Weekly Competition #3

28 September 2018

wonderful_argument and beloved_chocolate!

Congratulations to our primary school and secondary school winners! It was a tough week to judge, with a whole host of emotions being shown by the Burnet News Club, so well done to everyone who entered. Our winners used their storytelling skill marvellously by keeping their entries focused on just one or two feelings and unravelling them. They also included the events in Myanmar which helped to tell the story and put their emotions in context.

The winning entries are shown below in orange.

News stories can involve lots of emotions.

The people affected by the events will be feeling different things and the people reading the story can have an emotional response too.

This week, we would like you to think about the Myanmar news stories. How do they make you feel? Write your emotion and a brief description of how you feel and why.
The best entries will use the storytelling skill to help other people understand their feelings.

For example: Nervous. I feel nervous when I read stories about Myanmar because it is unclear how things will be resolved. This makes me worried for the people who have fled their homes and scared that they will have to live in unsafe conditions.

Winners will be announced on Friday. Good luck!

Comments (106)

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  • Shocked and Disappointed. I feel shocked and disappointed when I discover the latest news about Myanmar because I never knew wars and conflicts were currently happening so I instantly felt shocked about the issue. I also felt disappointed because I didn't realise just how cruel our planet is and that for most people, freedom and peace is extremely hard to grant.

  • Grateful and disgusted. I feel grateful because I have never had to live in those conditions and we are all very lucky to be well and have homes that we can feel safe in. I feel disgusted because people are having to live in these conditions, one of the main leaders of Myanmar, Aung Sang Suu Kyi, has yet to do anything about this issue.

  • we feel disapointed that people do not get treated the same because they speak a different language .

    1. Maybe they are doing this to the Rohingya people because the Rohingya people might have done something to the people that are firing their country (Mayanmar). Probly the people might want revenge on the Rohingyas!

  • They make me feel that they should be treated the same way as any one else . My emotion is feeling worried for these people and feel they survive . I feel this because the Myanmar people may suffer or struggle to live in these conditions . My last observation is that they should be as free as any one else .

  • They make me feel that they should be treated the same way as any one else . My emotion is feeling worried for these people and feel they survive . I feel this because the Myanmar people may suffer or struggle to live in these conditions . My last observation is that they should be as free as any one else .

  • my emotion are really upset because they are suffering for shelter clean water .Also i feel sorry for them .

  • i feel worried as some of them are brave enough to die at sea

  • Many Rohingya people have bean fled out there homes and now made refugees because suu kyi kicked the Rrohingya people out of there homes.

  • In Myanmar there is a crisis, this makes me feel furious because no one is doing anything about it.People are having to flee their homes,They are being persecuted by the police and are risking there lives crossing the ocean. do you agree with me?

  • i feel a bit emotional because she persecuted a lot of people of Rohingya and now they are refuges and have to go to travel .In my opinion Aung San Suu Kyi should not of threaten them

  • i feel a bit emotional because she persecuted a lot of people of Rohingya and now they are refuges and have to go to travel .In my opinion Aung San Suu Kyi should not of threaten them

  • I felt gloomy and sad 😢for the people when I heard what was happening while we were living normally they were living a refuges.I don't understand what was happening in Myanmar and why.

  • Loads of people living in Myanmar are constantly being fled out of their houses, and people are not really worrying about it too much. In my opinion and in many other peoples opinions, there should be a change to it, and soon.

  • In Myanmar ,there is a crisis and I feel Emotional because they have to be forced to leave there country;they are going to take the risk to die at sea to escape.

  • Angry.
    I feel angry because these people have done absolutely nothing but live their life and now they have to leave their home. The worst bit is that the country they are being forced to flee to is poor so they are struggling to live even
    without all of the refuges that now live there.
    Aung San Suu Kyi ,who won a award for peace, didn't do a thing about Myanmar's refuges and left them to the police.
    She didn't talk about it for along time and left to the United Nations, then she blamed it on the refuges who attacked
    the police.
    No matter what religion you follow or where you are from we all have the same rights!

  • I would be disgusted, stressed and angry it’s is awful how they judge people by their religion and for the state counsellor to say it was terrorists that started it is not right it’s not their fault that their being kicked out of their own country because of their religion :(

  • Aung San Suu Kyi should start being to stand up for her country and said something about it and don’t blame the people when they did it after because the army did it first so they did it back so they were even steven.

  • Nervous and angry
    All that those poor people have done is live their life. The should not be disturbed since they have not been disturbing anyone.

