Iran: Should people speak out?


If you did this lesson in class, you would have discussed the BIG QUESTION for ‘Protest in Iran: Mahsa Amini.’

This week’s BIG QUESTION is:

If the Iranian government is making it difficult for Iranians to protest, should people outside Iran speak out for them? Why or why not?

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  • Yes, I think people outside Iran should speak out for them because if the government won't let it's own people protest and show them what they did wrong then I feel like the rest of the world should try and show them that what they did to Masha Amini was not right and fair. And the government should at least try to apologize and show that they were sorry for the mistake they made.

    1. This is a good point, however, would you find fair if other countries would analyse and potentially decide if what the government is doing good or bad? I am trying to imagine what kind of reaction this would spark

      1. It would spark a negative reaction because first of all it would seem like as if the Iranian people voted in a wrong government body and they would end up losing trust in the decisions that it makes.

        It would also seem like the the rest of the world would be making the decision if the Iranian government is bad or not making Iranians seem irrelevant. But again on the point that I had stated above the rest of the world would help in resolving that issue because they would help spread awareness through social media posts and even showing it on their local news. So I feel like if other countries helped analyse and potentially decide for them if what their government is doing is good or bad it would be sort of fair. Remember the Iranian government refused their people from speaking out for themselves so yah it would be fair.

      2. It wouldn't be bad because everyone one has their own opinion about something so if other countries analyze and potentially decide if the government is good or bad is okay.
        But it won't be okay for the Iranian government because they will think that other countries are trying to teach them how to rule their country but to me it would be fair because the Iranian government refused people to speak out or even access the internet so other countries are actually doing it on behalf of their fellow people that are suffering in Iran.

    2. Have you considered the pros and cons of that statement? Of course it is good to protest and make yourself heard but with a very inconsiderate government, you can be putting yourself and family at risk. Citing what transpired in Nigeria in October, 2020, the youths came out in numbers protesting against bad governance and they were massacred mercilessly. therefore I suggest that they allow the matter calm down before swinging into action because everyone has the right to be heard.

      1. A fair point, rhetorical_beetle -- but as you can see in history, and around the world in many places right now, people demonstrate against their governments at great personal risk. Don't you think that "allowing the matter to calm down" might reduce the power that crowds of citizens have when they challenge injustices together?

        1. When people are aggrieved, it does not matter the duration they have to stay without their views being heard and listened to, when the opportunity comes for them to air their views and express how they feel about what has happened, no matter how small the chance may seem, they will come out in their masses, and make sure that they are heard by all means irrespective of who they have to stand against and whatever "punishment" that will be meted on them.

    3. I agree because it’s not fair the people

  • Any any country without justice or fair treatment peaceful demonstration are always allowed by the constitution to speak out but when the country doesn't allow them those with nationalistic feelings outside the country can speak out because they are under the protection of the other government so it is the work of those outside the country to do speak out for those inside the country so that the government realizes its mistakes

  • Indeed people outside Iran should speak for them since the government is making it difficult for the Iranians to protest and it is also our duty, responsibility to make sure that others are safe and the governments stops them from protesting in ways like arresting them, beating them up and doing any kind of torture which this can make some of them get scared of protesting for their own rights and most people outside Iran can freely protest without being harmed and this will help Iran have a peaceful living.

  • I think people outside Iran should speak out for the Iranians since the government is making it difficult for them to protest because as humans, its our responsibility to protect and fight for gender equality and human rights because that's what brings us together and brings out the true meaning of humanity. If the people outside Iran come up and talk then maybe the government of Iran might reconsider and value its peoples rights as a result of pressure from the
    human rights fighters that have come up. Not speaking for the Iranians will mean that we are abandoning the cause of human rights and equality and will show that over the years,human rights protecting organisations like Armnesty International have been working in vain.Take an example of George Froyd,a black in america who was killed by policemen.After the public spoke and protested against this act,there were several police reforms enacted in relation to protection of human rights.

    1. Other countries should speak out for Iranians to show support. I honestly think that countries like Russia, China, Syria and India that are good friends with the Iran government should speak the loudest . Russia is the closest country to the Iran government and they also have influence on so many countries, there is also a 65% possibility Iran will listen to Russia, I suggest that Russia should come to an agreement with the Iran government against all violation of female right and inequality of women in Iran.

      1. Thanks emotional_meaning an interesting point! Where do you derive your statistics from?

  • i think it is unfair how the girls in iran are being treated and are having to hide there hair or cut it off.
    i am proud of the people who are sticking up for the girl who died and showing there respect to her .

