#11 - You're hired!

20 November 2020


Winners announced!

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition this week - we have been thrilled to see such a wide range of dream jobs and reasons. But, as always, there can only be two winners... and this week they are:

humorous_queen of Pinner High School, who has big plans to become an architect and start their own business


responsible_artist of Willowtown Community Primary School, who is very appropriately named, because they would like to become an animator

Well done!

From a very young age, Lord Sugar from the BBC's "The Apprentice" dreamed of becoming a successful business owner. At the age of just 16, he began selling things out of a van and at 21-years-old, he set up his first business selling electricals. With lots of hard work, he's now a billionaire!

This week's competition gives you a chance to think about your own future...

We would like you to tell us what your dream job is and why. Make sure you give reasons for your answer!

You could even say what you're going to try to do to make that dream come true. For example by practising a certain skill or learning about how to do something.

Need help getting going? Uses these sentence starters:

In the future, I would like to be...because...

To help me get there, I could...

The deadline for entries is Friday November 20th at midday. PLEASE ENTER ONLY ONCE. Good luck!

This half-term, Lord Sugar will be on the Hub answering your questions as one of our experts. Got a question for him? Ask it here!

Photo credit: Lord Sugar - The Apprentice Series 9” by Lukas Schlagenhauf is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Comments (185)

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  • I would like to be a train driver so i can get a lot of money to take care of my family, and be helpful to others in need, feel proud, and enjoy my job.

  • my dream job would be a footballer because i like to play football and i like to travel

  • to get there i would have to study hard on work

  • My dream job in to work in travel first I would like to be a travel agent then I would like to work in the gift shop on a cruise ship because then when they stop at different country's I can explore because the gift shop will be closed. How I will get to my dream job is I will take a travel course in collage .

  • i want 1 job which is an actress because its my dream job and i could earn a lot of money from being an actress. and to me it dosent matter about the money it matters about being happy and successful.

    1. Is there anything that you could do to help you to reach this dream, peaceful_cloud?

  • i would like to be a streamer/professional gamer.... it gives alot of money and you get people watching you and you can show people how good you really are. You can play your favourite game all the time , but there are play other games you can play.... by being good at a game you can become famous/a celebrity..... you can earn millions of pounds and you can prove your skill by entering a tournament and if you win they pay up to at least £5k!!!!

    1. What could you do to make your dream happen, reliable_nature?

  • my dream job is a professional drifter because I like cars and drifting and I like the world 1# professional drifter Daigo Saito and 4 years at a trainer ground then 7 years in a drifting professional training ground then 2 years of safety hazard then you become a professional drifter.

  • I want to be a DJ because I love music and music mixing games!

    1. Hi humble_thoughts, I don't know a lot about DJ's so I have a question.
      What kind of skills would you need to be a DJ?

  • I love animals so I might be a vet since I care about animals health and but I also want to be a teacher for people to learn since education is important but I don't know YET!

    1. What sort of things could you do to figure out which of these jobs you'd prefer, fierce_walrus?

  • In the future I would like to be a teacher because i'm good with kids and I always want to be around them. My friends agreed that I would make a good teacher to get there I will work hard at school take courses in university and collage.

  • When I am eligible enough, I would like to be a animator/artist because really like the sound of the job. I have seen other people animate small skits/story times and I think it would be something I would highly enjoy. I have a lot of inspirations for my dream job such as youtubers called Jaiden Animations and TheOdd1sOut and if it weren't for them I wouldn't be wanting to be an animator. I'm hoping to a good animating school when I am older, I'm hoping I'll get there with my friend :)

  • I would like two jobs
    I have two dream jobs here are them both!
    Firstly I would like to be an Actress because I can earn money from it and find new places in the world that i've never been to before, i can also find new friends filming or acting in Broadway shows
    I would also like to be a Dog Groomer because i like bathing dogs and i can meet really cool dogs and see how dog owners take care of their dogs and see if they treat them well, the only downside to this job is that i don't have a very strong stomach, i would also like to see how different dogs can act!

  • hello, first i would like to say how has ur day been? I would say my dream job is a makeup artist and i want to be the best at it and i always practice on my mum or sis and i would be really creative with my designs. I also love to do makeup on myself. i normally use pink mixed with blue or purple, I don't care what people say about only girls can do/wear makeup i wanna do makeup and no one will stop me today or ever also I'm a boy :) have a nice day.

    1. Nothing should stop you from achieving your dreams, secure_twilight!

  • When I am older i want to be a inventor and Advertise my product so other people can buy it

    1. Sounds great, forgiving_wombat! What skills could you practise to help make this dream come true?

    2. Sounds great, forgiving_wombat! What skills could you practise to help make this dream come true?

  • I would like to be an astronaut when I am older because I would love to work in the ISS. I would like to work in the ISS because I would really enjoy doing experiments in space such as growing space food. I would also like to experience floating around in space with no gravity and see the Earth from space.

