#15 - Spread the news!

18 December 2020

Skill Description Competition Speaking

Winners announced!

Reading through all of the fantastic competition entries this week, there is no doubt that there’s been some fantastic learning going on over the course of the Issue. Well done!

Our winners this time are…

bright_independence of Evelyn Street Primary School B, who had a great conversation over Zoom with their grandmother about furlough


wise_sparrow of Preston Manor School, who used some brilliant statistics to explain automation in the future of work to their parents.

Keep those conversations going everyone!

Sharing your knowledge is important - and as we come to the end of our Issue, that's exactly what we would like you to do for this week's competition!

Your challenge is to choose one or two facts that you have learnt about the future of work... and share them with someone new! Then come back and tell us about the conversation you had in a comment.

You could share your fact over a Zoom call, in a text or even across the breakfast table - the possibilities are endless. BUT there are a few rules:

1) You must make sure that the facts you are sharing are true. (Check back in the session recaps if you want to be sure)

2) The person you are sharing your fact with must not be in the BNC... we want you to spread the news elsewhere!

The best entries will tell us WHY they chose their fact and include details about their conversation, such as the other person's opinion. Your comment could look something like this...

The fact I shared was (insert fact here). I chose this one because (insert reason here). I shared this fact by (insert who you shared it with and how) and they thought (insert their opinion).

The deadline for entries is Friday December 18th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE . Good luck!

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  • Yesterday, I submitted my comment for the competition star skill, but now it's not there, it happened before as well

    1. Sorry, discreet_drum! We are not sure what happened there - but we can see your comment this time, so have a go at entering this week.

  • that robots will take over the world

    1. I'm not sure this is true, humorous_turtle. Take a look back at Session 4 for some statistics about automation.

  • The fact i shared was that robots will take over the world of working. I chose this one because i think this will actually happen and i find it intresting. I shared this fact by talking to my mother and she thought it is a good idea because computers are so advanced already and it is the way of the world but they are nowhere close to being human like so it is dow t fall they all take over the world.

  • I told my parents that on how many jobs robots are estimated to take over by 2030, it was so big they didn't believe me! So I showed them what google thought- Robots could take over 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world by 2030, economists claimed Wednesday. According to a new study from Oxford Economics, within the next 11 years there could be 14 million robots put to work in China alone.

    1. Well done for using statistics to back up your ideas, unconventional_bat. Is automation all bad? Is there a way you could have presented a more balanced view?

  • Willem Van Maaren was the person that snitched on the franks when they were in hiding

  • I have had a chat to mum about the future of work I had told her about automation and said that in the future of work robots might take over some places people work at. She was really surprised and said "Oh no that sounds really bad because if the robots take over loads of peoples work places no-one will be able to work!" I said "I agree because the robots will do all the work and give the money to all the people who make the robots and the people who don't work and build the robots will maybe get poor and they wont get paid at all." I also had a chat to my brother about remote working and said "The more covid-19 is around for, the more some people will have to work from home."

    Thanks for reading

    1. What could human workers do to solve the problems caused by automation, centered_elderberry?

  • The fact I shared was that public sector workers such as police officers , firefighters, teachers etc, will not get a pay rise this year. I chose this one because I think that it is unfair because they have had to keep on working during the pandemic. I shared this fact by talking to my dad and they thought that it was unfair and that front line workers are not getting a pay rise even though they have to work every day unlike other people.

  • The fact I shared was that there will be a lot less jobs in the future then now, because of covid and lockdown a lot of businesses have shut down.I shared this fact by calling my mum and telling her over the phone and she agreed with me.

  • The fact I shared was how coronavirus has impacted our world surrounding us . I chose this one because I was talking to my grandmother about it and she was furlough all through lockdown number one and she had experienced the impact it had . I shared this fact over a zoom call with my grandmother and she thought that being furloughed all through lockdown was very hard to cope with because she had to stay in all the time and me and my family had to do her shopping for her .

  • The fact that I shared was: in the near future, automation might take over jobs, leaving humans jobless. I told my parents during a conversation and I chose this fact to show them how much technology has evolved throughout the years and how technology could benefit us, yet also put humanity at its halt. My mum and dad mainly had the same opinions, being that: automation shouldn't be used excessively but in moderation. For example using automation to save companies and workplaces instead of taking them over. On the other hand, my dad thought that the use of robots would save time and energy for humans, getting the job done quicker.