    1. also i think that you are right but children are protesting and having to hide their faces do you think that those children should be allowed to risk their lives to protest and have a free speech or do you think they shouldn't risk their lives protesting?

      1. This is a great question! I'm curious to see what others think.

      2. I would say they should be allowed to risk their lives and protest because they are also citizens in the country and they have every right to know what takes place in the country and also a right to freedom of speech.
        But also these children risking their lives protesting is not worth it because they have a future they have to work for I would rather they just concentrate on their education and leave the older people to handle the rioting.

    2. I agree because some people are dying for this law to stop so the Iran women can have a free life

    3. I agree because all woman should have the opportunities as men in Iran or not Iran
      Mahsa Amini shouldn't have been killed for not wearing a hijab
      There are some serious issues especially human right issues

    4. I agree because... if they don't stand up now, this exact situation would still repeat itself, and I hope that we won't loose hope for a better life for this girls who fall victim of such act.

  • I think that it is unfair to the girls because they shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of who they are. They shouldn’t have to be burning there headscarf’s or cutting of there hair!

  • in April 1983 in IRAN it was announced to wear hijab and it was applied for both Muslim and NON Muslim and foreign people visiting Iran and now a days there is a problem of wearing hijab is raised in Iran MAHSA AMINI a journalist was arrested for not wearing hijab and she was died during these crisis and Irani women were protesting in favour of Mahsa and government banned the protest and now other countries are protesting on their behalf and in my opinion the rule of wearing hijab for everyone should be modified and it should be valid only for Muslims because every one have the right to spend their lives according to their will we cannot force them to do what we want and we then this should not be compulsory for everyone because it is against humanity to force someone to do something and it will lead to very dangerous consequence and I think the protest for them in other countries is not right and it is not good to meddle in other people affairs let them solve their problems on their own and we should not bother them the government should be willing to make their laws and apply them

    1. What happens when a government enforced law is not supported by the people?

      1. When a government enforced law which is not supported by the people,it causes disturbance in the country.The people may feel less because if their own government do not show concern for them who they will call for their interest. The people will surely protest against the government and it can also affect the activities in country and may the economy.The innocent people may also get harm and it will cause social instability.

      2. I think the government makes sure that whoever does not follow the enforced law is caught and punished.

      3. When a government enforced law is not supported by the people the country will face many problems because people will start rioting and these involve the destruction of property in the country. This will lead to the death of many people in the country even the innocent people might end up being killed because of the riots that will be taking place. Many businesses like the companies and industries will be affected or they might fall into huge losses because their building might also get destroyed during the riots and also the market of their products will reduce since people will be busy rioting. People will lose their rights like freedom of speechand obligations like use of the internet anymore. Because the government might decide to disconnect the internet in the country and this will affect them because people use the internet for learning online, some work online and they also won't be able to speak out and connect with people from other countries without the internet. The children might even stop going to school because their parents might fear them getting problems on their way to school or back from school because of these protests

    2. This is a very good comment. Who would decide what is right and what is wrong? Reading your comment, are you suggesting that any government should be completely separated by any religious belief, right?

    3. I'm curious to hear your opinion, charismatic_eel: do you think the law in Iran should be modified to make the hijab mandatory only for Muslim women; or should they also be allowed to choose if they wear one or not?

  • A citizen is a basic element of society and societies form a country. Every one in a society has equal rights . As a quote is famous ' a friend in need is a friend in deed . According to my thinking point of view; people from outside will help humans, its our responsibility to protect and fight for gender equality and human rights because that's what brings us together and brings out the true meaning of humanity

  • To me people should speak out if the government is not allowing Iranians to protest by other people protesting for Iran women can make the Iran government realise that they are on wrong path they should have to sort this problem by changing their rule of wearing hijab for every girl whether she is Muslim or not and let the women's live their lives as they want as it is also against humanity . They should not burdenize they othervise it will lead to very severe consequences

  • I think people outside Iran should speak out for the Iranians since the government is making it difficult for them to protest because as humans, its our responsibility to protect and fight for gender equality and human rights because that's what brings us together and brings out the true meaning of humanity. If the people outside Iran come up and talk then maybe the government of Iran might reconsider and value its peoples rights as a result of pressure from the
    human rights fighters that have come up. Not speaking for the Iranians will mean that we are abandoning the cause of human rights and equality and will show that over the years, human rights protecting organizations like Amnesty International have been working in vain. Take an example of George Froyd, a black in America who was killed by policemen. After the public spoke and protested against this act, there were several police reforms enacted in relation to protection of human rights.