  • i think avrey one shooed hav sheallter

  • I think that we shod help the poor and give them homes so we shod help them

  • I feel really upset because Aung San Suu Kyi is blaming the people who are being forced to leave the only home they’ve know because of the army and their leader is just sitting there doing absolutely nothing about it and she said she needs to bring Peace but instead she’s just driving everyone apart and forcing people to leave the country and their home and somebody needs to do something about it and make it STOP. The leader knows this has been happening for a long time but she still doesn’t do anything about it and people are upset angry and are willing to fight back and fight for their lives and their country!😡

  • I feel disgusted about what is happening and I feel that the state counsellor is doing nothing about it and that makes me feel ashamed. I just can’t get over that people are being made to leave there country just because of there religion it is apauling. I feel sorry for the citizens as it is not there fault.
    I also think that the sate counsellor should do more to help her people or she is as bad as the army...

  • My hart dropped when found out when Myanmar was in great danger!!!!!!!

  • If i were them i would feel like i need to keep trying and be successful in life.

    1. I feel bad for them. I hope they can be able to come into our country and be really safe. I feel bad because even Aung San Suu Kyu (their leader) hasn’t done anything about it. I feel it is abit strange because Buddhist people are against suffering and they are the ones who are actually causing the problem.

  • I feel shocked and confused about what is happening to the Rohingya. This is because it is a devastating situation and the leader of Myamar dosent even care.Personaly, I think that we should be helping them because this is our world and we need to do something about it. I would be glad if our country would be able to let them in. However, i dont think that the council can house all these people. On the other hand, the Rohingya are buddists who want peace but they are suffering!

  • I feel very devastated but also bewildered because this is a very serious issue as it includes an issue that has been occurring many times in our world.I think that this is an issue that need to be heard , however hearing this issue is one thing but solving it easier said than done so that causes a sense of bewilderment in me.Also i do not understand how there leader won the noble peace price but is causing suffering .

  • I feel very confused because the Rohingya people say they want peace but they just carry on the war and don't show any peace.

  • I think it’s extremely sad but at the same time confusing because things like this shouldn’t be happening across the world and we wouldn’t like it if it happened to us. Also it’s confusing because nobody else is doing anything about the situation.The Rohingya’s are being forced to move from their country.

  • I feel depressed for the poor people around the world because they are being fled away from their homes. They are literally being sent to different countries and are sent away from their homes if they were lucky to have one. People are disrespecting Rohingya and are accusing them of being the terrorists and them starting everything.

    1. I totally feel depressed about them having to leave their country and having to live in camps but maybe it's their fault why this is happening!People don't just go and pick on a country to destroy there has to be a reason why the people are doing this to them!?

  • I feel very sad and scared, I feel these way because what is the point of them living when they are only just there to stay in their country, when then they just go and get forced to a different country. They say they want peace and the government and the leader don't give pease. There is no point for you to just donate because the government can be dogey...and they can go and just take the money and say that they didn't receive the money.

  • I feel as if it’s unfair because they are living in a democracy and so are we but our democracy is different because we are living in peace and they are discriminating other religons because they only want Buddhism religion in Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi wants peace but disastrous things are happening !!

    1. Aung San Suu Kyi might want peace but she doesn't show any peace they just carry it on!

  • I feel disgusted when I read the stories about the Myanmar Problem. It is so cruel how one group is treated so badly from another. It is absurd. The military and other bases are forcing these people out of their homes that they have been in their whole lives. I can't get my head round it. I can understand what they are feeling because I am black. People used to call me names but I decided that I wouldn't care about what other people think. Finally, those people slowly started to get bored of me because I did not pay them any mind. However, I could never imagine what they are going through right now. I just hope those people in Myanmar will have the same mind-set as me so they can keep carrying on and never giving up. I certainly wish this injustice will stop.

    1. Brilliant storytelling skills here, modest_boysenberry, well done for setting a high standard in this week's competition!

  • I feel disappointed that the world has not learnt from it's mistakes.
    I feel angry that people think they can get away with doing awful things.
    I feel lucky that I'm in a country that has never had a genocide.
    I feel scared because I know there is hatred here too.

    1. I understand what you mean, but it’s not okay that you feel happy about crisis even though it’s not where you live.

  • I feel shocked and devastated that people like the Rohingyas have to go through such life changing horrible things. It isn't right. I also feel frustrated at the army making the people flee because they are burning down the Rohingyas homes and villages they should all be punished for what they have done and what thy are doing.

  • i feel shocked because the rohinga are being treated differently just because they are Muslim

    i feel angry because the military are killing people and setting fire to rohinga villages for no reason

    i feel happy that this crisis is not happening where i live .

    i feel disappointed that people can do such thing

    1. I agree because no one should have to live like that!!!

  • I feel very selfish because I’m always bragging to my mum and dad about I want this and I want that but the Rohingyas don’t even have toilets and showers some don’t even have homes.

  • i feel very distraught about how people treat the Rohingya people.The people are only Muslims and that doesn't mean that they can treat them different!

