understand the context, emotions, values, or creativity that are often involved in human questions and answers.
        Therefore, robots may not be able to give better answers to questions that require subjective judgment, empathy, or imagination. For example, a robot may not be able to answer a question like "What is the meaning of life?" or "How do you feel about this situation?" in a way that satisfies a human interlocutor. Robots may also lack the ability to learn from their own mistakes or adapt to new situations, which are essential skills for answering questions in a dynamic and uncertain world. Therefore, I think that robots would not necessarily give better answers to questions aside from math questions, unless they are specifically designed and trained for that purpose.

  • Hi topical talkers !
    It is never a good idea to replace all the adults in the hub by AI bots because it will be so boring to come into the student hub and only for you to see AI bots every where on the hub. For example, coming into the hub and seeing product manager to be a robot and you will see a place that you will have to go into to see the interview. Only for you to click on it and see AI bot talking as Raman Rai talks or Caroline. It will be so boring that you would not even want to go back to the student hub again even though you want stars. You will notice that there will be no much interaction with with the festival hosts like usual.

    1. You made a good point about AI bots not being engaging for students, what could the implications be on students with AI teachers?

      1. Hi Aimee!
        Thanks for your question.
        when it comes to classroom, the teachers interact with the students, ask them their mind and answer their questions. AI in the classroom as the teacher does not know anything about the thoughts of the students and cannot ask them if they understand anything which they have been thought. On the other hand, AI as the class teacher will not listen to any of the student's intention or if any student is not comfortable with the teacher's teaching and it will only be teaching because it was commanded to teach. Looking at the teaching, even without being told you will know that the class will be the most boring thing that you have ever witnessed before. So the implications will be too much but i just said some of the important ones.

    2. I agree because... It is never a good idea to be replaced AI bots with teacher, it will not be fun when you enter a class room you will realized that an AI is teaching you, there will not be interaction with the AI in the class, but if there is a teacher it will be more interactive, more fun, in the class. But AI should be designed to help humans lives than creating problem and replacing humans.It will be so boring that you would not even want to go back to the student hub again even though you want stars, because you will see AI bots surrounded us trying to replace humans than helping us.

  • Robots replacing real adults has its pros and cons. The advantage is that bots never sleep and are always available so even if you are to reply at the time that the real adults have stopped, the bots will be able to reply to you. But the disadvantage is that they do not have feelings to understand what you are really saying. The things that the real adults could reward you on the bot wouldn't probably because of a grammatic error or a spelling mistake. But the real adults on the hub could reward you based on how solid your explanation is. Example someone is to pass on a comment and mistakenly spells emotions as "imosions" the AI would not reward the person because of the errors but the real adult could reward the person because their explanation makes great sense and is exceptional.

  • I think that in some cases it will be good and in some cases it will be bad. In good cases like: The AI ​​mind is actually better than the human mind because it thinks limitedly from all sides of the issue and thus chooses the perfect solution to the problem. But human thinks in limited terms so human may find some problems and obstacles but also found the solution as if a human found the solution in 10 days, AI bots found it in 1 minute or less. On the other hand, there are the bad cases: AI bots have no emotions or feelings. So this also affects the solution, because if someone wants to solve a big problem, for example in business, imagine that in addition to using the AI ​​bots, they need help to help them, the AI ​​will help them, to find all the data he wants to collect to solve this problem. On the other hand, if a person who wants to create a problem in the economy asks the human to give him data about something that is safe or protected from the government, the human will prevent him from collecting data, unlike the AI.

    1. Hi.
      Unfortunately I don’t agree with you in some points as you said that AI bots are good since human minds are limited from all sides and AI bots are better than human mind but in my opinion in this discussion AI bots will have one opinion and never never change it for any reason actually if you are right . But when you make decisions with a human you will have more than one opinion and as I make know I give you reasons for my opinion you may convinced or not it is your choice but you will think about what I say rather than AI bots.
      I hope you get my point.

  • I think having bots replace the actual Topical Talk team has advantages and disadvantages. A great example of my mixed opinion would be the next one: if a kid makes an excellent comment, the bot will simply point out the good statements that they wrote and just give them a star! "But that's what the Topical Talk team does, it's as simple as that!" Well I have a different point of view.
    I've seen a lot of great comments on the platform as well as interesting responses from the adult team, but these comments stood out to me for a reason: the team saw what the kids were lacking into and asked them personalized questions! This helps the students learn from their mistakes rather than simply earning stars for the good statements which, if you ask me, is the best way to learn and be more efficient!
    Another point I would like to make is the fact that, I personally write comments based on my personal experiences and not just facts, things which a human being can appreciate, while a bot can't really realize why these feeling-based experiences or comments stand out to the humans and so, with the help of humans, I think students on the platform can think outside of the box and be more expressive!

