#40 - An Advert for Art

19 June 2020

Speaking Up for competitions

Thank you to everyone who entered this week - what fantastic adverts! I'm sure the design agencies for the UK's top museums and galleries could learn a thing or two. As we have been doing for a number of weeks, we are announcing two winners from any school.

Our first winner this week is emotional_cherry of Noel Park Primary School. They worded their advert very creatively to appeal to those looking to reintroduce art to their life under lockdown and the message was strong and clear!

Our second winner is memorable_orchard of Michael Faraday School, who showed a brilliant example of how when writing, less can really be more. Their words for their advert were well-chosen to communicate the value of the museum and they used several attention grabbing phrases to pack a punch.

Well done to both of you, and everyone who entered!

As you might know, some art galleries and museums will be re-opening in the UK from Monday and some of Europe's biggest galleries have also begun to reopen.

So, this week's competition asks you to:

Design an advert for a re-opening art gallery or museum!

You can do this for a particular gallery or museum, or an imaginary one.

We recommend that you include

-A catchy headline to tell people you are reopening

-A few lines of text underneath to explain more about :

Remember, explain why people should sign up to visit - what's the benefit of art for them? Choose your words carefully, adverts don't usually have much text because they go on posters / in newspapers.

You don't need to worry about announcing rules for social distancing, or specific opening times. You might want to mention things could look a bit different, but remember this is an advert, not a set of guidelines!

Example: My advert for a re-opening art gallery/museum would say...

Comments (28)

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  • My avert for a re-opening art gallery /museum would say :

    I was just letting everyone know that the national history museum will be opening soon and we would really like you to sign up to come and visit us .Some reason are that we have the worlds oldest dinosaur eggs and the best artefact we could find. Lots f people visit us even though we are in one of the biggest cities in England which is London.

    I do hope that you will come and visit us when our doors are open to the public . I do hope you have a good day .

    By the Loyal_peach

  • My headline is Museums are opening so get over to them

    1. It's an advert, not a headline loyal_peach.

      1. There is always a 'headline' element to an advert - it's the first thing someone sees, but it isn't a news headline like you'd see on the front page of the daily paper.

  • My advert would say:

    To whom it may concern,
    Soon we will open our doors to the public eye, but only a particular amount of people will be let in. We encourage to you to come as soon as possible. I hope you have a good day.
    That would be my advert. Thankyou for awarding my comment a star in the last competition. I hope I will be able to go to a museum soon!

  • National Art Gallery re-opening RIGHT NOW!!!!!

    Everyone in London! Welcome to the re-opening of the National Art Gallery at Trafalgar Square! It's a pleasure to meet all of your familiar faces again! But hurry up-only a limited amount of people are let in a once. Don't worry if you don't get in you could grab a snack and wait in the queue. Come now big sale- tickets for only 4.99 per adult and your kids go free! Opening hours are as follows: 9am to 6pm Mon-Sat and 11am to 4pm on Sundays. We hope to see you all there soon!

    We apologise for any inconvenience with the opening hours or waiting in the queue.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    1. Wow, this advert's making me want to drive down to London NOW!

        1. You're welcome, and, seriously, this is a great comment. Very descriptive and you used advanced vocab!

  • Mine Would Be: ATTENTION TO ALL CITIZENS OF LONDON,I Am Pleased To Announce That The 'Museum Of Cultural History'Is Now Open! Due To Latest News From The WHO (World Health Organisation) Our Exhibition Of Art Has Been The Only Exhibit To Open. Our Staff Members Are Very Excited To See Your Bright Smiles Again Shining Through The Glass!Also Limited People Allowed To Enter Due To Emergencies Such As Glass Shattering Fires Ect).Please Do Not Worry If You've Been Put Out You Can Enjoy Watching Your Kids Explore The Wonders Of Prehistoric Art Of Dinosaurs With A Little Snack! Come Through Our Ancient Art World,Please Remember To Rush Inside BIG-SALE TICKETS May Be Running Out Only £3.99 For Adults Kids Go Free! Our Timetables Have Changed So Our Opening Hours Are:1am-12pm Mon-Sun But On Wednesdays 9am-6am! We Hope To Make Your Child Smile And Enjoy! We Deeply Apologise For Any Inconvenience This May Cause.
    Thank You And Have A Great Day!

    1. Also, your opening times for Wednesday don't really make sense but the rest is really attracting me to visit your museum.

  • Hi Burnet News Club,
    I will be entering this competiton as a post as it's not picking up my format.
    Hopefully, I can still be judged equally like everyone else.