    1. I agree because the protests in America did cause changes. However, I'm not sure it was the fact that people in other countries protested too, that contributed to these changes. Also, the US is a democratic country, whereas Iran isn't. So in my view the more closed a society is, the less power people from the outside have to make changes. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases the changes have to come from within.

      1. Brilliant reasoning remarkable_peach

  • yes, people outside Iran should speak out for the Iranians who find it very difficult to protest because of their ruling government because that they can help you in some time to come when you are I the same situation.
    When people outside speak out about what the government of Iran is doing perhaps they might hear what the rest are saying and change or International Organizations might step in and help them in this situation.

    Though not all people should speak out because some people will speak out but in favor of the government and there are those who will speak out in a wrong way like use of abusive language that will just annoy their government and they will just keep on mistreating the Iranians. So incase people decide to speak out let them do it in way that it won't lead to more problems but to the freedom of the Iranians.

  • Yes people outside Iran should speak about the Human Rights violation and Sexism occurring in the country because the same issues occurring in Iran are occurring all over the world and this encourages women in other countries who are facing the same oppression to speak out and fight for their equality and rights and bring us closer to a world which has the same opportunities and freedoms regardless of their Gender.

  • I think people outside Iran should speak out because the leader won’t let it’s own people speak out and only if people speak out the leader will have no choice but to change the law

    1. Excellent point understanding_ant! Why do you think it's more difficult to speak out against a leader than against someone else?

      1. If especially you are one of the Iranian women that are under the law, your leader won’t let you speak out because in that way it will ruin their reputation and it can reach people outside of Iran too. People will start complaining about the law for women and why aren’t they changing it.
        It can also be embarrassing for the leader too, for he has to face the complains from millions of people around the world. It would be more easier of course if you speak out against someone else for example: someone bullying you etc…They would not force you not to speak out unlike the leader of Iran who would actually arrest women that are standing up for themselves

    2. I agree because if the leader won't let others speak out then it could stay forever and that will cause more conflict and we won't have peace and there will be war which could destroy the world

  • Certainly, we must be the voice of the voiceless. We must support the weak wherever they are and defend their freedom. People outside Iran should speak out about human rights violations in Iran, especially since Iranian citizens do not have the capacity to defend themselves due to arbitrary and repressive government actions, such as restricting freedom of expression and use of the Internet. So we should help them to Hand over their complaints to international human rights organizations .

  • Well it is true that the death of Mahsa Amini was brutal. But that doesn't mean that all the Muslim girls are forced to wear a scarf. The protest for Iranians is necessary but scarf is a part of our religion and it should not be disrespected it shows one's honor and dignity saying that girls are forced to wear scarf because they are ashamed of themselves is completely wrong. As a Muslim and someone who wears a scarf I think we should fight for human rights but with out disrespecting a hijab and Islam. Wearing a scarf doesn't mean that women are not equal to men. Yes killing a woman if she doesn't wear a scarf is completely wrong but saying that every woman should take off her scarf is also wrong. It is one's commitment to Allah (God) it is a matter only between Allah and that person .

    1. Thanks for you comment breathtaking_meteor, Am I right in summarising your opinion as: It is the choice of every woman whether they wear a head covering and the decision should be respected either way.

  • I think that the rest of the world should also speak out because we also have the responsibility as global citizens to make sure that every one is treated the same whether they are men or women. I also think that the Government should let women have a choice about if they wear a hijab or not. A good start would be to have more women in parliament in Iran. Maybe if we protest in the streets too the Iranian Government will see what they are doing and see how many lives they are effecting. This is the responsibility of men as well as women!

    1. Excellent problem-solving skills shown in your suggestion for more women in positions of power.

  • In my opinion, people outside should speak for them because if the government is refusing its people to speak up, then it will be perturbed and intimidated if people outside are saying something and it will be forced to listen and improve

    1. Good comment, however, do you think speaking about something is enough to find a solution, or find a way forward?

  • I want just to say that It's not a protest , it's a revolution. We see you , and stand with you . We have to speak out .lt is our right to do this.we as womens should have sense of freedom and bravery .

  • The people outside Iran should be involved and speak out for the voiceless. It is very much our business as we all are members of the human race,speaking out for those who can not speak for themselves provides an opportunity for us to show love and to bring unity amongst people who share common views towards this issue. Masha Amini deserves justice and since the government of Iran is not willing to listen to the voices of its people, we have to take a stand and show their people that they are not alone. We can give support by sharing our thoughts on social media platforms or even by saying prayers or sending goodwill messages.

