#36 Work for the world!

28 May 2021

Skill Description Competition Problem Solving

Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition this week! There were lots of fantastic ideas for jobs and we have no doubt that you’ll keep working hard to make those dreams a reality. The winners this time are...

focused_river of Jabalia Prep C School in Occupied Palestinian Territory, who wants to “establish a Ministry of Environmental Support” that would help other organisations to be more environmentally friendly


spirited_orchard of Rhemaville Christian Academy in Nigeria, who was inspired by Rita Idehai and wants to help the world by becoming a recycling coordinator.

Great ideas!

The future of the world is in your hands...

To enter this week's competition your challenge is to describe a job that you could do in the future that would help the environment or slow climate change.

You could talk about a job that already exists OR invent a new job that you think will be important in the future.

BONUS CHALLENGE: watch the following videos of our experts and their answers about their jobs. You could use them as inspiration in your competition entries!

For example, you could say: "I have been inspired by (insert expert here) to want to be a (insert job here) because..."

Tsitsi Mkombe of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Sebastian Munden of Unilever

Rita Idehai of EcoBarter

Najma Mohamed and Chris Hopkins from The Green Economy Coalition

Your competition entry should be 60 WORDS OR LESS.


  • Check your entries using this word-counter before you post! Your entry can't win if it's too long
  • Your job MUST be linked to the climate or the environment

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