  • On the Future of work, i have found out that robots are gonna tack over jobs in the future and i also learnt that peoples lifes are changing ALOT as there jobs get closed or they have to do a job bye them-self because there brother and dad got corona.But does it really effect the schools...

  • I talked to my mum about the jobs she had when she was younger and she said that they had jobs back then that they don't have now like miming so maybe in the future of work some of the jobs we have now won't exist in the future. I expect if jobs wouldn't exist in the future it would be jobs like bin men because maybe there would be robots doing that job or they would do it them selves.
    Another job I was asking my mum about that mite not exist in the future was a teacher she told me it mite be changed of how it is done but she expects it will still be a job in the future.

  • I talked to my parents and told them that many people are and will get made redundant by the amount of jobs that will be taken over by 2030 it is estimated that 82%of jobs that humans do now will be done by robots

  • The fact I shared was: That even though woman might do harder jobs then men men still get paid more for some reason and that I think that we need to change that we are in 2020 and we have robots and stuff like that people still don't realise that people are not getting paid the same amount as people just because they are a different gender

  • Robots will probably not take over the world as there an estimate of 2.4 million robots in the world right now and experts think there will be 9.4 billion robots in 3o years but in 30 there will be 3 million more people then robots so there will still be more people then robots so technically robots will have still not taken over the world.

    1. I disagree with your comment but the generations have changed so as the world. Scientists are introducing things daily. In this generation most things are online and wouldn’t see much things on paper so people wouldn’t take much stress. The fact about robots is that in 30 years in will take over 75% of the world.

  • The fact that I decided to share was that Automation might actually help us during the pandemic. I Choose this one because I realized that automation has started to already help in different parts of the world!For example robots could help us by working in such place like restaurant because robots cannot catch the virus and therefore if they work there it better for people.
    I told this to my dad and he disagree with a point i made. My dad Said that he disagrees because as I said Robots are good at working in certain places but that would be bad fr humans. He said this because Imagine if a human want a job at a cafe but there is a robot already working there, therefore the human cannot get that place which mean he loses money and can't pay the bills.
    Hope you agree!

  • I chose a fact that blew me away to share with my parents. This fact is that 250000 people have decided to work away from their workplace and work at home. My parents had different opinions on this fact. My dad was actually quite worried as he works a job that cannot be performed at home whilst that same job is considered as a key worker job. This was because he thought that if in ten years that number of people work from home how will that statistic change in 20 years or even 30 years and how the government might just allow remote working over other works. Although as it stands he said that it is the right decision to only allow working from home. My mum had different thoughts as she was on board with the fact and thought that this was a wonderful sign as she is not particularly fond of her usual workplace because she feels stressed and she cannot have clear thoughts and that if she works from home she will feel easy and have concentration for her tasks. She too felt that given the circumstances this was the right decision and she herself didn't want to go to her office because of the risks and now often does zoom meetings instead of her usual meetings.

  • #15 spread the news!
    my facts about the future of work:
    hard work always pays of:
    I told my dad this and he said it was true. For example if you are writing a book and you put hard work into the book your book your book is most likely to come out good
    thank you for reading

    1. Is it fact that hard work always pays off? What evidence is there that suggests this might not be true?

      1. you might put hard work in to something but it might not turn out the best piece of work you can do for example if you put hard work into your English work but is not the best you can do it would not pay of as much as if you put as much hard work into your English work it may pay off.
        thank you for reading
        your sincerely brilliant_song

  • Hi,
    I told my aunt that a slug has four noses which is crazy because if you look closer you can't see it but if you use a microscope then you can see lite bumps which are its nose my auntie did not believe me so I showed her on Google and the images and she believed me I also told her that elephants are the only animals that can't jump due to their weight and we watched a video of other animals jumping and she slowly started to believe me,fun fact shrimps have there heart located in the head which is confusing because if you ask where the brain is It is on the side of the shrimps head my auntie was so confused so I showed her a picture of a shrimps head and then she was even more confused but when I read the article she slowly understood thanks for listening hope you enjoyed