  • Anywhere , any day at any time people are always allowed to speak out about their rights and wrongs for example: it is not fair that women in Iran have to where their hijab every day and get killed and prosecuted if they don't where it!

  • Personally, i think the rule of wearing hijab is really beautiful. But imposing something right using wrong ways is definitely not the right thing to do. The condition of Iran is Infront of us.
    The main cause of these protests is torture of the morality police for forcing women to wear hijab.
    It is need of the hour that voices should be raised from outside Iran to stop this inhumane behavior
    A solution to this issue is that all the Muslim countries should use the platform of OIC to deliver the message to Iran. Secondly the countries must individually mount pressure over Iran and force her to remove the law that is out of the boundaries of humanity.

  • People outside the city of Iran should speak on behalf of Iranians who cannot talk about their suffering because of the Iranian government, because if we do not talk, the Iranian government will continue its actions. Therefore, we must talk about what is happening in Iran, because we must be united and cohesive with each other so that peace and security prevail in the world Injustice ends

  • The government should be spokesperson for layman .It is the legal right that people must speak for themselves.Yes....if their voices are not given due freedom,then they must have some other forum where they should be at liberty to voice their protest meaningfully...

  • people outside of Iran should stand for humanity as right of speech is a born right of human being on this earth.

  • The situation in Iran is insanely bad for the women there. We watched a video in class about that and it made us feel angry. So the immediate answer is that people outside Iran should speak out. But then we have to see what the effects would be. Would that really help? The Ukraine war has been in the news for a long time and we know that the effect of people speaking out was Russia calling foreign help "spies", which gave the Russian government more reason to be violent towards their citizens. So if we speak out would that cause more violence in Iran? Or could we put pressure on our own government to intervene? Also, I have a question: should western countries only use diplomacy to help people suffering from a violation of human rights, or should they choose military intervention?

    1. Fantastic link to other stories in the news remarkable_peach!

    2. I disagree because I think if people outside Iran speak for the women there then that will give them the courage to fight for their freedom and rights, to protest in large numbers and sooner or later they will win. People often forget about this issue because other things happening around the world take their attention.

      Also, we could compare the crisis in Iran with the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. At that time, countries didn't react at the beginning, and when they did it was too late. That is why now we should act as soon as possible to help women in Iran.

      1. Amazing comparison with the historical context illuminated_chameleon.

    3. I think this is a good question. I mean, we should definitely stand up for people in Iran. But how can smaller countries help with military intervention against bigger countries? How would that help right now or in the future? If we are being honest, Iran is a massive country, also a nuclear power, which cannot be taken down very easily. Governments want to protect their people so sending them to die when the chances of winning are very small would be insane. I think this is why not even greater powers like the US are intervening in countries like China or North Korea, or Russia, where the respect for human rights is questionable.

      1. Very good point bright_wallaby

    4. I agree because although it is extremely important for all of us to speak out for the silenced woman of Iran, there may be risks that can make the situation in Iran worse. We have to help them but without causing any more problems.

  • Yes the people outside Iran should speak up for Iranians because being a human, every human has a right on one another. It is our moral duty to support the people when they need us.
    The murder of "Mahsa Amini" can't be justified in any way.It is against humanity to kill someone just because they are doing something they want to. If she didn't want to wear hijab, its her matter but it doesn't mean whoever wear hijab is wrong. I think women should have the right to do anything they want to. In many parts of earth, women are forced to live a life according to their men. They aren't even free to choose their professions or life partners. There is gender inequality everywhere and it should be minimize either by doing protests or anything else. I think it is happening in the world because women are not aware of their rights. There should be proper seminars to aware girls about their rights all around the world.Women should speak up for themselves because if they can't, no one can do anything for them.

    1. What should men do to work toward equality?

      1. Men can play an important role towards equality in world wheather in a role of father, brother, husband or son. In our country it is believed that "Father's love is the biggest strength of daughter" so I truly believe that if a father treats his daughter exactly as his son, she will do great miracles.Women have played an important role in building a nation.The women like Malala,Arfa Karim and many more have done so much for their country. Men should encourage women instead of discouraging them because women are not only born to spend their whole life in kitchen. They can also do great jobs in any field.

      2. I think talking to the police and then call the police to tell the lawyer to make a new law about the men to work towards equality .

