What’s the purpose of prisons?

Look at the following five purposes of prisons.


  1. Secure = people can't get in or out
  2. Punishment = justice is achieved
  3. Comfortable = prisoners are at ease
  4. Safe = nobody is in danger
  5. Reformative = prisoners learn how to be better citizens

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  • Noone can deny that prisons are essential for the enforcement of social justice and peace. In order for a prison to be considered prestigious with fair and accurate judgement, it has to meet some specifications which play a catalytic role in the administration of equitableness and generally the proper function of this specifical prison. To begin with, in my perspective, i believe that prison officers has to prioritise several purposes more than others. Initially, the maintenance of securement and safety is the number one priority that prisons needs to have, as it consists the main manner to ensure that nobody is in danger and moreover that people can't escape. This can be achieved, if prison officer take their job seriously and the impose perpetual monitoring to make sure that prisons behave the desired way. Furthermore, punishment is the second priority prisons must have. They have to inflict penalts as a retribution for an offensive. This is the only way for justice to be achieved. Nevertheless, there is one purpose that prisons should prioritise the least and that is comfortableness. It is obvious that if a person commits an outrageous murder, the court will undeniably need to impose the corresponding penalty. So, it goes without saying that confortableness is the least priority prison officers bare with.

    1. Hello
      I also think like you because prisions are essential to have good life because if bad people are around us we can suffer a lot

      1. Hello!
        I agree with you because you can be in danger if you are near the most dangerous criminals in the world and it's not safe to let the prisoners leave the prison.

    2. I agree with you, educated revolution. Justice needs to be served for bad people, however sometimes judges mess up and make a guilty man innocent or an innocent man guilty. Sometimes justice is not served properly, or not served at all. Peace, however, is very important in prisons. If a prison has peace, prisoners would be at ease. If prisoners are at ease, prison staff will be at ease. If prison staff are at ease, then citizens near a prison are at ease. Prison staff should also be more productive, as some of these prisons have dangerous criminals. Maybe if you read my comment, you will think differently. It is important for prisons to manage at ease and for people to be served justice, so everyone must play their part.

  • I think prisons should focus on being reformative, as it helps decrease the number of reoffenders. Focusing on reformation will be expensive for the government, but it will be worth the outcome of prisoners being integrated back into society. Prisoners need this help to understand what consequences their irrational decisions have caused and who has been hurt by their actions. The prisons could achieve this reformation by providing therapy sessions for the prisoners or support groups with both people in the prison and past offenders who have turned their life around due to the program and the help they recieved.
    I think the purpose they should prioritise least is comfortable because if prisons become a luxury people will start going because it is nice. However I don't think they should be unsanitary, the prisoners should receive the minimum while still giving them a livable amount of food. It is important that prisoners realise that if you do something bad or illegal you don't get rewarded for your actions.

    1. you make some excellent points accurate outcome, well done. Why do you think focusing on reformation will be expensive for the government?

      1. I think that in the short term it will be expensive to reform prisoners, the government will have to pay for criminal psychologists and people to run group sessions for prisoners. However in the long term it has proven to be cheaper like in Sweden. Sweden's number of offenders in prison has dropped from 5700 to 4500 in the last year. This is a small number compared to their population of 9.5 million people. This decrease in prisoners has allowed them to close four of their prisoners due to their low reoffending rates. Their prison system focuses on reformation.

        Sources : Prison reform trust

        1. Hi accurate_outcome you are right.
          But, I think that money has nothing to do with reforms. Reformation is a form of character education. And it is not money for education but conscience. If the prison officials motivate the prisoners mentally and make them work hard. Then, prisoners can easily become honest people. I think it won't cost that much. Hope you understand. But don't forget to respond to my comments.

        2. I agree with you that it will cost a fortune to reform prisoners but i think it would be a worthy investment to have people sent to prison for various crimes committed coming out as expert cooks, fashion designers, bakers, carpenters, painters etc. They will improve the workforce the nation and of the income as well.
          Having been reformed, they can even help reform other prisoners thereby reducing crime rate as seen in the case of Sweden.