  • But is not only the people that are bothering the Rohingya people it's the Rohingya people themselves!They think that they are stopping it , but actually they are carrying it on!

  • I feel disappointed more is not being done about the Myanmar incident

  • In Myanmar there is a grotesque crisis because the Rohingyas are being treated like animals just because they are Muslims. I really don't think this is fair for them because they are being called Bengalis also they have to flee their homes just for a silly reason.

  • I fee irritated as this has happened for many years now and to the kind, passionate people that don't deserve it!
    I'm also blazing as no one has stepped in to help this including, what they thought beloved, loving leader turned out to be nothing but useless to this situation as she has only mentioned this issue a few times! Why wouldn't she help? Every one of them people could change the world. They're only human!

  • I feel angry because the state counsellor is not doing any thing and i think that the people of Rohinga are suffering. I feel so disgusted that they are being treated badly . Surely they should be allowed to stay where they want . If Muslims want to believe in their religion they can and so can Buddhists but all people should be treated equally whoever they are where ever they come from.

  • I feel angry because the state counsellor is not doing any thing and i think that the people of Rohinga are suffering. I feel so disgusted that they are being treated badly . Surely they should be allowed to stay where they want . If Muslims want to believe in their religion they can and so can Buddhists but all people should be treated equally whoever they are where ever they come from.

  • I feel devestated that I can't help this miserable crisis
    I feel worried for their coming future as there`s no high possibility this will go right especially if people stay in there wicked judge-mental ways
    I feel deeply disgusted that people are really capable of doing these things when I hear it on the news
    I feel good when I hear about the UN because I know they can help
    I feel over-wellmed that war is not in this country so I can be any religion,race and gender
    I feel joyous that Bangladesh is helping all the Rohingyas and they're also in great trouble but are doing all they can

  • i feel angry because this violence is causing so many deaths

  • don't judge a book by its cover

    1. No one should judge anything by how they look, how they walk or how they talk.

  • I feel so appalled when I her about the devestating news on the internet. As people don't really respect what's going on in this part of Myanmar, they take it for a joke which it is certainly not. Also the military is setting fire to people's home which is not necarsary. They are supposed to be saving people. Or fighting for their counrty, not building destruction to innocent peoples lives.

    In addition to this, I feel like nothing has been discussed or put great thought into what's happening to the Rohingya.

    Despite the fact that they speak a different language and are Muslim they still have to be put somewhere they don't belong. I can't believe what our world has come to. I feel annoyed that many people have neglected what is going on.

  • I feel very disappointed with the international teams for not sorting out the Myanmar problem. I feel guilty because I think that people take the way that they can live for granted. I feel quite shocked that all the Rohingya refugees aren't going to any other countries that are on the Myanmar border like Thailand instead of Bangladesh so it doesn't get to over- populated.

  • I feel furious and frustrated about what is happening in Rohinga because many people ( innocent people) are dying because of this. Also, I feel frustrated because I cannot do anything to help this crisis. If this were happening in England, this would not have happened for such a stretch of time. The military is destroying the place and its reputation. Also, people are being forced to leave a country they have known to the unknown and Aung San Suu Kyi is doing nothing to prevent it from happening despite whatever she says. Everyone should be treated equally not just like animals that the military are hunting. It gives a sad shudder to think that a person can cause such violence.

  • Erroneous and immoral. I completely disagree with what's going on in Myanmar; how can the Rohingya be discriminated in their own country simply due to their beliefs. Because of the crisis in Myanmar hundreds of thousands of Myanmarese are being forced to immigrate to Bangladesh who struggle to provide food and shelter for it's own citizens let alone the Rohingya. I believe that as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi should take more action to defend the Rohingya, unless of course she too discriminates against them (which would explain why the military became involved) in which case she should surely have her Nobel Prize revoked.

    However I also believe it not to be right to ignorantly judge the moral standards of the Myanmarese since of course we do not know the entire philosophy and reason regarding why this is happening especially since racism and discrimination happens in our own countries as well, even if it is not to the extent of the Myanmarese. But, yes I do absolutely agree that some action must be taken.

  • I was heart broken to hear the incident that took place in Myanmar.It is so dismal to hear that there are people in the world who have to move to another country because of war and persecution that is happening in their country.Furthermore, the citizens of Myanmar are also trying to escape their country by dangerous routes. I am also devastated to hear that the army is forcing people to flee their country and that the army is burning down the the houses and buildings of Rohingya. In my opinion, I think that people should accept others of their own culture , race and beliefs because how would you feel if you were discriminated of having different beliefs to another person?I would personal feel miserable.

  • Upset, disappointed and angry. That's how I feel when I hear about the news concerning Myanmar. I feel upset because there's thousands of people having to leave their homes, face the ridicule and abuse from other people who live in the exact same country, in the exact same environment as them. Nobody should have to go through this if they haven't done anything wrong! The first three articles of the declaration of human rights show that this is not okay.
    1. We Are All Born Free & Equal. We are all born free. We all have our own thoughts and ideas. We should all be treated in the same way.

