Weekly Competition #30

08 May 2019


Photo credit: Matthew Nigel / Shutterstock.com

proactive_piccolo and easygoing_rabbit

Well done to everyone who entered this week's competition. There were some fantastic and imaginative answers, especially those that used the storytelling skill to write creatively. We loved the reasoning shown by our winners, the attention to detail and the link to human rights. Well done!


This week's competition focuses on the CURIOSITY and REASONING skills. Have a look at the photograph and choose one of the following questions to answer.

What's on the other side of the wall?


Should they be looking over the wall?

Winners will give good reasons and show a curious mind! The results will be announced on Friday. Good luck!

Comments (91)

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  • Personally, I don’t think they should be looking over a wall 24/7. I think people need privacy and sometimes people might not enjoy the company. Sometimes people might be paranoid about people looking over the wall to invade their privacy as they might not want anyone to see something they are doing. Overall I don't think it’s OK!

  • Over the wall is an enchanting forest( maybe a jungle) were you can have a one way adventure with Disney characters and have a go at surviving through the one way world!

    1. So here you are using your imagination so to uplift it so that it is not a bad thing nice idea benevolent_planet well done.

  • I believe that other people need privacy and us as the public need to respect that, also a lot of people don't do that and that is not alright.

  • I think they should and shouldn't be looking over the wall, because, maybe there is something or someone injured or hurt, but they also shouldn't look over the wall, because it might be something private. The people might think that there is some thing enchanted behind the wall because the are only children, but it might also be something dangerous, but you will never know, anything can be behind a wall.

  • In my opinion, they should not be constantly watching over them. They need their privacy. They might be doing a surprise for them, or anyone else. However, they just may not want it happening.

  • I do not believe that they should be looking over the wall. This is because one human right (I believe) is that 'we all have the right to privacy'. The people looking over the wall are making whoever is on the other side not have privacy.

    I believe that over the wall is a place of magic and wonder. Around the wall there is a golden glow which leads me to believe that, like in peter pan, on the other side of the wall is a pixie or fairy, or someone with pixie dust.

  • People build walls and other objects like fences to keep a mindset that you have your own privacy and don't always have to worry what other people think about you. Invading somebody's privacy is against the humans right and we should always treat people how you want to be treated, and treat everybody like family and respect everybody.

  • Question:Whats On The Other Side Of The Wall?
    crafty_context answer:I think that it could be their family or a relative which they lost or are very close to.I think this because They are looking quite quite and they are not waving their hands about to try to catch that persons attention or how you wave to someone to say 'hi.'

  • want is that over the well is that a pond foll of fish .

  • I think you shouldn't look over the wall because if you are stalking them it is not OK and you can hurt your self and they wont want want people to see the people over the wall

  • Personally, we can not see over there we can not confirm whats over there we do not know if they should be looking over ,but because the area has been walled off they shouldn't be looking over [because it is either off limits or private property- even though there are no sign in the picture not too look -besides people may get paranoid that people are stalking there property and invading there privacy.

  • I think you shouldn't look over the wall because it might be personal things or it might not be personal but it could be a trap or an ambush by animals if over the wall is a forest/jungle or it could be a secret passage to a special place that had never known before so we shouldn't look over something that you don't know

  • Beyond that wall could be so many different things:
    A path to true happiness and equality, a glass container full of all the cures to deadly diseases, a zoo full of animals you wouldn't of known existed or even a small wishing well where you would have one wish.

  • I personally think that they shouldn't look over the wall because there might have been a reason to build the wall for nobody to look over. Maybe they had to check the area incase any treacherous animals would be nearby or it would be for their own privacy. Everyone has a right to have privacy and it isn't always good if other people interupt and peek over. Somebody could have spotted them and chased after them if it was something special for them.

  • Walls are build to protect certain objects and people such as yourself or if you have a garden you will want to protect you plants and flowers. Trespassing into someone else's privacy and property is never necessary and wanted. I believe that everyone should have their some privacy and that anyone wouldn't want someone invading their privacy even the person who is invading someone else's privacy. This is what i think.

  • What is on the other side of the wall?
    I would pick that because if it is something that eye catching I then I woud like to know what is on the other side of the wall and if it is that good and in the picture those people are a looking then it is should be something probably good but that is my opinion.

  • I don't think that they should be looking over the wall because people have their own rights to have privacy and not constantly have people nosing over their wall. They must have built it for a reason and that reason might be that a family member has passed away and that they want to have some time together. People don't know what is happening on the other side of that wall therefore they shouldn't interfere and should leave the people on the other side alone. Also, it is quite rude to nose over somebody's wall and anything else that someone clearly built for some reason or another.