  • It sends chills to my spine to find out that "Fito" could make his way out of a maximum prison. This could either mean that there was a personal arrangement to let him escape or the prison officers let their guards down.
    To me, I would say the top purpose of prison is for 'Reformative' purpose. The meaning of Reform means to improve a behavior in a system, organization or amongst individuals. It means that people who have been held in custody due to certain vices need to undergo reformations so as to make them better citizens and contributors to their nation. Prisions are meant to teach people who have committed a crime a lesson so as to prevent them from continuing the act and make them turn a new leaf.
    In my opinion, the least that should be prioritise inprisons should be the comfort of prisoners. How can one be called a prisoner and yet left to enjoy certain comfort? Then what is the essence of having them in a confined space? That means if the comfort level is top notch,then there would be more criminals because they will still feel at home in prisions.
    Finally, the safety of inmates should be put in check,because in most prisions, people loss their lives due to bullying from other inmates who see themselves superior to others. A lot of them are treated badly and subjected to harsh living conditions because the prision officers don't stay with them in their cell. Some others form their own gangs and make life a living hell for other inmates. They are meant to be safe and protected from harm while in custody, till they serve their jail term or any punishment melted to them by the law.

    1. I disagree because reformative approach can be a bit risky in fact a lot risky. As Fito actually escaped from a high security prison due join back with his gang and continue his illegal activities as well as hostages of police officers etc. On this aspect I would like to refer to Erich Fromm saying "Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction." This is exactly why many criminals even after jailtime are not able to change their goals as the greed they have gotten from doing these activities is now greater than their self-restraint and due to their greed and connections many criminals do not give attention to the values of society and continue to be on the 'terrible' path they chose.
      Correct me if I am wrong, I am open for questions.

      1. I disagree because if we teach the prisoners to be better citizen then , they would not even think about escaping . In my opinion prison is the place that is not only used for punishment but also to make sure that the citizen who made the mistake will never repeat it again ,So the main objective of the prison is reformation ." It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones .
        --Nelson Mandela ---
        Thank you.

        1. Hey brave_plantain,
          I completely agree with you. Prison is not just about punishing criminals but we also need to focus on reforming the criminals and helping them evolve into better people because if we do not try to reform the prisoners after they serve their sentence in prison they might just decide to return to their life of crime and then we would not achieve anything by sending criminals to prisons. But reforming and rehabilitating prisoners makes them changed people and when they are done serving their life sentence they might decide to be productive and might even make great impacts or changes in society. An example of a reformed ex-convict is the famous comedian and actor, Tim Allen who was arrested in Michigan for possession of cocaine. He was charged with drug trafficking and was paroled on June 12, 1981 after serving 2 years and 4 months in Federal Correctional Institution, Sandstone. After he served his sentence he turned his life around and made a glorious come back as one of America's favorite comedic actors.

          1. Do you think it was right that Tim Allen was given a second chance?

            1. Hi Olivia,
              I feel it was right that Tim Allen was given a second chance after he served His time in jail because I feel everyone really deserves a chance at redemption. Just imagine if Tim Allen hadn't been given a second chance to redeem himself, after all when he was done serving his sentence he decided to give up his life of crime. But imagine if people in the entertainment industry rejected him and chose not to give him a second chance he would not be where he is right now maybe he might have just decided to return to his life of crime and all the effort put in to reform him by the prisons would have been all in vain.

              Also your question got me thinking and then I realized. As individuals we should try our best not to discriminate ex-convicts and we should actually give them a chance to redeem themselves because if we continue to discriminate and criticize them we might as well just push them to return to their life of crime and all the efforts put in by prisons to reform and evolve the prisoners so they would be better people by the time they are done serving their sentence will all be futile.

              1. I agree because... not giving people a second chance only hardens them and make them more likely to repeat a mistake. Chances play a vital role in changing people and in the case of prison sentencing criminals for a specific amount of time (i.e. not longer than 1 year) so that they can go and fix what they have done wrong.