    2. Don’t Discriminate. These rights belong to everybody, whatever our differences.

    3. The Right to Life. We all have the right to life, and to live in freedom and safety.

    The Declaration of human rights was created for the benefit of all humans. It was made so that all humans can live equally and fairly. There is obviously still people in this world who don't want to follow those rules and feel that they don't have to follow those rules, that is why we have the problems we are having today like Myanmar for example.

    I feel disappointed because Aung San Suu Kyi is human rights activist and when you're human rights activist your job is to do what's best for all people not just for a certain group and she has done and amazing job hence the reason why she got a Nobel Peace Prize but over the last year she has stopped working as hard as she could have to help the people of Myanmar and that is affecting them greatly. She can't just stop working hard and expect everything to work out itself. That's not how problems work. The person who has created the problem Or is involved in the problem has to find a way to solve the problem whether it benefits them personally or not . She needs to get up and start doing her job. Thousands of people we are relying on her and still are. She can't give up now.

    I feel angry because the people don't have a say like we do. They can't change the governments minds. They don't have the freedom of speech. It's like they've got duck tape slapped over themselves preventing them from speaking and revealing their thoughts. No one should ever have to feel this way. If this was happening to someone close to me I would be absolutely furious.

    I could never even imagine living in a country where nearly everyone wants me to leave it. It just shows how we take where we live for granted. The U.K may not be the best place to live when it comes to weather and safety, but, what place is? It is nowhere near as bad as Myanmar and we should be thankful for that. The people of Myanmar can only dream of ever living here.

    I got the first three articles of the Declaration of human rights from : youthforhumanrights.org

    1. Well done for adding the reference here (where you got your information from) and for giving clear reasons for your emotion. Good job!

  • Despite the Myanmar crisis being terrible and shocking the publicity will help to get the problem resolved or at least reduced to a minor problem this makes me relived that there is a chance of help for the poor citizens of the country who have to leave their homes.

  • Its very concerning the the Mayanmar crisis just gets worse and worse. We fell that the country is very corrupt and that Aung san suu kyi should take action as leader. Its terribly sad that the Rohingya people are forced to flee the country, we are upset and would feel worried that there will be an upcoming war due to all the violence. We think they must feel threatened as Myanmar is now not providing equality to the Rohingya people.

  • I felt dreadful and shocked when I have heard of the stories, how would you feel if you were one of them.Imagine if a group of people treats you badly and criticises your home country, you will just feel that you have to leave because of discrimination. It so stressful for them to because you go to a new place, you don't know the way around, don't know the money, you will just be upset, because it would have been so difficult.

  • This is wrong I really think they are so mean it’s making me sicker be the minute 🤢 it’s so wrong. Me and my friends both agree that the army is in the bad here...🤮 Who lees agrees with me!

    1. digital_brian, I totally agree with you. The army are way too strong and need to be stopped. Thankfully, I read that some of the army had been arrested for setting a fire on a Rohinga village, killing loads of people.

  • I feel upset,annoyed and frustrated because people have to flee from their own country when it’s not even their fault,innocent people (and even babies who haven’t lived their lives yet)have died and no one is doing anything about this terrible cause!Innocent people and babies are getting killled forno reason!

  • I felt really sorry for the the people who are going through this crisis because they do not deserve what is happening in THEIR own country. Also I am disappointed that this situation has not been addressed properly. People have to know about what is happening in this country,Myanmar and help. Why should the Myanmar people be forced to go back to Bangladesh ? We need to start a revolution... Now !

  • I am shocked about this crisis, how nobody has stood up for these poor ,poor people; this makes me devastated. I just don’t understand why the people of Myanmar are being treated this way. Also I am disappointed that this situation has not been addressed yet. They do not deserve what is happening in their country; how these people are being treated differently just because of their culture. They are just ordinary people living their lives, like any normal human being. I am worried things won’t be done to resolve this issue and Aung san suu kyi must try harder. I think equality is the most important thing in the human race. I am disappointed in the world we live in today.

    1. Harmonious_seahorse, I gave you a star because you gave lots of reasons that unfolded like a story. Well done!

  • I am disappointed to hear that this issue has not been addressed properly and some of the people who live in Myanmar are treated differently and wrongly because of their culture. Bangladesh should not have to share unnecessary equipment to other people who shouldn’t need to move out of THEIR OWN COUNTRY!

  • I feel sad because all of these people are being persucuted for beliving in a certain religion. It's like the old times ware people were being beheaded for beliving in a different religion as the Monarch. The world is going back to the tudor times. IT HAS TO CHANGE!

