#10 - Design a robot!

13 November 2020

Skill Description Competition Creativity

Winners announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered our robot competition this week - we thought all of your ideas were fantastic! But, there can only be two winners…

Our primary school winner this time is consistent_cliff of Whyteleafe School E, who invented the “Teabot1”! This robot-butler promises to make the perfect cup of tea whilst helping you to get ready in the mornings. Great!

Our secondary winner is positive_potato of Faringdon Community College. Their robot, the “Construct-O-Bot 1000” would do the job of a human engineer...but better! It would also be cheaper and safer than human workers too.

Your challenge is to design a robot that could do a job better than a human. You can choose any job for your robot so be as creative as you like! For example...

You could describe a cleaning machine with lots of attachments that could make a house sparkle in seconds, OR explain how a robot-teacher might work. Don't forget to say what makes your robot better than a human!

Need help getting going? Uses these sentence starters:

My robot is called... (name).

It does the job of a ... (type of worker).

It is better at this job than a human because ... (explain your robot's features).

We are looking for ideas that combine originality, creativity and some well thought-out explanations.

The deadline for entries is Friday November 6th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE. Good luck!

Comments (144)

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  • The robot makes delicious doughnuts and can make food at the speed of light and its name is Travis Scott

    1. What would make it better than a human, enigmatic_idea?

      1. it could give you good advice and won't make mistakes.

  • I think this will be great!

  • Our robot is a teacher and it can teach anything you programme it to teach for example; Maths, English, Science, Art, Reading etc. It is called Robot Miss Lander. Anything you ask it it'll answer it in under a second!

    1. I'm interested to know what else would be the benefit of a robot teacher? And do you think there will also be some disadvantages?

  • our robot would be Barack 3000
    His job would be to be the best president ever-the complete opposite of trump!!!!!!!!
    he would look black and smart
    his 11 arms would be able to :
    show an action
    and do everything else human hands can do!
    He would be better than a human because he is not violent and is always reasonable and kind!!!!!!!

    1. A very interesting suggestion! A robot leader is something we've never seen before - why else would it be better than a human leader? Are there things a human leader might do that a robot could be programmed to avoid?

      1. A robot leader could lead all humans to doom and make robots take over. Sci-fi anyway

  • Robot Miss Lander will be better than a human because if our teacher was ill then the robot could come and teach us in the same way our teacher would, it'll act like a normal teacher and may even give us the oppurtunity on Friday to pick what we do in the afternoons, it may even give us extra play time!

    1. I think this robot teacher might be a way to get more play-time!

  • we would make a homework robot that does all your homework he would have glasses and that can write your exact handwriting and can do your homework in 10 mins

  • My robot would be called Arthur Menethil
    he would always be kind and nice to you he is happy and well being

    he can do this
    -Be a doctor
    -care for people

    he would always help you
    you and care for you he could do what you want like get some treats but only occasionally.
    He will care for you no matter what happens

    From jovial_eel :D

  • my robot would be a called a kind robot it will live in our school so if some one is sad they will make them feel beter i would do this because it will help are school alot and ceep everyone happy and united

    1. That is a great idea as now black people are sometimes getting racist comments so your robot will be a lot of help.

  • My robot is called NITRO CATCH 1000
    Its job would be a police officer
    It would look kind of like a human but with his police outfit no one would ever tell he was a robot.
    The reason it would be better then a human is because sometimes when somebody is running away from a police officer, they cant catch them, well the robot will have super speed. It will be able to catch him straight away. As well as that many officers have got hurt because the person they caught had a weapon but with the robot that would never happen. So in the end nobody would have to get hurt. It would also have extra sections in it for weapons in case if something happened. It could have looooong arms so if someone is across the road or climbing up somewhere, it could catch them quicker. Another thing it could do is once they have seen the person they know immediately where to catch them.
    So overall in my opinion the robot would make it quicker, safer and would help us.
    Thank you for reading,
    hardworking _apple

  • My robot would be programmed to help do surgery in hospital because if we program it correctly surgerys can occasionally go wrong .This better then humans doing it because there is so many things that can go wrong during the process and robots can do anything if made a programmed correctly.I would make this robot powered environmentally to help the planet I would call my robot the future because its programming skills will be able to save lives and the robot has so much knowledge also you associate robots with the future

  • My robot would be designed to be a nurse and it's name would be Happy- 2000.
    it would:
    .Make coronavirus eliminate completely
    .Have 15 stretchy and flexible strong arms so it can do lots of things at once
    .Be really fast so it can get to patients more quickly
    .Have 11 brains so it would be really clever and instantly come up with treatments for medical problems
    .Have a computer chip inside it so if it or anyone wanted to look something up the robot would have all the answers

  • My robot is called Sir Magonical and ,the type of jobs he’ll will be good at is being a cafe staff
    I think my robot will do an amazing job at this because of the pandemic we having to close down shop and more but if we had robots it would be very good because that way humans are really getting in contact with the virus but remember they can still get it only if they follow the resection rules. In some countries like Chinese they have already started to develop robots to work in cafes and restaurants which is good because then you might end up having a great service and you might enjoy your time personally I think robot would do a great job as a cafe staff by giving the food the people. Do you agree with m

  • Hi BNC,
    ingenious_forest here,
    I think this is a great competition as in the future, a lot of jobs will be done by robots I reckon!
    My entry is this:
    Robot Name: FairJudge2020
    Job: Judge
    Why it would be better than a human: It would always be fair, and would not be persuaded against the truth. It would be able to detect lies, and would never believe something if it was not true.
    It would be shaped vaguely like a human and would be black.
    I think that this would be a good job, as a lot of cases that go to court are not judged correctly.
    Thank you for reading!