  • i think they shouldnt be looking over the wall because if i saw someone looking over into my backyard itd be very creepy and id call the police

  • Everything and nothing could be over that wall. It doesn't matter whats over the wall, it is what you thinks over the wall.
    It could be-
    A place where every mystical animal lives. There could be nothing or something. There are endless possibilities of what is over the wall.

  • I believe that they should not be looking over this wall. Whatever they are looking at could be embarrassing and private. A wall is there to show a border and how beyond that border is a person's own space and privacy. Also, if you are having to sit on some one else's shoulders to look at something you probably shouldn't be looking at it. To add, sometimes you can find out something that you did not want to from listening in to a conversation. For example, in Greek Mythology, Zeus gave Pandora a box and told her never to open it.However, the temptation got the better of her and she opened it, letting out sickness and death.This shows that bad things can happen when you do something you know is wrong.

  • I think that they are invading someone else privacy. They have ¨build a wall for a reason. Those who look over the wall really need to show some respect. Treat everybody how you want to be treated. They should NOT look over the wall.

  • there goal is over the wall and the wall is the thing holding them from getting here

  • The other side of the wall is much nicer than the side they are currently on and the fact that they are curious is just natural. I think that if my neighbour had a beautiful garden like that I would be curious and want to look over. As a result, i think people do still deserve privacy and I would probably ask for permission to look as it is their property.
    However, the fact that they are looking over the wall could mean that they had permission. This wall blocks out the nice things from the otherside; this links a lot to the current topic and I think the wall Trump wants to build will have the same impact on a much larger scale with multi-million dollar consequences.

  • They shouldn't be looking over the wall because what if it is private property and someone's house is there. I also think that if there is animals there they might try to attack them and it might be a guard dog protecting something worth a lot of money or is worth a lot of memory's for the owner.

  • Should they be looking over the wall? I think they shouldn't be looking the wall because what if there was a private building behind the wall or there could be an open toilet behind the wall and someone might be on it but what if an injured person or endangered animal which could be badly injured.
    There could be an ambulance doing medication.

  • I think that they should not look over the wall because what if it is private and the wall has a reason not to be looked over.

  • Behind the wall there might be a rain forest because there are trees on the background.They should not be looking over the wall because there might be some thing like a secret that you should not look at and something as a secret is something that no one should know.

  • i think they should not be looking over the wall because something dangerous might be on the other side.

  • Should they be looking over the wall?
    They shouldn't be looking over the wall because it could be private properaty and people might want privacy and if they look over then they might go to jail. I also think they shouldn't be looking over because there might be a reason that they built the wall.

    The good reason that they should be looking over the wall is because they might have heard screaming behind the wall and they could call the ambulance to help them. Or there might be an ingured animal that needs help ergently. Also people might be causing a serious crime.

  • they should not be looking over the wall because what about if they have some think privet like a open toilet,old mans house and he dose not want any one looking at his property.....

  • Maybe it has something dangerous and someones potey.

  • what could be on the other side maybe a gang of people or someone hurt i dont know if they should be looking over the wall

  • I think they can look through the wall because there could be a beautiful garden , enchanted forest
    or a woodland.

  • In my opinion,I think that they should but shouldn't look over the wall because it could be a place where they could play and have freedom but they shouldn't look over the wall because it could be somebody's private space that they
    didn't want you to see but could understand that you were curious.

  • Maybe a abandoned houses with a abandoned car

  • I don't think they should be looking over the wall because it might be something personal to someone. Also, they haven't had permission to.

  • ‘Should they be looking over the wall?’

    I don’t think they should - after all they don’t know what’s on the other side. Someone could be in a pool or doing things they don’t want others to see - There could be the family at your house, and would you like it if you had a random stranger look over your wall? I’m sure you wouldn’t.
    Also, anyone could be on the other side, and might not like you doing what they are doing.
    Additionally, it’s their privacy.

    Those are my reasons why you shouldn’t be looking over the wall.

  • I think that they should be allowed to look because if they don’t then they will be really curios and everyone is allowed to be curios

  • I think that there could be a zoo on the over side there are lions 🦁 penguins 🐧 monkeys 🐵 there are owls and a lot more answers that there could be but at the moment I am letting my amadnasion take over

    1. its imagination creative_starfruit.

  • I don’t think that they should look on the other side because it might be a dangerous thing to be doing. What if it was guarded by soldiers and the view was unpleasant; also looking on the other side might be against the law. This might explain to why there IS a wall.
    My other point is that they might get hurt. What if the wall looked like it was made by bricks but actuallly had electricity, you could put your body on it and it would cause a severe injury.