  • I feel disgusted and furious but also thankful. I feel thankful that we live in a country where this sort of prejudice does not happen widely, and where we have a fair and democratic view of all people, no matter where they come from, what they look like or what they believe in, and that they have they equal rights. I am very angry about what is happening in Myanmar as I believe that all people should have the right to freedom and safety, and not to be judged be how they look or their religion, but as equal citizens. I am disgusted that the Rohingya are being treated this way, the military is acting horribly, they have even killed innocent, defenceless children, which has no explanation and is NOT RIGHT. Something should be done about this crisis as this is absolutely horrible, and people are being persecuted, killed and made to leave their homes just because they are not Buddhist and speak a different dialect. They are just ordinary people who believe something different and should be allowed to lead a normal life. It is not fair and SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE!

  • Why is Aung San Suu Kyi doing to her country? First she suddenly blames it on the terrorists ,saying that they are the who are causing these problems. I disagree and I think she is only saying that because she thinks that people will love her more ; people do not know that they are hurting the innocent people which they think are "guilty".

  • Betrayed, helpless and heartbroken. Betrayed: I feel betrayed as a human by the fact that we all breath the same air,we all live the same time and we all live on the same planet yet there are such differences between us. We have stability,food,water and a roof over our heads yet in other parts of the world like myranmar. Is it fair that we live in a society where the world accepts that innocent family’s have to worry about a roof over their heads? No, I don’t believe it is which also leads in to my point of being heartbroken due to the desperation caused by the same species. It’s not fair and it’s acceptable and tolerated because (realistically) it shouldn’t be.
    Lastly, I feel helpless due to my position of control in this situation. Meaning that I don’t feel that I can do anything about this situation apart from raise higher awareness of this disappointing situation. I would like to spread word and I hope that everyone else will to.
    To conclude, I am strongly oppinionated about this and I feel that it will be an interesting subject to work with. Thank you for your time!

  • In my opinion, the existing problem in Myanmar is totally a cultural and ethnic issue which the ethnic minority called Rohingya Muslims who are suffering, which the majority population in Myanmar are discriminating the minority people in violent way which led this minority people getting killed, beaten , getting their homes burnt, destroying their freedom to live and fleeing them from their own lands to a neighbouring country called Bangladesh. The outside world only being so sorry, sad and just looking at it but does nothing to solve this problem to help the Rohingya Muslims, ‘’which is similar to a person drowning in the water and screaming for help but the people on the land are just looking at the drowning person and feeling heartbroken and sorry for him but does not act to help the drowning person.’’
    If we look at the history of Myanmar, the country has a brutal military government for a long time and still that military government is controlling the total country. However, the only changes done to this country is having a leader called Aung-San-Suu-Kyi who was in house arrest for a long period of time against the brutal Myanmar military government and now, she does not have any power to solve this actual ethnic problem at all. In my opinion, the country put her to be the leader, just to stop the economic sanctions from the outside world, which these sanctions makes the country becoming poorer and the Myanmar is now one of the poorest and undeveloped countries in the world.
    My idea of a solution is to gather all of the countries in the world with not only talk and sorry about this problem but also finding a true solution to the problem. No one in the world born to getting killed, beaten, and discriminated from any one. Therefore, the outside world first have to discuss in a serious meeting with the Myanmar government to stop this internal violence completely and ask them that if they cannot solve this internal problem without any violence so that the outside world send peace-keeping force to stop the violence completely. Also outside world can help to educate the common citizens in Myanmar, teaching them what the importance of humanity and importance of how to live with neighbours peacefully is without violence to make Myanmar a better and wealthy country without destroying their own lands and wealth.

    1. This is a comment that could spark some good discussion. I'd suggest putting it under another BNC member's post rather than in this competition, which asks for something very specific.

  • I am distraught about this crisis it's appalling crisis it's disappointing how this is a situation in this modern day. How is it that we have stability and comfort from family's and friends yet they have nothing. How is this fair? How is it tolerated? And why is it still an existing issue?

  • This make me so disappointed, because people all deserve the best in life it should not be treated differently. Its not fair how anyone could me so mistreated. In this day and age i would think people should have learnt by now how everyone should be treated!! Its such a disappointment!

  • I feel pity and anger. I feel pity because the Rohingya people in Myanmar are being hurt and forced to flee their homes just because of their ethnicity, I would hate to be in their shoes, I would hate to be forced to either flee my home, the place I love and the place I have built a life in or die. They must be so upset and unhappy. I wish that they weren't in this situation, I feel sorry for them. I feel angry because the leaders of Myanmar are not doing anything about it, the Rohingya people are suffering and no one is trying to stop it. It's just infuriating that these people are being hurt whilst it seems like nothing is being done about it, I'm angry that there is such inaction, that no one in Myanmar seems to care about the Rohingya people's suffering.

