#44 - VIPs (Very Important Perspectives)

17 July 2020

Openmindedness for competitions

Winners announced!

Thank to everyone who took part and said such lovely things about the contributions of each other, and our experts.

Our first winner this week is brilliant_fossil of Upton Cross Primary School, who gave a terrific and detailed explanation of how Gillian Burke's answer helped them understand extreme weather better.

Our second winner is appreciative_hurricane of Hammond Junior School, who raised all of the questions that a comment by generous_seagull had made them think of.

Well done to both of you, and to all who entered and gained stars!

It's the last competition of this academic year! Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far. Here's your LAST CHANCE to enter!

The BNC gives you a chance to hear from lots of different people and perspectives that you might not normally hear from. A 'perspective' is a particular point of view. So, this week's competition asks you to:

Pick one person you've heard from this year, and explain why it was so important to hear from them.

This might be..

-Someone featured in our session resources / videos (it could be a fictional character)

-An expert

-Another person in the Club (perhaps from a different country or culture)

Tell us all about why it was so important to hear from them and what impact it had on you and your thinking.

The competition closes at 10:30am on Friday 17th July. Good luck!

e.g. One person I heard from this year was.... It was important to hear from them because...

Comments (13)

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  • One ( of the many people ) I heard from this year is Katie@the BNC. Katie asked me what makes graffiti graffiti? I said, 'What an interesting question. If they used acrylic paints, I think it still would be graffiti, but not how most people would consider it.' It made me think about how different it would be. Would it still be graffiti, or public art? I had a think and came to the conclusion graffiti can be done by anyone, anything and with any paints. If it's confusing, expressional ( is that a word?! ) and on a building, that's graffiti. That's just what I think. It was important to hear from Katie, as one tiny question led to all that thinking.

    Another person I heard from is magnificent_cricket. Magnificent_cricket had a discussion with me, about this question-
    Is graffiti always vandalism?
    We were discussing how people could express their art ( through graffiti 😋 ) but so it won't annoy others. It helped me to realise how some people feel about graffiti. Some more BNC users who have helped me are:

    - cheerful_photograph

    - determined_tree

    Thankyou, every BNC user. You have all helped my experience in art grow. Thankyou, all BNC experts, for teaching me more than I could have ever hoped to learn in school about art. I am going to miss BNC when it goes on summer break. Fingers crossed it opens again soon after! ✌.


    Hopeful_city 💕💕

  • One person I heard from this year was Anita Ganeri. It was important to hear from her because I wanted to learn more about extreme weather. Her answer to my question was surprising, although interesting, and I now know that there may be some types of extreme weather that nobody knows about. This fact unlocks many doors for anybody who is interested in extreme weather, and this could be something very interesting to learn about.

  • Someone who really got me thinking was generous_seagull. On my post he gave me a lot of things to think about.

    One of his questions: ''Yes, it can be. If you think EVERYTHING is art, do you think that nothing is art? If yes, than why?''

    This really made me think because nothing is a part of everything, but i believe that a creation is art, and nothing isn't a creation.

    That's why I believe it was important to hear from him. It helped me get better at all the skills: Scepticism, Reasoning, Speaking up, and Open-Mindedness.

    Thank you for reading.

    1. Thank you. One person I heard from this year is, spirited_insects because on their post one comment turned into a conversation about ‘nothing’. I found this conversation really interesting and after talking about if nothing was art, I felt more interested in things I normally don’t think are interesting. I was thinking about who I could write about until I saw this comment and I thought about the ‘nothing’ conversation and knew that I should write about that because I am now more interested in things and with one comment it turns into a big talk! With that talk it made me speak up more.

  • Hello everyone!
    One of the most important VIP's I heard was when Fran Scott answered my question about extreme weather. I found it interesting to hear from her because I usually Google my questions (or ask) but Google doesn't always give you a specific answer, so I asked Fran and she gave me such a descriptive answer! It was so cool!
    Thank you everyone for reading, I wish you all a great summer and a great new school year.
    :) :) :)

  • One person of the many people I heard from this year was Greta Thunberg. It was important to hear from her because was able to motivate people around the world and try to help the environment in many possible ways.
    She also was speaking out to people and traveled across the world- and she's only seventeen!
    She inspired me this year and many other people too, she also was able to reduce global warming and persuaded people to help out too.