        1. Who has the power to make laws in a country, healthy_guineapig? Do you think one lawyer could make a difference or do you think they might need the support of other people? If so, who?

    2. I agree because this story needs to be heard,it really touched me.This story also brings to gender discrimination or inequality and violation of one's human right. This is a very serious matter which needs to be spread,we need to fight for one another.

  • I think people outside of Iran should spread the word that the Iranians are being oppressed because the Iranian government is violating human rights and has switched off the internet in Iran, stopping people in Iran telling others about what is going on. That is why the protesters need people outside of Iran to spread the word.

    1. Great problem solving, fiery_raisin!

    2. I agree because the Iranians should have the freedom to express themselves. The Iranian government are violating the human rights of this country and other neighboring countries should assist the Iranians by spreading the word instead of keeping quiet.

    3. I agree with you that people should try to speak out for people who are facing troubles and can't help themselves out of the situation. It is our responsibility as global citizens to help people whose human rights are being violated.

      However, there is another point of view that many people do not want to do this because they are scared for their safety. Many people are scared that once they come out to protest the eye of the Iranian government will be on them and then they would decide not to speak out. Moreover, people feel like since this is an issue within a country, it would not be right to interfere with the domestic issues in a country as every country has sovereignty over its issues and that should be respected. People don't want to get involved in issues like this because it can even cause a war between two countries-the countries with the problem and the country trying to help.

  • Ok so i have ancestry connection with Iran it's a very sensitive topic to talk on as we all are not aware of the complete picture yes it's true that forcing the public to do a thing is very cruel but in Islam there is no forcing necessary if a womam wears Hijab it's shows her commitment to the religion but if she's want do so we can't force her and she'll be responsible for it .
    The protest in Iran and especially Germany is showing that Islam is forcing this thing but this is not the case the is forcing allowed in Islam .
    And when it comes to the death of the reporter the complete story isn't known so shooting arrows in the dark is useless.

    1. Thank you for sharing, and for acknowledging this is a sensitive topic. Am I correct that you are saying that some people are blaming Islam for the 'forcing' of wearing a Hijab but Islam doesn't force this. It is up to the woman to make the decision.

      This is an important distinction to make and for people to separate.

      1. I agree because... You understood it perfectly in Pakistan no one i forced to wear Hijab but most of the women and girls choose to wear it .

  • People outside Iran should speak on their behalf as the Iranian Government are trying to spread lies on what is happening when we already know the full story. If on
    y the woman speak out then the lies would been sent to the whole world easily by now, probably half of the whole world would've forgotten the full story,have believed the Iranian Government and rebuked the woman of Iran so it is important to speak out,support Iran during their hard time and try to remember those woman and schoolchildren who lost their lives protesting for the rights of woman and girl and speaking out against the morality police.

  • I think people shouldn't just leave Iran the way it is and not help at all. We all have the right to be ourselves and that includes wearing what we want and we should certainly not be locked up or even killed because of the way we dress. People are being killed here and there while protesting and the police are supposed to stop things like this but instead of helping they are now the villains and can't be trusted to save the country. Sadly, now women and children are living in the threat of losing their life all because of the mortality police . And this thought has come to my head; Should all the nations travel to Iran and help?

    1. You can't travel to a country without permission. What might be challenging about this? How might the UK feel if other countries interfered in their policies, even if they were seen as wrong?

      1. I think your question is really hard to answer. I think that if someone in Europe decided to go out in their underwear or naked then they would be arrested for indecency. Ok, they wouldn't be beaten by the police, but the point remains: different countries have different moral standards. So what works for us maybe doesn't work for people from other cultures and we should respect that.

        The problem is when people want to change their moral standards and they are not allowed to do that, like what is happening in Iran. For example, at one point in Europe it was ok to show your cleavage but not your feet. So moral standards change.

        1. A really interesting point memorable_cookie, I think though what you sat about the difference between what is considered acceptable, and the consequences for breaking this is really important. Why do you think the Irani government has chosen to enforce their moral standards with violence?

          1. I think that traditions are important, as they give us a sense of identity, stability and unity. I think that some people in the Iranian government actually value their religious traditions. But this doesn't mean that they should be kept at all cost. In my view, when something is enforced with violence, it is because the people doing it know that they don't stand a chance in any other way. So the Iranian government know that this is the only way to keep their world the way it is now. Because the Iranian people would change things if Iran was a democracy. Also it is a way of manipulating people to serve some interests. We talked about gender inequality today. I think it serves a lot of men in Iran that there are laws which don't allow women to do certain things.