    1. Great comment ingenious_forest!
      Why do you think that robots will be working in most of the jobs?

      1. Good question, buzzing_grapefruit!

  • Im Interested so I have many ideas for different things!
    Idea 1-Jacob Or Jessie,Police Officer,Track Targets,Stop Criminals From Moving Away,Deploy More Robots To Capture The Criminal Secretly..
    Idea 2-Anne Or Ahnaf,NHS Worker,Can Heal Any Disease,Fix Broken Bones,Make The Patient Not Feel Any Pain.
    Idea 3-Ashley Or Carlos,Or Me Of Course-Game Designer,Make Games,Fix Any Broken Game Discs,Find A Glitch In Two Seconds,Use The BNC Skill Creativity For New Games! Now Im Tired I'll Make A second Comment!

    1. Thanks for your ideas, ingenious_independence! No need for a second comment in the competition as the rules are only one per student. But there are lots of other discussions you could join on other posts!

      1. Ok but my head will burst of creativity in the next competition!

  • my robot would be a helping hand robot it could:
    help do chores
    have a strechy arm for puling things down from high places
    deliver messeges
    self charge
    pick up rubbish
    make food and drink
    could answer any question

  • My Robot would be called Einstein 2.0 , He can help in any job that needs help like the NHS right now, He can catch criminals, Help students in class, and is really fun and knows everything!!

  • My robot which I would design would be caring and respectful,
    It would have a great sense of humor and make everyone laugh.Intelligent as well so it could help out if anyone would be stuck in a problem.It could think just like a human so it could understand exactly how we feel,I would also give it a friendly face so it could be friends with everyone and so everyone can communicate and interact with it.This robot won't be disrespectful and won't fall into a fight so everyone can have a lovely time.It would be very creative and quick-thinking because then everyone can have brilliant ideas from that robot.Lastly it would work in many places for all to relax and have a great time.

  • My robot would be a police robot because it could be a robot with weals so if a criminal was driving away it could chase after it without the criminal noticing. The robot would be made with 5 plates of aluminium so the robot would be way stronger than the criminal.

  • eager_reflection here,
    This is my robot.
    Robot Name: ASTRALCOLLECTOR2000
    Job: Astronaut
    Why it would be better than a human: A robot does not need oxygen to survive, whereas a human does. Space exploration is dangerous so using a robot will make no risk for a human's life being taken. Finally, robots can find interesting facts about the planet/asteroid/moon, like that there is water on certain planets, much easier than humans. Humans normally use technology, but robots ARE the technology.
    My robot will have lots of arms to collect samples, high-tech scanners, be made of heat-proof metal, and has a bucket on its back to store the samples. I think that this robot will be great because it can find things no human can or will find.
    Thanks for reading!

  • My (first) robot would be called: (female) Maya3000, occupation/job: Pet operationist (Vet). Targets: To try and prepare for a pet disease that will maybe come soon (A bit like The Black Death) and try to end it sooner than The Black Death. Would try to come up with a vaccine to send to doctors to give vaccines to people while they are doing the animals who have caught it.

  • Idea 2. (Male) Name: Mason27,483. Job/occupation: Police Officer and crime specialist. Targets: To try and stop criminals and solve clues to get the criminal quick and easy every time.

    1. Thanks for the idea, but please enter only once as the competition states, peaceful_raccoon!

  • My robot's name is: TWH 900 (the world's helper 900)
    My robot was programmed to solve the world's problems etc.
    The TWH 900 is by far the most complex, helpful and intelligent machine here on earth. We've run a few field test with the TWH and it's scientifically proven that this machine can out do the worlds most greatest scientists (including me) and engineers etc.
    I'm sure that the TWH 900 will help the world like no other since it can fly across the world in a span of 0.001 seconds helping humanity in time of danger quicker then ever not to mention it can help stop flooding, wild fires and other cataclysmic calamities. It's also programmed to defeat illnesses such as the common cold to the deadliest of diseases.
    It also lectures people to do the right thing the TWH is capable by doing this by holding events every month in different countries teaching people about the worlds problems such as: racism, inequality and poverty and how to help and these solve problems.
    We're planning to make thousands more to help and save the world and the human race.

    thank you so much for reading my comment.


  • Idea 3. ( Transgender) Name: Brendan. Occupation: Doctor. Targets: To stop coronavirus completely and find a vaccine mixing things with other things.

  • oops, I accidentally did more than one comment, sorry!

  • my robot in called buzz rain,
    NOT buzz lightning,
    My robot is able to do every thing a human can do is can even feed a fish!
    He is able to:
    - make a burger
    - Go shopping
    - Run a marathon
    - Go through the McDonald's drive through
    - turn into iron man
    - Clean up
    - Teach you how to skateboard
    - Sing
    - And much more!

    Thank you for reading

    Yours sincerely practical_wolf

  • My robot is called Dr G.P

    It does the job of a GP.

    It is better at this job than a human because it can store information very neatly and can be connected to a human voice to sound better.

  • My robot is called TR 2000 and it is a qualified professor that can teach any subject that it is programmed to teach! The British Government created this robot as the Virus was spreading rapidly in between staff and teachers in schools and universities.

  • NAME: Paretron 3000
    JOB: An extra parent
    One of the amazing things about my robot is that it is a multifunctional one. This means that it can not only do one job but can do multiple ones. It is supposed to do the jobs mums usually daily like home chores, dropping children off , picking them from school and helping them with their studies . This will no doubt alleviate the pressure and lighten the heavy burden om mums' shoulders and allow them to have more time for themselves . Nevertheless, mums can still enjoy those intimate moments with their kids whenever they or their children desire. Besides, my Paretron 3000 will always step up whenever asked to do so. Unlike mums, it will never be tired, bored, irritated or lose temper when the kids behave childishly like not focusing and then asking for explanation over and over again. My robot is also super speedy; it can perform a lot of tasks in a very short time. Another extra special thing about my robot is that it is equipped with a section in his head which makes him not only capable of listening but also able to show sympathy and say comforting words and even hugging. Hence a child can talk with his robots about things that he doesn't want to share with his mum and the robot will give him the best advice.

    1. I think it's also forgivable to let people be bored, irritated and lose their temper! And as you said this can happen if a child does not focus and asks things over and over again, are these kind of reactions a good thing to help the child learn to improve?