                1. Hello glad_outcome,
                  I couldn't have said it any better, everyone deserves a second chance and everyone should be given a chance to redeem themselves, judging ex-convicts and criticizing them is really unfair. Ex-convicts should not be judged or criticized because prison is a correctional institute, people are sent there in order to come to the realization that they did wrong and although it might be strict, it was created to help criminals realize that their actions are hurting the people around them and they need to be disciplined. Prison is not some kind of hell it is a correctional institute and just because someone was in prison does not give other people the right to judge, discriminate or criticize him because prisons are just a stern method of reprimanding someone who has done wrong but when convicted criminals are done serving their sentence they would come out reformed people, so they should be given a chance to redeem themselves and prove to others that they are now better people.

                  1. I stand with you on this point based on the fact that the way you treat people affects the way they will behave. When people do bad things and they are arrested, yes justice should be shown but we should tamper justice with mercy. Look for a way to improve their life's so that when they come out, they will also impact on people and learn from their mistakes. Just like Vernon Howard said, "The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation."

                    1. Hi thankful olive,
                      I strongly disagree with you because, if prisoners are treated with mercy they may become more comfortable and end up committing the same crime. like in the case in Ecuador, "Fito" the prisoner was able to break out of prison because he was allowed to be very comfortable to the extend of decorations in his prison room and also accessing cell phones and this is not meant to be so. And maybe with the help of the cell phones he was able contact his gang members. so, I think prisoners should be punished according to their crimes so that justice can be achieved. I also suggest that prisoners should be released when there is a great change in them. I'm open to questions. thanks.

                      1. I agree because...prisons in Ecuador were not well run and that why he was able to escape. I think there should be more security because like Ecuador many prisoners have many chances to escape. Prisoners shouldn't be given a second chance. In my view, each prisoner should get the punishment appropriate to the crime they committed; there should be no second chances for inmates.

                    2. Hello thankful olive, thank you for your point but ,l would like to strongly object the point you raised stating that it is the way that we treat people that causes them do behave in a such a way that they do. After a strong analysis you only supported your point from one point of view and that was the positive aspect of it. Yes ,you can be the kindest person you wish to be but is that really it? Don't you think that being a bit nice will let these prisoners take advantage of the soft spot they see in you? Just imagine being Fitu , you are already a certified criminal right? Now tell me, what small obstacle could come your way such that you fear carrying more malicious acts? Exactly, l thought as much. Being nice will just promote comfortability and to your surprise the prisons are no longer functioning in the way they are supposed to. We will just experience more crimes and honestly there will be no direction for us as a nation.

                      1. Hello great raspberry,
                        What an interesting point you've made here, I do see where you are coming from and just like I said before, no amount of punishment you give to an offender will change he's mind as far as he has set up his mind to continue doing what is wrong. And also, when you are nice to people especially criminals, there is a certain limit that it should reach. If not, they overstay their welcome. So, I actually support the point you made here but look at it as we are all humans and no matter the evil we have committed, there is still room to change. And it depends on how we are treated. Some people just want to know if they could still be accepted so I think at some point we all deserve mercy.

                      2. I agree. It is only in the 2% cases of psychopaths that Criminals are born. Criminals otherwise, are just a creation of society. They are forced to become evil minded, heartless, ruthless villains that hurt others. But now they are criminals! We can only blame social systems so far. But once a criminal is convicted, proven to be guilty, in most cases, he is beyond the stage of reformation. Being kind will only allow criminals to use you. They no longer have conscience. Thus, hospitality towards criminals, as an apology, for the former social system, as an apology for having made them "Criminals" will only lead to creation of more criminals. People will start losing the fear of justice system and crime will become rampant, because they know, that jailors and judges are kind and lenient. People will not be afraid of going because hey, how different is it from our normal lives?
                        it is proven in history that as time has continued to progress, Kindness has not reformed people for the better, but allowed them to exploit the kind. It is one of the primary reasons why the dominance of few keeps on growing - they don't care to repay kindness, they use it.
                        Hence, I believe the prison system must instil fear in the hearts of prisoners instead of a sense of comfort and relaxation.

                        1. Hello enthusiastic_honeydew, you seem to have a strong opinion about this topic. What, if anything, could change your mind about this? Do you think all criminals would treat kindness in this way?