      2. Thank you for your comment. I did think about this however, Iran is part of the united nations which means they are part of the institution that make up the united nations, the purpose of the united nations amongst other things is to combat hate and this act is filled with unjustified hatred as Mahsa Amini was arrested for not wearing her hijab properly and devastatingly died which we believe was due to the mortality police. If the united nations come together and intervene, it will prevent other countries doing the same horrific incident to an innocent citizen.

  • In my opinion, I think that all people outside of Iran should speak out about what is going on because many people have been put in jail or have devastatingly passed away as that are protesting; I personally think that is very wrong of the Iranian government to be doing. I even saw a news article on BBC news saying that little children have been protesting with their parents and cares, as the council want to take the barriers off where school children play. If they did this, it would make it unsafe for young school children to play. So yes, I definitely think that people outside of Iran should be spreading awareness of what is currently happening in Iran as it was not right what has happened to many girl and women.

    1. Great example about the school children. This really shows you are considering the news in your own life. Well done!

  • The people outside Iran should speak for them cause the government has refused them to speak for themselves and i don't understand why it's doing that cause a person has a right to speak out what he\she feels like saying. I think the reason why the government is refusing the people to speak out cause they feel insecure cause if the continue protesting, other countries will get concerned about what's going on in the country. I think that's why they are refusing people from speaking out.

    1. I really like your point about the banning of protests making the government seem insecure clever_moon!

  • Let us go back and remember the right of the human being, the right of expression. Therefore, Iran must be condemned because it does not give the right of expression to the people. People must be informed of everything, otherwise, what is a state if there is no participation and cooperation, and also if someone speaks from within the people in Iran, they will be exiled and imprisoned, so the protesters outside Iran will speak on their behalf because they will not be held accountable but will spread to people the suffering of the people in Iran

    1. Why do you think it is a human right for people to express themselves digital_pigeon?

  • Yes I think Iran should speak out because if they don`t the goverment can do what he likes with the people, another reason why they should speak out is because some people can help them like stronger goverments and the Iran goverment should at least apoligise for this action he had done and will never do it again but what I think is that most people or everyone should help the ladys and men prostest so there can be peace again.

  • I think that people outside Iran should speak up because if they don't the morality police will continue to do evil. If anyone in Iran speaks up against them the mortality police will hunt them down like bloodhounds and do something dreadful to them as they did to Masha Amini.

  • I think people of all countries should speak out of this subject, as many will agree what happened to Mahsa Amini is not right and it is our responsibility to say something and make a change to this. It would also make the people of Iran to feel heard . As a world, we can make change!

  • The Iranian government has made social meadia banned in Iran so people can't cry out for help or even warn people before coming there. This will make it very hard for the uninvolved countries to help and support . In Iran, the mortality police are known for their voilence and cruelty towards the people of Iran. Personally, I think the protest is like a war now due to all of the killing and beating . The people out of Iran should help but it's not worth it as more people will be diying and the mortality police will think they have so much power that they will push the limits.

  • I personally think that other women and men should help the victims in Iran. Even as a small country you should protest for the rights of women to wear whatever they want. I think we should notice how all the attention went to the Ukraine and Russia as soon as the war started. We all forgot about the poor girls and women who are fighting on their own for their rights. Unfortunately a poor woman had to die for us to remember this problem.

    I think all people should protest as every little counts. If no one ever stands up for anything because they think their contribution is not important, then things would never change. We are all human beings and we should stand up for each other, no matter the gender, religion or looks. Humanity is already going down with all the bad things that are happening but that doesn't mean we can't make a difference. Why can't you be the beginning of a new era?

  • Well, it depends. If nobody speaks out for change, then the change won't happen. But, as the same time, people have to make sure the message gets to the right person. People in Iran and in other countries can protest, but if governments don't actually listen, then it is in vain.
    Also, as it is happening in Iran, the protesters are getting arrested, there can be some awful consequences. A balance should be found.

  • Yes, I think people outside of Iran should speak up because it is not fair for the people in Iran as the Iranian government are unfairly treating people and using violence to enforce the rules. The violence has caused people to die and is too severe. If we speak for the people in Iran the government might see that they need to change the rules or how they are enforced. It might allow the people in Iran to have freedom and peace.