  • My robot would be called AI 5000
    What it can do is tell you answers to any question you and it is a talking calculator. It can scan for anything precious like jewelry and metal like sliver, gold, steel and copper. This robot will also be able to hover around to look for criminals and people who have not done good to the public.
    I have another idea for Grabinator 9000
    It can pull anything at anytime, it uses solar energy to run and helps people be neat.

  • This is my view, hope you consider.

    My robot is going to have to be a multi-tasker and you will be able to program it to do certain things that all relate to echoer. My robot is going to be a presidential election helper. As you know, there is a major presidential election going on in the United States and some people (me included) are getting a bit annoyed because they are taking a while to count and re-count votes in some of the remaining states (at this time they are: North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Alaska) Nevada being one of the most slow counting, vital states. My robot will help not only counting the votes but it will be able to do all the checks in a time much faster time than even a group of humans. It could also be programmed to do anything else that is needed to be done fast in the election.

    Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed.

  • OK, it was hard but I finally managed to get an idea, The Astrobot! If you program it right it'll launch little cameras into space and on planets in light speed, then the cameras will take a sample of the planet or asteroid and bring it back! But if you program it wrong then it it'll destroy the planet or asteroid you launched the cameras on!

    1. What will be the benefit of this, unconventional_journalist?

      1. You can do research on the new planet and know if there have been any new life forms on it

  • My robot is called Magician 1.0
    It's job is to do magic tricks on stage (is that even a job?)
    It is a tan coloured robot and it has a wisard's hat, shoes and cape.
    It would do a better job than a human because he could do thing humans can't, he won't get the trick wrong and he won't get hurt if he misses a jump or something.
    Hope you enjoyed reading!

  • Sorry my comment is under the deadline...

  • My robot would be the greatest and most sophisticated ANDROID in the world.
    It would work as a nurse/doctor most of the time but could perfectly capable of doing any other job without having to do any training for it.
    It cold be
    .a judge without going to law school
    .an osteopath without going to a university or a study school for it
    and many other things as well.
    As it works as a doctor most of the time, as well as it being a highly sophisticated android, it would be clever enough to have a cure for the Corona virus and many other uncured diseases, illnesses or conditions that were thought to be incurable!
    (it would also be the only ever kind of robot to pass for a human.)
    It would fight against racism and discrimination and bring the world to peace and justice.
    It would come in any gender and act just like a human, and only be able to perish of old age.(yes, it would be able to age)
    It would be the most spectacular piece of Artificial Intelligence ever!

  • Hello,
    Gregarious_moon here!

    Robots name: Eco Composting Robot 2020

    Job: The composting Robots job is to collect compost bins and make the compost into soil for people's gardens. It would process the- fruit, veg, peels etc. and would make it into soil for gardens. This will help the peels not to be wasted and will give the plants lots of nutrients.

    Why it would be better than a human: The Compost Robot 2020 would be better than a human because it would be fast and efficient and would be able to make the soil in a way that would help the garden. He would make gardens a better place and help the environment. This robot would also be made out of recycled bean tins which will help the cause.

    Thank You

  • My robot is called stevv
    It does the job of an astronaut
    It is better at this job than a human because it has infinite breath. Stevv has rocket boosters coming out of his shoes and can reach up to 1200 miles an hour. My robot can travel to each other planet even ones that we haven’t discovered.

  • My robot's name would be Felix.
    Felix's job wold be that of a builder.
    He would be better at building as he would be able to fly, place and cement bricks easily and quickly, know how to make the strongest and sturdiest structures ,as he is also connected to the internet, in a matter of minuets. If this robot will ever be created in real life, every boy would have a home as he can multiply itself and is free to use too!

  • There was meant to be a d in body instead of boy, sorry.

  • Having trouble with cleaning? This incredibly awesome cleaning robot can literally clean anything. His name is Clean-O-Bot. All you have to say to activate it is say "Clean-O-Bot, clean the living room windows. " yes sir/madam."In a minute boom your, your window is as good as new. Have to clean a billion dishes, " Clean-O-Bot, Clean the dishes plz." In 2 minutes you are ready to have a lovely dinner. Need to mop the floor super fast for a party, "Clean-O-Bot Mop the floor as fast as possible" "As you wish." So all you have to do is say his name and what you want to clean. It is even possible to ask him to clean the whole house. You do need to charge him from time to time and his charger is the same as baymax's from the Big Hero 6 movie. Hope you enjoy your life with him. thanks

  • My robot's name is Gorka
    His job is host
    .He has long arm so if needs he can stretch long distance
    .He has 5 arms to do this:
    Read the scrip
    Hold the mic
    To show the thing he is holding
    To drink
    I think he Is beter then a human because a human has 2 arms and he has 5 arms
    so can do more things at one time.

    1. What does Gorka host, optimistic_drum?

  • My robot is called Florence, named after Florence Nightingale, because she is a nurse that can heal anyone. She works at the NHS and is twice as fast as a human when it comes to saving lives and very efficient. She is better than humans because she can't be passed on a disease or pass a disease herself. She doesn't need a break because she is powered by solar energy (and at night she stores some like camels store water in their humps) and can't be broken or even cracked because she is made of graphene (the strongest substance in the world) or mercury (a liquid metal, so if someone throws something at her, it will go through her). Inside her there is a toolbox , filled with nursing equipment, wheels and a bed that come out on emergencies; she can replace an ambulance.

    (Sorry if the deadline has passed and I am late)

  • My robot would be called Fair Rules 300.
    He would be firm and strict and would look on the elections (although this year's debates have finished, maybe when the next elections come anywhere). He would be able to duplicate himself and visit events that needed judging. He would always be fair and would make the world a safer place. He would even have a lie detector!
    He would be better than humans because he would always know who was telling the truth, he would never stick up for people who were guilty and would definitely, always play fair.

  • My robot would be a translator do not so people from other countries can communicate with locals.

    1. Good idea ethical_performance,
      How would your robot be better than a human?
      Also, what is your robots name? Maybe it could be cultural?

