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Thank you. One person I heard from this year is, spirited_insects because on their post one... #44 - VIPs (Very Important Perspectives) 17/7/20
I get inspired by books because if I read a book about a girl that lives in a farm for example,... #43 - What inspires your ideas? 10/7/20
I would do the example, and make people believe that they can do art, and maybe even if they try... #41 - Ideas to Include 26/6/20
İMPORTANT NEWS: RE-OPENİNG ART GALLERIES! We are finally re-opening art galleries and we are... #40 - An Advert for Art 19/6/20
I think the title should be destroyed and okay, because some parts are really falling apart,... #32 - Give it a title! 23/4/20