  • Yes , as I believe equality should be a responsibility for everyone. For when I hear things like this, I think of myself in the situation , and how I would want other people to care about how I feel and speak up for me . If I was a protester in Iran , I would need people to have a say , because it would show how much love and importance there is in the world. Also people outside of Iran , who are speaking for the controlled Iranians , could be a role model for children that are trapped and are too scared to share their messages , as we all need someone to look up to and admire. To those children, it could be a courageous person looking out for Iranians.

    1. I really like how you think of yourself in others shoes, this shows great empathy.

  • A possible answer to this question should be yes, other outside of Iran should speak for them, the answer is exactly wrong but, what if our effort to speak out endanger the people in the country more, what if their government come up with new ways to keep them shut, yes, we should speak but we should be mindful of what we say what if instead of trying to let their leader see our views, we spite them. It would all be a lost cause because instead of us helping the people we claim to love we end up making their leaders to be more hostile to them.

  • Yes, we should speak out for them because yes, they want to speak up, but are they given the opportunity, we can be the light that shines so bright for them, we could be that little spark of hope, we have the opportunity to say things to their leaders that they have never dreamt of saying and no harm would come to us because we are just expressing our views. So, to answer the question yes, we should speak for them using any means we can, be it rallies, or forums we should do our best.

    1. How might Topical Talk help you to do this, accurate_wombat? I'm interested for others to answer that question too!

      1. The topical talk is already doing that, but we can do more, we could hold press conferences and get specific people to share the views of others.

  • From my point of view, people from other countries should not speak out for the people in Iran because it could harm people more than do good. The Iranian government could understand that they would be foreign agents/spies.
    So, in conclusion, the opinions are different and anybody could interpretate how they would want it to be. Because, we have an example of Russia, where they interpreted foreign help as "spies"

  • I think if people from other contries would protest about that women it will be a benefice for the Irans from Europe or other country cause they fell save and they can know that they do not need to wear hiajb.
    At the same time if we would protest for the war from Ukraine that Russia started it could get worst beacuse Russia would want to demonstrate that they are powerful. I learn in class that they can do sanction which means that our contries could be hurt by this. We have crises in the world just now where we don't has access to gas because Russia rules it. If we speak out then maybe they take this from us.
    So in order to get the ansewer corect you need to think at both ways.

  • Ofcourse, people outside the Iran should speak out for Iranians beacuse no one can force anybody to do something!!

    The death of Mahsa Amini was so dissapointing.....

    It's totally a woman's choice to wear hijab or not. Let them live as they want!!
    As a human it's our responsibility to raise our voice for something happening wrong or against the human rights.

    At least we should do our responsibility by raising our voices so that it might be a little help full for women rights......

  • The protests happening in Iran are about equality and freedom. In Iran a woman was killed just for not wearing a hijab properly . Do you think that's far ? I think that us as other countries should speak out since the government in Iran is making it difficult for Iranians to speak out

  • I think people in Iran should speak out for themselves because if they don't the Iranian government and police will take over them.The government should at least try to help and not be selfish. They should keep trying to protest for their country they should stay strong and bold. We pray for the beloved woman Masha Amini.

  • Yes i think people from the world should speak out for the people in Iran because of what they did to Masha Amini was wrong and not acceptable and fair. And possibly maybe the countries of the world should stick up for Iran. If it's possible maybe the Iranian government to say sorry about what they did and know that there wrong about the thing they did

  • In our nature, we are women who feel inequality between the sexes, although all religions have urged gender equality. There is no difference between men and women, but we live in societies that work largely to create this gender gap, either with the priority of work or public opinion, as society has become more likely to men in all Professions, whether it is medicine, engineering, law, and professional business, the right of women to education and access to jobs has become a very unacceptable matter. Education and employment are the cause of the major gender gap. Women are working at the lowest wages, unlike men. Men do not accept what women accept, but there are countries that have worked to bridge this The gap, which led to the progress of these countries. Women are a hero who is able to fully confront society until she obtains her right and freedom. We are all one woman. We must all work as women and men to spread gender equality. We will not live a decent life unless we make respect and equality between us.

  • We must all be one hand and we must give our voice to the weak. What is being done against the Iranians and what is happening with them of injustice and tyranny to the point that they can no longer protest for a dignified life. At this time, we must give them what we have, whether of a voice or opinion, and others. We must talk about them and their suffering. In this project, he helped greatly to reach the voice of the Iranians, as all the students speak with one voice that we must help them

  • I think that people outside of Iran should speak up about it.

  • Yes as if the people inside are muted then the people who are not should speak. It's like being a bystander in a bullying situation! It's not OK!