    1. What could you do now that might help you to become an astronaut in the future, wise_rainforest?

      1. I could learn lots of maths and science and practice walking underwater!( apparently that is what it is like on space).

  • I would love to be a skateboarder and key worker as then I can know that I am making people better . I love helping people

  • My dream job for when i am older would be a lawyer. I think this for a few reasons including the experiences you have throughout the time studying and you get the job being a lawyer. It is also a very well payed job so I could afford to by things for myself, my family and my friends.

    1. Great comment poetic_passionfruit!
      Which skills would you need to be a lawyer do you think?

  • I I had one job my dream job would be to become app designer. I think being an app designer is a really good job because first of you get a lot of money from doing that job to me I don’t really care about the money I care about how much I enjoy the job and is it a job that I would want to do The reason I think you guys should do it is secondly, I think you would really enjoy the job as get to share your opinions and be creative.Just that one idea you had to change the whole world with your sensational idea
    Just imagine you thought of an idea but you thought it was terrible you went to work And study about that idea and people really liked it and I became a world famous app how would you feel because I would feel amazing but what would you feel if would you feel happy I’m sure you would my dream job is an app designer but what’s your dream job?.?
    Hope you like my comment

    1. I think tha'ts so cool decisive_redcurrant!

    2. What could you do to help your dream come true?
      Such as which skills you have/need or what could you practice.

  • When I am older I would like to be a doctor, even though I'm a girl I want to do anything boys can do! I also want to save lives as a doctor.

    1. It is completely normal for a woman to be a doctor, unconventional_bat!

      1. Mhm I do know that, When I tell people I want to be a doctor they say no, you have to be a nurse. :)

        1. I think you should try and prove them wrong, unconventional_bat! You might also want to take a look at this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/business-45654320

      2. Not always, because before 1892 women weren't allowed to be doctors until Elizabeth Garrett Anderson 1836 - 1917 became the first woman to qualify as a doctor. Now, lots of women are doctors. Doctors aren't actually just men because some women do that job. In addition, when some people draw doctors they draw them as men and that is because people think that some jobs have a particular gender but they don't. So basically, women can be doctors.

        1. I agree with you because only men at first were allowed to go to work while women had to stay at home and look after the children. If you want more information go to this link:https://www.theguardian.com/society/2012/mar/10/housework-gender-equality-women

        2. I also think people did not want women to go to work because they needed to keep their children safe from all the dangers like robbery kidnapping, I also think women were not allowed to go to work because of the difference between women and men.

    2. Yes that the spirit I know you can do it believe in yourself you fearless you a beautiful girl who can do anything🥺

  • when i am older i want to be a doctor or inventor ;
    the reason why i want to be a doctor is because i love helping people and learning now things. i want to be an invenor because i love making things sooo much and i want to create devices in the future to help the world

  • I would like to be a footballer because I love football and I can get a lot of money so I can take care of my self.

  • I would like to be a brain surgen when I am older because since i was little i have always beenwanting to save lives that in danger i will try to keep my dream by working very hard in lots of work and lear on the internet or in a boo a little bit about are bodys and about doctors and I am not just being it to get money I am doing it so that all of those people that have heath ishoos or are sick so I can help them

  • This is my view, hope you consider.

    My dream job is to be a lawyer as I would like to try and do some good and fight for someones rights. I think this would be a good idea as I like to try and be as kind as possible and it would also give me some good income so I can have a nice, enjoyable life in London and help out my family and friends and give to charity to help them as well.

    Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed.


      1. Please write with full words!

  • When I am older, I would like to be a professional pianist because I really like music. I have a piano and I try to make songs with it. It's not easy to make song with a piano. Right now, I have made only one song intro. It is really easy to play if you were a beginner. Unfortunately, I am only on grade one in piano.

  • Eager_reflection here,
    When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor. This is because I would like to save people's lives and also be able to learn new things. In addition, I would enjoy having the privilege of serving the country, and could possibly be rewarded. I will be extremely happy when I save someone's life. To become a doctor, I would need to study hard for exams to pass, then work even more so I can become a qualified doctor.
    Thanks for reading!