  • My robot would be a miner and its name will be the Rockmelter 2596 Edition. It will have rock corers - a bit like apple corers - for arms, an indestructible outside, and stone-pulverising eyes that melt rock in an instant. This rock will do a better job than humans because of their indestructibility. Humans may hurt themselves when mining, but this contraption will be fine, even working in the hardest conditions, despite the fact that it is only the size of a well-fed house cat!

  • Hi BNC
    Meticulous_twilight here.
    I found this session very interesting. here is my robot i have created.
    Name: Mr cleaner upper
    His job is cleaning up the environment and to stop pollution. he also saves animals if they are injured or sick.
    he would be better at this than a human because he spends his whole time doing this and he has a very big heart, especially for the animals and nature.

    1. Can you give us some more details on how the robot would work?

      1. It would work by turning it on and then selecting the languages on either side of the screen then spaeking into it.

  • my robot would be a robot submarine. It would be able to drive the submarine and make food as well as being able to teach children
    it would be called RSFT meaning robotic sub for teaching

  • My robot is a life guard. His name is Jerald 6000. He is waterproof and he has a metal 6 pack. He would be saving people if they are drowning, he has very good hearing and very good eyesight. He is a doctor as well and when he has saved people he gets his medical stuff out and helps people. He can bandage people up in a second. When someone is injured, he does funny jokes and sings songs and raps to make people chuckle and makes people feel better. Jerald 6000 will be at the beach and at the swimming pool.

  • My robot is called DR Robocov- 19
    It's job would be a doctor.
    It would be especially good at treating covid-19 patients because it can move freely across the hospital ward without catching the virus. It would also have many hands which allows it to perform many tasks at a time, up to 8 since it has 8 arms.
    It is very ,very fast that everyday each robot can treat at least 8OO patients. It can also give many medications to patients at the same time. It can also carry loads of ventilators to patients that have breathing problems. It also has a ventilator inside it. My robot can also perform emergency operations. In addition to this, it can read body temperatures and measure blood pressures just by looking at the patient. The reason I think my robot would be good at helping Covid-19 patients is because the robot wouldn't need any masks, gloves or hand sanitizers.

  • My robot would be:
    Name: Electron 2000
    Occupation: Technological Architect. It fixes systems, breaches hacking processes, and can make safe softwares and apps.
    Why I think it would be better than a human: There are several reasons, but one is that since technology and electricity was discovered, it is almost as if there is a second world. People now store a lot of information in devices, and hackers are common. The Police can find it difficult to capture all the villains in the real world, let alone the viral ones-and that's where Electron would come in handy!
    Another one would be:
    Name: Imminent
    Occupation: Police officer. It tracks down crooks, and corners them. Doesn't use the attacking part.
    Why I think that it will be better than a human: The robot is made from bulletproof steel and is less of a risk than sending humans for the job–No beating lives will be taken. The model also would have grappling arms, ideal for both combat and climbing. They also can be traded, and are good at tracking other things. If it is also virally, they can jam the system.
    Thank you!

  • Sorry, but when I said traded I meant updated!

  • I just realised it is a lot like ingenious forest.
    I didn't mean it to be though.

  • My robot would be called sam- sam and he would be a personal carer to people with mental illnesses like autisim to help parents who are struggling taking care of their child and giving them the right support they need
    Sam-Sam will have:
    Special intelligence to know how the person is feeling
    Gental voice
    Normal shape and body like a human
    Online games a child can play with( used to help the child interact)
    I believe iff given a chance SAM-SAM could help a lot of kids and parents in the near future
    Thank you for reading fiery_impression

  • My robot is called DOC.TOM56000
    It does the job of a doctor. My robot would be better than a human as, if a person is injured or sick he can easily calm them, can fix any bones. If a person says they feel sick or say they are injured but they don't know where/why then he would be able to detect why they feel sick or where they are injured.
    From buzzing_grapefruit
    I really liked hearing everyone else's idea and thought this was a great discussion. :)

  • My robot is called Thunder

    It does the job of a Amazon delivery worker
    It is better at this job than a human because he has boosters and you can get your parcel delivered in less than a second.

    1. I believe this might already exist in a way - Amazon have been using drones for a little while!

  • My robot would be called The Helping Hand, and would do the job of any worker you programmed it to do.


  • My robot is called a Worry Bot.
    It does the job of easing children 's worries by using her hoover to suck up the children's worries .
    It is better at this job than a human because it takes the pain and anxiety away from children quickly not only sucking up their worries but also there is a big red button that you press and it plays soothing music to calm them down .

  • Hi my robot would be called Getty and would be a locater so she can locate things if you loos them like if they-the teachers lost their phone the robot could find it , she is also really good at art and drawing if the teachers or students would like a drawing to motivate them to learn they can just press a separate button. It would live in are school in the office and can be connected with a button which would be in each classroom with like a small screen to tell the Getty what she would need to find or what they would like her to draw for either the class of teachers/insistence that are in each class. she would also be the cook for all years, her cooking is so good she could even go on the British bake of making sure the food is delicious and healthy.Getty would also help the teachers when needed they would also be good because they would be like humans but without breathing so better with covid-19.If needed she could also be the cleaner for when the children have gone home .She could also make the lessons for the next day in the evening so teachers can focus on something else in the morning.

  • Our robot (hardworking_apple and outspoken_planet's) would be called Bot The Builder. He would be able to build and carry anything with super-strength and have intricate algorithms, the best of an architect to help design and engineer buildings. He would be better than humans because he has excellent problem solving skills and could prevent any buildings collapsing or rotting or falling apart. And he could give orders to humans after over-use.
    Thank you for reading.

    1. This is in addition to the comment I did with hardworking_introduction,

      Also it can separate into mini builder drones, go under or into tight spaces (such as under floor boards) and remove, replace and adjust whatever it is dealing with.

  • My robot would be called ElectroDc 1000.

    It would serve a purpose as a doctor and would easily be able to fix bones and all sorts of problems. It would be better than a human because it would have a steady hand for surgery and could also calm the patient music that plays out of a speaker in its body. It would also be able to push beds around the hospital no problem and would also have a screen so the patient could order pizza and watch TV.