    1. Thanks for letting us know!

  • If I had to do a advert about a museum opening again I would do:

    Hello readers,
    I have some new to inform you on that the art museum is opening up again on Sunday and we are cleaning it out for a visit tomorrow at 12 am-4 pm there is rules that you are not allowed to touch anything and it is a max of 4 people to visit from the same family. Be aware that the toilets are closed because of we are going to clean it tons of times and the restaurant is shut as well but the outdoor play ground is open. Thanks for your time!! Hope you have a great day!!
    By loyal_lobster❤️

  • Hello,
    I’m here to inform you that the art museum is going to reopen on Saturday 20th June at 2:00pm. Please keep in mind that the cafe and all toilets will be closed until further notice. The outside sitting area shall remain open. Only three people in a family can come for only two one hour. Closing times will be changed to 3:00pm, whereas opening times (apart from the opening day) will be changed to 12:00pm. I hope you have a great day!
    Sincerely consistent_skill ❤️

  • Hello,
    My advert for a reopening art gallery/museum would say....

    ART FOR ALL!!!
    The galleries and museums open its doors once again on 1st July to welcome all. Step inside and explore a fascinating world shape, colour, style and form that will both inspire and amaze you at once. So come along and rejoice in this awe-filled world of art and culture with us!!

    Thank you for reading,

  • My advert is for a made up art gallery. The heading would be Flower Street Art Gallery Reopening!
    Then it would say
    The Flower Street Art Gallery is reopening on July 25th. Everyone is welcome to come and see the art and discuss what you think the abstract ones look like to you with a fellow art enthusiast. You must be cautioned things will seem a little different on the inside. To get tickets and more information go to our website.

  • Have you been missing the riveting history and artefacts you visited at the museum? No need to worry! The Sherwood Museum is reopening and is going to be complete with many brand new productions and also a range of antique pieces all in mint condition. Due to the Coronavirus, we have to continue to listen to the government's advice and maintain our distance and keep our hygiene well. Because of this, we have decided to implement some brand new rules into place. At the entrance of the building, visitor's heat will be checked on entering. Anyone People will be supplied with masks and gloves if they do not have any at the entrance. Everyone must be at least two meters apart, and if more than one person gets in range of two metres, a mini alarm will ring. There will be checkpoints around the whole interior of the building where there will be an automatic dispenser of hand sanitiser. Auctions and sales will be held online at www.thesherwoodmuseum.com. All our customers will be assured that their product is in mint condition because we will show them our cleaning process. We are determined to get through this pandemic working together and we will make sure to keep all our customers, visitors and staff safe and healthy.

  • Thank You Burnet News Club for inviting me to your Awards Ceremony 2020.

  • Regain your love of art and Culture - visit Liverpool Tate Today!
    We are delighted to announce that visitors are once again welcome to visit and immerse themselves in the beauty of the art on display. Marvel at the techniques and images, abstract, impressionism, water colors and oils, portraits and landscapes which will take you to a clam and relaxing environment which will cure your stresses of Covid-19. Discuss with others, and learn the timeline of art. History stretches beyond you could imagine. Visit Liverpool Tate Today!

  • My advert for a reopening art gallery/museum would say,

    Are you bored at home, got nothing to do and have a lot of free time? Well after you read this article let your boredom bother you no more because the London art gallery is now reopening! Even though things may look a bit different it is still a whole lot of fun and you may have to wait in line for a bit but that can give you a chance to grab a snack and be ready to be gob smacked by the amazing art that will blow your mind! Doesn't it sound fun even I want to go to the gallery. So what are you waiting for? Go and have some fun!

  • My advert for a re-opening The Science Museum would say:

    Spread Knowledge, Not Corona!

    We are opening our doors on Monday and would love to welcome you back. Let’s get rid of the lockdown boredom by filling our brains will knowledge. Do you know what the Black Arrow is? Are you interested to view our world at a molecular level? Have you ever wondered how our brains have evolved? Find the answers to all these questions and much more from 15th June.

  • My advert for re-opening The National Gallery would say:

    Get Rid Of The Grey Of Lockdown; Rediscover The Colour In Your Life..

    We’re back and we want you back too. Sick of staring at the four walls of your living room? Had enough of watching cat videos on youtube? Learnt enough TikTok dances to last you a lifetime? There is another solution to your boredom. The National Gallery is pleased to announce that we are reopening on Monday with our usual plethora of art, including new exhibitions that will blow your mind. Whether you are a new visitor or have visited many times before, there is something for everyone from the works of Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso to less well-known artists. We are sure you will discover something incredible within our walls.