  • It makes me feel upset that some people dedicate their lives to destroy others peoples. It doesn't make sense why this issue hasn't been resolved? Why can't everyone just respect who and what we are. We are the only living creature that kills its own species (not for food). After all, we are all human. Its just that some people just don't respect that.

  • I feel heart broken when I read something about Myanmar because it is sad that people are being foresd to flee their home .How would you feel if you were attacked at your home and how will you feel if you have less health and care that you have here and you are worrying what clothes to wear tomorrow . You should start thinking about the real world wether then what to wear tomorrow think about the situations in the outside world.

  • I feel really devastated because 70,000 people from Myanmar 🇲🇲 have been fleeing from their village and I believe that their healthcare and clothes are not good enough for them because people called Rohinngya who live in Rakhine have been firing peoples village and over 1million people died so that’s I am sad

  • I feel shocked and disgusted. I fell shocked because Myanmar's leader Aung Sam Syu Kyi has yet done anything about this crisis. I feel disgusted because they are not letting other religions come home town and they are being predjudice to people with other religions.

  • I feel shocked and disgusted. I feel shocked because Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi has yet done anything about this crisis. I feel disgusted because they are not letting other religions live with them and they are being predjudice.

  • I think people really suffer in Myanmar because some have to leave their homes and it is shocking that they may never be able to return again,I think the leader Aung San Suu Kyi needs to do a better job at helping Myanmar

    1. I think that she is trying her best at her job and if I was in her position I would take your comment as offensive and upsetting but we are all entitled to our own opinion so don't take my comment too bad or bad at all

      1. I think that you are totally correct and that everyone has their own opinions.

  • I feel mad😡Because why does it matter if someone is different? We are all humans you don’t need to kill them for nothing. They can’t change how they look or speak and I feel sad ☹️because innocent people are getting killed.

  • I’m not at all happy because then the builders have to make more space also because then they have to build more homes then that is more space and then every where will be packed.

  • I feel disappointed and shocked that this is happening in the modern day. We were told that from the war nothing like this would ever happen again. The world made a promise and it's been broken. In the words of the Broadway play Hamilton "The world's turned upside down!" It is disgraceful that these people are being discriminated for their religion and I feel ashamed that Myanmarese society has succumbed to this act of mass genocide. It gives you a headache even trying to comprehend what these poor persecuted people are going through. It makes me angry that the rest of the world aren't intervening. People are obviously being slaughtered and sent away from their home country. It is absurd that people discriminate because of religion. The Rohingya muslims should NOT be mistreated for their beliefs. They should NOT be mistreated because they are different in the way they speak or look. It is taken for granted that we live in such a diverse country where people are not openly persecuted for their faith or race. Thinking deeply about this subject, I have decided that I am greatly thankful that the community where I live is so harmonious and people get along without thinking about religion or race. It is not good enough that Aung San Suu Kyi has done nothing about the situation. I also feel confused as to why this devastation is not being publicised- when has the mainstream media ever shown this to the public.700,00 people and counting is such a large amount, surely we (as curious viewers) should have been informed about this.

  • Tears erupt from mirthless faces across our planet. Inconsolable parents watch as their babies are torn from their lives. Peace is but a term, out of grasp from all; how can someone feel harmonious whilst thousands are murdered. Genocide.

    My mind wrenches and I will burden this anger for eternity. As some of us are fortunate to live in this artificial paradise painted by the media. Whilst others swarm in reality. A colourless picture depicting a world where survival is for those who are lucky.

  • I felt very sorrowful and disappointed of people when I heard this issue. People with differences should be respected for if we had no differences and we all looked the same the world would be boring as no one would be unique.

  • I feel shocked and angry because of the fact that one thing Buddhists pride themselves on is being the stereotypical happy and peaceful people yet you see them discriminating other Myanmarese citizens. Ten percent of the country are Rohingya Muslims; it is their religion and culture. They are still citizens of Myanmar and should be treated as such. The reason I feel angry is mainly due to the fact that Buddhists refuse to consider the the Rohingya people as Myanmarese because of their race and ethnicity despite the fact that they have lived in Myanmar for generations which I find disgusting. Furthermore, Aung San Suu Kyi - a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and leader for peace in Myanmar - has not spoken out against this which is horrible considering her actions for peace and in August 2018 has in fact blamed the terrorists.

  • I am quite surprised that Aung San Suu Kyi has been so dismissive about this: I think it is very ironic for a human rights activist. It is appalling how the 90% are treating the other 10%: they have lived in Myanmar for decades and, in my opinion, it is very disrespectful and irresponsible how they have treated them. It is very irritating when people ignore things that are happening like that and I hope she can fix the problem soon.