                          1. Hey Hemma!
                            I am not sure if anything could exactly change my mind about the fact that Crime would definitely increase in the presence of extreme kindness.
                            Not all, but most criminals would treat kindness this way. Very rare have reformed. But these rare are not all.
                            Most criminals turn to crime because of any of these 2 reasons -

                            1) They are compelled to do so due to some inevitable circumstances
                            2) It gives them pleasure

                            Those who are compelled to will not give up crime even in the face of kindness because they CAN'T! It is their only source of livelihood. They have responsibilities towards people they love, responsibilities than can only be fulfilled with Crime. Thus, while these people will be grateful for the kindness, they will only exploit them further. They will not change their ways.

                            Those who seek pleasure in crime will only seek more pleasure in using this offered kindness, comfort for their own advantage. They will simply let themselves run free, unbridled now, more so than ever.

                            What I mean to say, is a general statement:
                            "Crime will run rampant if too much kindness is there."

                            Most criminals will exploit it, use it, they will turn worse before kindness.

                        2. I disagree because.... Giving a prisoner is a second chance is a bad idea, because each day they will commit and new crime, and if they feel that everyday they will commit a new and they will be given a second chance crime will more and more bandits. Take a look at a country like Netherlands they don't have prisons isn't it amazing?

                          1. It is fantastic how you explained your answer well but unfortunately, I don't agree. I disagree because everyone deserves a second chance. Providing prisoners with a second opportunity gives them a chance to change their ways and become a part of society again. While they are in prison, access to education, job training, and counseling programs can help them deal with the root causes of their criminal behavior and develop the necessary skills and support systems to live a productive life once they are released. Studies have proven that rehabilitation and reentry programs can greatly reduce the chances of prisoners committing crimes again after they are released. By addressing issues like substance abuse, mental health problems, lack of education or job skills, and social isolation, second chances can break the cycle of crime and imprisonment, benefiting both individuals and communities.

                    3. Hey thankful olive
                      It is good to temper justice with mercy but my question is when all prisoners are given comfort to make them feel guilty and change their life, do you really think all the prisoners will change?

                      1. Hello unbiased planet,
                        that's a good question. Now you see as we are all human, we are also different. Not everyone has the same type of mindset. Everything is based on your mindset and the way you want to live. When I say temper justice with mercy, there is a limit to the comfort you give especially to prisoners. Temper justice with mercy. You will still treat the prisoner as a human, show the prisoner that because he has a stain, does not mean he is forever filthy, they may see there selves as very horrible people. Show them there is more to it than that, etc. But still let justice be served.

                  2. I strongly disagree with you because, it is not all prisoners that deserves a second chance because some prisoners take it as another means of committing more crimes which may put the environment in more harm than good. So I think that it's best to see alot of improvement before letting them go.
                    Now I think you understand me.

                    1. I disagree because... Giving a prisoner a second chance means making them reformative in a community, consider the story of shaka Senghor, who turned his life around after serving time in prison and he is now an advocate for criminal justice reform and mentorship. Also the case of susan Burton, As she transformed her life after being imprisoned and later founded organizations to help formerly incarcerated women reintegrate into society. All I'm saying is that prisoners should be given a second chance to be reformated.
                      Thank you

                  3. jubilant accordion
                    I agree because... you have stated valid points and I will like to add a little more to it.
                    Firstly, I would say that prison is not a place where criminals are to discriminated. Prisoners are to be given freedom to interact with other citizens, and not isolated after released from prison.

                  4. I strongly agree because... second chances are supposed to be given to everyone. We citizens break lots of relevant and irrelevant rules and if every single mistake is taken seriously I don't know anyone who would not be in prison. We citezens break rules like no littering, go when the green
                    light is shown, don't drive without a license etc. And you never know some
                    people in prison might not have committed a crime but might have been a suspect. It is good records of prisoners are been tracked so if they break the second chance they would have to go through severe consequence. Take this scenario. Someone has been taken to prison for jewellry theft. The person will now know how horrific prison could be and would never committ a crime again so they wouldn't end up in prison.