    1. Sorry, it looks like I have copied your's but I didn't look at any of the comments before I wrote mine! :)

  • My dream job is: a lawyer, judge and businessman (CEO of my own company)
    Although it will be hard to achieve this specific goal, I'm determined to fulfil my dreams! To do this I have to study hard and get a degree in law and so in business etc. If I were a lawyer, judge or businessman I would try my best to bring justice to the innocent (lawyer and judge) also I aspire to make revolutionary inventions (business man CEO/ inventor) and to make a mark on history by doing this. I would love to pursue any one of these professions to make my parents proud and to have a secure future for me and my family. As some of you know my dream jobs are jobs that pay really well. With the money I receive I won't mainly be spending it on a lavish lifestyle I would also love donate thousands or hundreds of thousands to charity such as: cancer research, NSPCC, the BHF (British heart foundation) and Alzheimer's Research UK etc.
    thank you for reading my comment,


  • One of my dream jobs is to be a vet because I love animals and I think helping them and possibly saving their life would be amazing. Also, vets get paid quite a lot so I could help out my family and friends and give to charity as-well. Another one of my dream jobs is to be a popstar / singer because I love to sing and I would love to inspire lots of people out there.
    Thank you for reading!!!

  • I am torn between two choices: a businessman or a scientist. I want to be a businessman because I always dreamed to be famous, successful and rich but the more I think about it I would like to be a scientist especially when I think about Covid-19. If I accomplish this I will do experiments that hopefully will end up by finding a cure for chronic diseases such as cancer. Because of which many people suffer and die from even at young age. This certainly would make me proud and happy when I see the impact I made on peoples lives.

  • When I am older, I would like to be an author or a doctor. I would be an author because I love writing and am very creative. To be an author, I would have to be very good at Literacy and have an excellent imagination. I would be a doctor because they help sick people and possibly have the privilege to save a person's life. To be a doctor, I would need to work extremely hard in every subject, especially science, biology, chemistry and physics.

  • When I am older I want to be scientist, because I like to find out more about things and how they work, and how they are formed. It could also mean that you have 50% chance of saving the whole entire world with a formula or a potion which could be use as a vaccine. I think I want to be in this job because I can be famous from the hard work I have done.

  • My dream job would actually be Richard Quest's job on CNN as I love travelling the world, seeing new things and making new discoveries
    Secondly, I would like to be a veterinarian as I love all pets,(especially dogs, maybe hoping to own a rottweiler one day!) and to see them poorly or sad makes me want to help them to get better

  • My dream job is to become a surgeon. When I had an operation and was taken on a stretcher to the anaesthetist room, I saw many machines that checked my well-being: my pulse, my heartbeat, my temperature. I decided from that moment that I wanted to be able to do the same and that I would study medical and become a surgeon. Even from before I found out about my surgery, I have always wanted to become a doctor or surgeon so I can take care of people.

    I hope you enjoyed,
    best regards,

  • I want to be a doctor because i love biology-the study of life and living things- and i like to help people. I want to go to the WHO when I grow up because i will be doing a benefit for the world. At this moment, at the age of 11, I am working very hard to pass my secondary school exams because from secondary schools you go to college and i want to go to a good college/university like oxford. From there i can study how to become a doctor and, with hard work, i can become one.

  • When I'm older I wan't to be a Ballet Dancer because I love dancing and I like watching it too!
    I go to a dance school which helps me practice and I also have a whole book on Ballet.
    When I do want to become a dancer I will train all the time and study on it!
    Thanks for reading!

  • When I grow up, I want to be a surgeon! In this role, I can save peoples lives and make them healthy again. Helping people is really fun! I know I would have to go through years off training but I’m ready for that challenge!

  • When I am older I would like to be a surgeon because I find the human body interesting and it pays a lot of money

  • In the future I'd like to become a youtuber because I think entertainment is very important so I would like to entertain others. Also the money I will make will be useful for buying life's essentials and more. I could help other charities by donating money to them. To help me get there I could learn to overcome my fear of being on camera by being recorded more often by family and friends.

  • When I grow up, I want to be a dancer and singer. This is because I want people to be entertained alot and have fun. I like to dance and sing for fun. I will need to practise everyday and work hard to be qualified as a dancer and singer.One day, I will like to teach people to have as much fun as me. I would like to share my happiness to the world about how much fun I am having when I dance or sing.
    It does not matter if you are not good at what you like to do, it matters about how much fun you are having.

    Thanks for reading!

  • My dream job is to be a fantastic editor and I know that this is weird but I’d like to edit really cool things and inspire other kids my age to become one.
    If not an editor I would love to be a artist because I love painting different paternal to express how I’m feeling like I would do a crazy blue, red and pink pattern if I was sad but if I was happy I would do a yellow, green and orange patern.