  • I am deeply upset because this event is ruining the lives of over half a million people that are rightful citizens to Myanmar just because of their religion (Islam). I am also deeply worried because this is effecting two different countries (Myanmar and Bangladesh), and the country of which the Rohingya people are fleeing to Bangladesh, which is a poor country, so it will not be able to fully support all of the people coming for refuge in it, and then the refugees will go to different countries and more and more places will be effected. There would be chaos as people try to build more houses and cities for the refugees quicker and quicker, then food would be a problem (even though it already is) and people would also go thirsty (even though that is ALSO a problem) and people would die, just because they were a different religion. This injustice should not stand, but we must not make an aggressive approach because this could cause a war. Instead we should be diplomatic, discuss topics with the Myanmar government such as poverty increase in neighbouring countries and Human Rights which all people deserve, citizen or not. Whilst we discuss the situation with the Myanmar Government, organisations such as the UN should send support, money and supplies to the countries housing the refugees.

  • I feel so frustrated that the Rohingya people in Myanmar are getting treated so terribly. It isn't right how they are being punished to be proud of their religion. Just imagine evacuating your home country because some selfish people are not respecting you. This situation is getting so bad that they are dying every day from trying to escaped as a result they are risking there lives. Refugee camps are trying their best to help these poor, innocent human beings. The leader Aung San Suu Kyi needs to step up and face the problems that are happening in her country. She has won a Nobel Peace prize and surely this has been for a good reason. So why is she not doing something about it? Buddhism is supposed to be a peaceful religion, not a violent one.

  • Frustrated and Disgusted. In Myanmar, innocent citizens (who have the legal right to be in that country) are being prosecuted and killed by the very people who are supposed to be protecting them. The police and the government. This means that the Rohingya people have no way to stop being subject to this racist regime except fleeing their homes and going to live in unhygienic and dangerous camps. This is unacceptable as it violates their human rights (Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Expression). Also, the fact that it is people in the Buddhist faith that are oppressing the Rohingya is disgusting. They are being hypocritical as they are supposed to be a peaceful religion. Action needs to be taken by the parties involved (the government, the police and the UN) NOW.

    1. I forgot to add my sources for the post so I will do so now.
      Human right sources: I got article 18, 19 and 25 from "www.youthforhumanrights.org".
      And additionally, another human right is article 25 (the right to food and shelter for all).The Rohingya people are being deprived of that as they flee from their homes.

  • I feel furious and sad. I feel furious because no one should discriminated because of their race, culture or religion. I also feel furious because the Aung San Suu Kyi is the de facto president did not do much, she is the 'leader' and should do more about it. In my opinion I think the United Nations should come together and do more to help some innocent lives who are being discriminated just because of their religion. Buddhism is the -stereotypical- calm and peaceful religion who believe on deeper insight of life. In Myanmar if 90% of the population are Buddhists then why are they attacking Rohingya Muslims. I also feel sad because the Rohingya muslims have to flee their country because of their religion even if they are citizens. Those people are risking their lives and fleeing to Bangladesh where the conditions are also not great. In Bangladesh they have their own financial problems.

  • I am extremely shocked, upset and disappointed about this crisis: no one has stood up for these people and this cause has not been addressed properly. It disappoints and shocks me how humanity still discriminate other people just because of their race, dialect or religion. This is not acceptable and should not happen; everyone should have the right to freedom and to their own beliefs. The Rohingya are being disgustingly persecuted and cruelly treated and this is truly upsetting. They are being treated this way because they are in the minority of a 90% Buddhist country. Buddhism is usually seen as a very peaceful religion and to be persecuting people is not seen as something Buddhists would do. The most shocking part in this crisis for me is how these refugees ‘Would rather die than go back’ to THEIR country of suffering. This shows how bad the crisis is, something must be done!

  • I strongly believe that any form of violence is completely wrong; what is currently going on in Myanmar disgusts me as the citizens that are performing these acts of severe violence are Buddhists, a religion that is thought to be one of the most peaceful in the world. One of the things that really confuses me is that the current leader (state counsellor) of Myanmar - Aung San Suu Kyi - is a humans right activist and former Nobel Prize Winner. This would suggest that she should act upon the travesties that have been taking place in her country, and yet nothing has been done about it. Instead she is hiding away from the press and the media.

  • Adding onto my previous comment, I do think that Aung San Suu Kyi is under a lot of pressure and sometimes people can blame the leader before digging further in. It's not just her who needs to take action it's all of the civil servants. Another thing to point out is that I doubt that it is all of the 90% (or at least most of them) like the news is portraying: it is a city with millions of people so it very likely that there are some good people hidden in everybody else.

