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I agree because if u burn clothes it affects the environment. I also agree that the people that... Who is responsible? 02/12/22
The problems caused by fashion fast is that when people return their clothes they burn them and... Who is responsible? 02/12/22
This is another here i think that can change the world is iran and he has technology and he can... Who could change the world? 21/11/22
Personally, I think superman would change the world. Superman is a Superhero and he knows how to... Who could change the world? 21/11/22
I agree with u that if other people speak up for iran they'll spread the word, they will... Iran: Should people speak out? 16/11/22
Yes people outside iran should speak out to them because no police should have the right to kill... Iran: Should people speak out? 16/11/22
With 450,000 dollars i would give it to my mother and make her buy a house and things for the... Money, money, money! 10/11/22
Yes i agree with u that everyone should have an opportunity to go to space. I wouldn't buy a... Money, money, money! 10/11/22