  • If the people are looking over the wall in the first place there could be something that is better than what they have. For example, maybe they are poor with not enough money and the other side has a better life than them. But perhaps they aren't looking over the wall. Maybe they are trying to get over the wall. This may be because they don't feel welcome where they are so they try to escape. Like how some people might try to get into America once the wall is fully built. I think what is on the other side of the wall really depends on where they are. So if they were in their garden they may be looking over the wall to say hi to their friends. However, since their friend is their neighbor they could just go to their house. So yes and no. If they were in a different country there may be sea on the other side of the wall. I think that they could be at the border of a country because one side looks totally different from the other: one has a lot of trees the other doesn't. So maybe there is something dangerous on the other side because one looks chaotic and the other doesn't.

    I don't think that they should be looking over the wall for their own safety and the other person's privacy. For their own safety, because like I said before, there could be something dangerous or they might be illegal immigrants in that country. They could be fined, sent to jail or, in the more extreme countries, they could be shot. They could also be invading somebody else's privacy because if they are looking over the wall/fence the other people may start to get concerned. Furthermore, if they are looking at the things that somebody else has it could be disconcerting for the other people. However, it is only natural for people to look at others so you can't really judge them. If they were trying to escape like I said before it could be a threat to their personal safety because there is no one there for them other than each other. If we link back to looking at the neighbors, it's also invading personal space. In our session, we discussed that an invisible wall could be personal space. And that garden is the neighbor's property.

    1. I like how you did a paragraph for they should and another paragraph for they shouldn't

      1. Yes, this is a very creative way to express your emotions about these two questions.

  • In my opinion, I think they should not look over the wall because it might not be appropriate for them to see it. Also, if I was on the other side of the wall I would be furious to see that someone is spying on me. Even if the person is trying to talk to the person on the other side of the wall, why couldn’t they go round the wall?

  • ‘Should they be looking over the wall?’
    Firstly, this post is an excellent discussion starter! With this post, we must take so many things into consideration such as privacy; If the person who made the wall felt as if they could not trust the people, then they may have built the wall to protect their own privacy (or perhaps for their own safety?)- Everyone should be allowed privacy as it is important to be able to do things discreetly if you wish. This could relate to Donald Trump planning to build the wall to divide them from Mexico. On the contrary, we also must consider the perspective of the person looking over the wall. They may ask themselves, ‘Why is that wall there?’ and they may let curiosity get the better of them. If the person looking over the wall, decided to look, they may have wanted to see either what they were hiding or if there was something miraculous lurking on the other side. If the wall was placed there recently, they also may ask themselves if they did something wrong which could lead to a more serious issue. This could relate to (If the wall was built) the curiosity of some Mexicans as they would wonder why it may be there. While some would argue that it would be violating a law, others would see it as simply, looking in somebody’s garden.

  • On the other side of the wall it might be an abandoned theme park with broken down rides and closed shops. Maybe it was once the best theme park in the world called: The Magical Wonder Of Hope! Perhaps the reason why it is abandoned is because there have been better theme parks since, like Disney world and Alton towers. 😲😮😯

  • In my opinion, people shouldn't be looking over the wall because the purpose of a wall is to divide places like rooms and to protect things. And also stop someone from seeing something. For example, we wouldn't have walls around things like tourist sites if we wanted tourists looking at places in over countries. That's why we have walls for rooms, bathrooms and toilets e.g. Walls also help give protection, shelter and cover. They give protection during things like invasion and not only to they protect and shelter, they also stop people invading your privacy.

  • I don't think they should look over the fence because everyone has the right to be in a safe environment and feel safe in where they live and i think these people are disrespecting peoples rights.

  • They shouldn't be looking over the wall because it's someone else's property and it might be dangerous for them.

  • I think that on the other side of the wall something pretty bad must be happening because if not they wouldn't be looking. In this case they should tell the police.

  • i imagine that in the other side of the wall there is a park better than theirs, and they are looking because they wish they could be there. :)

  • I think they should be looking at the other side of the wall because they should have the liberty to do it

  • i don´t think they should be looking because they can´t cross so they would do false hope if they see something that they want they would never be able to get it

  • On the other side of the wall, there is a beautiful forest full of beautiful flowers and a green astonishing grass. Furthermore, there are a lot of nice little children playing together and having lots of fun

    1. But imagine if someone was going to the toilet on the other side!

  • I would not see over the wall because imagine that there is a man sunbathing and you could disturb him.

  • I think that they should be looking whats on the other side of the wall because what if there are lots of magical things or maybe something very cool