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i think it is correct because they are trying to do some thing to help improve society and save... Weekly Competition #36 10/6/19
however their might be a different reason why this crisis is happening maybe it is just the... Weekly Competition #36 10/6/19
i do not think they should look over the wall because it is not their wall and people need privacy Weekly Competition #30 30/4/19
an example of indirect democracy is Trumps wall because know one got to decide how they felt about this Weekly Competition #28 04/4/19
in our school we have a worry box and if you are worried you can write your worry and every... Weekly Competition #27 26/3/19
my headline is ...deal or no deal Weekly Competition #26 22/3/19
my headline is brexit beakdown Weekly Competition #26 22/3/19
i feel angry because this violence is causing so many deaths Weekly Competition #3 22/9/18
don't judge a book by its cover Weekly Competition #3 22/9/18