  • I personally think the Student Hub is fine as it is now. I do not believe that AI bots would be a good replacement for humans. For example, if a student makes a comment where they also add some personal experiences, an AI bot will not be able to sympathize with the situation or relate to it in some way. Humans, however, will understand the feelings of that student, especially if it's related to a more sensitive topic. Also, since robots do not have a proper brain, they might give away stars randomly, which will be a disadvantage to some students who worked hard and made a high quality comment. Humans will give away stars in a rational way, based on their thoughts on that certain comment, and I also noticed that some moderators reply with questions to some comments, so students can expand and justify their answers.
    In conclusion, humans are irreplaceable by AI bots, at least in the role of a moderator. Maybe an AI bot might be suitable for answering students' questions. For example, if a student can't log in, they can ask the robot for a detailed explanation about what they should do.

  • In my opinion, I think that it would be a bad idea for AI bots to replace real adults on the Hub, because AI does not have proper feelings, being neutral, so AI would just generate an answer and post it, meanwhile humans would think of a perfect answer for the students comments, so that they can match their feelings.
    Also, an AI would just generate an answer and post it, while the adults would also ask you questions, to make you think harder.

  • It would be a bad thing if the real adult on the hub are replaced by AI bots because if the humans are replaced By AI bots, there will be no job opportunities left for adults to take.
    Thus this will make the adults so lazy and Job less so I think the adults on the hub should not be replaced by AI

    1. You made a good point about AI bots taking job opportunities, can you think of an industry where it could help without replacing human jobs?

      1. AI has the potential to augment human intelligence and improve productivity in many industries without replacing human jobs . Here are some examples:
        1.Healthcare: AI can help healthcare professionals diagnose diseases, develop treatment plans, and monitor patient health.
        2.Education: AI can help teachers personalize learning experiences for students, provide feedback on student work, and identify areas where students may need additional support .
        3.Manufacturing: AI can help manufacturers optimize production processes, reduce waste, and improve quality control .
        4.Retail: AI can help retailers improve inventory management, personalize customer experiences, and optimize pricing strategies .
        5.Finance: AI can help financial institutions detect fraud, automate routine tasks, and provide personalized investment advice .
        In each of these industries, AI can help humans work more efficiently and effectively, while also improving the quality of products and services. By working together with AI, humans can focus on tasks that require creativity, empathy, and critical thinking, while leaving routine tasks to machines .

        1. I agree because AI will help in other places like:
          Agriculture: To perform tasks like fruit picking.Eg. Agrobot
          Military: To perform tasks like discarding bombs. Eg. The Jaguar
          Space: To perform tasks like exploring outer space. Eg. Curiosity Rover
          Entertainment : To perform tasks like entertaining guests. Eg. Aibo the robot dog.
          Household: To perform tasks like cooking meals . Eg. Moley Robotics' Robot Kitchen

    2. I disagree because... this is not the only job in the world and I don't think someone would be lazy when they are replaced. This means they are not going to get payed unless they have an aside job. Imagine you are a teacher for a living and the head of the school comes up to you and says," I am sorry, but you are fired since AI has replaced you". And you have no other job. Will this make you lazy?

  • I think that it will be a very bad thing, because for example kids in schools will miss the real face of the teachers and the friendship

    1. You made a good point about missing face-to-face with teachers, can you think of two more negative effects it could have on teaching?

      1. Hi,
        I agree that online learning has some drawbacks compared to face-to-face teaching. Some of the negative effects are:
        - It is harder for students to focus on the lessons when there are many distractions at home.
        - It is more difficult to understand the concepts when there is no direct interaction with the teachers and classmates.
        - It is less likely to finish the course successfully when there is less motivation and guidance from the instructors. (Research shows that face-to-face classes have a much higher completion rate than online classes).
        - It is less enjoyable and effective to learn in an isolated environment than in a social one with peers.
        - It is less informative and expressive to communicate through text and video than through body language and voice.
        - It is less beneficial and enriching to miss the chance to collaborate, solve problems, and network with other students from diverse backgrounds.

    2. Of course, it's important to consider different perspectives on this issue. If you disagree with the notion that integrating artificial intelligence into education would be a negative thing, you might argue that AI has the potential to enhance the learning experience in various ways. For example, AI-powered educational tools can provide personalized learning experiences tailored to each student's needs and abilities, helping to address individual learning gaps and promote academic success. Additionally, AI can offer access to a vast array of educational resources and materials that may not be readily available in traditional classrooms, thereby enriching the learning environment and expanding educational opportunities.

  • Introducing AI, on the hub will be beneficial as it can accurately find more resources. Allowing precise stars rating based on post quality. With direct internet access, it's kind efficiently such numerous resources, easing the mentors cross-checking processes.
    Thank you for considering this improvement.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts creative_personality👍! Introducing AI on the hub sounds like a fantastic idea. The ability to accurately find and evaluate resources, as well as provide precise star ratings based on post quality, could significantly enhance the overall user experience. The efficiency gained through direct internet access would optimize the mentors' cross-checking processes. Your suggestion is much appreciated and has the potential to bring about valuable improvements.