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Protests allow people to say what they think should happen. #23 Ten or less! 26/2/21
My question is Do we actually need to be violent to get your voice heard ? My other question is... #18 Don't miss out! 22/1/21
I talked to my parents and told them that many people are and will get made redundant by the... #15 - Spread the news! 14/12/20
I would love to be a skateboarder and key worker as then I can know that I am making people... #11 - You're hired! 13/11/20
Also business CEO #11 - You're hired! 13/11/20
Thank you #10 - Design a robot! 13/11/20
My robot is call sybercall This robot would help people with disabilities,it would learn how... #10 - Design a robot! 10/11/20