  • My dream job is to become a Game Developer because I am very interested in computing because of the way code works and how sophisticated the latest technology is. I want to become a game developer because I want to make games which other children would like and enjoy playing. I like it when children like what I do and become influenced by my work. Besides Game Developers earn a ton of money which is good financially. I also would show what I do on youtube which could increase the amount of money you can earn only as a Developer. I also want a high degree in Engineering which would possibly help in the future.
    Thank you For reading and I hope this influences anyone.

  • I would love to be an activist because I am extremely concerned about the environment and I believe we need to take more care about our environment as otherwise the Earth will be gone before we know it!!!!!!!

  • When does this comp close?

    1. Friday at midday!

  • My dream job would be a professional dancer because from a very young age I have had a major passion in dancing ever since I start dance classes when I was only 3 years of age so I would like to travel and win competitons all around the world . Part of my job will also be teaching young children how to dance and the different genres of dancing for example there is street dance , ballet , tap , hip hop and lots more that can not be named right now .


  • My dream job is a dentist this is because I can help people with tooth ache and people with a not so straight teeth also another reason why I like to be a dentist is because to become a dentist you need to be good at biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology, physics and mathematics.I love maths so I definitely think that I am a good person to hire or become the boss and maybe even work in central london at the highest dental surgery ever!

  • When I grow up i want to be an archaeologist because i find it fun and i like DANGER.I want to collect mythical items in pyramids, learn about ancient life/mummies/Egyptian writing/pictures. I will need to take archaeology lessons. SCARY IS MY THING.

  • when I'm older I want a to be a nurse this because I want to help people and old people that have heart problems or cancer I would learn new lessons I think that I can be serving the N.H.S and I have to to study about nurses in university I would be good as a surgeon.

  • I want to be an artist because my class thinks that I'm really good at art. My backup plan is to work for my mum because she owns a business of home care and it'll be an easier way to start working.

  • When I am older I would like to be a doctor or a scientist because I would like to help people, save lives create cures and always help others I would help charity I would donate to people that are homeless

  • I will add more later

  • When i grow up i want to be a fashion designer because since a young age i have always wanted to be something related with designing but now i am trying my hardest to make my dream come true. People often give me negative comments and in the future people will almost always try to push me down but i believe in myself , i love my artwork and designing, everyone has different opinions right? I also want to be a fashion designer as i have lots of the skills:
    •I can sow
    •I am very imaginative
    •I always have an idea
    •I always try to improve my designs.
    And i am still learning the skills, there is always more to learn.
    From buzzing_grapefruit

  • I mean i can sew not sow 😅

  • I would either want to be a actress or an voice actor since I love to act dramatic and speaking in different voices! I could try to get this dream job by studying at a arts Academy or auditioning for small roles and getting bigger along the way.

    Another of my dream jobs would be a lawyer, I love debating and standing up to what is right. I would protect the innocent no matter how much money could temp me to join the opponent I won't. Helping people prove their rights as a lawyer would make you feel happy for protecting the innocent even though it would take patience to get witnesses and proof for the crime showing the innocent didn't do it. That's just the most interesting and exciting part!

    I would say both these jobs earn a fair amount of money depending on what stage you are at and I think these would be steady jobs. With the money I earn I would probably invest as well have a good healthy living helping family I would invest into houses and land or flats so I could get more money and with that money I could help, spend or save it.

    Thanks for reading,

  • I'm discreet_ drum,
    When I grow up I want to be an architect because I am really creative, I could learn new things and I love designing things like houses another reason is that you can be creative as you want so you could think of hundreds of unique things to put in a house of your choice and I have and could think of loads of interesting ideas.
    To get my dream job I would have to work really hard at school because If I work hard In primary and get good scores on tests like SATS, then if I continue to work harder, I would do well in secondary too - which leads to college and finally, university. If I don't do well in primary and secondary, I won't get my dream job but if I focus and work really hard, then I would get good marks on exams and maybe some day i will be an architect.

  • I would like to be a doctor because it makes me so so happy to make other people happy. It just gives me a lot of satisfaction to see people happy and well. I really like to help people get better when they are sick or help them when they are injured. To be a doctor, I would have to do really well at school, get good grades and get into university. I would also have to be very good at science. It may be tough but I believe I can do it!

  • I would like to be a footballer when I grow up because I love the game and it really fascinates me!

  • In the future, I would really hope to be an author. Probably the main reason is that I love writing, and especially writing pieces that inspire. In addition, writing can spread, and if you can write well you can do all sorts of things. You could be able to speak well, and then that opens a door to many more possibilities for you. To become an author, I would need a lot of practice and skill, and study very hard. Luckily, the BNC hones those skills.
    Thank you!

  • My dream job is to be a history teacher. History is my favourite subject and I love finding out about how people used to live and what they invented. To teach people about the past is important and I want to make it interesting. If we learn about history we can improve the way we live in the future.