  • my robot can do chores and dance care for peopel teach and make pizza.

  • my robot is going to care for people and make donuts and get me anything I would like and play with me.

  • my robot is called billy
    it does the Job of a YouTuber
    it is better at this Job than a human because it has camera attached to it and it auto edits

  • My robot would be called Teabot 1.
    It's main purpose would be to wake me up in the morning with a perfect cup of tea which is ready to drink.
    To wake me up the robot would play my favourite songs and when I asked it to snooze it would let me have another 5 minutes in bed. The robot will also get out my clothes I am going to wear without asking me and lay them out on the bed ready for me to wear. Once I'm up and dressed the Teabot 1 will also make my bed.

  • My robot would be called Dob. I would call it this because it is easy to remember. It would look like a ordinary human so it wouldn’t scare anyone but it makes the dinner does the chores and goes to work so it earns money without anyone noticing it is a robot. The advantage of this is that my dad or mum wouldn’t have to work so they can have fun. But I wouldn’t make it go to school because school is fun ( especially after lockdown.)

  • A robot who would be called Michael who will heal anybody’s body part at instant and it would have to have a 10 full medical kits and disfencter and a tons of bandage plus it would need to be 6.5ft tall and 2.2ft long to store everything in it. Also if I had to be forced to pick another name it would be Charlie

  • Sorry Accomplished reality if you think I had copy you I just wrote what came to my mine first.

  • My robot would be called Bob. Bob goes and picks up litter.

    1. How would Bob the robot be better at litter picking then humans?

    2. Hi splendid_lemon,
      How would your robot, Bob, be better than a human?

  • Are you tired of country leaders fighting ?
    Constantly afraid of war lurking around the corner ?

    Well have no fear ! Here at Harrods, our best business men have invented the all new PeaceMakerXC1. Now folks, you're probably thinking ‘ this is just another pointless ad where I buy something that does a job I could do myself.’ Well , you are wrong - no human could cope with this tricky job , not even a therapist could stay calm when they know if they fail their job the world is at stake. However, a robot can do it all. This bad boy - or should I say ‘bad bot ‘ flies around the world and consults country leaders with their big decisions - this way no war will begin and there will be huge smiles and great country relationships for miles ! Afraid that France will get into a feud with England ? No problem, just summon the PeaceMakerXC1 and it will put on its beret and stick on a moustache and change its language AND before you know it , President Macron's mind will go from uncertainty to rainbows and unicorns! When the PeaceMakerXC1 has fulfilled its duties , from Jupiter you will be able to see a huge rainbow form on our planet . Within five minutes of its work , you will have forgotten a time of frowns, arguments and sadness in the world.
    So I implore you , buy the wondrous PeaceMakerXC1 for just £50.99 . The price may seem high , but the uses are infinite………
    Terms and conditions apply
    You will have to supply the bot with the traditional attire of each country so it can fit in and work its wonders.

  • My robot`s name is "Obsessive Tidy Bot"
    Obsessive Tidy Bot would:
    fold your clothes,
    put things away and more in only about 5 minutes.
    Obsessive Tidy Bot is better at doing this than a human as he is faster and doesn`t say "I`ll do it tomorrow" and then end up "forgetting to do it" the next day.

  • My robot's name would be SPY 1000

    occupation: spy

    I think it would be better than a human since it could probably stay in disguise for much longer and SPY 1000 can scan things and change to those things it scans. I don't want it too take up all the other spies jobs, human wise, so I decided it would be human friendly and maybe thinks like a human too as well as working along side with humans (teams.) For this it would have to be cooperative and respectful too for humans since if it would work along side humans it would have to try and put itself in their positions. SPY 1000 shall have feelings and emotions. However, it can not been hacked or hurt in any way since it's defense system to hacking is extreme. It can not be hurt since it would be made out of titanium and diamond and other strong scrap materials.

    Thanks for reading,

  • my robot would be called your little helper
    it runs on pure energy no hurting the in invioment
    your little helper does the jobs you dont want to do
    like washing up or cleaning or even dusting
    it is really voice activated

  • My robot would be called jeff and he is a protester to make everything equal and to help climate change

  • Also Jeff is a personal assistent to autistic kinds and deaf kids

  • Jeff teaches sing language

  • My robot is called Dory
    My robots job is to suck up all the fumes burning up the ozone layer
    My robot would also be able to solve any problem math or real
    My robot would be easy to approach and not at all scary so people
    She would work for people and give money to the poor
    My robots last feature is to be able to give anyone anything they need

  • My robot is called gizmo
    It’s job is to do your homework and clean and tidy up
    It is a huge green machine with a handwriting pen and a pencil and u right ur homework in in and it will print out a sheet with the questions and the answers then u change it’s settings to clean up and it will clean ur room and do all the housework u have to do and we it’s all done make sure u put it in sleep mode or it could brake the machine

    1. An interesting idea - why would it be better at doing this job than a human?

      1. It might be better because it’s faster and it can help with homework

  • My robot is called Medbay it helps with spacestations and is finding life on other planets he keeps everyone in space safe and tracks every planet to make a better life for us

  • my robot would be a fortnite robot

    he would have a ps5 a
    nintendo switch
    xbox series x
    he would eliminate 20 people every game
    he can play as well as ninja
    and can win solo vs squads

  • my robot would be my tech sister
    she could do anything i wanted but mostly helped to save the environment.

  • My robot can do

    care for each other
    And he looked like
    a goal keeper
    football t-shirt
    allways has gloves on

  • Having a robot could change work because it will be easy and then they have more time at home.
    Its allso a bad thing because then pore people will not get any money and have enough to by a house

  • And my robot name is Jibby 2.0

  • My robot has hand that are hoovers that can tidy a room in half a second and it can do your shopping for you and cook what ever you want to eat and best for all it can teleport you anywhere.

