Why is AI a controversial topic?

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Artificial intelligence is a controversial topic. Some people thinks AI provokes more problems than aids. The rest think it is really useful. In my opinion, AI can be really dangerous. Despite of this I also think AI is an important part of our nowadays. There were diferent topics in the forums of AI. The most argued were future jobs, schools and even the planet. As I mentioned before, AI has advantages and disadantages. In the case of future jobs, AI can either be an advantage or disadvantage. If yu realise, AI is nowadays already provoking an important change in jobs. Some AI is already been used to help in hardworking jobs, such as factories or laboratories. In that case, it is an advantage. Other AI is used to make the work of someone, to sustitute the person, so, for example, big companies are using more and more AI to reduce the salary costs and dismiss poeple so the quantity of lost money is smaller. The big problem in this is that people has families and they have to aintein they needs and theirselves, but, if there is no money, the problem begins. That is an important disadvantage of AI. Another important fact about artificial intelligence is it´s use on schools, which are being used more and more. In my highschool, we have whiteboards, which are very useful when learning, but the one wo teaches is a teacher, not the whiteboard. In the case of future learning, I think AI will make most work, including teaching, although I would not like that to happen. Teachers are subjective and make effort on teaching, which may be considered. If AI, as robots, start taking the roll of teachers, education level would decrease a lot. Robots are objective and do not have the creativity needed to teach in a good way. They would probably teach theory and nothing else. Although AI is more intelligent than humans, in the sense of memory capacity, they aren´t prepared to teach or do some jobs which may need creativity or empathy, such as psycology, which is a job which requires the empathy and understanding of the psychologist towards the person being treated.

I think the problem of AI is that we are trying to use it for everything and we aren´t creating a limit.

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  • I think AI is a controversial topic as AI is not developed enough in order for us to say it is the future of life

  • I feel as obvious as it is, yes AI can cause many problems including how it sometimes amplifies things like social biases, and those who are in opposition may say something about how AI sometimes out-right refuses to generate anything remotely bias.

  • Everyone has their own views on AI some are scared and some are not. I do also get there fears as it is developing very fast and it will eventually take over many factory jobs and manufacturing jobs so it is a tough subject to talk about.

  • AI has many different reasons for it being a controversial topic, for example,
    It has a constantly advancing technology, and has seen a great surge in growth for the past years.
    AI is very helpful, maybe too helpful, as some individuals fear that AI can or will take over needed jobs.
    And one reason, that I've been thinking of is, is AI morally ethical?

    1. Great comment inspiring_engine. What do you think to your question? Is AI morally ethical?

      1. When I question if AI can be morally ethical, I question if its right to use. As a main factor to AI's vast intelligence is it taking from parts of other media and texts, or in the case of AI art, it takes from some artists or images. Making the morality of using AI differ on its many uses, when it comes to AI generating a paragraph it may cite from sources its used depending on the model. But when it comes to making AI generated art it is very rare that the AI can cite the images its taken from. As this can affect the artists it's sampled from, and in numerous cases on the internet, even be used to replicate voices or even full videos of people, that look almost realistic. With how advanced the technology on AI has rampantly become, it can be used for malicious content without any boundaries unfortunately, Many times only being locked behind a small monthly pay wall. Which is why I believe that AI, and its many uses are not morally ethical for what it is can be used for.

    2. I agree because AI continues to grow throughout time like you said, this being an important take. AI can be helpful, to an overwhelming amount. I'd like to add that not only do individuals find AI frightening because of jobs possibly being less for people, but also being the fact that they feel unsafe with false materials being created with the help of AI such as catfishing, ransomware, kidnapping, etc.

  • I think that Ai is helpful and can be used for different things, but I also feel that AI is used for everything. and AI can hurt some people lives. like for example, copying people's voice. and they can use that to steal money or anything that is wanted.