  • I would be a artist because I love art and are very good at it. My mum literally doubts me about it!

  • I have two different jobs,
    I would like to be a footballer as people are well known and it is a great way to have tours across the world. To achieve this I need to keep practising my skills and the talents I need for it.
    Also, I would like to be an actor as you can work in famous plays that people will enjoy in the future. To make this be possible I will try to learn drama so I have more understanding of it.

  • When I grow up I would like to be an astronomer. I would like to have this role because I am inspired by all of the astronauts that have risked their lives to find life in our solar system and the scientists that have built rockets to reach beyond our world. I would also like to help Elon Musk get to Mars and find the possibility of life there because I want the future generations to have somewhere to live if the Earth is no more . Thanks for reading :)

  • I would like to be a wedding fashion designer when i grow up. I would like to design and create outfits for a whole wedding party out of sustainable and recycled materials. People spend thousands of pounds for their wedding day,often never to be worn again. This is so bad for the environment and our planet. By creating beautiful wedding clothes out of recycled materials we can reuse what could be thrown out. Fashion should
    be fun but not hurt the planet.

    1. I really like your last message ‘fashion should be fun not hurt the planet’ because i want to be a fashion designer and i definitely don’t want to hurt the planet.

  • When I'm older I would ,like to be an astronomer because I want to uncover the secrets of the universe and possibly inspire others to become astronomers too .

  • when i am older i want to be a dentist because i could help other people take care off their teeth.

  • I think also i would not panic if they had a rotten tooth

  • I would like to be a football commentator when I am older, because I like to express how the players are doing and describe how well the players are doing, how much possession the teams have., I would love to commentate at the world cup and see all of the different teams that have qualified and to see and hear the roof raised by the fans and get to know different players names and learn all of their stats.
    When I play Fifa on the Playstation, I commentate on the matches and sometimes I put the settings on a different language so I learn the words for goal in the different language, like Tor is German for goal. When I commentate I try to make my voice different with expression and sound waves. I practice everyday.

  • When I am older I wish to be a kid's nurse,
    As in hospitals for children I want to help them get better and stay with them if the doctor is not there.I am normally good with little kids so I could entertain them as well. Many children can get sick so if they need help or need to eat,I could serve them just right!Lastly,I want to become this so I could help save lives since doctors are mostly known as saving lives but nurses help doctors so I can help the doctor save lives.

  • My dream job would be a news reporter.
    It would be an honour to report the news that everyone reads! Every day would be an opportunity to learn something new about the world, educate myself, stretch my brain and keep everyone in the world on track with what’s currently happening.

  • When I am older I would like to be a vet because 1. I love animals 2. I want to make them better. My favourite animals are dogs because they can be trained to be guide dogs for the blinds and police dogs to help to stop criminals.

  • i dont get this competition

    1. What don't you understand, courteous_glacier?

    2. What don't you understand, courteous_glacier?

    3. Hi, courteous_glacier,
      ingenious_forest here.
      I don't know why you don't understand this competition, but I'll try to explain.
      What you do is:
      You say what your dream job is,
      Then you say why it is your dream job,
      And then you say how you could achieve the role of that job.
      If you still don't understand, have a look at my comment further down, and that should help you structure your entry.
      I hope that has answered your question,

    4. You need to say what you want to be when you grow up and explain why.

      1. Hello courteous_glacier,
        I will try to answer your question as simply as I can.
        You have to comment on what is a job you really want to do and give a reason as to why you want this job.
        That is the simplest summary I can give you.
        Hope this helps!

  • I would like to be a chemist because they make cures and help people out I think it would be hard to do but I am going to work really hard and I'm not going to give up they are a big help to are country

  • My dream job is to be a scientist because I like to experiment with stuff and I would try to find a stop to canser

  • My dream is to be a P.E teacher because I could teach students everything I know and all of the methods I know . Also I would like to be a P.E teacher because you can get exercise as much as you want and you can teach sports you have never participated in before so it wouldn’t just be the students struggling it would be the teachers as well . Not everybody Is perfect no one is is perfect 👌. If they go to a gymnastics club for example that is splendid because I know nothing about that sport so they can teach me stuff instead of me them stuff all of the time.

  • Thanks for reading

  • My dream job is to be a architect. I would be one because they are high paid and they're job can often be fun. To get here and accomplish this I could start to look at re-designing my bedroom or having a look at changing around my house and help my mum and dad when they consider potentially getting an extension. I would also consider a job where you buy things and sell them on, because you could potentially gain quite a bit of money. A few years ago, I bought some Nerf guns for £25, and I am selling them now and have already gained around £50 profit! I would say how could I achieve it, but by doing this I am nearly there!