  • my robot is called dust monster

  • My robot is call sybercall
    This robot would help people with disabilities,it would learn how to help them without making them upset. It would calm them down and make them feel normal wether there disability is visible or invisible. This robot would make them be happy if they had some really bad anxiety . It would be easier to do for this type of robot than human as it would be trained cost less money for the company as it would not have to pay wages. This robot in total would cost 5 thousand pounds and that would be all

  • My Robot would be called Simon. The robot will help people who struggle to do things and give them advice . This would be really helpful because in the world , there are many people who are alone and get into stress and gain diseases like depression. It would also be helpful as the robot will help and teach people how to do things eg. cooking , doing homework etc. This would be helpful in the world because some people cannot do things on their own as their not capable and the robot will help them to be capable and experts on issues. This robot will cost less and would not have harm or damage to the world so this robot is useful.

  • My robot would be called the construct-o-bot 1000, it would be an engineer and it would be far superior to a human engineer in the fact that:
    - It can be programmed not to make mistakes, thus making it more efficient than a human.
    - It does not require any necessities that a human would require e.g. sleep, food water.
    - It cannot feel physical pain so it can keep on working.
    - It does not require pay, that leave more money to spend on better materials and tools.
    - If it does break then humans get the less dangerous job of fixing them.
    All in all it would increase the rate of cars being made would increase and humans would be safer, therefore improving the economy.

  • This robot would also do work eg.cleaning , cooking etc. It will do it much faster and this will help the world as it will help save our time , electricity and the world's climate as cooking and cleaning [lets say hoovering] is done by electricity and this puts an impact on the world's climate. In fact , the robot would be able to do these things without any electricity so we all save money , electricty and save our world from less climate and make the world better by this.

  • My robot is called Firedroid
    She works as an assistant for care homes. She can make beds, pour drinks, clean dishes and many other useful tasks
    This will help covid so much as it doesn't bring in or out germs
    Thank you

  • My robot is called doctor robo
    My robot works as a doctor helping to cure people much more quickly and you can have lots more robot workers to do there job and can work with more people than just one person.
    It is better than a human because You could only need one person to do there job as for humans you could need more than to make sure to get it right but with the robots they will have that knowledge stuck into there heads making it much more efficient when having to do a hard surgery for humans. You can also make robots comforting so that if anybody is scared or worried than the robot can help them to feel more relaxed or less worried. It can be easy to get the knowledge into the robot because you would only need to update it and add knowledge into it and you can update it to the right surgeries or the right cures to new viruses.
    It can be really helpful because it can not catch any illness or viruses that could affect humans and would cause major problems as for robots they can not catch them and carry on working fine helping to save lives which would be really helpful in the covid-19 situation.
    Thank you

  • My robot is called Gary the Finer Drone 2.0
    It does the job of checking if people have paid and displayed at a car park
    It is better at this job than a human because it will not walk because it is a drone. It will have four cameras mounted on it that will read the ticket on the car windscreen. If it sees the ticket has expired, it will will go over to the car and print a parking ticket fine onto the car and will contact then email the user of the car to tell them. The best thing is that it is made of aluminium which is pretty light so it won't need as powerful motors. It will check many car parks and will fly 5 metres above the ground.

  • I would make a robot called Helpy hand
    It would help in hospitals and surgeries.
    First I would start with just making it do small jobs like helping nurses.
    After that plan is successful I would program it to help doctors in surgeries.
    Many people are already thinking about this and I hope it is successful because humans might make mistakes in surgeries but robots won’t if you program them correctly.
    Thank you

  • my robot cooks
    its name is cooko
    he can chop the vegdibals and mix the cake bater
    he can put the iceing on cakes poor lemonade his hands turn into can opener to cook things like beens on toast
    he can make sourses like gravey
    he also can turn in to a tv and a breef case so you can travle with him so if you go camping he could cook for you and enter tain your kids with the tv.
    -he is worth £10,000
    -comes with instrucktion sheet
    -asemberling required
    -come with remote (buttens to control dont wory)

  • My robot would feed the homeless and hungry
    his name is Stanley
    he works in the krusty krab cooking burgers
    once they are cooked he puts them in his oven belly to keep them warm.
    then he goes out and delivers them to the homeless.
    he has xray vision and a sat nav so that he can find the homeless people.

    this is my robot, thank you

  • My robot’s name would be Adanna
    Skill: She can teach any language in under 2 hours
    Features: Adanna would have human like features (a realistic face and body). The only difference is that she can teach any or every language in the world! She would start off by teaching the very basics of the language and then move on to more advanced things, for example:
    - phrases
    How is this better than what a human could do?
    She could do this better than a human because of the advanced techniques she uses. It would take a long time for a person to teach a language and it could take years to learn it but Adanna can teach a language in 2 hours or less. This would make it simpler for a person to start learning a new language

    1. Cool! Do you think learning a language is more work for the teacher or the learner, engaging_mode?

  • If I was to create a robot, I would have called it SPASTA standing for:
    • Stop
    • Poaching
    • And
    • Save
    • The
    • Animals

    It would do the job of a game keeper. The things that will make it fit for the job would be:
    - A waterproof outer covering (so it doesn’t get ruined in the rain)
    - A full 360° camera that can spot anything
    - A motion detector
    - An emergency kit for animals
    - An emergency caller ( if a wounded animal is found )
    - Taser ( to tase poachers if they attack an animal )
    - Automatic alert that will alert police

    A robot as a gamekeeper is much better than a human one because it will be able to spot small movements and easily find poachers hiding in the bushes and also because it the robot get damaged no human shall lose a life.
    That is my robot SPASTA.

  • that is a great robot! but does your robot have flaws?

  • Hello, My robot would be called Geoff. His occupation would be a police officer. Here are a few reasons why i think that geoff is fit for the job:
    -He doesn't need necessary items that humans would need such as food, sleep, water etc.
    -He would have a 360* camera that can spot almost anything within 100 metres
    -He would also have a camouflage setting that when it is activated, he looks almost just like a human!
    -Robots are also very good crime fighting tools and will have separate settings fixed on to him on how aggressive he is and how important it is to catch the "bad guys".
    - Robots are also more precise than humans so have less chance of making mistakes.
    -Geoff would have very strong metal used to protect him incase the "bad guys" get over the top or agressieve
    - And finally he would be able to track down and get to the crime much quicker depending on his speed setting.