    1. Great facts, just a shame they aren't about the topic!

  • Oops I wrote the wrong thing

  • Hi,
    I told my brother that robots could be used a lot for a resturant but my brother said that the robots are not that skilled to serve because they might spill water all over them selves and get electrocuted and malfunction which is a pretty good reason but they can help a lot to deliver but he said that the robot might not be able to see the lights or read the location but I said that we could type the location on the robot but he didnt believe me until I showed him a China news which was talking about using robots to serve which had gone amazing.
    Hope you enjoyed,

  • Hi,
    I talked to my parents about remote working. The fact that I shared with them was that 25% of people said they were happier working from home; however, this now means 75% of workers have said they would have preferred to be physically in an actual workplace rather than at home. There are pros and cons of both. Working at home means that you can get more done, as you don’t have to travel but you could get distracted and you would also get to miss out on the social side of work, chatting to people. In an office, you know you are there to work and you are probably focused on that one task you are completing but travel time to get to the workplace probably takes up lot of time. I explained this to my parents and they both fully understood my answer and reasoning behind it.
    Thank you

    1. I agree with your comment, people prefer working from home as it saves time, time is important whereas working in a social environment can be helpful, it keeps you active and energetic as well as it can distract by the surroundings the person is . In addition I think that people should go in the social environment even though it is distracting but it is better than staying home . There are lots of disadvantages of staying home : being unhealthy, mind not working properly, missing out the fresh air and etc.

  • Millions of new jobs could become available if Automation does become the future of work.

  • I talked to my parents about how the jobs in the UK are going to be completed by robots. The facts that i shared with them were these.Research shows that by 2030 one in five jobs are going to became automatable. Some research has identified significant expected shortages in both workplace skills and knowledge areas in 2030.Demand for occupations such as managers, technology specialists, and health professionals could rise nearly 20 percent by 2030.How that up to 10 million people, or around 30 percent of all UK workers, may need to transition between occupations or skill levels by 2030.This could mean that there might be no jobs for humans continuing on.I explained this to my parents they were shocked but understood what i was saying

  • in the future of work, i have learnt that many low skilled jobs will be replaced with technology such as robots (automation). Also, many more people will work from home if possible, this may cause a loss of jobs or a decrease in the job's work. If someone has many part time jobs, they may end up on the same schedule and this person may lose one or both of those jobs (gig economy)

  • *in the future of work i have learnt that robots may take over jobs such as waitresses!

  • I spoke to my mum about future jobs. I think the only cars will be electric cars and the all diesel and petrol cars will go extinct because of the environment and electric is healthy and diesel and petrol is not healthy because they create pollution. The new job will be working at the electric car station/charging station.

  • In the future of work, I have learnt that automaton means that robots are going to replace people but are going to create more (can be millions) jobs than they take from other people.

  • I had this conversation with my dad. My fact was that soon robots will be taking over some of the jobs, they are already making plans and 75% of the jobs that they want robots to take over are done by women! I chose this one because automation is a big thing, soon instead of people in the cafe's we might have robots. My dad thought that automation was good and it should happen but if at least instead of 75% of women's job and 25% of men's jobs being taken away it should be 50% each. He said that also maybe 75% of women's jobs might soon be taken away because maybe they were all rather simple jobs. From buzzing_grapefruit

  • I told my parents how remote working could give people the opportunity to spend more time with their friends and family because remote working means when people do their work at home. Then my parents and I talked about the pros and cons of remote working. One thing we said was that working from home might be a little bit boring because you don't get to interact with other people. Another issue my parents raised was that there is a positive feeling you can get when you are in a working environment which doesn't exist when working remotely from home which can create loneliness. On the positive side, my parents mentioned that remote working allows you to decide when you want to have your own break which you can use to do other things such as picking up your kids from school. I also brought up the fact that some people don't get to celebrate special holidays like Christmas however when they are doing remote working, they can still do their work while celebrating that special holiday!