  • In the future I would like to be a a politician as you get a good salary. To achieve this I must study Law and keep a good eye on politics.

  • I would like to be a Neurosurgeon because I will be able to help people if they have anything which has had them a brain damage and I would be able to assist when I will get pounds in the future I will donate some of it to a charity to end either if any is in the future world hunger or world thirst.

  • When I mean some I mean up to 50000 pounds because as a Neurosurgeon get paid 250000 pounds.

  • I have a few, but i'll only do one. A vet would be my dream because I love animals.

  • Hi BNC,
    ingenious_forest here.
    Ever since I was very young, I have wanted to be a pilot in the RAF. I don't really know why this is, but I have just always been fascinated by planes!
    I have made a step towards becoming an RAF pilot, as I have been in touch with the careers team. Hopefully, I will start a training regime sometime soon, to get in me in a good position to become a pilot.
    I know that because of the pandemic, that is not really the thing people would expect to hear; they want to hear about people becoming doctors or nurses or scientists, et cetera, to find the cure. That is the majority of the comments on this competition.
    But just think; what if you were an RAF pilot, and ou were entrusted to carry the COVID-19 vaccine across the world in your plane! How would you feel about that?
    Its all well and good working on the cure, but if there is no-one to transport it, then how is it going to be used in different countries?
    I hope you consider my opinion on this,

  • when i am older i would like to be a singer because i have been sining since i was 2 and im now 10 and i love singing so much i cant explain it and if one day i became a singer then i would have the best life in the world :)!

  • I would like to be a lawyer when I am older as
    * I would get tons of money,
    * I could prove what is right and what is wrong,
    * I am very good at making people tell the truth as I often know when people lie.
    (the way to get people is stare them in the eye making them feel uncomfortable, study their facial expression and ask them questions while you are doing it).

    1. I like your way of studying their facial expression.

  • My dream job is a game desighner,i am very interested in computing and i also know how to make my own websites and games using the softwares code.org and the p5.js editor.I know how to use these things since i do coding courses to help my future and the entertainment for me and others worldwide.Another reason is out technology these days are becoming more advanced each day and i want to help this by adding more technology and adding my thoughts to make the technology better.Another reason is that people around me become fascinated with my work which hopefully will make them influenced to help them become great computer engineers,i believe this will hapen as a strongly think my work is hard and takes a lot of creativity and thinking!I would like to add that you will need to be very creative and thoughtful so more people will play your game,it may be hard work but i believe in everyone.


  • I would like to be a chemical scientist
    1. I want to explore more things about the periodic table e.g (mercury,arsenic and even flouride)
    2. I want to help the world with this knowledge
    3.I would want to encourage more people to be a chemical scientist

  • I would like to be an artist because I like drawing/painting and doing one of my good hobbies for a job is good. I will also get some money and might get one of my artwork in a gallery. That would help because then everyone who works/goes in the gallery would see my art.

  • When I grow up I want to be an astrophysicist.This is because I love learning about space and I would be passionate about it.Theya Lao earn a lot of money so I would secure myself financially.I told this to some people and they said it’s too hard and you can’t do it and they said to be something else but I think you should do something you like and not something for other people.

  • When I am older I would like to be an engineer for fighter jets because it is possible that I could discover a way to contain and use nuclear energy in fighter jets and if I succeed human beings can transfer this technology into trains and ordinary planes maybe even cars.(but that's a very slim chance)
    Thanks for reading
    Resplendent Synthesizer.

  • My dream job is a pe teacher you get to go to diff rant school and spend time with a whole wide of diffrant cultures also you get to teach
    And lots more and it will also help with students mental health

  • I would like to be a neurosurgeon because I would love to help people and save lives donate to charity but no matter how much I get stuff wrong I will always try again I would want to develop cures for people I would also want to make the world a better place for everyone

  • In the future, I would like to be a dog rescuer or have a doggie boarding home because I absolutely love dogs and I would like to take care and rehabilitate dogs as well. To help me get there, I will carry on loving dogs and caring for my own dog. Feed her,walk her, keep her warm and lots of other things.
    Thanks for reading

  • I would like to be a hairdresser when I grown up as I want a job I’m going to be happy in.

    1. Can you explain why that would make you happy?

    2. Can you explain why that would make you happy?

  • When I am older I want to be a footballer so I can feed my family and help the homeless by giving them some money.

    1. That's a very nice thought, lucky_moment - you sound like a young Marcus Rashford. Do you think all footballers should give to charity and why/why not?

