#33 Invention test!

07 May 2021

Skill Description Competition Creativity

Winners Announced!

We loved reading your competition entries this week and thought that all of your inventions were fantastic. We hope you use your creativity to make some of them a reality in the future!

We think the best inventions were thought-up by…

genuine_penguin of Government Secondary School Wuse Zone 3 in Nigeria, who described a brilliant machine that would turn waste products into clean water


victorious_tree of Bombay International School in India, who explained how their machine would turn CO2 (a gas that causes global warming) into diamonds!

Excellent work!

This week, we'd like to put your creativity and invention skills to the test, so...

If anything was possible, what could you invent to protect the environment or slow climate change?

We don't need all the details, just a simple description of your idea - so your challenge is to use 50 WORDS OR LESS.

Need help getting started? Use this sentence structure:

I would invent a (insert your idea here). It would protect the environment/slow climate change because... (tell us what your invention does here).

For example: "I would invent a flying robot that plants trees and picks up litter faster than humans can. It would help to slow climate change because trees are good at capturing carbon and cleaning the air. It would also help to restore lost habitats for animals." (= 45 WORDS)

TOP TIP: Check your entries using this word-counter before you post! Your entry can't win if it's too long!

The deadline for entries is Friday May 6th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE and make sure your work is your own. Good luck!

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