                2. Hi
                  What if you give a very dangerous criminal a second chance and let him go into the city what do you think will happen

                  1. Well that was a critical question confident_construction. but in my own opinion, I think that if you give a very dangerous criminal a second chance and let him go into the city, I think the criminal will continue getting worst by the day because the criminal will use the second chance as an excuse or opportunity to commit another offense that might cause more harm than good in the country and society.

                  2. I think that if this happend without a strong correction in the prision the prisionero will continue doing bad things

                3. I agree because... Giving people a second chance is important because it:
                  1. Leads to positive outcomes.
                  2. Help citizens learn from their mistakes.
                  3. Enables them to become productive community members.
                  4. Empowers better choices.
                  5. Fosters forgiveness and empathy.
                  In conclusion, offering second chances embraces growth and redemption for those who made mistakes. Thank You 👍

                4. It is better to give prisoners a second chance than to make a prisoner stay in a prison, just because they did something wrong doesn't mean that they should not have a second chance. Everybody deserves a second chance no matter if you are an inmate or you are a lawbreaker you still deserve a second chance. But people's actions actually harm the society it is not good to break laws but nobody should have to serve life imprisonment just because he stole something or transported something illegally. It is not good but everyone should have a second chance, even the criminals.
                  THANK YOU.

              2. I agree because...
                Yes everyone deserves a second chance of redemption.
                But i also think some of this convicts should be guided by some mental assistance by counsellors so that the thought of commiting crime would and completely disappear and also because of the horrors of prison
                Like the fighting and the punishments and also the kind of people they meet in jail.

                Thank you

                1. Yes, I correlate with you here. See for example, a lion goes out attacking people and causing mayhem and the lion is captured and locked in a cage and after some time, without mental assistance in any form, the Lion is set out again to everyone. I don't think any impact was made there. When people are arrested, they should have assistance psychologically, mentally, emotionally, etc. They should receive help. Because rules in a place are made to be followed and not to be broken. So, I don't think it normal for a human to get up and start breaking rules. There is obviously a reason so they should be helped.

                2. I completely agree with you! Offering mental assistance and counseling to individuals who have committed crimes can be incredibly beneficial. It helps address the underlying issues that may have contributed to their actions and provides them with the support they need to make positive changes in their lives. It's important to create an environment that focuses on rehabilitation and helping individuals reintegrate into society, rather than just punishment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

            2. I believe that Tim Allen deserved a second chance and when he had the chance he displayed a good example showing that everyone could change but it just depends on their mindset, and that prisons aren't supposed to be terrible and torturing places but reformative and rehabilitative centres to help turn one's life around from a life of crime.
              THANK YOU!!!

              1. I completely agree with you and I couldn't have said it any better. Tim Allen is a perfect example of how prison can completely reform criminals into better people. Prison gave him a chance to reflect on his actions and through the discipline he received in prison he became a better person and immediately he was released he decided to redeem himself and prove to everyone that he is now a changed person. He put his past behind him and decided he wanted to be a better person. Prison helped him realize that he did wrong and that he could right his wrongs by becoming a better person and desisting from his life of crime. This is proof of how prison is just an area for discipline, reformation and rehabilitation and not a place for torture or torment. Prison is not some kind of hell, it is just a correctional institute created to make criminals better people.

              2. Hello wondrous_mode!
                I agree with you and think that the life of Tim Allen is a testament that prisoners can change and that prisoners are reformative places, instead of torture centers in which they are taught of being, and as you said a change of mindset is needed to turn away from a life of crime. This can only be possible if the prisoners are treated humanely and given a sense of still having a life to live. One of the major purposes of prison is not only to serve justice but it is to teach the offender about living a life outside prison, so rather than looking at them as bad people and offenders we should see them as people who if given the right platforms and opportunities could change the lives of many people for good and become better people in the society
                Thank You!!!

            3. In regards to whether it was right to give Tim Allen a second chance, I think everyone deserves a second opportunity. Tim Allen have had some controversial moments in the past after having been at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport for possession of over 650 grams (1.43 lb) of cocaine and after serving two years and four months in Federal correctional institution, but if he has shown genuine remorse and made efforts to change, I think it’s was safe to consider paroling him, after all we all make mistakes, some might be worse than others but what really matters is how we rectify our mistakes. Plus, forgiveness and redemption are important values in our society.