  • In the future, my dream job will be a scientist because from the age of 7 I enjoyed learning science especialy the periotic table

    1. Fantastic! What kind of scientist would you like to be?

  • my dream job is to be a bilder because my grandad said he will let me be maniger soon

    1. Wow, you might the country's youngest building manager! What else would be good about being a builder?

  • my dream job is to be a deliship worker because I like cars' I can make good frens and it is a child job

    1. Ah, do you mean dealing cars? Let's hope you aren't like Mr. Wormwood in Matilda! What skills would you need to work there?

  • I think everyone who has enough money could help out the homeless even if it is 5o pounds the would be great.

    1. I see - and should that always be to people local to them?

  • That you can have the opportunities to give people a warm place to stay. Also you can enjoy designing it if you put your mind to it

    1. It is important to like where you live!

      1. thankyou for the feed back. : )

  • when I am older I want to be a carpenter so I can make my house better for my family. This is because I want to be like my dad.

    1. That's a great reason, contemplative_nectarine. What will be the other good things about working as a carpenter?

      1. Another reason for this would be the fact that I will have lots of spare stuff to make things with.

  • My dream job is Interior designer because I am passionate about designing and decorating rooms to make them beautiful to make people happy to also create a new life style
    Joyfull_singer (my friend we are in a pair)says ... My dream job is chorographer because I love to dance and make up dances .I would also like for people to see my dance to be performed for people

    1. A great comment! I've awarded you a star but if joyful_singer can also write in from their account they will get one too!

  • In the future, I would like to be an electrician because I like all things tech. If I couldn't get that job, I would be an entrepreneur or a professional cricketer.
    To help me get there, I could practice fixing and making circuits and try to improve my programming. For the other jobs, I would get advice from successful entrepreneurs or practice my cricket skills.

  • My dream job is to be a doctor because it is my passion to help people and discover doctery. I would also like to do this because I like to help people feel better and I am interested in this career. This will help the world because in the world , there are some poor areas that have a lack of doctors and they need treatment to be well and if more doctors come from worldwide , people will be able to feel better and the area will be able to get better. I would love to be a doctor as I am interested in science and enjoy learning science at school , especially when learning about the body. I would like to become this as I love to help people and I want to help make the future better. Also , if somebody in my family becomes ill , I can help them at home as I would have the knowledge to cure them. The future will be helped because in the world , many doctors are trying to find cures to things and I can put all my might and knowledge to this and the medicine or cure we have found will be published to the world and the future ahead will not have to find cures to things and could live a better life than us doctors when we are older. Also , this will help the future because the economy will not be impacted and money will be saved. To help me get there , I will stay resilient and read books about this and will revise and do some work. I want to do this as I want to save peoples lives.

  • When I am older I would like to be a therapist, which I know sounds weird but I want to help people with their emotions and feelings. It is kind of like a doctor but instead I help people mentally not physically. I like to calm people and relax them. When I relax people I also feel relaxed. To reach this goal I am going to work hard and nobody will stop me. I will keep on going.
    Thank you for reading,

  • I have 2 Dream Jobs. The first one is one is a teacher because I want to help kids lives better and give them an opportunity to find their own dream jobs. The second one is an author because I love reading and I would like to write my own books one day!

    Thank you for Reading

  • i would be a teacher as well as a docter because a docter can help me to help my family when they are in danger or in a really ill sickness but a teacher can let me also teach me something aswell as the kids could achieve there dReams like i acheive mine to be a teacher !!!

    .teaches something new to you

    .save lifes
    .powerful of stopping things

    thanks for reading

  • I have quite a few dream jobs. I would want to be either a doctor, 🎨 artist, actress and I would like 👍 to learn a piano 🎹 or an author. A Doctor because I want to make people better and I like the fact that you are saving lives. An artist because art is my favourite subject at school. I love to paint and draw. I love being creative. An actress as I love films and going to the Theatre 🎥. I love drama and try to be in every school assembly or plays. In year four I also joined the Drama Club. Maybe learn the piano as my family have a keyboard which I enjoy to play on and I quite like music. Maybe even an author as I love books and they are so imaginative and I imagine what I am reading in my head. I prefer reading 📚 fiction to nonfiction. I also read everyday.

    1. I think a chef and artist would suit you best!!!!

  • I like to be a footballer so if I have a so much money I will donate it to charities and I want to be a doctor so I can help people in needy.

  • When I am older i would also want to be a fire-woman because this could make people trust me more and I will be able to do hard things in life like this. This could help me to save life's and it also means I am doing a good job for the community. I could save lots of lives and sad faces, they could help people to help over people as well as there-self and this is a very good job to do.

    From: terrific_raccoon


  • I have one true Dream job.
    Its to be an actor,I feel like i would be a great actor because in school my teachers say to me wonderful actions,beautiful singing,you would make a great actor.So that inspired me to become a great actor when i am older.

