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You are right! #37 Skill quiz! 03/6/21
If you want to be a good speaker, be a listener, and good listening is one of the pillars of... #37 Skill quiz! 01/6/21
Wow #36 Work for the world! 28/5/21
To make the world better and better I will do a simple job which is gather my friends and go and... #36 Work for the world! 28/5/21
Great idea! #36 Work for the world! 28/5/21
perfect, I am agreeing with you #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
Great comment #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
Save the Earth, it has become necessary to preserve our lives, especially after we heard about... #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
The land, like the children of Palestine, is innocent and small. It needs those who take care of... #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
The earth is like a mother, if you preserve it, it will bloom and open, and if you neglect it,... #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
Preserving vegetation is important to prevent global warming, because the Earth is a vibrant... #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
Birds build their nests over tall trees so that enemies do not reach them. The earth is like a... #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
A sincere and true expression, well done, wonderful writer. #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
We must protect the earth as it is our home, and preserving it is preserving our existence. #34 Caption this! 10/5/21
A great idea that should be suggested to the Minister of Industry. I think it will support the... #33 Invention test! 06/5/21
I support you I hope you will work with this invention in the future #33 Invention test! 06/5/21
Hello. I would like to invent small machines in the form of small butterflies, which work to get... #33 Invention test! 05/5/21
I would like to make small machines in the form of a little bird that absorb polluted air and... #33 Invention test! 05/5/21
I will invent machines that eliminate air pollution from the atmosphere, to protect the... #33 Invention test! 04/5/21
Great idea #33 Invention test! 04/5/21