  • Referring back to our last competition and extinct jobs, I did some research and had a chat with my family about jobs they had back in the days that we no longer have now like milkman services. It made me wonder what kind of jobs were going to go extinct from now. Research shows that 4.4 percent of jobs in the UK are gig economy jobs and I found that more of those jobs are more likely to have people sacked as the jobs are in an unstable position. My dad owns his own company and things are looking completely stable but for others that are not that fortunate, they may lose a lot of money and may be forced to put an end to their business.4.9 percent of people in the uk are recently unemployed.

  • When I said soon instead of people in the cafe I meant instead of some cafe workers we might soon have robots serving us.

  • The fact that I have learnt is that people have lost their jobs to robots and loads of robots would have taken over jobs in 10 years.

  • In the future, people like the Burnet news workers can (remote work) from home if we have ton go in to another lock down meaning they won't have to stop working from home it would be even take stress away from them for being late for work.

    1. We're working from home at the moment, adaptable_beetle, but sometimes we're still late for work!

  • I learnt that peanuts are grown in Asia, Africa and Australia.

  • This could be taken over by robots

  • On this topic of future of work I have learnt many things I didn't know before such as 'jobs can go extinct?!' and much more but one of my favourites includes, jobs can go extinct, my topic of the term is World War 2, and there where many jobs that went extinct that time such as a lamp lighter, and a Air raid warden and so much more! And thinking about the pandemic, many buildings and jobs are going to be extinct such as, office blocks! But on a more positive note the buildings could be used for something else like expanding! :) And apparently automation means robots will replace humans but they may take away many jobs but can create more (maybe millions more!)
    Thank you for your time! Hope you enjoyed it!
    By willing_radio! <3

  • I learnt that when robots take over human jobs it is called automation. I also learnt that John Skelton retired after 42 years of marmite tasting!

  • the future work is amazing, but im not so sure the it is good that we rely on technology since it said robots could take over but we do need technology for particular jobs i just dont think to use robots as they said they could take over the industries but as i think we could have some robots for jobs that are dangerous for human but alsoif there particals go every where it could effect the animals of the world for example fishes,mammals and bugs but also you never know. (hopefully this was good)

  • eager_reflection here,
    The fact I shared with my sister was that all businesses have been affected differently by COVID-19, some more than others. I chose this one because it was interesting to discuss together the extent to which each industry had been impacted. I shared this fact with her in person and she thought that the most difficult and tough part of lockdown is the fact that businesses doing badly during the pandemic wouldn't know when everything would return back to normal, and by that time they may have gone into administration. She also believed that we should all do our bit to help support local businesses, which have been significantly struggling during the pandemic. I learnt that certain industries have thrived, such as supermarkets and online shopping companies, including Amazon and Netflix. On the other hand, lots of businesses have suffered, like restaurants, pubs and hotels . This shows that businesses need to evolve to adapt to the current circumstances, and could focus more on online business instead.
    Thank you for reading.

  • This is my view, hope you consider.

    I had a conversation with my parents about public sector pay rises and how this year, nobody in the public sector of jobs will be getting a pay rise. We were talking about how silly it is that in the public sector, some of the jobs that are keeping this country working in this pandemic (NHS nurses and doctors, firefighters ect...) will not be getting a pay rise this ear, meaning that even though they have been working really hard to make sure we will be able to get though this time and this pandemic, they will still not even be getting rewarded with a small pay rise! I chose this as I think (and so do my parents) that this is a scandal of sorts!

    Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed.


  • I told my sister that technology is evolving and that robots are estimated to take over a lot of jobs and how it will affect people in the future who work in these jobs. Sadly, many people will not have jobs. My sister said to me that even if those people lose their jobs, they'll be able to find other jobs they can do and that there are so many and all kinds of work out there because we live in a big world!
    So we thought together of an idea that even if those people lose their jobs, technology can also create more jobs that we have not even thought about..yet!
    Did you know that robots could take over 20 million manufacturing jobs by 2030?!

  • One of the facts ,I talked about with my mum. And its about, how robots could taking over surtain jobs. Might acually help ,especially during the pandemic. Like,take a cleaner for example. They clean stuff that every one has touched. And robots could easily be programmed to to that. And that would only happen at the end of the day so some could come and turn them on. And then put the robot to ''sleep''.

    One day robots will take over almost all jobs. Because scientists have all ready developed ai robots with a human like actions.