  • In the future I want to be an architect. I love drawing buildings and my surroundings and I love maths and physics. I find it really interesting and I think it would be the perfect job for me! I also would like to start my own company with this and maybe branch out and involve other similar fields like builders and interior designers. It would be amazing if I could make this possible as well. I probably will start by getting my architecture degree and then working my way up and then starting my company with a small team of architects, builders and interior designers etc. I would also probably like to be an architect for large/modern homes, but I wouldn't mind big buildings or sky scrapers either.

  • i have quite a lot of dream jobs for when i'm older. I would like to be a vet to save animals lives. For a example if a dog or cat or any type of animals got hurt i would be able to comfort it and heel the animal that needs heeling. I would try my hardest to help it feel better. One of my other dream jobs is to be a actress because it would be very fun to act. My confidence went up when i done my play in year 4 it was amazing to have the opportunity of doing it. My other dream job would to be an artist because when i'm worried for thing i draw and it makes my feel happier. I'm also very imaginative so i tend to draw things that don't exist for example a rhino with wings. My last dream job is to be a . . .
    photographer and take pictures of people for example on there birthday you could take pictures of really anything you like. These are all of my dream jobs thank you for reading

  • Ok thank you I will tell her

  • my dream job would either a footballer because I am energetic and fun (specifically a defender), a professional long distance swimmer because I have a great stamina and don't find it tiring or an actor because I did a club on it and i love to make people laugh so i could do a comedy.

    1. Do you think people should only have one job, skillful_argument?

    2. Good luck with that skillfull_argument!

  • I would like to be a mathematician because math is only the one skill I'm good at in my mind.I'm going achieve this job or skill by putting more detail into my reasonings and make sure I do it in short ways like mathematicians do. I also chose mathematician as my dream job because it involves lots of thinking sometime and hard work am I think I could get to that goal of being confident in my work.
    Thank You if you have read my dream job and the reasons why I want to be it .

  • I would like to be an actor because I love acting and I love performing. Also by doing this I would meet lots of new people. Lots of actors write books too and I would love to have a book that was written by me so I would like to be an author and an actor.

  • I would like to be a doctor so that I could save lives as without doctors and scientists to find cures, many people would die.I think that docters don't get paid enough as there save lifes

  • I have a couple dream jobs like artist( drawer), actor,author of books and comics and a founder/owner of a successful business.

    1. Can you explain which is your favourite and why?

  • I would like to be a technologist because I love everything tech-related. I will achieve this by looking up how to use add-ons, quick search and other cool things like that.

  • I would love to be a game developer as computing is my passion and I have started to practise unity and I would love to share my ideas of games (even if there bad) and I like making long and confusing storylines and lore.

  • My dream job is a doctor because you can help the ill and I will feel proud and happy if I cure a seriously injured patient. However, if a patient had a transmittable illness, then I would be at risk of infecting both me and my family.

  • I want to be an interior desighner because I love being creative and thinking about different colours and what would match what.

  • In the future, I would like to be a zoo keeper because I love animals and I want to protect them from extinction.

    To help me get there, I could work hard at school and study zoology at university.

  • My dream job would to either be an actor or an palaeontologist. I would be an actor as one, I love role play. Two, all throughout my life, when I have been watching films, I wanted to know what it would be like. And three, I would make many friends in the process. I would be a palaeontologist (someone who studies fossils) because I would LOVE to find a new species of dinosaur and I think that I would be good at doing activities that you need to be precise but extremely careful.

  • I would like to be character designer as i'm pretty good at drawing digitally and I want other children to enjoy the look of the characters in TV shows so they can enjoy the channel they are watching. I also know a lot of digital art apps like Photo shop,Krita, Affinity Designer and the one that i use most is SketchPad . I've always loved the idea of doing a job that is for a TV channel as well as something to do with art as it is one of my favourite subjects so when i heard of this job i really liked the idea of becoming a character designer

  • In the future I would like to be a football player or economist because I like to play football and I play in a good team and in a high division and am good at maths and like analysing data and benefits. I will achieve this by training every day and if that does not work I will go to college and study economics.

  • I want to become a footballer because I get I lots of money to pay bills on time and to help some of my older reletives

  • I would also like to be a model because I like to go shopping and I can make lots of pretty magazines so that everyone knows who I am my role models are Kim Kardashian and her sister kylie Jenner who is a very successful model who has tons of money and spends it on her child and I would like to do the same

  • In the future, I would like to be a footballer because i really love to play it, I have fun and it makes me happy!
    I would also like to be a inventor because I will help other people by creating things that they will need. I could achieve these by keeping fit for football and learning, working hard and practicing