    I hope you like the sound of my robot geoff,

  • my robot is called Bob
    he can:
    - be a great friend
    - be very playful
    - incorage you to do your school work
    - help you with your homework
    -help around the house
    - make you laugh when you need it
    - help you if you are injured

    1. How can Bob do these things better than a human, valuable_passionfruit?

  • my robot is called Bob
    he can:
    - be a great friend
    - be very playful
    - incorage you to do your school work
    - help you with your homework
    -help around the house
    - make you laugh when you need it
    - help you if you are injured

  • because he can use his rockets to do everything quicker than anyone can.

  • he has the power to heal people without using a medkit if you get hert he can heal you as quick as a flash

  • A robot that can, feed animals for them to survive,A robot that can care people(housework)

  • My robot has giant arms so he can lift anything and he’s got his own hotline for people who break down he can lift their car up

  • Hi!
    My robot would be..... a doctor, a friend, a person you can speak to if you are lonely, kind, friendly, can think of great ideas to heal people with certain disease, a vet and a robot that would help to sort out really big fights between people. Her name would be Ellie.

  • my robots name would be handy because he can help people who have been bullied and he can play with them when they are sad and upset

  • My robot would be called Doctor Robo
    His job would be a scientist that can find the cure for anything
    He would be better at this job then the humans because if he can find the cure for aynthing this could stop cancer, covid, world hunger. Just anything. He would also be better than humans because with all the cure the world can just be great again he could stop pollution to stop climate change. With this robot he could change the world and just make it the best it can be!
    I hope you enjoyed reading.
    upbeat_acorn :)

  • My robot will be called police officer 4097 because a lot of police officers are putting their lives at risk of catching coronavirus so this robot will help stop that, it will be trained to know what to do when you are a police officer . PO 4097 will help fight crime and help make sure people are following coronavirus restrictions that are in their area. It will also be immune to the coronavirus .

  • My robots name is glow. My robot helps with the environment and picks up litter inside the house. She goes through your bins and keeps and plastic that can't be recycled in your house and makes new thing such as : organisers, boxes and many more useful things to help save the planet. When no-one is home he has a camera to keep an watchful eye out and goes out to the beach and goes in the water (it's waterproof ) and swims around collecting any litter in the ocean.
    I think the planet really needs a robot like this.
    Don't worry comes with instructions!
    Thank you!!

  • This is in addition to the comment I did with hardworking_introduction,

    Also it can separate into mini builder drones, go under or into tight spaces (such as under floor boards) and remove, replace and adjust whatever it is dealing with.

  • In the UK, building is already the 3rd most dangerous industry. With Bot the Builder no fatalities will occur on the construction site. Bot also has an infinite supply of PPE since he continuously creates hard-hats, goggle, gloves and boots for when assisted by mankind.

    1. Can you tell us where you found your evidence for the "3rd most dangerous industry" statistic?

  • My robot would immediately make a cure for any virus or sickness and basically act like a doctor and it can pick up rubbish to help with climate change.

  • My robot will be called Z-Verna 3.52a

    It does the job of a...food delivery person! My robot will be able to deliver people food quickly, safely and efficiently, possibly replacing the human food delivery person. The design is a small rectangle with an antenna and 4 wheels, which can go up to a maximum of 40mph. My robot will be able to notice and do:
    - Changes in the temperature of food, it also has a heater which will warm up food if it notices it gets too cold and attempt to cool down the box containing the food if it gets too warm. Allowing it to save food to you in the perfect temperature.
    - Have a sensor to stop if there is either a human walking past (if it goes on a pavement) or traffic on the road.
    - Will be able to scan street names and door numbers on its own without a control so it has a 98% accuracy rate for finding the correct place to deliver food.
    - If the robot is destroyed eg. for theft. It will alarm like a car.
    - To add to that, it has a feature where it will begin to move quickly automatically if it senses movement (in the shape of a foot or a hand coming to grab it whilst its still trying to make its way.
    - The box containing the food automatically opens once it scans a face and recognises it through their app called VernaDeliveries, where you scan your face before the payment goes through, so it makes it safer when it only opens when it recognises a face.

  • maybe it having a robot might be a good thing for building and construction

  • My robot name is HURER 2000, he can do these:
    getting the vaccine for COVID-19
    good at maths
    It can help people is they re stuck with their home work

    My robot can also tell people to follow the coronavirus rules if they do not follow them.

  • My robot will be called delivery bot.
    He will deliver every thing you order .
    So for example He will deliver your Tesco food.
    Every one will have there own bot .
    It will know how to drive so you wont have to
    drive it there yourself !

  • My robot would be a police officer because it will be able to drive really fast to catch a criminal if needed.
    The robot can survive a bullet from any sort of gun if it got shot!
    This robot has a detective side so that he can solve any mistory in a crime.

  • 1. Robots might take over jobs we work for.
    2. Robots are very useful for work.

  • I have a robot
    Name: The AMCA (Automatic mavellous creator of avitors)
    Job: A builder of planes that will make a new generation of aviation
    They are better than humans as they will be able to fly like a drone but build like a human
    They can also be loaded with blueprints to make it easier to get the right design.

  • My robot would collect data like what clothes you wear and what music you love to listen to and what colour scheme your house is and add it up to find out what would look nice decorated in your house or what colour blinds would look nice . A robot could do it better because it could collect data and calculate it better than a human

  • golden girl playful pup maiden 12800
    she plays with you
    helps track and find slippers and lost things
    and gives you company

  • just like a puppy but programed to help people

  • my robot is a teacher that knows all the kholege in the world and it is called dfg3

  • My robot is called Matt and he works as a librarian and can tell you exactly where a book is. It is better at this job than a human because people don't know the exact whereabouts of a book but a robot would

    1. I'm sure a lot of human librarians would argue that they know where all the books are too, glorious_solution!

  • im going to make a chef robot that will cook the finest of meals and what makes it better than a robot is that it will have the best recipes all uploaded into it instead of remembering it all and its name is chef robatia

    and my opiniton is;
    in the future machines will be helpfull but it might make more of the worlds citizens more lazy and unhealthy.