  • The most {and recent} VIP that I have heard was when an expert answered my question. I had recently asked Tamara Rojo how she was coping with the pandemic and how it affected her and her dancers. This was an important perspective because it was fascinating to know how COVID-19 affected others and their jobs! I love dancing as well, so I enjoyed reading her response to my question. :)
    Thank you BNC for an amazing year on the hub and I hope to see how you grow in the future!

  • One of the many people that I have heard from is generous_seagull. He/she told hopeful_city whether or not they think that animals are aware that they were making art. This intrigued me as it is a very curious question. It was important to hear from him/her because the question got me thinking whether nature is art. If animals can make art, and animals are art, could that mean that art can make art? This is quite an eccentric topic, yet I think it should be discussed more. Does that mean that we, are art? Or can't it mean that everything is art? In conclusion, I think that art can make art because art is anything, and anything can make just about everything! I hope that this will help give a better view of the world as one great, big picture painted as the background of life.
    Every creation can be art, yet destruction of creation can also be art. For example, the Colosseum, where millions of tourists visit everyday, even though the original amphitheatre is broken. Thank you to the BNC team, as this has been a great year on the hub, and I hope that next year will be COVID-free!!

  • One person I heard from this year was Gillian Burke. I think it was very important to hear from her because not only did she answer my question but made me think about her opinion and my opinion. The question I asked was 'Is extreme weather the most dangerous challenge facing the natural world?'. I thought she was going to say yes, it is the most dangerous challenge facing the natural world because sometimes the weather can be extreme and not many people have survived it.
    However, Gillian Burke said no and it's not that important because there are many other things going around in the world. What she had said made me think about what I had said and other challenges that go around in the world. This made me think of things such as plastic in the ocean and littering. I am very grateful for what she had said because I think it is very good to listen to other peoples viewpoints and think about your explanation.


  • I have heard from everyone who has taken part in the Burnet News Club, this has helped my thinking in many different ways but the main way it has changed my thinking is writing. This is because when I read the comments that people put it makes me think about how I can improve my writing or my way of thinking. The comment section allows me to leave a comment on a post that is open minded and is the best that I can write. There are always things that I could do better but these comments have definitely helped me improve my writing in everyday life. I don’t just read my comment, I read other peoples and other peoples quotes to make sure that mine is unique and open minded.

  • One person I heard from was versatile_molecule their opinions are important because not only does my knowledge expand from their remarks but it also inspires me to do many things in the BNC. For example, my open-mindedness and speaking up has enhanced because I have a lot more to talk about because they have such a vast range of ideas and very clear and I can equip the things they are saying quickly due to their outstanding reasoning, open-mindedness, scepticism and most of all, speaking up.

    Thank you for reading for the very last time, I hope you all do well in this covid-19 pandemic and I'll see you when I see you! c:


  • My perspectives were encouraged by one of the BNC competitions. This was 'Example Answers Your Questions'. When mine and other questions were answered, it gave me a deeper understanding of the issue. I also think that every student in BNC has made clear points throughout the year and they have all used the four club skills. These are all very important perspectives and opinions. Finally, I would like to say "thank you" to all Burnet News Club staff - your effort and ideas have helped my education. I will miss BNC. I will miss logging on. I will miss listening and sharing thoughts. I will miss earning stars and learning about new issues. I hope to carry on next year and will try to arrange a BNC club in my future school. Thank you!

  • A perspective that has been very important to hear from in Olivia and Tom. This is because their questions challenge my thinking. An example of this would be when Tom at the BNC asked this: If we allow Banksy to graffiti, does this open the door to other artists who have a message to send? What's the criteria for a message that is allowed to stay? This question got we thinking because that is something that I did not explore. In response to that: If the artist's message has meaning and is relevant then yes, I think that graffiti should be allowed because it will make people think and will make them think. The Banksy art that got taken down would have made people think twice before not putting on a face mask.

    I am still exploring that question so my opinion may change which is why I think the Tom and Olivia's questions are so important, they challenge my open mindedness and make me think.

  • I heard from Professor Jim Al-Khalili on where space exploration was going in the future. This was really important because it helped me understand more about space exploration and how it will affect us in the future. It really helped to see his answer to my question and look at things in a different way. It also helped me understand why things were going to change in space exploration. He gave statistics too which was really helpful. In conclusion, his answer was really helpful as it helped me understand space travel better.