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I think that Ai is helpful and can be used for different things, but I also feel that AI is used... Why is AI a controversial topic? 13/3/24
some good and bad effects of a boycott is that it can make the business change to how you like... Are boycotts helpful? 21/2/24
some political or social issues I would like to see change is a bad partnership, if you are... How could businesses make positive change? 09/2/24
fair treatment the cops don't want them to come back to jail but everybody needs to be treated... What’s the purpose of prisons? 02/2/24
people that run prisons should care less about how Comfortable they are. Because if the presnors... What’s the purpose of prisons? 02/2/24
Secure, should be the top priority because, if there is no one to keep the prison secure there... What’s the purpose of prisons? 02/2/24