  • I am furious about what is happening at the moment in Myanmar, as innocent people are being persecuted, killed and driven out of their homes for who they are, what they believe in and the language they speak. I find this unfair as I believe that everybody should be considered equal, and have a right to live their life how they choose, not to be attacked because of what they look like, their religion or where they come from. I am worried because nobody is doing much about the problem, and if it is not solved soon, it could mean lots of trouble for the Rohingya, Bangladesh and Myanmar. I am also worried that if it is not sorted out soon, the Rohingya Muslims will never be able to live a peaceful life as they deserve to. I am hopeful that not many more innocent people will not be harmed. I am also relieved that we do not live in a country which has problems like this, such as genocide and ethnic cleansing. It is not right and should be stopped. I am confused at why the Myanmarese military are doing this, as it could have negative affect on them as well. I hope that it can be solved soon.

  • I feel shocked and disturbed that we even need to discuss how and why these people are prosecuted and abused in this way. They should be enjoying life and making the most of the resources of what we have; not be being forced out of their homes and countries for the opinions or ideas of others. People should all be treated the same no matter their religion, race skin color or beliefs.

  • ANGRY & CRESTFALLEN. I am indeed very angry and crestfallen because it is not fair what is happening to the Rohingya people .So many people have leave their homes and maybe they are losing some people who are part of their family.I would be really hurt if that was my family.

  • I think Myanmar are suffering quite a bit due to the fact that they are being forced out of their homes because the government are burning the houses just because Myanmar is speaking out for themselves . the government doesn't like what they are saying and life(because the government are burning and upsetting civilians house
    s and civilians) in Myanmar may never be the same again . May those people try and get there lives in Myanmar back because, where they are now is crowded and there's not enough room in the camps to take all those people.

  • I feel disappointed in the world. The Earth is a wonderful place but it is made bad by all the cruel people in this world like the people that are prosecuting the Rahingya group. What I don't understand is why people do such nasty things without a care in the world. When will there ever be justice? I was almost in tears reading about this situation. This is not fair. Someone needs to speak out.
    I need to speak out for what I believe in.
    I believe that somehow, some way we can make the world a better place.

  • i feel sorry for the people in Myanmar because they have suffered a lot for starters they had to be moved out their homes and do not have a much food

  • i feel bad because the people in Myanmar have suffered enough by having the military burn there houses down and forcing them to leave Burma (Myanmar)

  • i feel bad because the people in Myanmar have suffered enough by having the military burn there houses down and forcing them to leave Burma (Myanmar)

  • i feel incomplete because the world should be equil but it isn't so this makes me realise that the world needs to change and as it is for it to be a better place. i cant imagine what it would be like to live their life in fear and destruction. i would use the emoji with the crossed eyes and sad face.

  • I feel bad for the people that suffor in mymmar

  • The military shouldnt be attacking Myanmar

  • Why is this happening do u know the issue I do

  • Angry. The Myanmar crisis makes me feel so angry because I am sitting typing this, while somebody in Myanmar might be fleeing there home and having to leave there country to save their life. Leaders of the country should be taking responsibility for this horrendous situation, but not just questioning why it is happening but take some action. I wish that there was something that I could do to help. It is just a horrible situation and makes me so furious!

  • This is not good my heart is broken I am so shocked why military, why the people are suffering if it was you u, would not like it was you mums with baby's MILITARY NEED TO STOP

  • Shocked and disgusted. How could people make other people fell in such a way that they are forced to flee their homes? When I first head about the Myanmar crisis, I felt a horrific pain shoot up my spine. I do not understand how/why people are being so hurtful to citizens living in the same country. Making people flee their homes because their houses are getting destroyed, scaring them out to a different country, should not be allowed in any part of the world. I have never felt like this before, even writing like this makes me angry and disgusted, making me want to scream out loud. I feel especially bad to people who have lost their families and their houses, because of the wrong that other people are doing. IMAGINE IF THIS WAS YOU! I can not imagine how they are feeling right now and I hope that someone does something to stop this from affecting anymore people. IT NEEDS TO STOP!

  • My emotion is scared and confused. This is because I am a Muslim and I come from Bangladesh and sometimes I think that this could happen to me and I could get kicked out of England.

  • Vulnerable and enraged. So much death and destruction is happening in so many countries, and despite us having one of the best armed forces which can protect us against outside forces, knowing this means that the government and the military can easily turn against each other or turn their anger towards the people. Considering the way our political environment and economic state are going, this is becoming more and more of a possibility. Hundreds and hundreds of people could have to flee their homes, just as it is happening in countries like Myanmar and Syria, due to a overrunning and frankly disgusting war that should never have started. A war that could have been prevented if people had any kind of morals. Genocide is something that should never have started, and now forces are turning against each other in a way that results in mass killings and persecution. People are supposed to be protected by a series of global human rights, which are being ignored in more nations and resulting in more and more deaths. People turn their attention to petty pieces of news that could easily be forgotten without consequences, instead of mass killings and national crises.