            4. I didn't think it was right for Tim Allen to get a second chance because everybody does things wrong and need to learn from their actions. I don't believe in second chances, as I have grown up I heard a lot you do the crime you do the time. However I believe if he was sorry the first time he wouldn't have done it again..

              1. I disagree.
                I believe second chances is a relatively subjective matter, that depends on the extent to which one was wrong and how apologetic one is.
                While some people do not deserve a second chance, it would not be fair to deny second chances to everyone. Some crimes are just too heinous to be forgiven, and these people are punished rightfully by life-imprisonments. To say, they lose their 2nd chances.
                But those who can cope with a prison and reform, deserve a new chance at life. These people are ready to start over. So their opportunity for a second chance should not be taken away from them.
                Tim Allen did not get a 2nd chance in the form of his sentence being shortened. He suffered the same as all prisoner's. He got a second chance before he readily reformed.
                So everyone deserves a 2nd chance, after they have borne the punishment they deserve and are truly willing to change.
                No one should suffer more than he deserves. But the opposite is true as well. No one should suffer less than he  deserves.

            5. I agree because prison should mostly be about reformation, as people need to made better for society. If this had not been the case then we would have more fugitives to deal with as normally most people are affected by what they interact with and what they go through personally. if some people ended up living without their parents because they were executed for petty crimes that could have been rehabilitated then what's to say they themselves would not end up becoming criminals? So it was right that Tim Allen was given a second chance because he ended up becoming a good influence on others and a great example to people that they could really change and turn their lives around for the better.

            6. Hi Olivia,
              The way I understand it humans change, that is why it was the right decision to give Tim Allen a second chance, because after prison he had a benefit on the lives of so many people.

            7. Yes definitely a person deserves a second chance this is the basic right of a person. If this chance had not been given to Tim Allen after he was released from prison he would again started his addictions. A similar live example in front of us of Robert Downey Jr. He was addicted to drugs but the director of Marvel gave him a second chance and now he is the highest-paid actor at Marvel. The Second Chance is the Golden key to make a person better. This example teaches how a person can be changed if he gets a second chance.

            8. Hello Olivia,
              To be honest I don't think it's a bad idea to give prisoners or criminals a second chance to develop themselves or grow. No one in the world was born as a criminal . circumstances lead them towards that direction. Research has repeatedly shown that those who become criminals often have a traumatic past in childhood where they may have been or were abused. Therefore it's fair to say that the environment that they grow up in was never suitable for them to grow as a normal human being. But In the Tim Allen case, a public figure is accused of doing something illegal and we have to understand if the person feels bad or regrets his actions because a second chance can be given to those who show remorse and are willing to improve . Tim Allen, like many people in the public eye, has faced controversy and setbacks during his career. Whether someone deserves a second chance is often subjective and depends on a variety of factors, such as the nature of the misconduct, the individual's subsequent conduct, and public perception. Because he's already been punished and spent a long time in jail, I think it's only fair that he comes out and get a second chance as a new member of society. But in the case of second chance you have to consider that all criminals are nit forgivable and in some cases criminals have to face the consequences of their actions

              1. I definitely agree with you. Many criminals have tragic backstories. They might have been abused and neglected in their childhood. They might have been too poor to even afford food. I believe that no child should be going through such things. Sometimes, there might be 2 children, both with potential. However, one is raised in a kind and welcoming family while the other one is raised in a toxic environment. What happens when they grow up? The first one is more likely to achieve his/her dreams. The second one might develop a bad attitude towards the world and is very likely to commit crimes. All while they both had the same potential, maybe even the same ambition. What mattered was the environment they grew up in. So, maybe we could somehow lower the crime rate, by solving these root problems. Poverty is one huge problem. It is the root cause of many issues. In some cases, the parents can't afford to even raise their children, so they have to give them up for adoption. If no one wishes to adopt them, then they will be sent to an orphanage. That's another issue. Most of the orphanages around the world treat kids so badly. Many of the children there face unimaginable things. Their education there isn't too good either. No wonder so many grow up to do exactly what we don't want them to. For them, it is the only way of surviving. Unfortunately, some of them even grow up to have some hard feelings towards other people that have been in friendlier environments during their lives. Most importantly, it is not their fault. It is the way they grew up and the lack of opportunities that they had. I think that with more commitment, we could give these unfortunate kids a fair chance to a more fulfilling life. Do we want less crime? Then let's eliminate these root problems. What do you think?

