#34 Caption this!

14 May 2021

Winners Announced!

Your creativity this week really blew us away - so thank you to everyone who entered our caption competition! After a lot of thinking, we decided that the winners this week should be:

persuasive_maths of Nagongera Girls Primary School in Uganda, who used their caption to reflect on what impact they could have on the environment personally


serious_raspberry of St Stephen's College Preparatory School in Hong Kong, who explained how we should protect the Earth as though it were a delicate egg.

Great answers! Well done!

This week, we'd like you to write a caption for the picture above.

A caption is a short sentence which you often see beneath photographs in newspapers, books and on websites.

What can you see? What phrase sums up the photo best?

Write your caption, followed by a short explanation of why you chose this caption.

Your competition entry should be 50 WORDS OR LESS.


  • Check your entries using this word-counter before you post! Your entry can't win if it's too long!
  • There's lots of ways to interpret this image - so there's no right or wrong answers
  • We hope to see lots of different ideas, so make sure you read what's already been said first
  • The best entries will have clear explanations and showcase some excellent creativity!

The deadline for entries is Friday May 14th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

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