  • I have had a conversation with my friend and today I told my friend two things about the future of work.First of all,I told my friend what the future of work really is.'' The future of work is when you do work in three different types of ways which is remote working,gig economy and automation.''

    Secondly,I told my friend that robots could take over work.''Robots taking over the world would be handy nowadays because f covid 19.Instead of us touching things that other people touched,the robots will which is a good thing because if we are going to touch the same stuff that other people have touched,then we will have a high percent chance we will get covid 19.If we are don't wanna get covid,then just use robots to do the job.I predict that we will need to make our own controls for the robot and do everything else because if you still get money,Then it would not be really fair because the robots are doing your job and plus you never did anything to earn the money.''

    Thanks for reading!

  • I told my cousins in school that on how many jobs robots are estimated to take over by 2030, it was so big they didn't believe me. I decided to show them what the internet thought- it said 'Robots' could take over 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world by 2030-2050, economissts claimed Wednesday. According to a new study from the Oxford Economy, within the next 11 years there could be 14M robots put to work in China (and to be all over the world alone), AND I also believe this because our technology is becoming more advanced so there could be a slight possibility that scientist can make a program for a robot.


  • The fact i shared, was how about how Automation can change the world for the better and for the worst. I discussed how technology can malfunction whilst completing a task, and how it can be useful for jobs like the check out (now there are self functioning check outs!) and the knocker-upper (now we have alarm clocks!), the knocker-upper was someone with a long wooden stick that would tap on your window at the time you needed to wake up. Now here's a question, who woke the knocker-uppers up?

    I chose this fact because my dad is actually an IT manager and would like to know what i have learnt this year from the BNC. I shared this fact when we were having breakfast this morning and we discussed the pros and cons of Automation! He thought that Automation would help the most because in daily life, most on the things we go to use are from automation (phones, microwave, alarm clock, fan, heating etc.), even if it does malfunction, it actually helps people to get money if their job is an IT manager or a technology fixer.

    Some questions that me and my dad thought of for people to answer are:
    1. Do you think Automation is a good way to help or not?
    2. Would you rather do work by hand or using technology at home?
    3. Do you think more tech will be made in the future?
    Please let us know what you think!

    1. Excellent questions from your dad, involved_grapefruit!

  • The fact I shared with my family about future work is people are now being replaced with robots. My family and I had an interesting conversation about whether people should be replaced with robots, the advantages, and disadvantages of robots. We agreed and disagreed about this fact as we all had our own opinions but overall we came to the conclusion that some jobs are best to be left to the humans. This is because if all the jobs were completed by robots then there would be no jobs for humans meaning people would not be able to make a living to provide for their families. I chose this fact because it is an interesting conversation starter and can be a good fact to debate. I also picked this fact because it can provide an insight to everyone on different reasons and different opinions about robots replacing people.
    Another fact I shared with my friends is the importance of team work. We discussed this question and we all agreed that teamwork is important in a job. Even if you work alone there is always someone that helped you along the way and pushed you to be the best version of yourself. I picked this fact because it is a fact that doesn't have a right or wrong answer. It is all about opinions and whether or not you are capable of working in a team.

  • reflective_artic_fox here, the fact that I chose to share with my sister was:
    'Job growth might still be online'.
    I read from the Future of Jobs report that by 2022, it's predicted that jobs currently being declined will decrease from 31% of their global share at large firms down 10%. The new jobs which have been gradually developing could become much more common in quite a short amount of time. These include roles such as engineers, software developers, e-commerce specialists, data analysts, and many more. Despite this, there are still roles for people doing non-automated jobs. These are things based on human characteristics, such as those for marketing purposes, or maybe training and development. Customer service can remain distinctly human; there is a chance that it will actually flourish alongside their technical counterparts. My sister's opinion on it is that most jobs will probably be replaced with more automation, apart from creative jobs, since they can be unique and robots would probably be able to make copies of the original piece, and that designed by humans. However, she also thinks that in the case of online shopping, it could be better to actually go to the place, and not fall for things such as hoaxes online. My opinion is that automation shouldn't be too powerful, but still have a place in rights. Technology has helped us, but we can't become fully dependent on it. For one thing, if a single error was made, people could believe that it was the 'end of the world'.
    Thank you for reading!