  • My robot is a teacher. It will be programmed to help children and know and remember answers. It will be better than a human teacher because it will be able to search up spellings in its electronical brain and will remember answers to tests and save paper. A downside could be that the robot would need charging and may have to stop lessons to charge and reload data.

  • My robot is called the reminder 2000.
    This one of a kind robot will remind you about meetings,school,work and much more.
    This robot is better than a human because a human can not tell you everything but the reminder 2000 will always be happy to explain your schedules. As well as this , it will automatically set your alarms depending on what you have planned for the day.
    Hope you like my idea,

    1. Do you think robots / machines that give us reminders might already exist?

  • My robot is called Covie
    My robot can help people get rid of Covid 19. My robot is an expert at making medicines for people that have Covid 19. Covie never get Covid 19 because she is a robot. Doctors will not need to help people with Covid 19 because Covie can help 100 people get rid of Covid 19 in one minute! That is impressive! Covie will defeat Covid 19 once and for all. She will probably take over most of the hospitals by how impressive she is with how fast she could help people get rid of Covid 19.

    People really need this robot right now.
    Don't worry about Covid 19, Covie will deal with it!
    Thank you!

  • My robots name is:the quick robot
    My robots job is that it delivery really quickly at your home than a human coming up to your house nocking on your door.
    My robot is better than a human because they can go quick than a human and it can do more things than a human like it could be a fly robot maybe.
    It’s things it can do is:
    Play music
    Be a police
    A nurse
    It’s emotions is:
    My robot will look like it has a black top,black trousers, so it will be really smart and it is a girl

  • My robot will help out with people studying at home ( they won't do it for you, they will teach you ) because some people sometimes struggle with their homework so it might be a lot more useful for the people who need a lot of help.

  • My robot would be one that helps out with nurses while they do their operations and other things. They would be called a RO- NURSE and is the nurses assistant. They help the nurses by giving the right equipment to treat a patient to the nurse and also take important phone calls. This robot would really help nurses so they can do other things and there will be more nurses in hospitals which is good. Also, they could be trained or specifically designed to treat patients just like nurses and the waiting lists for patients would not be as long.

  • The robot makes delicious doughnuts and can make food at the speed of light and its name is Zaha Hadid

  • my robot would be a police officer
    it can go 80miles per hour
    this can be useful when people are littering and gotten into a car crash.My robot can give people a ticket for littering and for the car crash my robot will fine the person who caused the car crash.It would also be could for crime because my robot is really fast.If police did this they won't be able to get the criminal in time because when they get in their getaway car the police car is big but if we have a robot it can skip through the cars/traffic and it can arrest the robber

  • Robots can work for restaurants, car manufacturers, factories, and lots of other jobs.
    They can also help disabled people as well. They can go to places humans can't, they can be put in danger, they don't need to sleep, eat, drink, go to the toilet, or take breaks because they are worn out. They just need either new batteries or charge. They can entertain children too for example. Cozmo, Boxer, and botsies.

  • My robot is called A-3000
    It does the job of a Docter
    It is better at its job than humans because when people are in desperate need of a docter they would need to take them to the hospital and that could take some time especialy if whats happening is urgent.
    The disadvanteges of this is that it may break down or if it gets wet it may not function properly in an emergancy.

  • My robot names would be called ECO because it is designed to clean up after everyone on the streets. It would be better than humans because it would disintegrate the rubbish so it has more room to pick up more and then it would dispose of the rubbish in some fire that is attached to the body of the robot in a little compartment. It is to help the litter pickers and get the job done quicker to sort out the world faster.
    My robot would be able to function on its own without help of humans and it wouldn’t need a bin or a litter picker it would have a hoover as an arm to hover up all the rubbish, it would also have a machine inside of it that disintegrates the rubbish and the rubbish transports its way through the other arm of the robot into a fire compartment that is on the side of the robot. It would also sort out the rubbish into recycling and then rubbish and the recycling gets compressed and put into one half of the robot. My robot is good for the environment in more ways than the one like; it wouldn’t pollute the earth, it would clean up the earth and it would dispose of the rubbish in an ECO friendly way as not to harm the planet.

  • My robot would be called The COVID Chaser 2000 and it would be a drone. It can hover over the roof of every house and detect any infection. It would feed back the information to the NHS so that house could be locked down.

    1. What human job would this replace, kind_earth?

  • my robot:
    name:Bob Litning
    age:never ending age

    about your robot;
    My robots nasme is Bob Litning and he has a never ending age.He works at retrants ans he serves food. Its a boy robot and sometimes he scared babys and little kids for how he looks like.He can do lots of different dance moves rhat not a lot of people can do.He doesnt really have a mum or dad because they were taxen away to thr trash bin so they can make new bodys out of them. Since that day Bob wanted to work to help people so he ca forget about his parents how they dies.He is also good at mmaths so when people need help wth there work, he will be there.He was born[ made ]on the 2 of may 2009 .

  • even though robots can take over the world, it is worf a try

  • My other robots name is glowie and its a girl. She helps whne its dark to glow the world nso it can be bright. She doesnt have pronts but she has a brother.She was alive from 2010 and her birthdays are on october the 15 . She loves to party and loves to help. She can aslo do a hole lot of things i bet you cant do. She is a very VERY helpful girl but shy is very kind and has a clear voice to hear

  • My robot would be called Lebron Jordan and he would be a basketball coach. He would be programmed to know every single thing about basketball (which is more than the human brain can hold) and teach us it.

  • My robot's name will be bob and his job is a therapist as well as an engineer. My robot is better than a human because it can solve all humans problems such as it has an endless supply of money if a family is really poor and this robot stops
    racism and sexism in the future and that's only a couple out of millions of problems this robot can solve. Since my robot is an engineer it stops pollution by making cars that instead of running on petrol or electric they will be powered by carbon dioxide. It always has a positive attitude.