  • Yes, I think that people outside Iran should speak out for people in Iran because if the government won't let its people have freedom of speech, at least the rest of the world can show the Iranian government that what is happening is wrong.

  • If the Iranian government is making it difficult for Iranians to protest, should people outside Iran speak out for them? Why or why not? Yes. I think residents outside Iran should protest for Iranians because the government has blocked access to the internet to stop Iranians from expressing themselves and their feelings to the rest of the world for help. This means that people outside Iran should help the other part of the world that needs help to keep the Earth a big society.

  • In my opinion, I think that people outside of Iran should also speak out about the serious situation that is currently going on because the police and the Iranian government are killing and hurting the people that are protesting.

    Also the Iranian government is shutting down the internet in Iran so that people in Iran cannot speak out about what is happening ; which I think is very wrong.

  • Here is my question , did Masha Amini got arrested and went to the lawyer first ? The police shouldn't have told the people outside that they didn't kill her and then tell them that she had a heart attack . Lying to the people can make things worst ! I stand for her and people which cut their hair off to make her happy even when she is in heaven . It the lawyer fault for telling the police to kill her and said think that it was her fault for not following the law but this law is really strict and shouldn't exist .

  • In my opinion the people outside the Iran should be take stand for Iranians because government of Iran making it difficult for them to protest.The murder of Mahsa Amini was not right and justified because the responsibility of human is to advise another man if they are doing any bad work not to force him because every person has right to do what they want…By taking stand may be the Iran government will convinced or remember their people's right

  • Yes i don't think it has to be a responsibility but i still think that people from outside of iran should protest as it is difficult to share what is going on as the government are going to block all acess to social media but if we let the government know that we know and that we can stop it they will (hopfully) stop

  • I think that people should convey the voice of Iranians to the world and human rights organizations because of the government's and security's suppression of their demonstrations and protests through which they want to demand their most basic rights and to convey their voice to the world, unfortunately, to no avail.

  • I entirely agree that people outside of Iran should speak out, we cannot let the victims suffer in silence; as witnesses of vile actions, we have a duty to raise awareness. As a Muslim, I choose to cover my hair of my own will and no one should be forced to do so. These actions are not only immorally wrong they also give the wrong impressions of hijabis(a person that wears the hijab) all over the world. We should not turn blind to terrible deeds and must provide a voice to those who can't.

  • I believe people outside Iran shouldn't speak out for Iranians because the Iranian government would care even less if the protest was not inside of Iran. Even if we make online protests it will make no difference as we are not inside of Iran. Do you think someone outside of Iran could change the Iranian governments mind?

    1. I think someone can make a difference if enough people speak out about it. If the government doesn't care about the people in Iran they won't care about the people outside because it's not their problem. But they will start to care when other country leaders bring it up to him. If the leaders of other countries speak to the leader or chairmen of Iran then maybe just maybe he will have a slight change in heart or someone else on the head of board will have a change in their ways.

  • I heard about what happened a while ago and my opinion on this is that we should protest about what happened to Mahsa Amni because they do not even let anyone in Iran speak about the tragedy that happened to Mahsa Amni but in the UK we can so please protest about this and then hopefully a change will happen because this is not right!

    1. How can protests make change happen?

  • I think yes. people every where should speak, if one is compelled to go according to self interpreted regulations. Taliban has recently barred women entering in re-creational parks - a self interpretation - which looks an imposition against the true Islamic concepts. Islam is a religion of nature. It has encouraged women to stand with their men in all walks of life- though man and woman have their certain responsibilities - but has put no compulsion. Every culture has its traditions and dress fashions in vogue. Islam does not compel any one to follow a certain dress code but asks for sober and eminent dressing - a dress which gives you honor, prestige and respect. If Jina was dressing was meeting all these things then of course she has been victimized by the misinterprets of Islam. Even if - suppose - her dressing was against the Islamic concepts - even then there is no rule in Islam to kill someone.

  • If the Iranian government is making it difficult for Iranians to protest, should people outside Iran speak out for them? Why or why not?
    Yes people outside Iran should speak out for those people that have been mistreated or not given justice in there own country. what the Iranian government is doing as a form of punishment is not fair. How can somebody's life be lost to allegedly wearing her hijab too loosely. where by the Iranian government can come up with different ways to punish people, like arresting them for at least 24hrs or a house arrest but not blows to the head and limbs causing multiple organ failure caused by cerebral hypoxia.
    in conclusion Iranian government should fix it's punishments for citizens.