                1. Hey marvellous_hedgehog
                  I firmly believe that children thrive in a safe environment. The environment in which children grow up plays a vital role in shaping their mentality and personality. Therefore, there is a need to acknowledge and prioritize the creation of a nurturing environment. While I recognize that not all problems can be easily solved and not all crime can be eradicated from society, I firmly believe in the potential for change and the ability to reduce the occurrence of such problems. By addressing the root causes of these crimes, and focusing specifically on the developmental experiences of children, we have a significant opportunity to have a profound impact on the future of society and the lives of individuals. Giving disadvantaged children equal opportunities to live more fulfilling lives is vital. If our real goal is to reduce crime rates, it is crucial to address these underlying issues. By addressing issues such as poverty, lack of education, and inadequate support systems, we can create a more just and equitable society where individuals have the resources and support they need to thrive. This proactive approach benefits not only these children, but the well-being and safety of society as a whole.

          2. I agree because... All prisons aim is to change a criminal to an individual who is fit for the society. A prison wouldn't just keep a person hostage in other words away from their loved ones. If a prison is not able to reformate a person then the aim of a prison has been defeated. People are kept away from their loved ones because they can cause harm to the society.

            1. Exactly, prisons were created for a purpose, originally prisons were created to detain prisoners awaiting trial or capital punishment but the concept of using prisons for reformation and rehabilitation came about in the 18th century. The idea was to provide prisoners an opportunity to reflect on their actions and to be disciplined. The purpose of the correctional system right now is mainly for retribution, deterrence, incapacitation and rehabilitation. Prison is not a place for torture, the government system aims to achieve a certain objective by sentencing criminals to jail and to be honest I am completely in support of this correctional system because I feel if every prison decides to aim at reforming and rehabilitating their prisoners then most prisoners will come out of jail reformed people. Prison is not a place for abuse or maltreatment it was created to rehabilitate and discipline criminals.

              1. Hi, jubiliant accordion,l disagree. That prisoners should be given second chances as this will motivate them to commit more crimes which is dangerous to a country or state . according to the few points i have, as "fito" the prisoner in Ecuador have escaped, Ecuador is in a dangerous situation if I must say because him escaping from prison means him committing more crimes,so I strongly disagree with prisoners given a second chance. Thanks.

                1. Do you believe that all crimes committed are equally as serious? If so, why?

                  1. Hi Molly O,
                    I disagree that all crime is equally serious than another, a crime such as fraud is way less serious as compared to murder.
                    In conclusion all crimes committed are all not equally as serious to the other.

                    1. I disagree because... When we think of prisons, it often conjures up images of a dark and foreboding place where evil lurks. However, the true purpose of prisons remains largely unknown to many. Allow me to clarify what prisons are actually intended for.

                      Prisons are actually built for retribution and servers as a punishment for wrong doing and time spent in prison is decided by the severity of the crime committed, if so sever it will in most cases lead to life imprisonment

                      Moving on, prisons serve as a warning to those willing to do the same telling them or informing them what is at stake if they go against the law and also servers as justice to the victims , I also think that prisons in addition also helps separate the criminals from the open world preventing the build up of cases and anxiety in people .

                      Prisons in all are there to serve as a place for redemption,deterrence and punishment, I personally think prisoner shouldn’t be judged by their actions but be encouraged to live a better life style in order to make the world a better place because they are just like us everyone makes mistakes but everyone has a second chance.

                      And now to the main topic the priority of prison officers is to make sure no one gets in out to secure the prisoners don’t have any access to weapons and stuff.