  • My advert for re-opening The Natural History Museum would say:

    Escape The Present With A Journey Back In Time

    The dinosaurs are back. Rawr!! Step back in time and take a trip to the Natural History Museum where you will uncover the history of life on Earth. From the smallest insect to the largest dinosaur, there is something for all the family to enjoy. If online learning is getting stale, we have a solution. With new events and exhibitions, come and join us to learn amazing facts that will blow your teacher away. The mission begins here…

  • My advert for re-opening The London Aquarium would say:

    Monday 15th June: The Underwater Adventure Is Back

    Dive into a world of underwater magic at The London Aquarium. Our fish are back and they’ve been missing you! Do you want to see how much our penguin chicks have grown? Are you brave enough to step into the UK’s largest jellyfish experience? Are you ready to take a walk above a sea of sharks? Discover the adventurer within you with old friends at the aquarium. See you later alligator!

  • my advert for a museum/art gallery would say:
    The oxford museum is know reopening for all fans and people who are interested in arts and history. Free time and boredom overtaking you then you better come back to the Oxford museum you will never feel bored here. New to the museum then you are in for a special experience that you will never forget. With lots more updates and creations to make your mind full of ideas and inspiration that you can take home with to create your own art work or a great story about the history that you learnt about that will inspire others.
    Things might look a little different because of regulations but we are still open full of amazing facts about history that you might of not known about, or big and bold artwork that you might of not heard of or seen but you were desperate to.
    How could you resist from all this excitement. Come and join the fun there is nothing stopping you.

    Thank you compelling_mouse.

  • I want £10000 to go to my school

    We are finally re-opening art galleries and we are sure that you will LOVE to come and see these wonderful, vibrant, and colourful pictures. There will be new exciting activities that you can join to do! For example, paint your own picture and get a frame for free! There is no reason for you to get bored in this amazingly beautiful place. Make sure to sign up or it WILL be too late and you definitely will miss out. For those of you who are going to sign up, you will not regret it, but the opposite, you will be proud of yourself that you have signed up. Only £5.50 per person! Here is your chance to enjoy the fun! Hoping to see a herd of art fans in our art gallery!

  • My advert for a re-opening art gallery would say:

    Ben Oakley Gallery reopens during lockdown!

    Come and experience the fun that you won't forget in your life!
    Ben Oakley Gallery in Greenwich (an art gallery) has been reopened on Friday 12 June being one of the first galleries to reopen since the coronavirus lockdown started. Ben Oakley Gallery has hundreds (maybe more) astounding creations in their gallery but that's not all, the painting can show some satisfaction to you and your children. You should come as it can help your child's artistic side grow and may paint as amazing drawings and paints like Ben Oakley Gallery.
    Come now and book tickets to the extraordinary Ben Oakley Gallery.

  • ``An open mind, an open heart and OPEN DOORS!``

    Finally, you're long-term yearn to see worthwhile artefacts has FINALLY returned! Be transfixed once again to the behemoth skeletons of dinosaurs to the minute atoms. Though there may be minor changes, like sanitizing of hands when you enter the facility and gloves when touching tablets and other entities. Boredom is obliterated, Quarantine is quivering. An unfolded adventure awaits... Are you willing to discover?

    Thank you for reading.

  • My advert for a reopening art gallery would say…

    ‘The Art Will Now Be Seen’

    The famous Art Gallery in Peterborough is officially reopening and all of the staff are very excited to see you come and admire the delicate, beautiful pieces of art that we have available. Art is delicate and we want people to admire it. Some of the art is 70 years old and has been seen by many people who have all enjoyed looking at it. You will have to make a reservation in order to be let into the Art Gallery because we want to let people have the best experience and to ensure that happens, our wonderful employees will be at hand to help you in anyway. It will be open from 8:00 am every morning, seven days of the week and will reopen on the 4th of July. Make sure to make your reservation in advance so there won’t be any problems when you get here. We are all assured that you will have a great time at the Art Gallery and we hope to see you soon!


    On the 18th of June the Natural History Museum is opening. Immerse yourself in history and have a great time! These times are difficult but the Natural History Museum can help reduce the stress! Everything will look a bit different given the circumstances but the enjoyment factor is still through the roof! Don't just take our word for it, going to a museum is scientifically proven to stimulate the brain! Feeling bored, come on in!

  • My advert for a reopening art gallery/ museum would say:
    Hello, we are pleased to inform you that the our art gallery is reopening! You have been invited to the opening ceremony on Saturday 120th of June. Have a marvel at new expedition and some familiar pantings.

  • my advert for the science museum would say:

    for all young inventors, engineers, and anyone else the science has reestablished with even more adventures to discover there is momentarily a segment of the museum that holds a whole section for children to understand the importance of science and to learn and play. There is also a picnic area right next to they're where stunning shows of science are conducted every hour! we also have 2 stunning sections of the museum that hold a car exhibition and space exhibition. Plus the fact we have a 3D cinema that's on all day and tickets are now cheaper than ever. Tired of walking miles and miles of stairs well you're in luck as we've added an elevator and kept the stairs so if your brave enough you can still walk up the stairs.

    So have fun and enjoy the thrill of the museum!